Marijuana made me a racist

Let me be clear about what “racist” means in this context. I am a racist in the sense that I recognize the difference between racial and ethnic groups and that these differences are biological and convey unique abilities to each group. It does not mean that I sit around in my gated community in a...Read more

Why conservatives should remain secular

Conservatives must feel the temptation to join the religious movement opposed to modernity. It withdraws from the world, has unity and a clear purpose. Many are tempted to state that the origin of conservatism rests in religion. I discourage this approach and encourage instead that we remain secular. Secular, in the oldest sense, means simply...Read more

“Civil Rights Fatigue” on Alternative Right

I am fortunate to be able to announce that a piece of mine, “Civil Rights Fatigue” has been accepted at anti-modernist blog Alternative Right. While the right-wing underground divides itself on many issues, it agrees on more than it does not: mass democracy fails, ecocide is real, nationalism keeps a nation happy, and we do...Read more

Avoid control

I imagine that day 30 of the anarchist commune is the hardest. Everyone arrived, and set up food growth, kitchen, sleeping areas, social zones, and so on. People started doing stuff. But after a few weeks, it got harder. Some work, some don’t. Some “work” at ideology, others don’t. At that point, the commune has...Read more

Leftist psychology under the (foot)ballbreaker

Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality.1 I like soccer. I usually play soccer. I watch soccer. I turn on the TV and I see riots in the news. I turn on the...Read more

“Subvert the Dominant Paradigm” on Aristokratia

The ancient gods live with us today. We rank them above all else but the source of reality itself. Right below them, just by a hair, sit those who benefit us all by publishing interesting, varied and insightful information. Among those are Editors including Gwendolyn Taunton who publishes Aristokratia webzine and book series. I have...Read more

Deathblow: USA

The sun warmed his aching wrist as Don Yu rubbed it. The striking gentle beauty of the balmy July 4 day reminded him why he had turned down several offers at other plants across the country to remain principal operator at the Colusa plant, whose irregular outline he now gazed over. Why go to Utah...Read more

“Brave New Dead World” on American Renaissance

I am fortunate to be able to announce that one of my recent writings, “Brave New Dead World,” has been published on American Renaissance, a rightfully well-regarded site on the American Right. This article concerns the nature of identitarian belief and its power in an age of liberalism causing dissolution of the American nation-state. “Brave...Read more

Don’t “adapt”

That something is true or good does not mean its opposite is false or bad. Humility is good and so is pride. Being adaptable is good and so is being steadfast or resolute. Today, the concept of adaptation is well-spoken for. However, the opposite, steadfastness or resoluteness, is just as vital. In fact, given the...Read more

Egalitarian liberalism will destroy Western civilization

Growing up in a liberal culture produces a refusal to think in terms of “us” versus “them.” That refusal occurs only in groups which cannot differentiate between allies and enemies. The militants of ISIS will happily murder men, women and children of ethnic groups that are perceived as non-Muslim. That includes groups includes groups perceived...Read more

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