New Project: Genocide Report

To cover the loss of not just white populations, but every ethnic group under the relentless churning toward average that diversity creates, a new blog named Genocide Report rises to meet the need.

The mission statement provides most of what you need, but for the synopsis, head over to inaugural post to see what the site is about.

In addition, you may notice that our top tab now has a Forums option. This is a nascent project which was suggested by many of our long-term users, and so I have transferred the former Neoreaction forums to a new location. Should be plenty to talk about as Western civilization craters.

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2 Responses to “New Project: Genocide Report

  1. into the void says:

    theres another website that has similar stuff called SMASH CULTURAL MARXISM, theyve got quite a lot of articles

    • That is an interesting website. Genocide Report is different in that it looks at unintentional genocide as a result of globalism. It does not focus on Marxism or even Leftism at all.

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