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The biological basis of race

I know, I know… if you want to be one of the popular kids, you insist that everyone is equal, we all want the same things, and we all have inalienable rights and we’re all OK. If you’re a realist, you know that people are different, have different abilities, and some are born bad and […]

Humanists versus naturalists

Any person who has spent any time trying to get things done knows that the biggest enemy of achievement is the individual. People space out, procrastinate, indulge in illusions, screw up, fall asleep, drop the ball, etc. The root of most of these problems is that they get lost in their own minds and forget […]

Why the courts ignore rape

Check out the anatomy of a disaster in formation: The jury heard she drunk up to six bottles of wine before the pair had sex in her flat in Canterbury, Kent, in February last year. The woman, who described herself in court as a ‘recreational binge drinker’, said she found Mr Bacon lying in her […]

Why Libertarianism fails

From an email response: I don’t think liberty is a particularly desirable goal, because liberty is a negative state (“freedom from x,y,z”) not a positive, creative, abstract goal. I think that’s the critique most are avoiding; American conservatives love liberty because they intend it to mean, libertarian-style, freedom from parasites; in actuality, it’s a poor […]

Using green as an excuse to create the NWO

There’s a pattern in human affairs: The cruelest manipulators hold out the prettiest symbols and visions, promising those if you just put them into power. Like dogs rushing toward offal, the crowd eats it up and surges forward, then finds themselves in chains. “How did that happen? They didn’t say this was going to happen!” […]

Legalize it

A brief thought on legal drugs: When I was a teenager, I thought drugs should be legalized and sold at the same prices. Why not just put that money toward government costs? I thought I was really smart for telling people, “You know, people are going to take drugs anyway, and making them illegal just […]

Chinese practicality

In the West, we get sticky about anything that involves death or inequality. In Asia, where overpopulation and brutality have been present for far longer, this is not an issue: A corrupt local planning official with a taste for the high life, Yong solicited money from businessmen eager to expand in China’s economic boom. But […]

Bad science on the march

Scientists should be forced through philosophy classes so that they understand logical argument beyond a conflation of correlation and causation, such as polycausal argument: The history of western civilization aside, humans are naturally polygamous. Polyandry (a marriage of one woman to many men) is very rare, but polygyny (the marriage of one man to many […]

Are we post-racial yet?

When I worked in journalism, one of my editors was fond of asking us whether we’d understood the question. For every story, he said, there was always a fundamental question at each moment (it changed over time) which revealed what we were afraid to face, and therefore, where the story was going to end. I […]

Design versus control

Design science is an interesting field spanning multiple human specializations. By altering the design, or abstract structure, of an object, society or individual, you can make it better without a marked increase in resources. Imagine a human being gaining ten IQ points; suddenly, many things they used to do seem really pointless, and there are […]

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