Welcome to Oligarchy

As predicted, it’s almost official now. Our merchant elites have their candidate.

This has now been confirmed by Tom Barthold, the Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, in a hand-written note to a Republican Senator. And it’s not merely about jail time; it’s also about the $25,000 fine that could be levied by the IRS against individuals who refuse to buy health insurance.

That this is even being considered just boggles the mind. If a person is too broke to afford health insurance right now, how are they supposed to be able to buy it after paying a $25,000 fine and spending a year in prison?

As Paul Craig Roberts brilliantly pointed out in a recent essay, this is like trying to solve the homeless problem by forcing homeless people to buy a home, then throwing them in prison when they can’t afford to. Up to twelve U.S. states are now considering legislation to override the federal government’s intent to require mandatory health insurance


Let’s review by following the money:

In late 2006, George Soros, the British empire/Wall Street gatekeeper of the Left, vetted Senator Barack Obama’s potential Presidential candidacy on behalf of financier oligarchs. Soros then introduced Obama to a selected financier group, and Obama soon afterwards announced he would seek the White House.

Soros’s involvement with Obama’s brief national political career had begun two years earlier with Soros fundraising for Obama’s campaign for U.S. senate, and continued through the 2007 Presidential campaign launch with huge fundraising operations by Soros and his circle.


Why this globalist billionaire wants this administration in his pocket:

With House Democrats moving to extract more than that just as the drug makers finalized their advertising plans, the industry lobbyists pressed the Obama administration for public reassurances that it had agreed to cap the industry’s additional costs at $80 billion. The White House, meanwhile, has struggled to mollify its most pivotal health industry ally without alienating Congressional Democrats who want to demand far more of the drug makers. White House officials could not immediately be reached for comment.


Money trail complete:

GuruFocus tracks the stock buys, sells and commentaries of stock investment gurus such as Warren Buffett, George Soros, the best investors.




  1. highduke says:

    This is why The State, as a protector of the founding culture & ethnicity, should own big corporations while keeping around a handful of Jewish & gentile Oligarchs as scapegoats during recessions: Soros should be caged & tried like Khodorkovsky while Buffett should have pens thrown at him by the president on national television like Oleg Deripaska & be forced to raise wages. That’s PUTINISM.

    1. Doug Vance says:

      An ideal state would orient itself on the natural ecology within its bounds and the traditional inhabitants therein. That’s also called stewardship, which is the entire purpose of having a state in the first place.

      But, our liberal states today are oriented around participation within a framework of ideals, usually a constitution. That inserts an intangible middle layer, subject to variable interpretations/amendments, between the state and its land/people.

      In other words, whoever is in charge at the moment has the ability, using this framework of abstractions, to radically alter the relationship between the state and its land/people, for whatever ends.

  2. jeff from PGH says:

    This article is awful.

    Come on, naturalnews? La Rouche PAC?

    While this blog has typically interesting perspectives, this “article” is just spreading around unsubstantiated information from non-credible sources.

    Brett Stevens would never approve of this.

    1. Doug Vance says:

      “Fine for no health care” is now buried at mainstream news sites, but Google has links to them cached at the moment.

      Financing the Senator, and later President:

      Record of stakes in investments speak for themselves.

  3. highduke says:

    Ouch! In YO’ face, jeff from PGH! If there was anything to criticize on Amerika.org, I’d be bringing it up. Its quality is near perfect in terms of sourcing & POV but the layout sucks compared to CORRUPT.ORG, where the sourcing & POV are laughable & it’s a shame such an inconsistent, directionless blog has such an attractive layout. Typical of Alex Birch: all form, no substance. Alex wasn’t like that when Brett Stevens used to write for CORRUPT until Alex disregarded his ethics & intellect. Sad

  4. PaulBaptist says:

    Wait, aren’t you the person that Alex made fun of some time ago?

    I think it’s this article: http://www.corrupt.org/news/the_collected_wit_and_wisdom_of_highduke

    Hmm, after reading that, how could anyone take you seriously?

  5. highduke says:

    Actually, a lot of on-going behind-the-scenes activity you’re totally oblivious about leads me to conclude that I’m being taken seriously & if you’re dumb enough to think that Alex’s article ‘made fun of me’ than you’re the kind of naive, banal dumbass who obviously can’t read between the lines & takes the lamest presentations at face value.

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