Why The Far Right Never Took Off

Expressed succinctly by a former member of Evil Skins:

The game was that we would be the craziest, everyone was zealous. We jumped on the heads of our enemies. Such violence was present, blood constantly stained our clothes. It was such an urban guerilla atmosphere where the streets had to belong to skinheads. That was the 80’s spirit. We had to do all you can do to not lose. The honour to be a skinhead was in us even in our dreams. I was just like this at this time.

The truth is that we did not love anything and we didn’t care for others. We were not interested in being rock stars, we were simply street skinheads. So no one came to see us and we did’nt have any contact with the larger scene as a whole, just with some skins of Tolbiac, Bonsergent, and “des Halles” who were real street skinheads.

Evil Skins is difficult to understand, because at this time we were skinheads whom were not really intelligent. We cultivated rather stupidity and wickedness. As the song says, “We are stupid and nasty skinheads and the worst of all is that we are happy.” We were a little bit like people who enjoyed being without brain. We were close to being pit bulls, ready to bite people. That was roughly the level of the band. All this washed it down with beer and that does not help. In short, it was difficult for guys like us at that time to think about change. Everyone was trained in this brainwashing.

…There was a time of contact with real fascists who wanted us recruited, but it is not possible. We were guys from the streets, politics is derided. We just loved to brawl. After you get provoked, you have a natural opposition and enemies that increased your provocation.

The Far Right has not succeeded in separating mere resentment from the desire for a better world. Instead, we get people who want to beat the other team, but have no idea what positive changes they desire to make. This just strengthens the existing political narrative, with two groups of monkey clowns running around and beating on each other while everyone else just shrugs and writes it off, letting the farce go on ad infinitum or until society collapses, whichever comes first.

The South Rises Again


One of the bedrock principles of conservatism is localism, or having a solution as close to and specific to the situation as possible. This contrasts the ideal of those I will call City People, who want one rule to apply to everything, so that they can argue from this rule about what “ought” to be instead of what is. In the city, one succeeds by forcing others to do your bidding; in the country, more realism is required.

The City People are always the same: not producers so much as those who are taking advantage of opportunities, they thrive when a task is narrowly defined through rules and laws, but would not survive a night in the open forest. Thus they are ruled by both a desire for opportunism, and a pervasive fear. This drives them to demand more laws, more standardization, and more government power wherever they go.

The ultimate goal of the City People is to produce something like East Germany: a place where everyone is guaranteed employment, so all are safe from crime, and the government takes care of everything, but individuals can succeed by operating within those narrow definitions of laws, rules and ideology. They will deny this if you tell it to them, but then they end up there.

Consider modern hellish environments like New York City. To live there, one must have either a fair amount of money or choose housing in a ghetto. Social services are abundant but mediocre. Jobs are easily acquired by jumping through the right hoops, and there are few consequences for getting it wrong unless one is foolish enough to take a risk, which every candidate for a job knows is a bad idea. Go with the flow. Keep the opportunistic gravy train flowing and beat back the endless problems caused by this approach with more laws.

In another twenty years, New York will resemble East Berlin. The government will have expanded radically through the votes of the urban poor, who never met a benefits program they did not like… the rich will be taxed to absurdity, and will respond by moving away or moving their income away. This will leave government squeezing the middle class, as has happened under Obama to the USA as a whole, and this will put the city in a death spiral: tax less wealth more to fund an ever-growing parasite pool.

The same thing destroyed Communism. The Soviets created what they saw as an ideal state, but it had a fatal flaw: it was unproductive because it squeezed its most productive people the most, encouraging them to drop out and do the minimum. In the meantime, it kept promoting people who made careers out of not taking risks and saying the right thing to make the audience happy. This made it incompetent, arrogant and unresponsive.

Rome went out the same way. In an effort to maintain power, its leaders employed mercenaries and imported labor. This group then became their biggest supporter and also, a parasite pool because it was funded with money extracted from ordinary Romans. At some point, those stopped trying, and the system hit the pavement.

In the American South, people recognized that the City People are like drunken children. They are so concerned with what they want being forced on other people that they have no time to consider what its actual effects will be. They live in a world where if you can con the waiter into giving you a free appetizer, or snow your boss with praise and then suggest something that worked at another company, you win. To them, the question is not “what will happen” but “what do other people think of this.” It is all appearance.

