Interview with Brett Stevens on Fanghorn Forest

Neoreactionary blog Fanghorn Forest published an interview with Brett Stevens today on the topics of conservatism, global collapse of civilization, and the necessity for clarity in philosophy as a pre-requisite to political thought. An Interview with Brett Stevens of AmerikaRead more

Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and the Men He Betrayed by Sandra Grimes and Jean Vertefeuille

The most popular assumption among human beings proves to be a defense of inaction. The threat is not real; the dangers are overstated; nothing must be done. Just sit back here and enjoy the fruits of our — well, that of others, actually — labor. During the Cold War this mentality allowed the public to...Read more

The day brotherhood died

They woke up confused from fractured dreams, then groggily dug through memories to remember only a strange hooded figure, a brief pinch near the neck and then blackness. Now they found themselves bound by ankles and wrists in a tent of plastic sheeting. A figure in a tyvek safety suit with a plastic window in...Read more

How I Live Now (2013)

Some of our best stories come from new takes on familiar tales. This story combines the coming-of-age story of a young woman with overlapping themes in the confrontation-with-adulthood vein from war books from the last three centuries. The result is a poignant summoning that urges the West to grow up and face reality. The film...Read more

In praise of predation

Nature, “red in tooth and claw” (but not destructive like Reds), often shocks us because its most beautiful creatures are violent and seemingly cruel predators. For example, the elegant raptor that glides so gracefully on the wind will with almost demonic glee seize a small cute mouse and tear it apart. Similarly, the common house...Read more

On the importance of doing nothing

Among the vast tomes of hidden agenda behind this blog lurks a simple commandment: thou shalt spend more time doing nothing. Much of my conversion to conservatism came through the realization that conservatives eliminate unnecessary labor and activity while liberalism increases it. People in our society have forgotten the importance of doing nothing. While we...Read more

Binary decisions

Our minds rebel against the idea, but some decisions are binary: choosing one excludes the other forevermore. For example, you cannot be both tattooed and non-tattooed; you cannot both be a veteran and know the world of not having faced combat. Experience changes us. The same is true of innocence. You cannot both be innocent...Read more


Has anyone else noticed the fall of eccentricity in the West? We used to have more eccentrics: people who were harmlessly, idiosyncratically but purposefully out of step with whatever everyone else seemed to be doing. In fact, in many ways we cherished this tradition of eccentricity because from it many of our greatest innovations were...Read more

What afflicts us

Let us not focus on conservatives, but on a new group: anyone but leftists. Leftists have an ideology that knows no stopping point and refuses to check itself with reality, so as in France and Russia, leftists push societies into increasingly insane plans and eventually totalitarianism, precipitating collapse. All of us out here are varying...Read more

Book fetishism

Among the denizens of this wild planet, minds seize on the popular notion of the importance of books. People who read are good people, we are told, and people who do not are ignorant, bad, stupid and wrong. The common refrain of “read a book” or “educate yourself” rings out across the land, from internet...Read more

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