Posts from ‘November, 2004’

The Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle (Vijay Prozak)

When one is young, there is a need to find a common index of things to discuss with one’s friends. In times when words were less inexpensive, these included the myths and stories of culture, but now, it is basically limited to products. Whether media products, or tangible products like game systems, these are what […]

Nobody Wants Your Apocalyptic Hate Cult (Vijay Prozak)

That the white race is in trouble is beyond doubt. Assailed from within by ideological divisions, assailed from without by the majority of the world’s people, who are non-white, whites face extinction. They also of course face the results of technology which they created and, hampered by said internal ideological divisions, unleashed upon the world. […]

Caste (Vijay Prozak)

When I was a little kid, I was shocked by inequality. Some children never had sweaters that were bought new, and they went home to dingy little apartments and TV dinners. They wouldn’t know what to do in a proper restaurant, and their language was awkward; they’d stumble over irregular words. When we all got […]

Guess who’s coming to dinner? (Vijay Prozak)

As we gather around tables across the land, getting ready to gorge ourselves on justified excess, no one is actually fooled into thinking this holiday is significant. We all know it’s a day off and time to spent with the family in a nation where you work 50 weeks a year. Hell, even if it […]

How does a nihilist live? (Vijay Prozak)

I’m very thankful for the thoughtful emails I get. Most people want a handout (please review my mediocre, undistinguished, pathetic metal band) or want to attack me in the guise of posing questions to me (how can you claim you know anything when you don’t believe in anything?). The latter think their cleverness is tearing […]

Are you a misanthrope? (Vijay Prozak)

It’s tempting to identify with misanthropy. After all, the agents of the travesty on earth – the human species devolving into self-obsessed, destructive, thoughtless whores – are humans. However, after contemplating this topic for some time I have to say I’m not a misanthrope. First, I don’t exist via “anti” sentiments, such as hatred or […]

The election? (Vijay Prozak)

The rhetoric flooding television is unbelievable; it makes us think this election was the beginning of the end of the world. “It’s in your hands!” they trumpeted. This neurotic paranoia filtered down through conversation, where any number of people berated me for voting Nader. “You’re going to let the evil empire just happen!” A friend […]

Why did you name it ‘ANUS’? (Vijay Prozak)

My friends have a blast flacking me about my hidden life as an infotroll on the data stuporhighway. One common question is, “Why did you name it ANUS?” I have long observed that two worlds exist on earth, as they do in the theology of the Christian religion, where there’s this imperfect world contrasted by […]

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