The South suggested two types of localism: first, that rule in the South should occur in its individual communities, and second, that the virtual locality of people who were not infected with the City People disease should be able to escape that mentality by creating an entirely different society nearby. In other words, rules from New York were no good in Alabama, and City People ethics were not either, because in Alabama they were trying to get away from that corrupt and infectious mentality.

Of course, that could not be allowed by the City People. Competition of this sort would make the city lifestyle look as disgusting as it is. So the City People found a victimhood-equality narrative involving slavery to pick a fight with the South; we know it was not from caring for African-Americans because the City People were perfectly content for those to live in ghettos and company towns in virtual slavery. It was a desire to crush the people who escaped the city.

Brexit shows a similar desire for localism: the people of the UK do not want to follow the opportunistic but sheeplike bureaucrats of the EU into a multicultural East Germany (from which Angela Merkel originated). They cannot articulate what they actually want, which is natural because very few people are good at getting to the core of any issue, but they know they do not want the vision of hell that has become apparent.

And in the UK and Europe, the City People — who we might identify as Crowdists — have been gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes. They want the easy opportunism back where if you call someone a racist, they give you money and power. Those days are ending and with it, the only relevance the City People have is fading. They produce nothing and take no risks. They are the bureaucratic calcification which destroys human societies, and when exposed by the light of actual competition on the basis of real-world results, they fail every time.


How dare white people act in self-interest, in a world where every other group does so? How dare the UK refuse its wealth and power to the bigger group, which wants nothing more than to expand itself at the expense of others? Indeed, in this egalitarian age, refusing a parasite its imagined due payment is seen as a crime!

And yet, the South rises again. People want to step off the train to East Germany with BMWs that the EU represents. They can finally visualize that this is the destination of the train. In the US, people are seeing that the 0bama train leads to a national Detroit or Baltimore. We want off too. Let us rule ourselves, and let us break away from the rest of humanity and its failures, because they are parasitic and will destroy us.

The South did not want war and white people do not want a race war. But this is what they are going to get. It always ends this way, when societies go down the path of egalitarianism as Rome and Greece did before us. We were warned, but too arrogant to listen. Now, we are listening, and ready for the final battle.

What Nature Designates As Desirable

Humans offer many, many justifications for their broken lives, but underneath the surface of “face value” assertions, we see what is desired.

Women desire men who are strong, racially and nationally oriented, personally conservative and yet able to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Men desire women who are chaste, sensible, loving and kind.

This has never changed, despite a barrage of liberal propaganda that states that those who fail these conditions are “equal” to those who fulfill them.

Nature has told us what is right; we need only look past the human lies to see what is real and not merely “wishful thinking” by life’s failures, who are equal only in that they get the same vote and voice as someone who is not insane.

Nordic, Greek and Christian Morality


What would possess someone to spend irreplaceable hours of his finite life, typing into an electronic publishing system in the hopes of reaching a marginalized, nearly-eradicated, and isolated few?

The answer is that some of us desire — more than anything else — the restoration of sanity. Civilization is the scroll on which our great deeds are written, and when it is moribund, all of those are slated to be forgotten. All that we work to achieve will be lost.

And so, the isolated writer — long over pretensions of being any more than a camera, or that which reveals what is before us but denied — embarks on a path of trying to make sense of symbols and to peel away the layers of nonsense in which humans camouflage their actual task, also burying their inner hopes and desires.

This path leads us to an ancient understanding, which is that although the fundamental crisis of the West is bad leadership left in the hands of We The People instead of the most competent, the fundamental problem of humanity is evil, or selfish personal decisions which create negative side-effects.

That in turn leads us to the question of what evil is. Naturally this will be the first target for evil itself, because like any parasite, it will hope to conceal its negative deeds and hide in a cloud of confusion created by the equivalency of evil with normalcy, or worse, with good.

In the ancient sense, evil was a disruption of natural order and balance. The ancient Greeks believed that a hierarchy of humans existed as it did among the species of nature, and that to disrupt this — to become more powerful than one ought to be, for example — led to illusion, failure and punishment by the gods.

