A Moral Shift Seizes The West


Under a wave of chaotic changes across Europe and the New World, the entity known as Western Civilization is experiencing a massive shift. At first it seems political, until one looks at social events. Then it seems cultural, until inspection of the factors altered in people is examined.

The West is experiencing a moral shift.

In the past, owing to the egalitarian slant of the French Revolution and its predecessor The Enlightenment™, our morality was based on treating everyone equally, so presumably: treating everyone well.

Now our morality ventures closer to the pagan formulation of Plato, “good to the good / bad to the bad.”

When you want to treat everyone well, you treat the bad as well as the good. You have concern for their rights and daily lives, and cut them fat checks to subsidize them since survival is not going well for them.

Plato’s formulation on the other hand could be re-written as “protect the good people, and beat down the rest.”

As Leftism has gained prominence here in the West, our societies have increasingly re-dedicated themselves to ensuring that everyone turns out okay.

That has resulted in massive entitlements programs, directed most intensely that the very poor, drug addicted, criminal and otherwise flailing lives.

Now we see the end result of that: we are awash in people who are fundamentally useless, both at the bottom and top of society. The bottom creates the top because numerically, the bottom are greater, and for that reason their votes and purchases are more influential than those of other groups. This selects those who inhabit the top.

Our culture has reached the literal wasteland state where it is hard for most of us to engage at all with politics or society. We go to jobs, then retreat home and lock the doors. We want the world — our home countries — to just go away.

This attitude can be seen in our anemic response to terrorism, which consists of emotional outpourings but no willingness to change anything about our approach.

The new morality, on the other hand, emphasizes the idea of protecting the good — the contributing, intelligent, healthy, decent and thoughtful people — against a world which is mostly insane and always looking for an excuse to kill off the good.

This is more than a revolution against parasitism, although that is part of it. This is a war for hierarchy: we want the good to rise above the rest again, and for the good to be ranked, with the best on top so that their wisdom and abilities can protect the rest of us from the rising tide of chaos created by democratic and third-world societies alike.

If we look only at isolated events, as the press and governments prefer we do, we do not see the wave of discontent based in this theory. Government loves victims, as it can use them as a justification and in the name of helping them, expand its own power. If they cannot be helped, even better, as the leeching can continue.

But when looking at the larger picture, a pattern emerges: the West is tired of penalizing the good people in order to provide for everyone else. As in nature, some thrive, some merely survive, and the rest die, which is how natural selection produces evolution.

This thought was disturbing for the neurotics of the last half-millennium, and so we have been chasing their dream: everyone survives, and everyone is safe and taken care of, but this has produced a huge population of people who are mostly useless and are now attempting to destroy the rest of us with the burden produced by their parasitism.

As financial, social and political ruin wracks our lands, people are returning to the idea that we should defend the good, and let nature deal with the rest. If poverty continues, so what? — there was always been poverty. If some die because they lack common sense, the next generation born of the survivors will have common sense.

It sounds cruel at first, which is why our society has been intolerant of this viewpoint for a long time, but when we realize that the price for saving everyone is that we destroy the best of our people, this idea is being reconsidered.

The society based on universal security has become a living hell. Jobs are pointless and moronic; people are thoughtless whores; the price of everything goes up as the quality goes down, and now, there is no place left to run to escape the blight caused by the flailing.

For many years, the productive people could keep shrugging and writing checks about be fine, if a bit poorer. But now they see the endgame: by trying to save everyone, we will strangle the good and produce more of the bad, and then it is a dark death spiral until the end.

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21 Responses to “A Moral Shift Seizes The West”

  1. Johann Theron says:

    Great insight. Vindicated most of our intuitive responses about right and wrong. So, I was right, and right, after all.

  2. AntiDem says:

    As late as the 19th century, the West had a strong sense of the difference between the deserving poor and the undeserving poor (as well as the difference between the deserving rich and the undeserving rich). For example, we remember Charles Dickens’s endless empathy for Oliver Twist, the Cratchits, and Little Nell, but we shouldn’t forget that part of the happy endings of his novels included Fagin being hanged in Newgate Prison and Daniel Quilp being hunted down by an angry mob. One of Dickens’s least likable characters is the parasite man-child Harold Skimpole in Bleak House, who was 150 years ahead of his time (and not in a good way).

    The distinction between the deserving and undeserving is made in Christianity, as well. Let us not forget 2 Thessalonians 3:10 – “He who will not work, let him also not eat”. Christianity requires endless charity toward those – lepers, abandoned children, the old, the crippled – who *cannot* work to earn their bread. It has none for idle scroungers. We are not merely allowed to let them starve in the street – we are in fact commanded to do so.

    This idea of boundless charity to everyone with no strings attached is an invention of politicians who profit by it via the mechanism of forcibly taking the money of productive citizens and using it to buy the votes of parasites. It is not Christian, it is not of Western civilization, it is evil, and it must – and will – stop eventually.

