Stages of Decay I: Learning to distrust “good”

The average person remains entirely unprepared for the seduction of language. We used to teach liberal arts including rigorous logic so that people understood arguments at their core and could discern when the meanings behind language were being distorted. For this reason, we also taught the basics of our language, including Greek, Latin and German....Read more


Society is sick, as we have corrupted everything. Health doesn’t matter anymore; what used to come naturally and organic through way of life is gone. Examples include bread, water, fish – the building blocks of human civilization. These three items contain all the macronutrients you need, and the sustainability (water) that keeps bodies mobile. We’ve...Read more

2014: Peak Enlightenment

The Enlightenment changed Western thinking: instead of looking for an order to life itself, we found an order based on the human individual and its choices coming before all else. A triad of united forces which granted social order — culture, religion and aristocracy — gave way slowly to the flow of what was popular...Read more

The white race committed suicide

If you love something, you want it to be strong. Nothing gets strong by taking the easier path. Health and strength come from testing ourselves against the world. These concepts are unpopular because most people would rather make themselves “strong” by wishing it or talking about it. To them, strength consists of not losing face...Read more

Blood sacrifice to the historical cycle

Over the years, a historical cycle tends to resemble a spiral as it extends toward one direction or the other. Just like the primeval chaos of the beginning of time of all times, the end of our world must be chaotic, dramatic, and devastating to start the wheel turning once again. We exist in an...Read more

Merry Christmas and Happy Jul!

Christmas takes the traditional role of the mid-winter festival in Western Europe, where we celebrate the past year and the birth of hope for the next. It is a time to love family, respect the past and adore the future. This holiday appears in several forms, including Yule and Christmas, but serves an important role...Read more

When the food wars come…

Overpopulation is the West’s fault. Although controversial like any apocalypse theory, overpopulation occurs when we have too many people to take care of them all. With so many starving and resource wars breaking out on a regular basis, we are clearly above our carrying capacity. This leads to the question of how this condition occurred...Read more

Progress is no longer an option

What happens when progress is no longer an option? In 1968 Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb a book that opens with a prediction of hundreds of millions of deaths from starvation in the 1970s. Increases in food production as a result of new technology prevented a population correction, but the underlying problem has not...Read more

Danse Macabre

Ob arm, ob reich, im Tode gleich. – Totentanz Our world suffers a surplus of billions of people. I do not mean this from a materialistic and utilitarian perspective, but an ecological one, meaning that we have imposed upon our ecosystem a pernicious overload. Planet Earth probably possesses enough resources to keep the current population...Read more

“Accommodating Molly,” by Candida Crewe

Under the guise of a novel about manners, Candida Crewe assaults one aspect of the fundamental problem causing the “death of the West.” In this case, she focuses on the misery created by the replacement of courtship with sexual liberation and its method of “dating,” in which men and women escape mutual obligation and make...Read more

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