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Socialism Must Burn

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

It was gratifying to see that at the recent American Renaissance conference, presenters were looking beyond race alone at all of the failings of modernity, including its dysgenic tendencies.

As Professor Helmuth Nyborg noted, our problem is not just diversity, but government systems that punish the productive in order to reward the unproductive, reversing Darwin:

Prof. Nyborg also noted that unlike the north/south gradient in IQ there is no East/West gradient, virtually proving that it is the challenges of a cold climate that have forced northern peoples to evolve higher intelligence and a greater capacity for cooperation. He pointed out that Arabs have lower-than-expected IQs relative to the latitudes in which they evolved, probably due to the dysgenic effects of frequent cousin marriages.

Two forces could destroy Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Prof. Nyborg noted, “The welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place. This is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit.”

At the same time, lower-IQ non-Europeans are pouring into the continent, bringing with them alien practices and religions. Prof. Nyborg concluded with a warning: Unless Europeans are able to reverse these two trends, “the result could be the undoing of the Enlightenment. We may be on the precipice of a new Dark Age.”

Socialism is not just dysfunctional economically; it also destroys people by crushing their hopes by ensuring that all rewards go to those who are not thriving, at the expense of the thriving, in the name of “equality.” If you wonder why Europeans and Americans are not breeding at replacement rates, this is it: socialist-infused societies make life infuriating, unjust and futile.

Nyborg gets some things right, and others seem off-base to me. The Enlightenment™? Why would we want to preserve the movement that legitimized individualism in public discourse, like a bunch of hippies with LEGALIZE HUBRIS as bumper stickers on their Volkswagen buses? Our society is much older than that, and its older values were purer.

In addition, his North-South binary seems off-base. Let us try another binary: there are very few humans who are dedicated to truth and realism, and whatever they do reflects who they are, which is thoughtful and intelligent people. Many if not most of these are the founders of Western Civilization, and they persist today, trying to hold the crowd back from its folly.

Instead of this North-South paradigm, let us be honest: most of humanity is screwing up most of the time because they cannot escape their individual needs, desires and feelings. The few that do, and instead make themselves accept reality as it is, are more effective and end up more prosperous while the rest starve and die in endless revolutions and social chaos.

However, he points out something that the Alt Right denies: we cannot fix existing systems to work in our favor. Anytime there is a socialist program, like any kind of government benefits, people will become domesticated and docile. This is what government as an institution likes; it thrives when it has oblivious sheep to herd around, and fails when it is criticized by people alert enough to do something about it.

Welfare states are entirely derived from the idea of equality, which is a type of utilitarianism that takes only one form: since some are naturally successful and others naturally not successful, it takes something — money, power, status — from those who are succeeding and gives it to those who are failing.

This inverts Darwin. Instead of the most competent succeeding, the incompetent do just as well as the competent, which both drives society to a base level of mediocrity and ensures that future generations will have the genetics of the incompetent. Where nature promotes the good, humanity promotes the weak and penalizes the strong.

All egalitarian systems, including democracy, consumerism, globalism, feminism, socialism and any decisions made on the basis of popularity will enact this anti-Darwinian effect. It is wonderful that people recognize the need for nationalism, but there are other areas where we must remove threats to our people as well.

The Alt Right Needs To Create A Comprehensive Platform For The Future

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

by Everitt Foster and Brett Stevens

One of the simplest observations that can be made about the AltRight in mid-2017 is that it has to develop more depth to avoid the fate of the libertarians. As I write this there is a bit of a crisis going on regarding the next step for the movement. Simply put, outrage culture isn’t really enough to keep anything in motion for long. The AltRight has since its inception been about explicitly white identity. In terms of policy this has translated into opposition to immigration, legal or illegal, that threatens historically white countries, including the United States.

In the last twelve months we’ve seen success in helping to get Trump elected, but we’ve also failed on the European continent three times. Over the past year we’ve lost Hofer in Austria, Wilders in the Netherlands, and most recently Le Pen in France. What these three loses have in common with our greatest victory is important. Trump was successful primarily because he tied immigration, the most important issue of our time, to jobs and the economy. In all three cases where the right was defeated at the polls we can see that all three candidates favored by the real right were defined as almost cartoon characters. Every time I heard Le Pen speak it was about immigration or her father’s comments and stances from the 1980s. Similar criticism can be and should be understood to be a reason behind the losses of Hofer and Wilders as well.

We are right now running the risk of being defined as a single issue movement, not unlike those who vote based exclusively on a candidate’s position on abortion. In an upcoming article I will address the importance of learning from the American “Know Nothing” party of the 1850s that was defined by opposition to German immigration. Short story version is that they eventually broke as slavery came to the forefront of American consciousness on the eve of the Civil War and were eventually absorbed into the Republican and Democratic parties. To avoid a similar conclusion to the AltRight we must develop a more comprehensive platform that includes tangible, winnable, short term political strategies. In other words, like Trump, the AltRight in America and the Identitarians in Europe must become three dimensional.


The opposite of single-issue groups are those with a complete plan for the future, meaning that they tie economy and jobs to more transcendent issues like identity and purpose. In addition, they are able to articulate a vision of the future they desire, the changes necessary to achieve it, and both tangible and intangible benefits for the functional and productive members of society.

Focusing on those functional and productive members of society is essential. These are the people that everyone else tries to emulate because these functional people, by virtue of being functional, tend to be productive and successful. They may not be rich, mainly because most of them want normal jobs and homes so that they can have normal lives, and they value this more than giving their souls to a quest to become wealthy. This is an existential and practical choice; those who do not become entrepreneurs or go into the professions have more time to spend with their families, and this is what most people indicate as more important than excessive financial success. This group of normal but realistic people is the target audience for anyone hoping to achieve political change in the West because this group has always been the backbone of our society, providing the competence that allows our engineering and social feats to be accomplished.

This group is most concerned about having the ability to be prosperous with the least amount of time required. If they want to spend time with their families, they need to have that time free of not just excessive hours at the job, but time spent on red tape or running around looking for new jobs as the economy implodes. This group is sensitive to transcendent issues like “I wish our society had more of an identity and a culture,” but only when these are necessary to and paired with a plan for an efficient economy that will give them more time. If your only plan is to “save the white race,” they are going to look at you cross-eyed unless there is something else in there about making us prosperous and strong.

American and European voters are skeptical of single-issue parties because these tend to be fanatics like the greens, communists or neo-Nazis. To the average voter, this fanaticism means that the person elected will follow the Napoleonic pattern, starting ideological wars and bankrupting the nation. If Hitler or Stalin came back today, they would start by talking about healthcare, jobs, growth and retirement funds.


