Ann Coulter Says What White People Worldwide Are Feeling

Ann Coulter, who went red pill in 2009 or earlier and headed straight to the black pill — which says that biology and demographics trump all else — spoke the truth that white people worldwide are feeling but not saying:

“Americans don’t want immigration.” Coulter said. “They don’t want anymore. Why can’t we have a home? You see on National Geographic, ‘Oh, the indigenous people, they have a home.’ Everyone else can have a home. We are the only people on Earth not allowed to have a home.”

Most of planet Earth is occupied by third world people. They live in squalor, cannot organize governments or institutions, suffer constant crime and poverty. This is not a change; they have been this way since the dawn of time. Our ancestors called them “savages” and treated them like human-monkey hybrids in recognition of their inability to govern themselves.

Since the advent of Leftism in the West, it has been mandatory to consider all people equal. First, all people of each tribe must be made equal, so that class, caste and natural distinctions between ability are abolished; next, the races, sexes and sexual proclivities must be made equal. This obsessive brain-virus turns people into fanatical zombies chanting “equal, equal”!

And yet, what this means in practical terms is the best subsidize the rest. The normal state of humanity is failure; those who broke away from this by thinking correctly must be humbled, broken and made to support the rest. This way, we can feel the warm glow of pacifism; since we are all equal, none can resent us and we can live in peace, amirite? No: instead it makes the lower feel doubly low, and drives them to enraged resentment, and destroys the best, which submerges everyone in mass incompetence.

The world’s war against white people is not for practical reasons. It exists to make others feel better about their own lack of accomplishment. When it is won, no one will actually feel better, in part because they will immediately forget. Instead, they will merely notice the lack of any hope but the life which they live, and keep on doing what they have done since the dawn of time, which is to repeat old mediocre methods that enable survival — but forestall rising to the level that white civilization once reached.

Why The Alternative Right Will Absorb Neoreaction


There seems to be some confusion in the media about Neoreaction and how it differs from the alternative right, as well as confusion by neoreactionaries about this is so.

Let us tackle these in reverse order. First, the media: they are cartoon makers. They make comics and call it news. They do this to fit the cognitive profile of their audience. Most people are not analytical and also, are not inclined to spend time researching and understanding political and social issues. As a result, they want bright simple colors and stories of good versus evil.

That means the media must invent “good” (human interest stories based in pity, irony and bittersweet eucatastrophe) and “evil” (anything which denies the good feelings of the audience, especially by failing to be egalitarian).

You can understand any media story in these terms. Your instinct is to believe the story is about its topic; that is wrong and dangerous to think that. What is actually true: the story is always about the audience, because newspapers are there to sell ads and never have done anything else. That is their profit model. What you pay for a newspaper is tiny compared to the cost of ads, and they mainly keep you paying for it so you do not realize that it is essentially an advertisement cloaked in the altruistic pretense of being fact-based.

As Fred says, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” This doubly applies when it comes to the news. They choose what stories to report on, and then, they choose which facts to mention, and what order to mention them in and how to present them. Hint: any activity, no matter how degenerate, can be made to seem innocent by portraying those involved as victims of some other superior force. People fear superior forces and demonize them.

Next, we move on to the question of Neoreaction and the Alternative Right: one and the same?

Perception of political theories is relative, although the theories themselves are not because they are based in method. Someone who is on the far-left will perceive the moderate left to be far-right, but it is still based in the Leftist theory, which is equality, and not the rightist theory, which is replicable results.

To your average modern citizen, because the West has been growing steadily more Leftist since the Peasant Revolts, anything to the right of a moderate Republican is “far-right,” and that area includes the following philosophies:

  • Neoreaction
  • Reaction
  • Traditionalism
  • White Nationalism
  • Pan-Nationalism
  • Alternative Right
  • New Right
  • Paleoconservative
  • Social Conservative
  • Monarchist
  • Identitarian

You will note that all of these overlap. For example, all favor Nationalism and strong hierarchy. Many favor aristocracy, such as monarchists, reactionaries and traditionalists. Some are nearly indistinguishable from one another, except for a fundamental idea or two, such as reactionaries and traditionalists. And so on. A complete definition of these is beyond this article.

What unites them is that they recognize that the “equality” method does not work and will lead — or has led — our society into ruin.

