Outliers (#5)


(Open thread + links).

Social brainwashing. Seeking rainbow Charlemagne. Abrupt reality. Multikult psychology. Supply and Demand. Glorious Simian heritage. Status. Crime wave (Ferguson & Diversity effects). Republican intelligence. Beyond liberalism. #FeelTheMurder. Opposing globalism. Free speech (for the dumb).

Soviet USA (the downfall chronicle). Debt bomb (fiscal cliff). State churches. Remember public life (relevant). Trump terminates PC, awakens identity. Empathy. Euro-Islam collapse. Weekly round: here, here and here.

AI rising. Junk science in tobacco (legislative consequences). Genes and education. Google seeks total control. Competition inversion. Shockwave effect. Aggregators: here, here, here and here.

Being and Becoming. Speak clearly. Choice defines you. Western Buddhism. Mindfulness. Failures of conscious control. The Kantian Filter. Death is entropy. Intelligence and honesty.

Conservatism, re-re-defined. Radical moderates. Futurism. Capitalism as last man standing. Nationalism eternal (and naturally recurring) — why Cathedralists fear it. Race on campus. Slavery. Infiltration. Eugenics. Secession. For-profit government and its allies. Scruton interviews.

Wage stagnation. Importing serfs. Techno-dysgenics. Geek origins of SJWs. Left-wing status signaling. Tactical Freudianism. Cuck origins. The inertia of bullies. Delegitimization of the debate. Soviet corporatization. 1789 iconography and Judaism. Bill Clinton, rapist.

No Exit: abroad = no, arcology heat-death. Voting by ethnic self-interest. Social media censorship at Reddit and Facebook (Twitter history). Censoring videos with the USG. Ecopocalypse Now.

ToiletGate: Achtung! Feds = Bullies (ask Vicki Weaver). Texas fights back and mulls secession. Previous Leftist success stories in cultural norming. Democracy entropy.

Collapse goes mainstream. Silicon Valley implosion. Comic book movies. Red Trek. “Oispa…”

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5 Responses to “Outliers (#5)”

  1. crow says:

    An aside:
    Are you aware of any problems opening this site in Google Chrome? I ask, because every time I click on an RSS feed comment to bring me here, the browser freezes, sometimes for minutes, and my whole computer becomes unresponsive.
    This is the only site I’ve seen this happen with, and it didn’t start happening until about a month ago.
    Vot ist goingk on?

    • I ask, because every time I click on an RSS feed comment to bring me here, the browser freezes, sometimes for minutes, and my whole computer becomes unresponsive.

      Odd. We’re not doing anything unconventional in this area. Strange that the browser would act up. Then again, I had bad luck with Chrome and stability.

  2. moe connoisseur says:

    Systems do work, but they need a supervisor and a repair team. A4 forms alone are a bad control mechanism. You only get this SF catastrophe movie plot if you don’t implement the proper testing, maintenance, etc.

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  4. Kemal S. says:

    Re/ Chrome, perhaps it’s a version thing. But the site opens just fine for me in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

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