People are frustrated and angered by the immigration crisis in Europe. I don’t have the strength to be outraged anymore. I’ve been outraged by it for years. Reading about the population problems of Europe, and the white race in general, are depressing but I just can’t bring myself to feel anything, anything at all, when I hear of the latest terror attack in Europe. I’m not saying I support “migration” from third world shit-holes to Europe, but rather that I don’t have the energy to feel anger towards the story anymore. I’ve been desensitized.

The salvation of Europe was looking rather impossible. After all, you must participate in your own rescue. The first world must begin to reevaluate their positions on Enlightenment era thinking. We must begin to reevaluate what we believe about democracy, “western values” such as liberalism, universal suffrage, teleological historiography and other ideological factors contributing to the desire of Europeans to not have children.

Then a light bulb went off as I was researching my latest book. Europe from 1300-1350 saw an absolute population decline from the Black Death, and all we got was the Renaissance. I began looking into medieval demographics with a sharper eye. Case in point, Italy in 1300 had a population of around ten million people, by 1350 the population had dipped to its lowest point in over two hundred years with just over seven million inhabitants of the peninsula. By the end of the Renaissance the population of Italy had bounced back to nearly eleven million, and despite the dysgenic effect of brother wars in the modern era, the country has seen a steady increase in population, though with a birth rate of 1.5 this will not be the case much longer. Indeed even with Italy taking in approximately 100,000 “migrants” (Can we just call them invaders now? Please?) the population will continue to shrink.

The gambit that bringing in non-whites to support the collapsing social safety nets established by western European nations in the twentieth century has failed. The incredible lack of productivity on the part of the low IQ Africans arriving daily indicates that they are simply in it for the gibs and not only will they not contribute to the retirement of the baby boomers, but they cannot do it, even if they wanted to.

Thus we can conclude that reduction in the absolute number of individuals in a society is not in and of itself harmful. It only becomes harmful when there is a deliberate attempt to replace the population of Europe through migration. The notion that the boomers will be able to retire in their sixties and live comfortably for thirty years is a farce. There is no salvation for the social welfare systems inspired by the teleological Whig and Marxist historiographies. There will be no “end of history” culminating in a society where each may have according to his need. Socialism is a failed ideology just as was mercantilism.

Immigration is a concern, but it really cannot be our only position. We must learn that the population decline can lead to great things if we are ready to scrap the failed and bloody ideologies of modernity. The AltRight has so much potential to lead the way it is really a white pill. However, this will not come unless we develop depth to our movement. We cannot afford to surround ourselves in the failed “western values” of Voltaire and Madame Guillotine. My greatest concern for us right now is that we will lose momentum, the young kids energized by the AltRight will feel jaded if we do nothing but complain. That’s all I did as a libertarian because that’s what libertarians do. Thirty five years of complaining and acting morally superior to the horseshoe theory of politics got them exactly nowhere, much like White Nationalism 1.0. What I’m saying is that we must become three dimensional if we are to retain these kids before they laps into cuckservatism or liberalism out of frustration with the AltRight.


One other thing to keep in mind is that most functional people hate modern society and want an alternative, but they have no idea what “modernity” is. They are accustomed to primitivists who conclude that our problem comes from technology. Your average normal functional person does not want to give up warm showers, modern medicine, or high-efficiency food and goods distribution platforms like large farms and Wal-marts. They may complain about these things, but these things also give them a higher standard of living, so they would never do anything to remove them. The functional people want technology without the disadvantages of the modern time.

What might these disadvantages be? Our first clue is the white people are not reproducing, with many choosing not to have children. This implies both that dealing with society is taking up too much of their time, and that they are existentially depressed. A cynical look at our cities reveals why this is so: the architecture is ugly, every open surface is covered by advertising, and people trudge to jobs with no hope of really being recognized for what they do well. Too much time is spent waiting in lines, filling out forms, shopping around for options to the inept and corrupt, working extra hours to show that you are obedient so you don’t get replaced by an H-1B visa candidate, and paying off the debt for the house that is really too big for you but it’s in a nicer neighborhood and you don’t want your kids to get raped or murdered. We have made a society that punishes its best people in order to pay for its worst, and the functional people are feeling the strain of being slaves to a tax base. Modern society has removed the joy from life.

This leads us to wonder what modern society actually is. If we take technology out of the equation, since technology seems to develop over time in the presence of intelligent people and did so even before the modern era, we see that modernity is a political construct. Relying on The Enlightenment,™ we redesigned our society around the human individual through the doctrine of “equality,” which says that every individual must be part of the group no matter how little they contribute. If you read that critically, it means that everyone shares in the wealth despite having done nothing to increase it, and that the functional people cannot eject the non-functional or assign them a lower social rank so that the bad judgment of these non-functional people does not infect society and make mediocrity and incompetence into “normal” events. When we make people equal and remove social hierarchy, there is nothing left but money to distinguish the sheep from the goats, and so people become money-crazed. This puts normal functional people into the position of defending themselves against the constant onslaught of other people who want what they have, and society works against them by taxing them and redistributing this money to those who are incapable or unwilling to contribute. If we all contribute, we have more time for our families, friends and the important things in life; if only some contribute, they get worked to death to pay for the rest, and stop having many kids because they realize these kids will have the same terrible life that their parents currently do.

If we are going to appeal to people to support radical change, our change must actually make changes that benefit the healthy and normal. One way to do that is to escape modernity entirely by denying the mental virus of equality. This requires us to really think outside of the box because everything we read, see and hear is designed to support the idea of equality as good. However, if we fail to think differently and reject equality, our philosophy becomes a variant of the status quo, and will inevitably return to the same state we are in now. This is why libertarianism and national socialism do not catch on among the normal and functional people. Despite seeming extreme, these ideologies are too close to what we already have, and so no matter how “racist” they are, they will revert back to the same mental befuddlement in which we find ourselves today.

Right now there are a lot of new participants in the Alt Right who like to think they are “edgy.” To them, the point is to be as extreme as possible, not just to open the Overton Window but to push toward a far-right solution like National Socialism. The problems with this are manifold: first, it embraces a system that has failed; second, this system has some attributes that alienate our people, like cruelty and repression; third, it is too much like contemporary European Socialism or the American hybrid system, just with racial exclusivity added. In addition, it assumes that white people want to unite under the banner of generic white, and not to maintain their own complex social structures which include different white ethnic groups, caste and class. But its real fatal flaw is that in preaching to the choir, it picks a smaller group than the audience of functional people to which it needs to appeal. People get this wrong. Twitter just fumbled this one by choosing to appeal to SJWs by censoring right-wing users as “trolls,” and it resulted in an exodus of normal people from Twitter.