For the Nordics, evil was more simple: illusion. That which was not true appeared more true than truth, and so people followed it to their doom. In this view, evil is like an oasis in a desert: a tempting vision which turns out to be a trap.

The Christians followed with a simpler view. There was an order of God; those who transgressed against this were following evil, and failure to remove them created a situation in which evil triumphed. On the other hand, this view got translated into “Thou shalt not murder,” from the Ten Commandments.

All of these were straightforward. How were they corrupted?

The Greeks were corrupted when the order of nature was replaced with a human order, or democracy, in which the visions of others were accepted as “natural” and therefore part of nature. At this point, hierarchy dissolved and was replaced with the notion that interfering with any other person was bad.

The Nordics fell when theories and symbols were presented as being true in the same way reality was. This turned faces away from reality, and toward the world of logic as it exists in a laboratory or on a chalkboard, which is to say “true” but only if its assumptions were true, as they steadily were not.

Corruption visited Christianity when “Thou shalt not murder,” referring to unjust killing, was replaced with “Thou shalt not kill,” which made the erroneous assumption that all lives were equal and therefore all people were blameless in their choices. Killing those who merited it became bad, a form of pacifism.

If you ask me the meaning of a word, I say “To whom? And when?” because every definition we use is based on many other concepts, most of which are encoded in culture but only if people still live who understand them. Others are easily altered by changing the words we use to define words, or the concept of society itself.

Evil walks among us. It presents itself as pleasant, kind, generous and pleasurable. And yet the goal is always the same: to alter the definition of evil so that all acts are equal, which erases the notion of evil and allows evil to thrive among us.

Anatomy Of An Individualist


If you still refuse to believe that the disease of civilization decline lies in “We The People” and not some external force, consider the case of a typical individualist who took her pathology to the next level by making it highly public:

The San Diego woman documented her art on rock features on social media as she traveled across the US.

Over a 26-day period in 2014 she damaged formations at seven national parks by drawing or painting on them with acrylic paint and markers, signing her works with her social media handle ‘Creepytings.’

In one post from the time, she wrote: ‘It’s art, not vandalism. I am an artist.’

The modern egotism insists that each person be described in superlatives. Functionality is not enough; one must be a sage, a prophet, an artist, a visionary. Even though very few are, and especially very few who scrawl their works on public surfaces.

Art is a condition of the mind, a communication rendered into some form. Vandalism is what happens when communication is put in the wrong place. She conflates the two, just like leftists confuse method for motivation, because it is convenient for her to do so, so that she may achieve her actual goal — being an attention whore and demanding attention to her ego.

When we create “equality” as a political value, it turns people into attention whores. They have been reduced in value and the means of measuring actual value — moral, character, intelligence and fidelity — have been adulterated. As a result, all that remains is doing “stunts” and drawing attention to oneself.

Not surprisingly, they do so at the expense of others, as our graffiti-scarred cities and spam-ridden internet show us. Why would they do otherwise? People have nothing in common except obeying the rules to have money, pay taxes, and allow other people to be attention whores in the hope that someday each of us gets our fifteen minutes of vandalism fame.

Save Your Civilization With This One Easy Trick!


Dear readers, I recognize that the internet of late has become a less favorable place for publishers and so many are turning to the type of sensationalism known as “clickbait.” Rest assured that we at Amerika Inc. would never stoop to such a level to draw in readers. Nevertheless, listen to this tip — which will also help you lose weight!

We know that throughout history no human civilizations have survived. Our rationalization hamster tells us that this is because civilization cannot survive, but looking at species which have thrived for three hundred million years, we then realize that the answer must be even simpler: every civilization makes the same mistake.

This mistake, a type of “cognitive pitfall” or common illusion to which humans are susceptible, leads to what is called Civilization Inertial Decay Disorder (el CIDD). This is manifested in excessive navel-gazing and self-pity, culminating in social movements to remove any accountability to reality, so that the mice may play while the cat is away.

Socialization itself — the act of interacting with others — transmits this disorder. The social group creates an echo chamber where untruths that are convenient for the human mind to grasp become accepted as ultimate truth and contrary information from reality is filtered out and ignored. The solution is to escape the echo chamber.