They then take different responses to this. The dissident right — you might use that as an umbrella term for the above, since “far right” implies the mix of neo-Nazi, paleoconservative, libertarian and liberal that comprises white nationalism — differs in degree and method only. Once we realize that Leftism is a dead evolutionary pathway, we must find (1) another way to take and (2) a method of getting there, which is complicated by the fact that Leftism is popular because it is illusion, especially during Leftist eras and the warm bath of their propaganda.

Within this realm, we might see Neoreaction as a response by the middle classes to the degeneration of their countries. The basic idea of Neoreaction is that we should treat government like a business, expect it to act like a business and limit it, and allow the dual forces of capitalism and free association to fix everything else. This is not far removed from the original American ideas of Thomas Jefferson, or even Jared Taylor’s notion that if we removed anti-discrimination law, this country might have a chance at survival.

These bourgeois roots of Neoreaction place it in the hybrid camp along with libertarians, which is fitting because Neoreaction is a discussion filter for getting to the next step, not the next step defined where it can then be attacked by stronger Leftist forces. I suggest re-reading that paragraph again, as it is essential to understand Neoreaction. It is a salon, not a revolution.

Your average Neoreactionary, like the middle class, wants to escape two things: the icky people who have now infested his society, and the government which has become so parasitic that it is difficult not to notice the daily blood drainage. He believes that a System can work, that the good bourgeois can form gated communities and get away from the icky people, and then the good life will return.

Your average Alt-Righter does not have this illusion. He knows that society has taken a wrong turn and that any steps down this path lead to the same place, which is a third world warlord-cum-socialist society of mixed-race people, low but “exotic” culture, and total dysfunction plus commerce. From this state, nothing important comes again as happened with the fallen Greek, Roman, Maya and Aztec empires.

The reason that Neoreaction will be absorbed into the Alt-Right, and not just by the media, is that Neoreaction is simply a discussion filter. It exists to make people feel justified in actual self-interest and saying, “No, I don’t want to go down the path to ignominious death with the rest of you fools.” Like Donald Trump, it is a pry-bar that separates those still capable of some thought from the rest who are lock-step trope-worshipers fully ensconced in the warm bath of the propaganda from the Left.

If you want a metaphor, imagine a city of utter chaos and dysfunction. On the very edge of the city, at the city wall, is a hotel. Neoreaction is the foyer; it is the reason that one steps inside. This shuts out the noise of the city and the constant propaganda broadcast by petit tyrants over its PA system. Once you are in the silence, you can start to think. Conservatism is the library; national socialism and neo-Nazism the gym; traditionalism the chapel; and paleoconservatism/social conservatism the bar area.

As you go deeper into the hotel, you will notice something: every room leads to a second hallway that connects them all. This leads to the garden beyond, which you can see through ornate glass doors… counting your steps, you realize that the garden is outside of the city. You only head down that path once you have been to all the rooms, taken the part of the puzzle from each, and assembled it in the hallway to realize that escape is the only option.

But the real journey, alas, is not in the feet but in the mind. “Escape” means that you are finally awakened from the Leftist dream. You realize that everything you have been taught since day one of your life has been tinged with a lie, and that lie is human equality. This lie is both a way of feeling better about having a civilization in decline, and a way of making you feel important for having nothing. It assuages your fears. Without it, you feel naked at first.

The basic idea of Neoreaction may be summarized as anti-ideologism. Neoreaction insists that our theory and reality be aligned, so that if some method is more successful than others, it gets the power instead of those others. This terrifies the ideology-minds, who know that their theories are not only unprovable, but not designed to be proven. They are social theories that make people feel good about themselves for believing them.

Beyond that, it is foolishness to take it literally, because it leads to more interesting places…

The Alt-Right is concerned with a singular task, possibly inherited from black metal: how to stop civilization decline and restore Europeans to greatness. Once you have separated from ideology, do you want an OK society or an A+ one?

Tradition shows us that there is a world beyond the physical and pragmatic. We need our spirits filled with transcendental beauty, and to believe in a good universe where the excellent can happen, in order to truly reach greatness. This is another step down the path.

Finally, there is monarchism: the realization that most people are obedient, foolish sheep who always choose whatever option flatters them, and that people in groups — even smart people — make infinitely stupid decisions. You either put the best in charge to rule over the rest, or the rest rule the best, and then social standards collapse to third world levels.