With Twitter, we see the age-old truism that conventional wisdom is usually wrong. Whatever most people think is true is probably mostly a lie. The industry analysts told them that it was more important to avoid fears than it was to achieve positive goals like having interesting content. The same is true of the Alt Right. Our fear is of becoming irrelevant, so we tend to support the audience that we already have instead of the audience that we need to have. We need the normies who are also functional and leaders in their community, the type of people that others follow and imitate. Instead, we are appealing to the single-issue National Socialist types who offer no solutions for anyone experienced with European history or even common sense. Just like Twitter, who limited its audience to SJWs by driving everyone else away, the Alt Right will lose audience as it focuses on one group and ignores the bigger picture.

What the Alt Right offers is a chance to escape the entirety of modernity. Our fear with modernity is that it will never change, just churn on and on, getting slightly worse every year but never really crashing because it appeals to the lowest common denominator in all of us, buying us off with entertainment, sex, gadgets and easy jobs. A system like that seems stable, but really is parasitic. The civilization to which it is attached grows weaker by the day while its false elites grow wealthier and its people grow miserable and eventually fade away by not reproducing, then are replaced by the foreigners imported by their leaders to work, be taxed and pay for all those unaffordable social welfare programs.


Other than being based on something other than equality, what would a system that escapes modernity look like? We know that it would involve zero socialized medicine and other government benefits because these destroy our people. As Helmut Nyborg expressed recently, socialism is dysgenic and destroying our people:

Two forces could destroy Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Prof. Nyborg noted, “The welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place. This is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit.”

The question begins to make sense when we look at modernity as a deviation from what works into an experimental type of society which, because it is emotionally satisfying to most people, crops up again and again throughout history. All great civilizations die by caste revolt, in which the lower castes overthrow the natural elites above them and replace them with fake elites as we have now, and these caste revolts always take the form of people besotted with the mental virus of equality. Our doom is not atypical but tediously typical, and the solution is getting back to the type of civilization that thrives.

A civilization of this nature is motivated by virtue and is strongly nationalistic, meaning that it defines itself in ethnic terms and excludes all others. It also rejects any institutions which turn its citizens against one another such as democracy and equality. As occurs naturally in all populations, it has a caste system where those who are more intelligent and morally competent are given the money and power, and it beats back its own merchants this way. These societies tend to have strong cultural practices and faith, being naturally reverent toward nature and their own history. Right now, this seems impossible, but that is only because we are accepting modernity as necessary.

We can reach our goal in stages, which follow roughly this pattern:

Step 1: Stop the Bleeding

Western Civilization has already fallen.

We are the people who are going to recreate it.

But the first step is to stop the bleeding, which requires swinging culture and politics to the Right. The Alt Right has already done a fantastic job of this, and if it makes itself appealing to the functional people out there, can go much further. We have to recognize however that we face an enemy in the Leftist who will do everything he can to replace us with foreigners so that Leftists remain in power from that point onward. These foreigners will always vote against us.

This means that our first task, above all else, is to execute a “pincer strategy” on those of foreign blood who are among us: one claw of the pincer involves removing the opportunities they find here, and the other requires raising the cost of them being here. Removing opportunities is as simple as revoking the laws — civil rights, affirmative action, and anti-discrimination types — that protect the foreign among us and ensure that they are forced into our economies. Next, it makes sense to remove all of those free government welfare benefits, healthcare, education, housing and legal help. A fever burns out infection by bringing the body into an artificial state of agitation; removing all of the comforts of modern society will drive away opportunists.

In this way, we can build the Great Wall of Trump without laying a brick. The incentives to come here will be gone, and the costs to do so will also have risen, which will cause repatriation of the largest group of foreigners. In addition, without laws that force us to hire, sell homes to, rent to and work with foreign people, society will naturally re-segregate, which means that life for immigrants here will not be markedly better than what they have back home.

Step 2: Right the Ship

Once we are no longer facing a hostile voting population from afar, our task is to starve the beast: Leftists, and the easy employment that they require.

The first step to this is to attack education and media. Education is easily mastered by removing government money from the equation; end the loans, public education, and any roles created by regulation such as “diversity officers” and watch the number of Leftists decrease. Even before we remove public education entirely, which given its utter failure is an excellent idea, we can implement school vouchers and the group that keeps public schools afloat — middle class white kids — will vanish from those schools, causing them to implode into chaos and low test scores. Media requires a more nuanced approach, but the Trump administration has made a good start: restrict access to information, treat them as a hostile power, and encourage them to face the same boycotts that have wrecked the NFL and CNN.

In addition, it is time to start removing laws. Almost all government employees outside of the military are Leftists. Their jobs are created through regulation and other laws which mandate large bureaucracies. When those bureaucracies are no longer needed, all of those Leftists go elsewhere, mainly to working in retail again. Any law we write creates bureaucrats and lawyers in both public sector, to enforce it, and private sector, to avoid that enforcement. Removing both of these dumps Leftists into the jobs market and removes all the abundant free time they use to cause trouble.

A further step might involve the return of freedom of association. If country clubs are no longer forced to accept Leftists, and the nicer neighborhoods can toss them out, then suddenly being a Leftist will not be a zero-risk proposition, but an impediment. Normal people who go along with Leftism will shy away from it. This type of accelerating cultural wave ends in Leftists being marginalized, as a precursor to relocating them to the third world.

Step 3: Long Term Goals

If we want not just to be men in suits with slightly better ideas, but aspire to the Templars, Vikings, Spartans and maybe the vast cultural and philosophical knowledge of ancient times, it requires that we have a long-term goal that involves getting away from the little-man psychology created by systems of government and rights-based law.

When we achieve a Right-leaning culture and through that, political realm, it can be time for more ambitious action: restoring Western Civilization by abolishing democracy and replacing it with an aristocracy.

Our first step would be a Constitutional Amendment that abolishes every amendment since the Bill of Rights and creates a new branch of pseudo-government, the aristocracy, which will be defined as the genetics of its founding members as appointed by a committee of our wisest people. Those can be selected by our military and other noted and respected thinkers, recognizing that these will not come from the current group of false elites.

After that, it becomes time to abolish most if not all of our written laws such as those based on rights, benefits and other “automatic” procedures. From now on, all decisions are made by hand, with someone of intelligence accountable, not a bureaucrat shrugging and pointing to a line in a rulebook.

With that, we can return to the question of culture, now that it is no longer under assault by government, media and academia. The Alt Right fundamentally desires a Nietzschean warrior culture where people have a sense of honor, integrity and principle and are motivated by a deep inner purpose, if nothing else a striving for those goals that can never be fully achieved but the striving toward which improves everything around us: excellence, greatness, goodness, wisdom, virtue.