To save a human civilization, send people home. Cut their workdays by a third, and force everyone to get the same amount done in that time — they will not find it difficult, once the bellyaching and complaining ceases. Send kids home from school early, every day. Send people back into their own lives and souls, where they must find a reason to exist and love life that is independent of shiny material objects or social “kudos.”

People forced into such contemplation of life quickly either self-destruct or start to find a balance with eternity. They come to acknowledge their own relative unimportance, and with that, relax. They are no longer responsible for ideological purity, but only to live good lives according to the principles of their tribe. And so they relax and find hope.

Every day people are bathed in the propaganda of being busy. We send them into offices and schools where their time is taken up by activities of dubious realistic value, but of massive social value, because then everyone feels included and important (I&I). The hive buzzes happily at these events.

In reality, people need to feel the vast emptiness of time beyond the counting of years, and find a way to make themselves feel good about being alive independent from some social status, title or material reward. Normally, they are kept distracted by constant stimulus which keeps them focused on external tasks constantly; let us interrupt that, and return them to the internal dialogue, where they cannot react to stimulus but must create their own.

Western civilization has cracked itself out on constant activity that does not need to be done. It engages in this activity so that people do not need to face the void, or the failure of this civilization and the inherent emptiness of life. With recognizing the emptiness however, they are in a position to see purpose and God, and from that, to begin to like themselves again.

Our time is cruel but only in subtle ways. It removes from people the decisions they need to make in order to understand themselves, and through that, to know what of their world is self and what is reality. As a result, they wander in darkness and obscurity, never seeing the light hidden behind the facade of everything.

Parables (#1)

A man dies — one of those mundane deaths, like a car crash or unventilated generator — and finds himself in a long blue tunnel leading to what he can describe only as “black light,” or a glowing emptiness. He floats to its edge and then steps into it, finding himself in a comfortable space in which light emits from the material itself, so he cannot see walls or other features.

In the distance he sees someone approaching. It is an older man with a white-grey beard, wearing a luminous black robe. As the man comes closer, it becomes apparent he is heading for a chair and table which had not been noticed before, but seem to have always been there, as objects are in dreams. The man sits and takes out a book bound in human skin.

“Ah, yes, you have living a middling life, I see. Not good, not bad, but more on the side of good with a heavy dose of self-centeredness than anything else,” he says. “That is about average. You were of reasonable intelligence, so you and your ancestors did something right in previous incarnations. This means I can offer you a choice:”

  • Door #1. Behind this door lies an easy existence. Your job is to raise butterflies. You will have a large greenhouse, and each day you must collect leaves with eggs on them and place them in incubation chambers. Then, when they hatch into caterpillars, you must feed them leaves that you grow. When each caterpillar forms a chrysalis, you must relocate it to the hatching chamber and wait for the metamorphosis to be complete, then release the butterfly after its wings dry. You will live in a 5,000 square foot luxury house. Your job will take about three hours a day. You will dine at a fine restaurant for two meals plus takeaway for lunch. But, the butterflies you release will fly upward out of the greenhouse and into infinite empty space where they will be destroyed. You will watch the results of your labor vanish into meaningless nothingness before your eyes, every day.
  • Door #2. Welcome to a different lifestyle entirely. You will live in a small stone hut on a medium-sized island with rocky soil. Here, you will labor in clearing the soil and planting it with the only crop that grows on this island, cabbage. You will survive on cabbage and the meat of an occasional goat, if you can catch one of the wild ones that range the island. On this island are deer who love cabbage. They will not take it of their own accord, but whatever you bring to them, they will eat. You will not be able to eat them, either. But you will be able to observe them and the effects of your care upon them. It is a hard and grueling life however.

The man becomes aware of a sensation that through its contrast to what he had been experiencing, reveals the shift in sensations that has occurred after death. He has not felt alive, but upon this decision, he feels more like he did when he was alive: a kind of trepidation mixed with hope, a sensitivity like cold air across his skin coupled with the loveliest, most carefree night. And yet, this choice is hard. The answer is obvious, and yet it is not. He likes fine restaurants and large houses. The void, however, that is the thing. He thinks hard and gets nowhere.