Beyond that, you can rediscover the wisdom that you were born having in your mind. That without someone intelligent and noble in charge, every venture from a lemonade stand to a civilization is prone to failure. That jails are not hospitals and that bad people do not go away, but need to be sent away or they destroy everything they can. That every day should be magic, filled with discovery and joy, not obedience and obsequy to those of lesser smarts.

The roots of Western decline go deep, and to really rip them out, we must go back to the founding assumptions in a cascade of bad decisions that cause us to live in illusion. Leftism is illusion like its parent philosophy Crowdism. That in turn is caused by human individualism, which legitimizes hubris and raises the idiotic above the genuine.

You will note that this decline even touches Neoreaction, the Alt-Right and traditionalism. There are those whose wisdom is authentic and those who are merely participating and attention whoring like everyone else in this society, just in a different field. “No enemies on the Right” is a tempting phrase, but really it means: no quality control. The war begins at home, first in your own mind as you figure all of this out.

This is why the Alternative Right will absorb Neoreaction: it is broader in scope and application. That suggests that something in turn will absorb the Alternative Right, which I suggest is conservatism itself, or the idea of using proven, organic methodology instead of ideology. From that point, all that is left to be decided are questions of degree, and at that point, they are evident.

The Carnies Take Over


We all know how to make a party of people happy: say something that makes everyone feel good, like “we are all equal, every one.” This makes them feel even better than saying something true, because implicitly you have denied truth and reality, so they feel less threatened by the non-complimentary versions of those.

The problem is that then you have entered a non-reality zone. You have just said that the deciding standard for what is important in life is not that it is true, but that people like it. This means that whatever people like goes to the top of the heap, and anything they would prefer not to notice is forgotten. It is a prescription for oblivion.

At this point, the carnies take over. Carnies are people who work as entertainers in the circus and are known for their low standards of behavior. Sexually, they are omnivorous; they tend toward hedonism in other forms as well. They tend to live in slovenly ways, behave crassly, and use every moment as a chance to whore for attention. They are masters of appearance and being entertaining, and nothing else.

The West is now dominated by carnies. When Ted Cruz takes the microphone, we are witnessing a man who knows exactly what to say, and what he should say does not vary with the facts of the situation. He says the right thing based on the entertainment demands of the moment. He knows the right words to make himself look presidential or authoritative. His job is audience manipulation, not results. Who cares about those anymore?

When President Obama makes a speech or goes to visit a foreign land, the entire process is theater. He is the carny who knows what the circus audience wants: pacifism, equality, and the feeling that what is evidently true is not true because it might be disturbing. In his hands, tyrants become heroes and real threats become imaginary threats, all while he keeps up the show under the circus tent of the good clowns fighting the bad clowns.

In the same way, Bill Nye the Science Clown knows what his audience wants: they want science that makes reality seem to be not what it is. They love irony and inversion. They want to hear that what we think of as true is in fact nonsense, so they can project into the void that nonsense is true, and Bill Nye will validate their vision with the stamp of Official Science™ in exchange for their ducats and shekels.

Hollywood has become the same way. What does the audience want? Simplistic fairy tales, so here come the superhero movies and romantic comedies. Never mind that these are so brick-stupid that if the audience were even halfway paying attention, they would throw up at how callously and easily they are manipulated. But they do not care. They simply want the sensation of being distracted, much like the audience at the circus watches with half a brain.

And what about academia? Appearance over function triumphs there as well. The science and criticism writers know that what is popular wins, so they write about topics that are popular and ensure their results match. That is easily engineered by changing the question from “what is true” to “what part of the data contradicts the obvious conclusion of the whole.” They nibble away at details, then make broad announcements and the crowd cheers.

The carnies won the minute we selected feelings over reality. We did that by putting power in the hands of groups and not individuals. Individuals can be responsible for the results of their acts, but groups never are. And groups break down because the decision is made based on internal factors, such as what the members will think of each other. Group decisions are by nature reality-optional.

At the end of the day, for carnies, it is all about a paycheck. They make the audience happy, and then the money goes into their grubby little hands, and then the party can continue with the wine flowing freely and the clothes hitting the floor. Somewhere in the back of their minds they know that it must end. Someday.