This type of change of civilization is the only goal that will motivate our people. Democracy with racism will not, and dictatorship will not; people are done with Communism and National Socialism, and with good cause, considering the wreckage they left. We need a future vision that promises prosperity and greatness, not just ideological greatness followed by wreckage.

Naturally the powers that be fear this more than anything else, which is why they scrupulously avoid ever discussing it. We made a wrong turn in 1789 when the West shifted toward democracy, but even before that, we lost a sense of purpose and substituted mercantile concerns for it. Our future consists of peeling back the mistakes, starting over and then aiming for the stars.

The Real Privilege In Amerika Is Helplessness

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

We are held hostage by idiots. Most people are not particularly useful. Some of these are not useful at all, and they know it, and so they demand that we swear upon the graves of our grandmothers that we will pay for their survival, forever and ever, amen. These people reek of detestable entitlement.

What these people want is life without any responsibility. This is not restricted to lower class minorities. Everyone who can think of a new gimmedat thinks they are entitled. If you ask them what their contributions are, they will point to a successful career of inventing new free stuff from government and claim that they “gave” you what you were “owed.”

This stems from the fundamental goal of Marxism. Karl Marx’s bumpersticker quote is “From each according to their abilities. To each according to their needs.” This is getting played out in the West via demotism. It doesn’t take the individual long to figure out what gets rewarded and what gets taxed. Soon these individuals form the crowd and press their needs upon the producers in synonymy. This overwhelms the ability of the state to function in a rational and strategic manner. We can thus get the following surreal results.

Venezuelan resident and Twitter user @KalebPrime first made the discovery July 14 and tweeted at the time that on the Venezuela’s black market — now the most-used method of currency exchange within Venezuela according to NPR — you can get $1 for 8493.97 bolivars. Meanwhile, a “WoW” token, which can be bought for $20 from the in-game auction house, is worth 8385 gold per dollar.

This is what socialism gets you in the end. It only leads to death. President Maduro has all but admitted Venezuelan Socialism has miserably failed. He has held a sham referendum to claim a democratic mandate to rewrite his country’s constitution. Technically, it still exists, but Maduro’s party picks all the members of the body set up to rewrite the document. Constitution Fetishists take note: whether the document is a Magna Carta or a Masta Charga, it only just says what the strong people with guns tells it to. The biggest gang with the guns in Venezuela are the people demanding gimmedats that Venezuela will never be able to deliver.

But this is just Venezuela. Any good Alt Righter will disparage the genetic stock in question and therefore doubt that it’s really socialism at work here. To which I ask them, how about the genetic stock of Connecticut? Here’s what 24/7 Wall Street tells us about Connecticut.

A typical Connecticut household earns $71,346 in a year, considerably higher than the national median income of $55,775. With such high incomes, residents are better able to afford more expensive homes. Connecticut’s median home value of $270,900 is among the highest nationwide. A portion of every state’s population is extremely wealthy, and the share of such high earners is especially large in Connecticut. More than one in 10 households earn $200,000 or more a year. Connecticut’s relatively high education attainment rate partially accounts for the high incomes in the area. More than 38.3% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 30.6% nationally.

So how is this working out for them?

Connecticut, the richest state in the nation, has racked up $74 billion in debt. Its finances have more in common with Puerto Rico than Massachusetts, as the home of America’s financial wizards struggles to pay off its massive obligations big as the bills come due on decades of mismanagement.

While ballooning payments for public employees’ guaranteed pension and health benefits for public employees and teachers are the main cause of Connecticut’s fiscal misery, the state continued borrowing with the abandon of a teenager let loose in a Forever 21 with her parent’s credit card. Jobs lost during the recession have not returned. Its youth and future tax base is fleeing for New York and Boston. Fortune 500 companies are following them out of town.

A belief in Marxism’s fundamental tenet will kill any economy. You cannot tax productive innovation and hard work at the expense of privileged helplessness. People learn how to become more and more helpless. People with higher g-loading will just figure this scam out faster. The shaved monkeys are depraved when it comes to doing whatever gets them more bananas and an occasional gold star on the tips of their noses.

It doesn’t matter what people start out as. You can tell me that Connecticutters are way smarter, better and whiter than Venezuelans all day. None of it matters; none of it will make Marxism work. In the end, we are all going where Connecticut and Illinois already are. Connecticut and Illinois will probably go where Venezuela currently is. The real privilege in Amerika is helplessness. This leads to socialism. Socialism leads to death. We all know where it will take us after we are gone.

Utilitarianism Is A Repugnant Conclusion

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Utilitarianism forms the basis of our current society, which is that we do whatever achieves the greatest happiness for the greatest number as they judge it and report. This runs into collision with an ethical argument first put forth in 1984 by Derek Parfit which became (deservedly) known as the repugnant conclusion.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains the failure of utilitarianism in terms of population:

In Derek Parfit’s original formulation the Repugnant Conclusion is stated as follows: “For any possible population of at least ten billion people, all with a very high quality of life, there must be some much larger imaginable population whose existence, if other things are equal, would be better even though its members have lives that are barely worth living” (Parfit 1984). The Repugnant Conclusion highlights a problem in an area of ethics which has become known as population ethics. The last three decades have witnessed an increasing philosophical interest in questions such as “Is it possible to make the world a better place by creating additional happy people?” and “Is there a moral obligation to have children?”

We might view population as the metaphor, and the real question as, “which is better, excellence for a few or mediocrity for many?” In other words, are we aiming for quality or quantity, and if so, are we willing to sacrifice quantity for quality. The idea of utilitarianism is itself entirely quantitative, so we can see where this leads for the utilitarian idea

Parfit’s first and fatal error in attacking this question was to go full-metal Jeremy Bentham. In the proud tradition of scientific socialism, Bentham attempts to put a value metric on happiness. Parfit compounds this wrong further by partaking of the math-nerd version of Spirit Cooking. He uses the Benthamic concept of measuring happiness at the highest population number where H >= 0 for the individual person.

It gets to his choice of ethical systems. Parfit executes a moral decision-making model by using utilitarian ethics: do the greatest good for the greatest number and you will be less wrong. This misses the point entirely. No matter how sophisticated you make it, no matter how many silver-dollar words you describe it with, utilitarian ethics define morality on a basis of what makes the individual person “happy.” Therein lies the rub.

What makes an individual happy depends heavily on what sort individual you’re talking about. In world full of individuals like Trick Daddy, this reduces the epitome of morality to what fills a man’s stomach and stimulates his sex organs.

When I approach this problem, I’m thinking deontologically. As Omar put in on an episode of The Wire, “A man’s gotta have a code.” Rather than cribbing Jeremy Bentham, I would use Isaac Asimov’s methodology instead. Getting the toolbox out and tinkering with Psychohistory from The Foundation series, I came up with a different standard by which we can optimize human population.

