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Simple acts of subversion work

Vigilantes have thwarted speed traps across three continents over the past two weeks. In south Essex, UK a speed camera located next to Canvey Fire Station was set alight with a gasoline-soaked tire. The £40,000 (US $60,000) device on Long Road in Canvey was destroyed, despite its proximity to firefighters who eventually managed to put […]

Why Britain is failing

BRITISH men and women are now the most promiscuous of any big western industrial nation, researchers have found. In an international index measuring one-night stands, total numbers of partners and attitudes to casual sex, Britain comes out ahead of Australia, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. The researchers behind the study say high […]

The best anti-Macintosh rant ever

1984 – The Mac is friendly, it’s the future, lalalala. Reality: 128k machine with 4 pieces of known software. 1987 – The Mac is more efficient than IBM PCs, it’s the future. Reality: It’s four times as expensive and people quickly learn Windows. 1995 – The Mac is a better operating system than Windows, it’s […]

Hollywood does not share our moral values, Say Americans

Woe to all from abroad who think Hollywood “equals” America… or reality, in any form. A majority of Americans say Hollywood doesn’t share their moral values, according to a poll commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League. – 61% of respondents agree that “religious values are under attack in this country,” while 36% disagree with that statement. […]

Getting mature and realistic about history

I have come to really enjoy Ron Rosenbaum’s reality-based critiques of history. Unlike the emotionally out-of-control people who bloviate on historical topics, he tends to stick to the facts and realistic interpretations. I think if we approach politics and history with this viewpoint, it becomes less of this baffling array of wildly divergent opinions that […]

Some philosophical tidbits

The main principle of Pyrrho’s thought is expressed by the word acatalepsia, which connotes the ability to withhold assent from doctrines regarding the truth of things in their own nature; against every statement its contradiction may be advanced with equal justification. Secondly, it is necessary in view of this fact to preserve an attitude of […]

Philosophy rediscovers de-ontological morality

The aretaic turn is a movement in contemporary moral philosophy and ethics to emphasize character and human excellence or virtue, as opposed to moral rules or consequences. The Mob’s Encyclopedia-analogue As usual, with Wikipedia, you get the people who have nothing better to do filling in the blanks, so you get the C+ papers repeated […]

Nihilism: in search of a working definition

Nihilism I’ve always defined nihilism not as “believing in nothing” but “not believing in the value of anything.” Subtle difference. You can’t not believe in reality and exist for long. You can however claim, like the Russian nihilists did, that nothing has any meaning and you might as well just do whatever. Then there’s the […]

Freedom’s just another word… for commerce

For 20 years the Brownies have spread their festive cheer in the Marlowes Centre, aimed principally at the elderly and disabled. But this year there is a new tree and more mobile trade stalls, so the carols have had to be sacrificed. It is increasingly apparent that ‘health and safety’ legislation is becoming a hazard […]

Industrial cuisine wrecks your taste buds

“Americans eat a pound of sugar every two-and-a-half days. The average amount of sugar consumed by an Englishman in the 1700s was about a pound a year,” said food historian Kathleen Curtin of Plimoth Plantation, a historical site that recreates the 17th-century colony. “If you haven’t had a candy bar, your taste buds aren’t jaded, […]

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