Portuguese Translation of “How Crowdism Destroys All Good Things”

Ukraine's Inna Shevchencko, right, and other activists members of the women's rights group Femen, chants slogans during a topless march in Paris, Tuesday, Sept, 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

I am fortunate to have one of my articles, “How Crowdism Destroys All Good Things,” translated into Portuguese by the writers over at Ação Identitária Paulista. I appreciate and enjoy seeing these translations because as a diehard nationalist, I see the diversity of languages and the presence of national pride as essential elements of future change.

Another Victim Of Diversity Found: Teotihuacán


The Smithsonian Magazine writes of the demise of the ancient city of Teotihuacán:

Recent fieldwork by scholars like David Carballo, of Boston University, has revealed the sheer diversity of the citizenry of Teotihuacán: Judging by artifacts and paintings found inside surviving structures, residents came to Teotihuacán from as far afield as Chiapas and the Yucatán. There were likely Mayan neighborhoods, and Zapotec ones. As the scholar Miguel Angel Torres, an official at Mexico’s National Institute for Anthropology and History, told me recently, Teotihuacán was probably one of the first major melting pots in the Western Hemisphere. “I believe that the city grew a little like modern Manhattan,” Torres says. “You walk around through these different neighborhoods: Spanish Harlem, Chinatown, Korea­town. But together, the city functions as one, in harmony.”

The harmony did not last. There is a hint, in the demolition of some of the sculptures that adorn the temples and monuments, of periodic regime change in the ruling class of Teotihuacán; and, in the depiction of shield- and spear-toting warriors, of clashes with other local city-states. Perhaps, as several archaeologists suggested to me, civil war swept through Teotihuacán, culminating in a fire that seems to have damaged vast sections of the interior of the city around A.D. 550. Perhaps the fire was caused by a visiting army. Perhaps a large-scale migration occurred.

Where have we seen this pattern before? City grows big and powerful, then becomes diverse. Next thing we hear: the city has somehow collapsed and left behind a third-world, mixed-race ruin where once far smarter and more visionary people existed.

Conservatives, Get Over Your Guilt


Charles Jansen summarizes Guillaume Faye in “Seven Mistakes That Explain The Failure Of The European New Right”, in which he explains seven tactical errors made by the revived Right as it attempts to redominate a Leftist-poisoned society.

Almost twenty years ago, I wrote the following warplan for the Right:

This occurs in three steps:

  1. Identify, brand and promote an ideology via the internet.
  2. Bring the discussion of this ideology to mainstream media.
  3. Unite the people who find it meaningful to aggressively push it to others.

In modern societies, having a large number of vocal supporters counts, but you do not need “most” of the population or anywhere near it. Successful revolutions are generally championed by 1-2% of a population. That’s all we need.

As we approach step III, it makes the most sense for us to find candidates to take local offices and show that our ideas can succeed, gaining more trust from the general population. Ours is not a revolution but a peaceful transition.

The point is that we need about under 2% of the population to agree on something and demand it, and a revolution in thought will break out as people are forced to confront the better option that we offer. Now that liberal democracy has well and truly demonstrated that it has brought us dystopia, it is time to look at other options.

One crucial thing we must do is confront guilt head-on. For centuries, Leftists have silenced us with nasty all-purpose accusations, of which “royalist” was the first and “racist” is the latest. Instead of cucking and explaining why these do not apply to us, we should tackle them head on with a counter-attack: these terms are nonsense.

For example, the Left accuses us of supporting slavery and being against interracial marriage. So what? — diversity clearly does not work, and every society on earth has supported slavery, to the point that now more people are enslaved than ever before. The grim fact is — once you set aside the Leftist fairytales about how bad it was — that slavery is not that much different than low-end job slavery, but provides lifetime medical, food and board, and a social role for those who are enslaved. This was consistent whether in ancient Greece or the old South. Slaves were not just worth money, but seen as human and in fact, as parts of the extended family unit and community. Any abuse occurred by outliers who were simply bad people, but you never see statistics and how common this abuse was. The Left wants you to see one exceptional case, and assume it was the norm.

Please explain to us all how modern low-end wage slavery is better than slavery. The person of 80-95 IQ points now does poorly in school because it is beyond his ability; then, he goes off to a series of food service and unskilled labor jobs. Since he is not a particularly quickly learner, unless he has someone willing to apprentice him, he will never pick up skills. That means he now lives on low wages, in violent ghettos, with no necessary provision for his healthcare, housing, food and social care. He can die at any minute and no one cares, since he is not valuable to anyone.