Asimov worked as a chemist before his sci-fi blew up and he could earn a living writing articles for Playboy instead. A lynchpin concept in the study of physical chemistry involves a mathematical application of probability theory called statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics estimates physical (or chemical) behaviors of a substance based upon a distribution of characteristics of individual molecules, atoms or particles contained in the substance. Asimov modified this intellectual framework to plant the theoretical axiom that a historian could start predicting the future history of a civilization based upon characteristics of that entity’s human population.

This leads me not to work towards an optimal population size at all. You don’t reproduce to fill up a cubicle farm. You also don’t cut people off of God’s psychopathic rugby football club just because you run out of jumpers. It’s not the size of the population in question that determines the good. It is the quality. Are these people intelligent? Are they industrious? Do they love their God and love their neighbor? Do they produce or do they mooch? Do they contribute or do they steal? Are they shiny, happy people? Who gives a rat’s rear-end unless they can honestly provide the correct answers to the first five questions?

So how many people do I order the good people to go forth and breed? He doesn’t. The correct question involves how good of a job can you do at g-loading them for war against powers and principalities and then how effectively and diligently are you working at optimizing that potential. Half of being good at mathematics is to know when to stop estimating based on knowledge you cannot yet possess. Sometimes Old-Fashioned Kentucky Windage gets you closer to hitting the target than obsessing over dialing that sight on your weapon with a nail.

So let’s talk reproductive strategy, not numbers. You’ve got two choices: r-strategy or K-strategy. So if you want to flood the zone, and hope that one or two them don’t wind up as casualties, you, like the rabbit or salmonella, choose r-strategy:

Those organisms described as r-strategists typically live in unstable, unpredictable environments. Here the ability to reproduce rapidly (exponentially) is important. Such organisms have high fecundity (glossary) and relatively little investment in any one progeny individual, they are typically weak and subject to predation and the vicissitudes of their environment. The “strategic intent” is to flood the habitat with progeny so that, regardless of predation or mortality, at least some of the progeny will survive to reproduce.

If you want your children to run with the big dogs and not once have to back down from life’s pissed-off grizzly… then breed fewer, breed better, breed K-strategy:

K-strategists, on the other hand occupy more stable environments. They are larger in size and have longer life expectancies. They are stronger or are better protected and generally are more energy efficient. They produce, during their life spans, fewer progeny, but place a greater investment in each. Their reproductive strategy is to grow slowly, live close to the carrying capacity of their habitat and produce a few progeny each with a high probability of survival.

Thus the repugnant conclusion ultimately pollutes the environment rather than solving the problem of how best to populate it. Earth’s K is not purely a function of how many? Ask “How abusive?”, “How needy?”, “How resilient?” and “How anti-fragile?” Essentially, reproduction should be informed more by the Deep Ecology of Arne Naess and not the shallow, mathematically sloppy socialism of Jeremy Bentham. That to me is a conclusion that is far less likely to make the man of intelligence and honor toss his cookies.

The Noise from Illinois Is The Approach of Amerika’s Socialist Death Train

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Amerika may well be approaching that day when it finally boards the Proggy Night Train to the Big Effing Adios. The noise from Illinois over its impending Proggy bankruptcy has the true makings of an unforced Anthropogenic SHTF Event. The typically Keynesian Fiscal Times tells why we should all start rubbing the KY Jelly to grease up the nether eye.

Last week, the state marked the second full year in which Gov. Bruce Rauner and a combative Democratic legislature were unable to agree on a new operating budget. The state Senate the week before rejected a House-passed budget measure premised on a $7 billion revenue shortfall after Rauner threatened to veto it. Unlike city and county governments, states cannot legally declare bankruptcy as a means of shedding debt by forcing creditors, bondholders, and government retirees to absorb some of the loss. The last time a state declared bankruptcy was in 1933, in the throes of the Great Depression, when Arkansas defaulted on its debts. But some legal scholars and government experts have argued in recent years that a well-orchestrated bankruptcy might be a far better solution than a federal or taxpayer bailout, and it would likely protect pension programs and health insurance from draconian cuts.

So stupid state fiscal commitments are like student loans and careless bastard children. They are an unwanted gift that keeps on giving and that you can’t pass on stupid, old Uncle Hank. And just how in the fornication would this well-orchestrated bankruptcy differ from a bailout? I think it would not. Here’s my reasoning.

1) The state has promised a future stream of payments that will become obligations in every fiscal year from now until the horizon promised in The Revelation of St. John. Depict that on any competent MBA student’s cash flow diagram, and you get a nice long line of bars extending below $0.00. To obtain fiscal stability (i.e. afford issuing free shit to the Free Shit Army) you need offsetting revenues that create upward-oriented bars that are as long or longer than the ones going down.* This is a doomed prospect. You ultimately encounter Margaret Thatcher’s Iron Law of Socialism. You eventually run out of other people’s money.

2) The reason we have this constant and inexorable downward suckage on Illinois’ fiscal prospects is that everybody voted themselves free beer. Nobody wants to be stuck doing the brewing, everyone is crowding the bar. The people with money and resources are checking out and hoping it’s not The Hotel California.** The Northwest Herald explains the current moronic socialist death spiral in The Land of Lincoln.

“On the surface, Illinois and Puerto Rico would seem to have next to nothing in common. But in fact there’s quite a lot, especially when you look at the recent dire economic, fiscal and population trends for both,” the June 2 column opens. “Both the Midwestern state and the U.S. island commonwealth are hemorrhaging citizens, with thousands leaving. Perhaps not surprisingly, both also have troubled economies, are deeply in debt and have few prospects for fixing their self-inflicted fiscal problems.”

3) You could make sure The Peoples get all the gimmedats. Declare yourself Governor Santy Claws. How so? Lube up the bondholders and screw ’em all up the pooper. To borrow from the movie Johnny Dangerously, most fiscal entities get to do that once. Just once! And boy would that be a pounding. Jihadis are more gentle with sex when they rape the unbelievers. As Frank Zappa once remarked about prison rape: “Make way for da irawn sawsitch!”

Illinois has $15 billion in unpaid bills, which is over 40 percent what the state collects in revenue annually. It has over $100 billion in unfunded public worker pension obligations. Its bonds have the lowest rating of any state ever. It is one of only a few states, and the only one in the Midwest, that is losing population.

4) You could be Governor No. You could say Illinois Pension Liabilities are only valid up to 25% of the State’s revenues in a given fiscal year.*** What’s that you see outside? A million people yelling “Black Lives Matter!” and trebuchets shooting Greek Fire onto the roof of the Capitol Building? Bummer, Dude!

