Impeach Obama — if you’re a moron

The enemies of all decency and intelligence also oppose all that the party of periodic decency and occasionally intelligence, the GOP, wants to achieve. As said before: do not listen to your enemies, because the advice they give you is to their advantage if you follow it. Arch-leftist zombie robot talking point regurgitation zone MSNBC...Read more

What will destroy social media: special interest groups

What is the Achilles hell of any system based on equal participation? Normally, I cite the two big ones that bring about downfall of democracy: (1) people are delusional and generally mentally lazy and so vote for what they want to think of themselves, not what is, and (2) in groups, humans express insanity more...Read more

A feminist accidentally reveals the truth of second-wave liberalism

In addition to many angry things, a certain feminist named Samantha Allen posted a screed in which among other things identified the root of “second wave” liberalism: why do i hate men? because life is short. my life is getting shorter by the day and i want to fill it with women. in this sinking...Read more

Ignore advice from your enemies

Today the New York Times, trying to find an ideological handle for the defeat it was handed yesterday, starts working an old angle: In the Senate race in Colorado, for example, where Latinos make up 14 percent of voters, a conservative Republican, Cory Gardner, took the seat of the incumbent Democrat, Mark Udall, in what...Read more

Innocent until proven guilty

Innocent until proven guilty. What might have prompted our ancestors to adopt such a phrase, and to place it in such crucial areas that it was guaranteed to become a focal point? It might have been, as the simplified and politicized textbooks tell us, that they were reacting to the (perceived) abuses of monarchy. More...Read more

Children of war

Under the kings, men fought wars for territory. Even most “religious wars” boiled down to this basic concern: who controlled the territory between domains. Then came the Enlightenment, the Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, introducing us to Ideological war. Now men fought for ideas, which assumed that people actually understood not only those ideas, but...Read more

We refuse to you anything that you can use to defend yourself against us

For all the talk in the media this last week of sexual assault, the ironic thought arises that the basis of the left is they want to deprive you of the ability to say “no.” That is, when they want something and you have it, your job is to hand it over stat. Whether it...Read more

Why the “Jewish Question” is the wrong question

Neoreaction suffers the early stages of a schism dividing it into a philosemitic arm and a second group made up of those who wonder about the so-called “Jewish Question.” Many of the latter display outright Jew-hatred and can be considered antisemites. There is also a third camp comprised of those who profess a contrived disinterest...Read more

Walk a mile in Mike Brown’s shoes

At the risk of alluding to a book selected by Baby Boomers as the perfect indoctrination in race guilt for their offspring, let me suggest that those of us pondering the situation in Ferguson, MO take a walk in the shoes of the man who lay dead on the street. We were raised by those...Read more

The West is not your salvation

Dear third world, It’s time for us to revise our relationship. Much as we treat our own poor like perpetual gelded children, we have been treating you as the same. That not only keeps us both in a bad relationship from which we do not progress, but also holds you up by keeping you dependent...Read more

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