    • Dualist says:

      This is an incredibly important point, and one that is always misunderstood by the non-Christian element of the Alt-Right (who, to be fair to them, seldom actually know anything about traditional, orthodox Christianity, with what little they do ‘know’ mostly being gleaned from the writings of the Church’s most vehement adversaries such as Nietzsche).

  3. avraham says:

    The problems with the Enlightenment were noted by Allen Bloom and he also said like you that the problems that arose were inevitable outcomes. His only stated solution was in regard to university education and it was specifically to get people to read Plato’s Republic. That is the only solution that he proposes in his entire book. Needless to say, Plato was thinking about Sparta. [Though Allen Bloom did not mention this.]

  4. Fortinbrahs says:

    Someone recently told me that one of Elizabeth Warren’s (Pocahontas, a basket case) big achievements was forcing credit card companies to charge more forgiving late fees. It sounds good/harmless on paper. But I realized that every action of the left, no matter how small or well-intended, always results in letting knuckleheads off the hook of their knucklehead behavior. For people that pay bills on time, Warren’s endeavor is irrelevant.

  5. JPW says:

    What scares me the most about Venezuela is that common sense never took hold. Maybe all the smart Venezuelians are no longer physically located there, but still. At some point, people of insight should have picked up on the obvious fact that there was more of a parasite load than the society could support.

  6. avraham says:

    Equality did start as getting rid of different laws for different classes in France. And in the USA it meant equal negative rights. Things that the government could not take from the individual.
    Both ideas have morphed in an unrecognizable form to the original concepts. Now they are taken to mean right to an equal amount of stuff that the poor “shlimazel” of a working guy has to provide for others. I agree that this is a terrible travesty of justice.

    • Equality did start as getting rid of different laws for different classes in France.

      And is that a good thing, considering the different abilities/roles of each class?

      • avraham says:

        I do not know. The truth be told your point of view is very new to me. I grew up in the USA when it was a highly decent and wholesome and moral society. And it was based on the Constitution. So I accepted the basic ideas of the Constitution as being right. Plus I did not like tyranny when I saw it in other places.

        It was only recently my learning partner express some reservations about the basic principles of the USA that I started to wonder.

        In any case I would have to agree that the whole French revolution was a very terrible thing.

        • I grew up in the USA when it was a highly decent and wholesome and moral society. And it was based on the Constitution. So I accepted the basic ideas of the Constitution as being right. Plus I did not like tyranny when I saw it in other places.

          I had the same experience. The question is, was America a “highly decent and wholesome and moral society” because of the Constitution, or another factor, including multiple factors?

          Over time, I began to see culture and the genetics behind it as more influential than laws, and then saw how government — despite the limitations imposed by the Constitution — worked against that. Then I saw that these government acts had vast popular support, and started looking into the possibility that hubris/evil and human group insanity were responsible for government.

  7. Dr. Evil says:

    This article makes a sharp point in a way that is simple to understand, and is also hard to argue against. Simple and seemingly obvious points like this are too often in our society, as we get distracted with details of the Leviathan. With the exception of the super-elite , big-gov. currently oppresses the strong hard-working taxpayer, and props up the weak mooch.

  8. Dr. Evil says:

    Correction : The obvious is often over-looked these days.

  9. J.j. Cintia says:

    The left puts great faith in laws, and believes that man is inherently good. In other words, they’re completely insane. Race is genetic and so is sex. Its no coincidence that biological reality is now under attack. As geneticists begin to decode and realize the importance of DNA, all the false paradigms of the left are being invalidated. All their claims of the magical effects of education were disproven completely by IQ testing. They have therefore threatened and ruined the careers of anyone bringing up psychometry and IQ testing. Science has been corrupted for their delusions and the grasping for power by their idiot leaders like Obama and the Clintons. All you have to do is look at the stupidity of their leaders to see how stupid they are or must be. After all, who is dumber, the fools or the fools that follow them?

  10. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    Excellent article!

    Trust that the Pope, Bishops, and Parish Priests read this. Bible (God’s word) “If no work–then no eat.”

    This is not a hard concept to realize and then put into practice.

    Having worked some 51 years (at some jobs requiring extremely hard physical labor), I have no pity on those who have generation by generation elected to be moochers. Takers. Spongers.

    Back in the early 1900’s, local churches had lay committees who screened parishioners needing financial, housing, clothing, educational, or nutritional help. They quite literally enforced the norms and morals of the times.

    For example, a young, able-bodied woman living with a man without benefit of marriage had a zero chance of assistance from her local church. It would not happen.

    The nuclear family was the keystone to a good and decent society. All the Marxists and Liberals have done since 1900 has been to destroy the family.

    • For example, a young, able-bodied woman living with a man without benefit of marriage had a zero chance of assistance from her local church.

      And is this so bad? “Stop doing stuff that will destroy us all, and we will help you,” sounds like sensible mercy to me!

  11. Bill in Tennessee says:

    Perhaps we could make a modest beginning by removing all those insipid safety labels from products. Beyond that, I can buy this new morality, bring it!

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