Legalize rape

When rape first became a crime, we lived in a different world. Among the middle and upper echelons of society, women expected to be virgins at marriage and to be respectable in public thereafter. These expectations arose from common knowledge which has been forgotten. Without the bonding that sexual inexperience provided, couples lacked the trust...Read more

Shut down the government

The last time Republicans forced a shutdown of the government of the United States, life improved. Those who depend on entitlements for their existence tended to stay away, leaving society to those who are fully participating. Many of us have a simple rule: if I must go to work, and pay taxes, so must you....Read more

Bait and switch

In the beginning, communities recognize common interests and form small governments to accomplish shared needs more efficiently than each person individually performing them. Communities contribute resources to build a strong policing force, deterring bad behavior more effectively than ad hoc gatherings of friends and family to brutalize miscreants after unwelcome acts have left their mark....Read more

Happy Thanksgiving, future Americans

The opposing sides have politicized Thanksgiving. To the left, it was an advance vanguard for colonialism, slavery and sexism. To the right, it was a celebration of freedom as an abstract. In reality, it was a practical celebration. The colonists came not to conquer a continent but to escape the rotted political situation in Europe....Read more

The cycle begins anew

Another night, another fire. We burn our cities for our own pretense, unwilling to admit that our good intentions lead on a path to hell. But they do. And the fires burn. We were warned by the ancients who told us that the identity of a nation is of vital importance. With identity, we unite...Read more

Democracy has failed

It was born as the age of good intentions: instead of following natural law, divine order or the advice of kings, we would place the human individual at the forefront of thinking and leadership. Thus humanity began its experiment with democracy. It started slowly, a thousand years ago, with the initial forays into what would...Read more

The elephant in the room continues to grow

See life through the eyes of a child: adults worry, and hide their worry, then raise their voices and deny the worry, then cast a worried glance at the kids. What do they fear? Let me introduce my theory of denial: our will to deny a problem exists in inverse proportion to its triviality. That...Read more

William Gibson – The Peripheral

As with all postmodern books, and Gibson finds his inspiration in Thomas Pynchon as much as in sci-fi, a title can possess multiple meanings. The Peripheral shows us a book with a dual symbolism to its title: ostensibly about the use of remote-controlled biological androids, or “peripherals,” for people to live through, it takes on...Read more

Taxation without representation is theft

The American Revolution resists study because it is both a Revolution in politics and a war for independence as a colony, and because the motivations behind remain shrouded in mystery. For many of us the question was always why taxation was such a big deal. If our Revolution had been about money, it would seem...Read more

The Choom Gang in the White House

Jonathan Gruber triggered a political tempest when videos surfaced of him admitting, nay, bragging, that he and his comrades not only deceived voters, but manipulated them by using key terms to mislead and then delivered something else entirely. Whether or not Gruber’s actions are evil, acceptable or merely predictable, he raised an interesting point for...Read more

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