As he gives up on the decision and on himself for being too useless to make the choice, a memory comes back to him. His first daughter, with her first doll, which some years later had become ripped. He had taken it into the little workshop he kept in his garage and re-stuffed it carefully, then mended the rents with rough twine he kept in the third desk drawer from the bottom on the right-hand side. Then he gave it back to her, not having told her what he was going to do, and observed to his surprise a look of ineffable joy on her face.

The man is watching him. “I see that your decision is made,” he says, closing the book. “So it must be. Good luck, and see you again soon.”

The Sexual Revolution, Like All Revolutions, Leaves A Wasteland Behind

We have a saying — In Vino Veritas — which states that people often speak the truth when their inhibitions drop. These truths seem blurted out hastily in a haze of alcoholism, but in fact are only the leading edge of the sword as the person finally articulates what is the result of long observation.

Such a truth can be found in a recent blog post about rape

The current free-for-all sexual jungle just chews women up and spits them out. It breaks them. It makes them into trash, into garbage, into filth, into scum. It makes them into women who cannot stand the thought of being touched by any man who would be likely to marry them, or even hang around with them for very long.

There you have the brutal truth: the sexual revolution, or the lowering of standards that legitimized promiscuity, has dual effects: (1) it turns people into whores and (2) by separating sex from family, it creates a creepiness to sex that means they will never trust it, and never fully bond with another. A woman is instinctively repulsed by a man who accepts her slutty past (or present) and is excited by one who is, like an alpha predator, always pursuing the optimum.

The ancients knew this and made chastity a cardinal virtue, with some caveats. They allowed men certain liberties under certain conditions, but not otherwise, and protect women against their over-driven impulses which can lead them into a loveless state of permanent alienation.

Democracy, Explained

Witness groupthink and hivemind in action:

Rider Jessica Shockeness said that she heard three loud booms during a delay as her 2 train pulled into the station. She said after she got off she heard another commuter say “I think it was gunshots” and people started running out of the station.

Shockeness said she didn’t think the noises she heard were gunshots, but she decided to run too.

“I see people running, I’m gonna run,” she said.

If the Crowd does something, and you do not, you will be blamed if something bad happens to you. And at the same time there is zero loss of public status for simply imitating the rest…

This explains the insanity of human herding behavior. It is not so much that people are led into delusions, but that they are afraid to not follow them if others do in advance. It takes one steer to start a stampede, and all of the steers to end it.

We always use the example of shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater, but few realize that liberalism is essentially the same on the level of morality. It creates moral panics that people are afraid not to conform to.

The Age of Theoretical Truth Comes To A Close

The reality of genetic determinism is settling in again after two millennia of denial:

An Israeli start-up says it can take one look at a person’s face and realize character traits that are undetectable to the human eye.

Faception said it’s already signed a contract with a homeland security agency to help identify terrorists. The company said its technology also can be used to identify everything from great poker players to extroverts, pedophiles, geniuses and white collar-criminals.

“We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.”

Since the rise of the forces that culminated in Athenian democracy and slow collapse, the West has been obsessed with a single idea: equality, or the notion that people are basically the same “inside” (intelligence/character) and therefore, that all behaviors except crimes should be validated, justified and equally accepted.

The point of this thought is to deny that some are more gifted than others in these “inside” areas. If we accept that some are better than others in these ways, that group will separate itself and evolve further, leaving the others behind. In a society of multiple castes, these will end up being the natural leaders and will force better habits on the rest.

Liberalism of the classical sort, which relies on equality as a basis and the earning of money to identify our best, aims to conceal this truth as much as any other form of hybrid with the Leftist ideal of equality. Communism enforces it; our modern capitalist-socialist-managerial crossover state simply subsidizes it while dumbing down everything to the point where people are roughly equal in their ability to paint by numbers in fields in which a procedure exists for everything. Just follow the procedure, and you are considered in the right.

But all of this was based on theory, and proving notions correct because the theory was in the right form. If we make up an equation, and the math works, we do not question whether the equation accurately represents reality. We see the theory works and by our procedure for accepting ideas, we consider it not just theoretically correct but actually correct.

As more information comes in about genetics, the theoretical notion of equality is melting away. The theory does not match the reality. It also conveniently explains how Leftist plans always fail, and the only solution offered — to increase the power of Leftism — will never achieve success, as we see playing out in the ongoing collapse of our society.