Slavery fixes this problem by making him valuable. He has slightly less freedom, but he is also taken care of and given a necessary role. Instead of being dumb labor bought by the pound, he is given a role where he has people who will apprentice him and is of importance to the larger community. True, he is a slave; but, given his abilities, he would never be anything but on the bottom of the social stack. This way however he is valued at the bottom and not simply left in social chaos to die off.

Opposing interracial marriage is another easy one. Nations of mixed parentage exist only in the third world, or where there is minor admixture as in Southern Europe, in the “second world” of near third-world conditions salvaged only by European remnants of talent in the population. To go down that path is to destroy a nation and replace it with something new and less capable. Any who do not see this have missed the lessons of genetics, which teach us that adaptation is specific and when differently-adapted species are combined, what results is a generalized species of lesser ability.

We are also told we are horrible for opposing gay marriage and transgendender “rights,” but what have we opposed? Gay people are on a different path, biologically, than straight people; for them to imitate straight people is to repudiate what makes that path unique. Further, they are a minority — maybe 1-3% of the population — with transgenders being even smaller. What these people need is not rights, but to coexist with a majority that means them no harm so long as they can live without impacting our lives. This is the same standard we apply to everything that is not an outright threat. If they cannot do that, they are forcing their will on the majority which has contrary needs, which makes them a threat.

The traditional conservative response to gays and transgenders is The Closet. And is this so terrible? They are asked to not tell us or show us their sexual inclinations, because we want our kids growing up with clear heterosexual role models. In turn, we do not ask, and we do not harm them. As it turns out, the anti-gay hate crimes seem to overlap with drug use, other crimes and people looking for a reason to be nasty, not anti-homosexual crusaders. The Leftist myth of widespread homosexual abuse is another case of them insisting that the exception is the rule so that they can destroy the previous rule and replace it with chaos, in which Leftists feel comfortable with their disordered minds.

And what else have we opposed? Ah, yes: women’s suffrage. Starting with Prohibition, we saw exactly how this affected politics. It made it unstable and emotional, like the conventional wisdom said that women were. Many years later our political campaigns are communicated through feelings and fears, and the elegant and wise debates of the past are gone. Perhaps having women vote was a terrible idea. But as a reactionary realist, I add that having anyone vote is a terrible idea, because voting is decision-making without consequence.

Conservatism is not just opposition to Leftism. It is a desire for an entirely different society. We imagine a place with caste roles, aristocrats, high moral standards, gender roles, no government, few rules and almost no paperwork. We want to live in a world filled with dangers in which the smart win out and take all, and the fools and criminals are induced to destroy themselves or leave. Unlike the left, we understand Darwin, and the idea that we must use all of our abilities or they will degenerate. And so we like a world of active people posing challenges for themselves and conquering them. We do not like the one-size-fits-all idea of bringing all people up to the same (lower) level.

And what does liberalism have to offer in response? It takes only a quick look at the last century to see. Constant ideological wars, mass deaths, unchecked growth, lowered quality of people and culture, and a daily existential hell of jobs, rules, commerce, chaos, weakness and enmity. The Left has failed because it has destroyed all good things and replaced them with a neurotic and dysfunctional version of civilization that will quickly arrive at third-world status, “Brazil 2.0” with machine guns and beer but no actual future.

There is no way to face Leftism except by confronting it on the facts: Leftist ideas are wrong and dishonest and those who cleave to them are either misguided or morally bad, and need to be exiled. Leftism is a path to the graveyard for any civilization above the level of a third world state. We must not co-exist with Leftism, but beat it back and beat it down, then ship it far away so that those of us of balanced mental state can enjoy the good life without these hateful, resentful, and dystopian people plaguing us.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Acting Like… Typical Communists

Apparently it is a news flash to American media that Leftists express the same pathology today as they have for the past two centuries:

The convention ended abruptly, descending into chaos that was captured for the world to relive on Facebook and YouTube.

Death threats and vandalism followed, prompting Nevada Democratic Party offices to close on Monday and its chairwoman, Roberta Lange, to release some downright disgusting voicemails and text messages she had received from Sanders supporters.

…Yet looking back at the hundreds of Sanders supporters who descended on a Clinton rally in East Los Angeles earlier this month to intimidate her supporters, making one little girl cry, it now seems inevitable that the same kind of violent eruption would afflict those “feeling the Bern.”

