A 12-step plan to save humanity

Some say that the decay has not reached critical levels, so we should do nothing. Others say it hovers at the brink of disaster and we must do anything that might have a chance of working now. Some want cadres; others want newspapers; others want to drop out and run away to some obscure place...Read more


History tells us that usury — the act of lending money for interest — was considered a sin in the ancient ages. Usually our modern commentary on this focuses on how the interest payments might be exorbitant, reflecting our own modern fears. But a darker vision lies beneath. Usury allows those who have little to...Read more

“Gaza Everywhere” by Brett Stevens on American Renaissance

I am fortunate to be again published on the excellent American Renaissance. Thank you to Jared Taylor and his team of able and considerate editors. If you have a moment, read “Gaza Everywhere” on American Renaissance.Read more

Dr. Frankenstein’s multicultural monster

A Husky-Chihuahua mix. A crucial aspect of multiculturalism escapes mention: what exactly is the unit of measurement by which we deem something multicultural or not. In other words, where is the boundary between inside the multicult and outside the multicult? The endgame of the multicult becomes clearer when you consider this. If you were to...Read more

Why the singularity will not happen

Those who want a prediction for our future as a species that is both positive and plausible often turn to the term “singularity.” This refers to a moment when our technology reaches such an advanced stage that it changes human nature and magically creates a new Utopia from our wiser, more advanced selves. Technologies commonly...Read more

Why the sane people cannot unite

All natural groups — people who find themselves in the same category as a matter of pursuing their lives and values — find it impossible to defend themselves. This is because when what unifies your group does not require articulation, it is nearly impossible to articulate. Instead, you see your group as existing and members...Read more

They want to keep you busy and tired

Angels know the secret nature of reality through a process of divine insight. But all things evil, including the simplest and dumbest, receive wisdom from beyond in the form of an exacting blueprint for the destruction of good things. Thus even the simplest among us know how to confound the greatest geniuses in an elegant,...Read more

Finding the real enemy before it destroys us

Like a distant memory, it starts with a vague impression coming to light at an odd time. A shape forms, maybe colors, a voice or a smell. And then the thought rushes to a central point in our consciousness: our civilization is dying. People start to see the conflict as more than one political party...Read more

Israel-Hamas conflict shows true nature of liberalism

It benefits those in power that people find it difficult to understand the nature of political categories. Left and right best serve power when blurred and overlapping so that people choose parties by issue, keeping constant conflict afloat while failing to ever resolve anything that might threaten power. How many people who you meet on...Read more

The void of the self

That which has infinite need will consume infinite amounts of what is around it. Not only black holes but many objects in your life fit this criterion. Alcoholism, rage, misery, self-pity… the list goes on. But the most common void is the self. When leaders proclaim equality, they have created a cause. A cause then...Read more

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