Altruists hide their selfishness

For forty years now, we’ve heard about how the old generations didn’t know anything and were oppressive, but the new generations are coming to save us.

Starting with the hippies, who are now aged crones and decrepit hulks, these new generations have told us how the past was cruel, but they — the new way — are altruistic, compassionate and fair.

Words, words, words.

We can redefine words to mean just about anything, or just misuse them. We can use them to mean only a part of their meaning in the whole, and use that to fool you. If I tell you this used car has low miles on it, that’s only part of the truth — I forgot to mention that it has no engine. But hey, low miles. I didn’t lie.

Let’s look at the actions of these people, 40 years apart:

Woodstock Festival, 1969

Image courtesy of Photobucket.

A garbage truck rumbled by, loaded to above the brim with filled green bags of garbage — the green bags passed around the audience enthusiastically a few weeks before. Along the sides of Hurd Road and the other roads in the area was more garbage. There were more piles of garbage in the woods on the way to the Hog Farm area, as well as huts and lean-tos, wooden booths, and thousands of flies. The Hog Farm area itself was empty and clean except for a few portable toilets, some scattered farm implements, and metal fence posts and tent poles. “Happy Birth” read a section of red snow fence. – The Village Voice

It takes $100,000 and several days to clean up the site. Workers bulldoze tons of trash and debris into a pit and burn it. – About

Glastonbury, 2011

What started four days ago amid a sea of mud today ended with an ocean of rubbish as 180,000 revellers left the Glastonbury music festival site carpeted in cans, bottles and the odd lost welly boot.
Litter covered the ground as far as the eye could see in fields that for most of the year look as pristine as any of the surrounding Somerset countryside.
It will take an army of workers days to clear up the 900–acre site after one of the most memorable – and controversial – festivals in years. – Article and picture from The Daily Fail

Gosh, it looks like… it looks like the same thing.

People show up for a “cultural event,” trash the place, riot, rape, steal, loot, burn and defecate all over everything they can find. In the meantime, artists sing about “all good things” — love, peace, justice, happiness, equality — and this is what they attract.

But the artists don’t seem to care; they’re interested in getting paid.

The fans don’t care; they’re there for a party, and it’s someone else’s job to clean up the mess.

Perhaps the people who shout loudest about being altruists are the most selfish.

Perhaps we should stop listening.

8 Responses to “Altruists hide their selfishness”

  1. Slava M. says:

    Americans, of even older generations than the hippies, were never worldly, cultured people. They just had it good, got comfortable, and lost it. They’ve been comfortable for quite some time now.

    The grandmother of a woman friend, she was born in 1926. She’s garbage man, I don’t like her. Take my word.

  2. crow says:

    My only festival visit was Bath, in 1970.
    Same story: mountains of garbage and abandoned belongings.
    I remember being appalled at the sheer scale of the mess left behind in the mud. But there were so many beer bottles that it financed me for a week, walking them several miles, back and forth, to a pub for the return refunds.
    For many years, now, music: the pursuit of, the playing of, the idea of the use of, to gain fame, has robbed the young of massive amounts of time and energy that might have been put to some constructive use.
    Ah, the embarrassment of youth!

  3. I worked a week in a team clearing up a festival site once, right to the last cigarette butt. I think I made £1.24 in coins.

    It’s par for the course that responsibility is jettisoned at festivals. The question is the extent to which it is becoming a microcosm of our society.

  4. Repair_Man_Jack says:

    I call this Al Gore Syndrome.

    1) He has four kids himself. He then tells us that anyone having more than 2 is sinful and immoral. This isn’t environmentalism, it’s left-wing racism and classicism. As long as you’re Al Gore, and only going to father cute little Yuppy-Puppies, you can have as many as you want. If you live in Appalachia, or The Hood, you’d better have it snipped after #2. The planet, you see, depends upon it.

    2) The man wants to be a rock star – he could give a fying Kfuc less about his pet issues and causes. He flies around on a private jet and enlists the Red Hot Chili Peckers to play a rock concert in front of a packed auditorium to convince people to burn less carbon? No he claims he wants you to burn less carbon as an excuse to get ont he private jet and do tequila shooters w/ the Chili Peckers before he gets his 4th Chackra released by one of the dumb groupies.

    3) Oh, and by the way, all the carbon offsets I’m supposed to buy to absolve my conscious for starting a campfire the next time I go camping in the woods make Al Gore a butt-load of money. He then spends this money on at least two mansions, one of which has a heated, year around pool in it.

    I’m totally cool with a rich, successful man starting a large family, hanging with dumb-ass celebrities and building mansions. This sort of activity may seem morally pointless, but it sure cashes a bunch of paychecks that can be used for better and more enobling purposes. What chaps my ass is how he does all this stuff and then practices the sheer, moral effrontery to tell everyone else that they are not good enough human beings to get to do the same.

    YOu’re right again Brett, “The Thinking People” need to take their “Altruism” and jam it up their rectums until it causes internal damage.

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  8. cyberking follower says:

    Take a look at the tea party gathering in DC. After they left the place was cleaner then when they arrived. This is called being an Adult. It is time the called “citizen of the world” grow up and do what is right, not what is easy.

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