Outliers (#39)

The first week of 2017 kicked off with massive doubt as the Obama era ended in a flurry of last-minute executive orders, pardons and other attempts to sabotage the incoming Trump administration. Liberal democracy continued to lose ground as illusion became less preferable than functional realism. Europe intensified its retreat from the ideology of humanism and toward a naturalistic sanity. And in the Alt Right, the focus shifted from defending ourselves to choosing another far-range target upon which to unite ourselves for an ongoing putsch… I mean push.

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4 Responses to “Outliers (#39)”

  1. ChangeOfSeas says:

    Funny you should post “How Does a Nihilist Live” – I just re-read it, for the first time in many years, earlier this week. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C. :-)

  2. Elkanahaon says:

    Double-plus-good collection of articles.

    Also love me a bit of Tallis.

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