Outliers (#33)


The British Establishment is still resisting Brexit; the American Leftist media is trying to find a way to claim the election was invalid. A power vacuum has opened because it appears that the people who claim to be in charge are in fact oblivious to the consequences of their actions. It remains to be seen if a single one of them is competent. And yet, the world waits. The reign of Trump has so far been peaceful and filled with confidence because, as Milo Yiannopoulos would say, “Daddy” is back in the house.

This is a pressure cooker whose lid is being screwed tighter while the temperature rises. This is an angry animal, forced into a cage and tormented, determined to find itself free.

…These jokers take a thief’s share of our salary, of the money we spend, of the money we save, of the debt we accrue and the deaths we endure. And in return we are told our voices don’t matter. Don’t count.

…They say people with nothing to lose are the most dangerous of all. I think the Establishment both here and in the United States may be about to learn the biggest threat to peace and order in their respective countries, will be entirely of their own making. – Katie Hopkins, “And if that sounds like a threat – it is!,” Daily Mail, November 25, 2016

  1. Why is Russia challenging NATO right now?
  2. What issues do you wish the Alt Right would emphasize?
  3. How can the Alt Right help Donald Trump and Nigel Farage?
  4. If given political power, how would the Alt Right end the decline of Western Civilization?
  5. Should the Alt Right rebrand as “The New Right”?
  6. What practical things can be done about pollution, overpopulation and species extinction?

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4 Responses to “Outliers (#33)”

  1. james wilson says:

    Brexit has the same deficit that conservatives in general have in the US. When you lack a single leader at the head to rally around a cause or defend it, you will suffer from impotence. Farage could have taken Brexit through one way or another, but he did not see himself in that role and I do not know British politics well enough to doubt him. Perhaps Trump will loan them some attitude.

  2. james wilson says:

    Thinking you can have strength without capitalism is like thinking you can be strong without liberty. Some people do, of course. Most often on the left, but not always as we see occasionally here or on the Alt-right. It is of course possible to be stronger without liberty than in the twisted systems left to a degraded republican democracy, but hopefully that is not the point. Garet Garrett defined the proper relationship of capitalism and liberty concisely as being bookends or being nothing–The shivering ghost that now inhabits the words laissez faire was once an unconquerable fighting spirit. It did not belong to capitalism. It belonged to liberty; and to this day its association with capitalism is valid only insofar as capitalism represents liberty.–

    Ambition versus ambition, in defect of better motives.

  3. ChangeOfSeas says:

    1. Russia is challenging NATO, I think, on the basis of Russian nationalism, which is at least partially ethnic, and on the basis of a sort of ethno-imperialism. I hazard a guess that the Russians feel that they are the rightful rulers of Eastern Europe, particularly the Slavic states, although they’ll take Poland and the Baltic countries if they can get them. Best way to deal with that is cede places like Belarus and the Ukraine while enacting a plan to protect the Finns, Balts, Hungarians, etc.

    2. The Alt-Right has a definite current of self-improvement. A lot of AR texts recommend things like meditation and lifting weights.That being said, this current needs to get stronger. We have the arguments, and we’re working on the propaganda and emotional appeals, but people who identify as AR need to make themselves paragons of strength and virtue. The reason for this is that we need to move into more offline activism, and face-to-face persuasion is much easier when you’re fit, clean, and healthy.

    3. We can help Trump and Farage by encouraging them to help us. I’m thinking of a positive reinforcement system. Whenever they do something that advances particular AR goals, defend them tooth and nail, which emboldens them and sends a clear message about what we want and the reward we offer.

    4. Repealing most laws would be the first big step. After that, we need to focus on exploiting new technologies to disrupt lifestyles peculiar to modernity, e.g. huge metropolises being replaced by smaller settlements made mostly self-sufficient via new technologies, such as localized energy (fusion, wind, solar) and manufacturing (automation, 3D printing, etc).

    5. This is straightforward, because pollution and loss of biodiversity are both results of overpopulation. We need to establish a more independent West. Social changes that allow us to accept less lavish lifestyles will reduce the need for foreign manufacturing and goods, which in turn will burst the bubbles of 3rd world economies. Mass die-offs in places like China, India, and South America would result, because those economies are dependent on their roles as manufacturing plants for Westerners who want to buy cheap shit.

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