5) So that leads Illinois to do what it does now. It eats the seed corn and milks the foamy dregs from the empty kegs to continue the Visigoth Holiday in hopes the “Congress will take action!” Until Congress horks someone else’s stash to donate to these bums, here’s what you win if you live in Illinois. So long and thanks for all the asphalt!

Due to the General Assembly’s refusal to pass a balanced budget, the Illinois Department of Transportation loses its ability to pay contractors starting July 1. While we are hopeful the situation is resolved before then, the department is notifying contractors that all construction work is to shut down on June 30. Contractors will be advised to secure work zones to ensure their safety during any potential shutdown. As always, the safety of the traveling public will be the top priority as the department works through this process.

And since that wasn’t an effective enough threat to make Speaker CuckRyan pay for all the socialist bums, they really went looking for ways to get the mobs out on the streets. Drop the Lottery, and you totally engage the man on the street.

The association that runs the popular Powerball lottery and Mega Millions games will drop Illinois at the end of June without a budget agreement. Concern over the state of Illinois’ fiscal condition prompted that decision by the Multi-State Lottery Association, according to internal Illinois Lottery communications.

So Venezuela upon The Great Lakes implodes in spectacular fashion 1 July 2017. But tragically, that won’t happen. Congress will massively intervene. Monies from somewhere (unidentified) will be appropriated. Revenues from somebody (unnamed) will be required. It will be the politics of who-versus-whom. If you are not one of the whos — malignant bums milking a ridiculous pension system — then you are the whom. Ever since Vladimir Lenin introduced that particular concept, the whos were to Stalin what the whoms were to Trotsky. It really sucks being one of the whoms.

This is how human groups die. There are a few who start it out. Then come all the others who want to take a share of the pie. Leaders have no idea what to do with all these people, and they get overwhelmed and overthrown. This is democracy; we always blame the tyrant, but the real fascist-Nazi-communist here is this herd of people. They demand gimmedats from the whoms, who shrink in number each generation, and when the whoms revolt, they replace them with a nu-population of people from low-IQ third world countries where corruption, rape, theft, assault and lying are bred into their DNA.

Eventually the whos and their controllers milk the whoms dry, and then like a bad soufflé the middle of the country falls apart, and you wake up and you are living in Brazil, Iraq, Mexico, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Russia, Argentina, Thailand or any other third world country. That is how third world countries get there: the whos outgrew the whoms and replaced them, so now you have nothing but parasites all the way down.

Eventually the whoms get a wee tad sick of it all. They tire rapidly of taking crap off the Eloi in order to feed the cretinous Morlocks. The patience is growing thinner. The quality of mercy will become quite strained. This will become more prevalent when eleven other states subsequently go the tragic way of Illinois and Puerto Rico. Every last one of the gimmedats adds to the labor burden the taxpayer pays to continue lawful participation in Amerikan Democracy.

Eventually, as the number of gimmedats grows and the allocation base of bill payers shrinks, the math becomes impossible. When the math becomes impossible, so does the continued function of the economy. It crashes. Democracy then becomes, at best, a shooting star with an unmanageable burn rate as it suffers the friction of its encounter with reality.

* — I challenge any of the frikking idiots who claim to be Alt-Right and who favor a UBI to square this particular circle.

** — You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! (guitar solo follows)

*** — With the complete and docile cooperation of a state legislature with Democratic Party super-majorities in both legislative chambers.

True Minimum Wage

Friday, May 19th, 2017

It is the considered editorial opinion* at Amerika that work, yea verily, doth suck. It kills the soul and sucks the marrow out its bones. It keeps you in your shaved monkey pen, off the streets and out of trouble for eight to ten hours of the day. It kills time. In the words of The Great Henry David Thoreau; this wounds eternity. Please be friendly and don’t wound eternity.

Another aspect of work is that it is both randomly and deterministically unfair. It is randomly unfair because you can prepare all day long for the interview, the sales pitch or the bigshot briefing and then get railed by the nefarious forces with which Murphy rides to war. The game never ends when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card.

Work also sucks because the deck can be deterministically stacked against you. Ask the Asian American High School Valedictorian applying to Harvard what I mean by that. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how hard you work how badly you want it. If you are not the Government’s kind, then you succeeding, you getting ahead, you affording that dream home, or you bringing home the bacon to momma has a disparate impact and must be prevented.

Afterall, no matter how hard you bust that @$$, ¡YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT! The pathetic, envying socialist grubs will never let you enjoy the just rewards of your efforts or achievements. They hate your guts for having that will to power and that drive to succeed.

Do well at work and the ankle-biters will tax you, defame you, steal your ideas and work products and then drive that shiv hard between your vertabrae. The Post-Modern workplace is the vile, hive-infested anus of Amerikan social interaction. Work is where they tell you to do your d@mn job and then secretly fear and detest you if you are better at it than them.

And finally, after all of that, the economic world we live in is governed by unpitying, unbreakable laws that care as much for your existence as gravitation or the natural environment of The Great Plains. You are nothing in the economic world, just as you would be quickly obliterated if you were dumb enough to hike the surface of the moon in your Bermuda Shorts. And if you make like a weedy Dungeons and Dragons nerd and roll to disbelieve it gets worse. Way worse.

In an industry notorious for its “tight margins,” restaurants in San Francisco are closing their doors in record numbers thanks to the minimum wage hike. The minimum wage in San Francisco now stands at $13 per hour for low-skilled workers. Compare that to the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage, or even the rest of California, which is at a $10.50 per hour minimum wage, and you can already start to see the problem.

There is a simple economic law here. You set your own minimum wage. It is based on your own skills and abilities. If you can’t get it done, they aren’t paying you for nothing. Senator Lieawatha approached it as a social problem and even wasted the time and electrons of the US Senate to ponder why the US Minimum Wage wasn’t $30/hour yet.

She needed to approach it as a sort of statistical mechanics problem instead. Within any given population, different members will have different personal characteristics. These characteristics will determine their suitability to the world of work. This will drive each individual to some minimum wage they are worthy of being hired at.

Artificially setting the minimum wage above the level of any percentage of this population will eventually tend to exclude them from the opportunity to consistently work. The businesses that would have previously hired them will either go under or replace human capital with robots or more efficient processing. At that juncture, the minimum wage for anyone in the working population below that artificial cut line will equal $0.00.

So we should hate the workplace. You are not just a slacker or a Leftard for feeling that way. You should hate war too. Particularly when they use live ammo. Your feelings are totally rational. On to question two: So what?

Let that question marinate in your minds and work towards developing the post-work society. We are going to get there eventually. I recommend we travel a different path to that destination than the one being undertaken in Venezuela or North Korea.

