Idiots confuse degree with exceptions to rule

Idiots possess favorite tactics that allow them to insert questions or objections that are structurally nonsense but parse as language, requiring smart people to pause and spend time analyzing the insanity before realizing it is, on a logical level, nothing but babble. One of their favorite gambits is to insist that reality does not exist....Read more

The rule in sexual assault: self-preservation

Currently a debate rages among our dim-witted fellow egalitarian voters about whether a woman has a right not to be raped. One side argues that women should not ‘have to’ use precautions against rape. In this view, rape simply should not occur and the responsibility for that lies with men, not with women in taking...Read more

Idiots argue by exception

As society separates its layers, more fools and idiots insert themselves into debate and analysis. Their goal is to remove the requirement that logic prevail so that they can then argue for emotional and appearance-based changes. One favorite tactic of fools involves using exceptions, and this comes in two forms: first, they argue by pointing...Read more


A world of memes comes crashing down on our shoulders: peacemakers versus terrorists, freedom fighters versus extremists, progressives versus what we assume to be regressives. It’s important to remember that a word has no meaning unless it is the true name of something; someone referred to as “evil” may be anything but. The most dramatic...Read more

The pact or the contract

A pact can be broken, but so can a contract. The pact is, in a certain sense, unofficial, whereas the contract is “official.” However, nature does not operate according to a standard of official/unofficial conduct. What is a contract but a formalistic pact? The pact is to the contract what the laws of nature are...Read more

It’s only rape

Maybe you’ve heard by now about the recent report detailing how over the last 16 years more than 1,400 children have been abused and gang raped, and how they were ignored by police, in fact viewed with contempt by police, and how their parents were arrested when they tried to rescue them. I know the situation...Read more

American Spirit Cigarettes

Why is it that the greatest industrial power on earth cannot produce a decent cigarette? Most of us are aware that the big brands are 90% advertising and 10% highly efficient operations converting cheap tobacco into a uniform taste, much like fast food joints turn horse anus into a burger that has that same great...Read more

Esoteric Social Darwinism

Conventional wisdom, science and ancient religion seem to agree on the necessity for humans to overcome their lower impulses and discipline their minds in order to become functional as human beings. Our lowest impulses are formed of innate motivations to point us toward activities we need to do, like eating, fighting, fleeing and reproduction. Once...Read more

A green case against liberalism

Thanks to a five decade association between the two in the West, environmentalism and liberalism seem to be joined at the hip. This was not always so, and the original “green” movement would never have approved of what liberalism has converted it into. Green criticisms of liberalism start with the realization that liberal policies create...Read more

The separation of Conservatives from Christianity

This quotation from Christian popular music artist Rich Mullins put a finger on what some of us have noticed recently: a quiet exodus of conservatives from involving religion with politics, and a retreat by many from Christianity altogether. Christianity is not about building an absolutely secure little niche in the world where you can live...Read more

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