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Interview: Pete Murphy, author of “Five Short Blasts”

One interesting fellow who commented on early articles on this blog is Pete Murphy, who worked for thirty years in manufacturing and engineering for a major chemical company and now writes in his spare time. What’s interesting is that his book, Five Short Blasts, take an economic approach to analyzing the population problem in the […]


None of the political options offered us in a modern time make much sense, because they are all based on a singular idea: social thinking. This situation started before 1789, but culminated in 1789, and it was called The Revolution. That expanded into modern liberalism, which also underscores modern conservatism. They are two manifestations of […]

Logical inversion and fascism

We humans like to keep a linear, categorical, literal view of things. When we say we’re in control, we’re in control — we think. One thing we’ve never as a species quite wrapped our minds around is the inversion. This is a logical technique where you argue for something that you claim is against what […]

Bad logic: speed limits

Opposition to speed limits divides an audience. Most immediately shut down to anything you have to say and call you crazy, and the others listen because they’re annoyed with speed limits but are still very skeptical. After all, speed limits are one of those things like food label warnings, fire exits, and health insurance that […]

Harvard Study Supports BPA Leaching Theory

Harvard has released a study which further confirms what everyone should by now know: stay away from products that leach chemicals: Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who drank for a week from the clear plastic polycarbonate bottles increased concentrations of bisphenol A – or BPA – in their urine […]

More bad science: what causes early puberty?

Here’s a prime example of our major human problem — arguing from the human as the cause of all effects, and therefore, having no idea what actually causes anything, although we feel better treating the world as if it were a personalitied human like us: A UK-led team located two genes on chromosomes six and […]


Any really efficient design will gradually replace its less efficient parts with new attempts. This type of natural garbage collection is at an informational level present in our universe, meaning that it appears as a pattern in matter, energy and thought alike. This type of chaotic design appears frequently. Instead of using top-down centralized orders, […]

Nihilism mailing list

We’ve set up a mailing list for those who wish to discuss nihilism and other deontological or anthrocentricism-negating philosophies. Plop in your email address and click subscribe, and you’re on!

Moral judgment blinds us

Among the many ways to look at the world, one of the most popular is moral judgment. Moral judgments are the shoulds, oughts and shouldn’t’ves of the world. When a situation happens, we decide according to some ideal what “should” have happened, and penalize people for what did. But that’s neurotic, since they did do […]

30 Minute Presentation on Overpopulation

Worth checking out: [Click here]

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