* — To the extent that we tolerate such things at Amerika

Equality Means That Society Owns You

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

The endless quest to drain the wealth of the nation and spend it on socialist-style social benefits expands in California:

Republicans says budget cuts should be made to fund road maintenance. A failed GOP plan proposed last year would have tapped into cap-and-trade money used to lower greenhouse gas emissions, cut Caltrans positions and eliminated other positions that have been vacant. It identifies other funding sources, but doesn’t specify what programs would be cut if that money was diverted to roads.

Brown said the plan is unrealistic.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation.

Human minds are like computers. If you tell them something is true, they will act on that and adjust all data to fit. So when we say that all people are “equal,” and results turn out far from equal, the mob of equal people — each acting individualistically, or with short-term self interest above all else — demands to be made equal.

After all, if they are equal, the only way inequality could come about would be through cheating, theft, or criminality.

In the meantime, the real criminals take office by promising more of the unrealistic goal of equality, at which point they make social programs which then hire more bureaucrats like them. Since the goal is illogical, the results are bad, but people will not let go — they just can’t stop themselves! — of that shining image of equality, so they double down.

Rinse, repeat. Eternally.

Now your money — the result of your work, and your irreplaceable time you sacrificed doing that work — belongs to the herd. They feel that you have stolen money from them, you freeloader, if you demand to keep more of your money and to cut some of the massive socialist welfare, benefits and entitlements programs instead.

California could have cut diversity programs, immigrant aid, free healthcare, welfare, free cell phones, civil rights or any of a few thousand other programs that take from all and give to some. But that is not a winning mental image for the equal voters.

Ever notice that the roads are terrible in most third world countries? The same will be true of the USA: a rotted infrastructure, corrupt politicians and a compliant media presiding over a vast mass of zombies.

A Sad, Sick Comedy Of “People Power”

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

As time goes on, the more it becomes clear that we are not fighting against an ideology, but typical human behavior shielded by an ideological justification.

Normally humans do nothing but screw up. This is why the world is most impoverished, violent, dramatic and corrupt. If not guided by quality leaders, people not only passively screw up by failing to do things, but actively screw up by inventing bizarre theories and activities.

The comedic downfall of Venezuela provides us with a shining example of this as a play in three parts. Keep in mind that Venezuela was starting from behind because although it has many Spanish-descended citizens, many of those were already racially hybridized and further mixing occurred with the new world Asians and imported African slaves.

Act I: People Power

Compared to its neighbors, Venezuela was a place of relative harmony. It was less important to the Spanish who colonized it than other places of greater mineral wealth. However, it was decided by the Revolutionary Simon Bolivar that it needed liberation, and he set most of South America “free” with the help of British mercenaries. This launched a century of unmitigated corruption and instability.

After the dust settled, the country “liberalized” itself in 1947 and then went back to the same banana republic politics. Oil money eventually drove that out in 1963, and the country found prosperity, but that collapsed in the 1980s with oil prices and it fell back into its old ways.

Act II: Taking It For Granted

In the late 1990s, a Communist revolutionary named Hugo Chavez rose to power with a program of socialist policies fueled by high oil prices. At this point, to the short-attention-span voters, it seemed like the good days had come again.

However, Chavez pushed for further economic reforms that suspiciously resembled wealth transfer and land redistribution. The voters, reeling from several natural disasters, apparently shrugged and approved of this.

With each new reform, Chavez — who died a billionaire — confiscates more land and centralizes more power to his government, building ties with Cuba and Russia. Violence breaks out frequently.

Money pours into social programs. The population becomes even more dependent. Then, as had happened several times before, oil prices crashed. The unstable economy, surviving on the fat oil wealth, collapses, and soon so does the country.

Act III: People Power

It is hoped, dear readers, that you like repetition, because here is what is happening in Venezuela today:

Nine other people have been killed in violence associated with a wave of anti-Government demonstrations in the past three weeks, in which protesters have clashed with security forces in melees lasting well into the night that culminated in the “mother of all marches” on Wednesday.

Protesters accuse Mr Maduro of trying to create a dictatorship.

“Yesterday around 9 or 10 (Thursday evening) things got pretty scary, a group of people carrying weapons came down … and started looting,” said Hane Mustafa, owner of a small supermarket in El Valle, where broken bottles of soy and tomato sauce littered the floor between bare shelves.

Over and over and over again.

This is the same pattern we see in the past: revolution, tyrant, revolution, tyrant. Those who attempt to play nice are usually eliminated early. Whenever things get tough for the tyrant, he just stokes up the population and they destroy everything, forming a pretext for more exciting tyranny.

If you wonder why the Alt Right says that genetics is upstream of politics, here is the point: Venezuela will never do any differently than this, because the “people power” of a mixed-race population always favors tyrants. They cannot control themselves.

For example, when the going gets tough, they steal from each other and loot instead of achieving an actual regime change. They have revolutions which get them even worse tyrants. They will blame anyone but themselves, and they will all have sob stories.

At this point, it is tempting to declare it a failed state and drop the nerve gas just to let something better take its place. The world would sail on unimpeded.

All of Latin America is this way: mixed-race, revolutionary, Leftist, and failing time and time again. People power betrays the people every time. Yet they keep at it, pathologically hoping for a different outcome to the same dysfunctional behavior, like gamblers addicted to the roulette wheel.

The same is true of people power in the US and EU, but on a slightly more functional level. At each election, we decide we will overthrow the system… by using the system. It betrays us time and time again.

The only way out is out of the system, and all systems like it. We have spent two centuries trying to “fix” the same democracy that failed Athens, choosing varieties of the modern system including National Socialism and Communism. But they reflect the individualistic character of democracy.

Soon we will resemble Venezuela, and enter into the phase of most nations, where government is the weak abusing the strong, enforced by “people power” that fears the awakening of something other than individualism, as smart people tend to do. There is no escape from that.

Anti-Pope Tells Venezuelan Christians To Be Nice and Behave While In Hell

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Anti-Pope Francis is the first Latin American Anti-Pope. He is watching a Latin American government that openly supports a doctrine of state-supreme atheism* rain down fire on the peasants in the street. Naturally, Pope Francis blames the people for being such poor Christians. He goes Full-on Jimmy Carter in his despicable sanctimony below.

Francis told faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square that, united in sorrow with the families of victims, he was making a heartfelt appeal to “the government and all the components of the Venezuelan society so that every further form of violence is avoided, human rights are respected and negotiated solutions are sought.” The comments came a day after Francis, the first Latin American pope, expressed frustration that Vatican-sponsored negotiations to resolve Venezuela’s political impasse had not succeeded, in part because of what he cited as divisions within the opposition.

So as Pope Francis dithers, President Maduro reprises an old query first posited by Josef Stalin. “How many divisions has the Pope?” The supposedly divided opposition is being systematically sliced and diced.