Leftism is an inverse apocalyptic ideology. Instead of warning of an actual apocalypse, it creates false threats to distract from the very real problem of civilizational collapse. Therein lies its appeal: “Don’t do the hard thing. Here is an easy and simple thing that will make you feel good to think about.”

Earth is drowning in seven plus billion people, swimming in pollution, wracked by political instability and humanity shows plummeting IQ numbers. Our present society has gone from a place that produced Beethovens to the relatively-sedate 1950s to a jarring dystopia where everyone is incompetent, every public figure is stupid and most people seem if not criminal at least pathologically opportunistic.

That terror gives momentum to the radical ideology of Leftism, which may be summarized as “forced equality.” Since equality is a nonsense notion, it must be forced. The more that is done, the more social order — which is based in hierarchy and competence — is destroyed, and the more a tidal wave of incompetence tears down the rest. Eventually you get Brazil: a few mega-rich people riding herd over an illiterate, angry, impoverished mass working easy jobs that do nothing important.

The DNC, like the GOP, is a parasitic business. Since it can achieve a monopoly on a certain political inclination, it stops striving for the radical and instead does what makes its audience happy without rocking the boat too much, because its actual business model is collecting donations and lobbying money. The DNC loves Hillary because she will not rock the boat.

But the herd out there, they believe the ideology. To them it is more apparent that Leftism is a spectrum which sweeps from entry-level to full-blown Communist very quickly because there is no logical reason to hold back. If equality is good, it must happen, which requires the subsidy state, which is going to require total control. To the simplified consciousness of the Leftist, this makes sense.

As a result, they want Bernie. Whether he is dishonest or merely crazy, he believes that turning the USA into USSR II is a good idea. His audience — terrified of the decay that seems to be rising uncontrolled around them — just want a friendly father figure to promise everything will be OK and give them free stuff so they do not have to deal with the collapse.

That ideological certainty coupled with the type of desperation that arises from not understanding a problem will drive them to greater extremes. Killing people? No problem: it’s for a good cause. For the Leftist ideologue, everything is a means to the end, which is the only moral good, equality. They will become increasingly violent until they get what they want, at which point they will become victims of state violence.

And so it goes on, this human drama. People react out of fear, and by seeking illusions to address that fear and not its underlying causes, dig themselves deeper into the same hole that produced that fear. When it all collapses, they will find something else to blame and carry on, demanding more Leftism to solve the problems of Leftism, all while believing the type of storybook illusions that if stated plainly would not even fool a child.

Upward Exit

When you’re going through Hell, make damn sure you keep on going. – Old Folk Aphorism


Amerika is post-modern Hell. We want out. We are trapped here and we want, yeah verily, the fvcking-fvck out. The walls close in. Like the trash compactor in the old, good, original Star Wars movie, they approach ever closer and make our space more and more constrained. You don’t want to sink. You have no lateral degrees of freedom. The only way out is the hard climb up. Upward exit is the pathway out of this hell.

So that is the new emerging demographic: the merging elite. They inhabit a bubble –- a select, pampered world of isolated zip codes. As Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle predicted, they have the Billion Dollar Safe Space.

To understand the path of the upward exit, we must understand the Hell from whence it leads. We here at Amerika borrow a theory from French Existentialist and attention harlot Jean Paul Sartre. Hell, quite simply is other people. Not in small numbers, not at a leisurely pace. Hell is other people packed butt-to-flank. Hell is other people acting in a concerted zombie apocalypse of the low double-digit IQs to enforce their mediocrity as if it were the beneficent commonweal. Hell, Monsieur Sartre, is Crowdism.

You do not know it, but you are a slave. You are not enslaved by a central authority, but by the Crowd. Their opinions determine what you can say; their product-buying choices determine what’s on the market; their government preferences create a “window” of acceptable ideas and anything else is excluded. This is tyranny by the Crowd…

The Wealthtopia thus features large estates of low population density. It allows selective disconnect from the madding crowd. The Wealthtopia is a gated community. They build high the very walls Mr. Trump is castigated for having the unmitigated gall of suggesting we build on our nation’s borders.

Post-modern Hell is Socialism. Marx was to poli-sci and econ what Anton LaVey was to theology*. So you escape it. You personally escape it. But it can be useful so you weaponize it.