A Venezuelan national guard armored vehicle careened into a crowd of anti-government demonstrators in Caracas on a day of furious protests that left more than 300 people injured. The newspaper El Nacional published videos Wednesday showing the vehicle backing up as a gasoline bomb burst on its windshield. Crowds raced toward the vehicle and then suddenly fled as it advanced, and masked soldiers battled protesters in a chaotic melee. Rocks, bottles, shots and tear gas filled the air. One person was confirmed dead in Caracas.

The answer is obvious. The Pope has no divisions if he provides no inspiration. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how many divisions he has if he will not simply and unabashedly field them athwart the evil. The man is a moral nullity. ISIS openly slaughters the Christians in Egypt with no consequence. Pope John Paul II never allowed the communists in Poland to do anything similar to his followers there without repercusions. He stood tall when the Kremlin sent an assassin after him.

As the believers die in the streets of Caracas and are reaped like the grain by the hateful, godless, detestable Socialist scumbags; Francis Cucks in muted protest. He just wishes Maduro could be more gentle with the sex. Certainly both sides could be more reasonable. It’s not like The Venezuelan meat-packing glitterati believes anything that philosophically bothers Anti-Pope Francis.

We’ll hear all about how Jesus said “Love your enemy.” He didn’t tell us to forget the fact that they were, in fact an enemy. He didn’t tell us to be more like them in order to be nice. He mourned the souls left to despoil in Hell. He never told them to shut up and like it. That would be Anti-Pope Francis’ schtick. He wants the you to be reasonable and render unto Caesar – far beyond anything that should be Caesar’s. He is the Statist Left’s evil joke on Christianity and will remain such until the Catholic Church holds a condign exorcism.


It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.

Karl Marx from “A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”

Remembering The Origins Of May Day

Monday, May 1st, 2017

USA Today gives a polite hint to the ideological origins of the protests sweeping the nation today by pointing out that May Day originated as International Worker’s Day:

May Day — also known as International Worker’s Day — has spawned protests around the globe in past years highlighting workers’ rights. But on Monday, the impetus for the U.S. marches span from immigrants’ rights to LGBT awareness to police misconduct.

What they do not tell you is that “International Worker’s Day” is in fact a Communist holiday. But we have to peel another couple layers from the onion. First, we see what the International Workers of the World have to say:

As early as the 1860’s, working people agitated to shorten the workday without a cut in pay, but it wasn’t until the late 1880’s that organized labor was able to garner enough strength to declare the 8-hour workday. This proclamation was without consent of employers, yet demanded by many of the working class.

At this time, socialism was a new and attractive idea to working people, many of whom were drawn to its ideology of working class control over the production and distribution of all goods and services…Tens of thousands of socialists broke ranks from their parties, rebuffed the entire political process, which was seen as nothing more than protection for the wealthy, and created anarchist groups throughout the country. Literally thousands of working people embraced the ideals of anarchism, which sought to put an end to all hierarchical structures (including government), emphasized worker controlled industry, and valued direct action over the bureaucratic political process. It is inaccurate to say that labor unions were “taken over” by anarchists and socialists, but rather anarchists and socialist made up the labor unions.

…At its national convention in Chicago, held in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (which later became the American Federation of Labor), proclaimed that “eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886.”

If you believe this narrative, the Americans came up with May Day on their own. However, if we dig a little bit deeper, we can see what the Marxists have to say, which is that its origins were in Europe in what would become the Communist movement:

The decision for the 8-hour day was made by the National Labor Union in August, 1866. In September of the same year the Geneva Congress of the First International went on record for the same demand in the following words:

The legal limitation of the working day is a preliminary condition without which all further attempts at improvements and emancipation of the working class must prove abortive….The Congress proposes 8 hours as the legal limit of the working day.

In the chapter on “The Working Day” in the first volume of Capital, published in 1867, Marx calls attention to the inauguration of the 8-hour movement by the National Labor Union. In the passage, famous especially because it contains Marx’s telling reference to the solidarity of class interests between the Negro and white workers, he wrote:

In the United States of America, any sort of independent labor movement was paralyzed so long as slavery disfigured a part of the republic. Labor with a white skin cannot emancipate itself where labor with a black skin is branded. But out of the death of slavery a new vigorous life sprang. The first fruit of the Civil War was an agitation for the 8-hour day – a movement which ran with express speed from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from New England to California.

And so what was this “First International”? Fellow travelers of the Communists give us the Communist history of this worker’s movement:

Yet remarkably it was Karl Marx, a marginal German émigré, who was at the time deeply engaged with serious research for what would become the first volume of his magnum opus, Capital, who would become the guiding spirit of this new organisation. At the IWMA launch it was decided to elect a 34-strong provisional organising committee, later known as the general council, and Marx became a representative of Germany.

There is a still popular myth that Marx was primarily simply a great thinker and philosopher who wrote great analytical works such as Capital without ever leaving archives and libraries. Yet as his lifelong collaborator Engels noted, Marx was “before all else a revolutionist” who had in the past like Engels been a leading member of the Communist League during the 1848-50 revolution in Germany.

From the start, we see the Communists agitating. The Napoleonic Wars ended in the revolutions across Europe that Marx and others hoped to shift from Equality 1.0 (political and social equality) to Equality 2.0 (the subsidy state). And forty years before the Americans designated the holiday of May Day, the Communists made it a cornerstone of their agenda.

In addition, we see the classic combination of political values designed to support the notion of class warfare. The Left supports diversity, so that it has a weapon against the ruling caste and the culture — something that emerges from heritage — supporting it. Fair treatment of workers, based on criticism of a few exceptional wrongs which were at least partially rooted in the inconsistency of labor itself, i.e. the flakiness of people that we all know as normal for humanity, became tied (magically!) to socialism and from that, to the establishment of a super-powerful State to administer it.

Anarchists, in theory opposed to such things, justified them as necessary and joined the group, such that unionists, Communists, anarchists, Socialists, liberals and Leftists marched together for the same thing. This always happens; the difference between French Revolutionaries and Communists is a matter of degree, much as this last election has revealed that the difference between a Democrat and a Communist is that a Communist is an emboldened Democrat with college debt.

What is most interesting about this whole scenario is that May Day was originally a pagan fertility rite, and the Communists wanted to re-style it as a Leftist holiday. While the Christians are often criticized for having replaced pagan holy days with their own, it is more likely that the real erasure was by those who wished to destroy culture, and the Christians did their best to maintain it nonetheless.

USA Today gave us the start of the thread of understanding what May Day is in actuality, but would not go to the full extreme and tell us its Communist origins. The very fact that such things are kept hush-hush tells us exactly who is in charge of the American government — Leftists — and why we must overthrow them if we want sanity to return.

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