Socialism gets the camel’s nose into the tent through the funding of public goods such as a minimum retirement, roads, prisons, schools and armies. It then gets perverted via Crowdism until it’s a “Get Out of Stupid Free” Card for the common, lazy parasite. Also, it is procured on the behalf of the billionaire via regulatory capture. Then it becomes a way to fund the negative externalities that would potential accrue to the powerful such as the risk inherent to some of Wall Street’s investment strategies. Any mere mortal who lost that much of other people’s money would get the Nino Brown treatment.**

Finally, the upward exit is one to both altitude and distance. They are immune and aloof to many of the forms of legal and societal consequentialism that the rest of us are forced to obey as matter obeys the laws of physics. See the diligence with which France pursues George Soros. Or the vengeful fury with which the DOJ went after Governor Corzine.

But there’s more to the upward exit than merely amassing possessions. This is the cruel truth. There are social as well as material requirements requisite to joining this invisible American peerage. Like Jay Gatsby, the average person is drawn towards this upward exit as a moth is drawn to a candle flame. If you can just make that leap. Being the next Gates, the next Zuckerberg –- it’s a ticket to the train to Jordan.

But the invisible barriers intervene. The dream never comes true. Daisy Buchanan never leaves her kind and all the money in the world will not buy true acceptance. In the end, the upward exit is an illusion. The stairway to heaven is nothing more than an old Zeppelin tune. The illusory exit is nothing more than a larp amongst the cucks.

*-Put that on your frikken’ SAT or ACT Test.
**-“Money talks. Bullsh!t runs the marathon. See ya’ but I wouldn’t wanna be ya!”



Much of contemporary ire at capitalism is in fact directed at property. Or rather, property rights. Or if we look deeply, past the wall of resentment-for-success that the Left has erected: rights themselves.

If you come out and say you are against freedom, justice and rights most people will consider you insane. That is the nature of dying empires: people insist on truths, and enforce them on each other, that are not actually true.

But let us look into rights. These are comforting because they are absolute. And as is sometimes said, any great strength is also a great weakness. That absolute nature also makes them inflexible, forcing our minds to adapt.

With rights, all aspects of life become properties. If you have a right to do something, that is a property that you can trade or sell to others. This also gives all things some form of cash value.

More sinister is that rights convert ends into means. Things like local areas, civilizations or customary practices are now “protected” by rights which means they are valuable as themselves, but not in themselves. They no longer have inherent value, but have value in trade alone.

Under rights, objects and ideas which should be ends in themselves — like civilization, nature and tradition — become simply more things that can be sold. Rights force a dollar value on everything because someone has a right to sell each part of it.

Rights exist in a sense of being timeless, mechanical and having rigid boundaries. They are like walls of language protecting us from others. They trigger automatically, like a home defense robot, and let us force society to clear other people out of our way.

But this in turn makes us agents of our rights. We no longer can do anything for the sake of doing it alone; it must be justified with rights, explained as freedom or justice, and therefore made acceptable to the other rights holders. This amounts to a dispossession of us from our own countries and land.

Yes, some laws can be made to protect things like customs and traditional areas. But these must be specific, and by their very nature they make it easier and more efficient to not engage with tradition, but to leave it behind with all of the red tape and hassle involved.

Before we had rights, we had roles. We belonged to our societies, in some capacity or another, roughly suited to our abilities. We did things because they needed doing. The things themselves thus had the rights, or were the ends, and rights were the means.

When rights passed to individuals, that process was inverted. The rights now became the ends, and everything else the means. We sacrificed our civilization to ensure that individuals had rights. And now what is left? A commercial wasteland, not because of capitalism, but because our rights made all aspects of life into property.

As with all things modern, “rights” sound good on paper until you work out the mathematics of their many effects on the objects and people around us. At that point, they look like less of a good deal, and more of a shedding of responsibility in order to consume all that we know. Today’s parties for tomorrow’s famine.

In The Light Of A Man-Made Sun…

Current generations have no concept of what it was like to live during the Cold War, when fear of nuclear annihilation kept people in a constant state of fear.

We read all about nuclear winter, radiation sickness, cancers and warhead counts. We knew that this war would be the end of life on earth, and that we would have seven minutes to say goodbye to all that we loved. We were also aware of the possibility of it being triggered by error or bad politics.