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All Of The Pundits Are Wrong On Trump / Brexit

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


The professional media class is in clueless disarray because it insists on finding an economic reason for the Trump and Brexit revolts. In doing so, it (as usual) cherry-picks data to support its own assumptions.

As one commentator writes, picking up on about half of what is going on and then rationalizing this as an economic revolt, this is pushback against an abusive ideological system and its elites:

The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships.

The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

Preaching — and pandering — with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion.

Not surprisingly, that attitude met raised middle fingers in the UK and US after only seven decades of its present form. These middle fingers to business-as-usual are a revolution against civilization decay brought on by allowing a criminal class to seize power. They are a desire to get out of the scam that is liberal democracy, equality and diversity.

People have tolerance for new policies. They are willing to give them a chance. When you tell them that immigration is good for the economy, they may believe you. But then when they see that immigration tanks the economy and also destroys social order, they turn on you. Why? — because you either (a) lied or (b) are so incorrect as to be delusional. That means it is time to remove you from power and also rip out anyone who supported you, because all of you are de facto insane.

Europe and the USA are currently in the process of removing the Leftists who have ruled us for the past 200 years, and we are heading toward the fork in the road where we chose to give Leftism a chance. This time, we are sure that Leftism is 100% fail and so we need something that is, first and foremost, not Leftism.

Witness the delicious confusion:

That already feels like a different era. The winds of change in western democracies have since whipped up into a storm and, as the Brexit vote and the election of Trump demonstrated, voters have stopped giving the answers their politicians expect.

…On the hard right, Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant Lega Nord, is also surfing the wave, describing Trump’s triumph as a strike against globalisation: “It’s the revenge of the people, of courage, of pride, of the desire for work and security; and it’s one in the eye for the bankers, the speculators and the journalists.”

In other words, for exactly the same reason the Soviet Union fell: nothing was working, and those in power were not subject to recall when things were not working.

Even more, as in the Soviet Union, they were guided by a social ideology: an idea that is so appealing to human brains — equality — that like lab test monkeys on crack, they sacrifice everything for it.

This is the core of Western decline. When civilization succeeds, it simultaneously loses its inherent mission and gains a kind of “algal bloom” of people who could not succeed without the safety of civilization. This increases unrealistic thinking as a factor, and causes people to rationalize the lack of mission instead of doing the hard work of finding a new one. From this comes individualism, which in its collectivized form is Crowdism, which in turn manifests in Leftism which is a spectrum from classical liberalism through Communism that inevitably advances toward the latter stage, a tendency called “Progress.”

Those who rationalize the decline are “goodwhites.” These double down on their ideology because it makes them feel good about the transition to third-world status, and they are vicious to anyone who fail to join them in denial, illusion and fantasy:

Goodwhites pose as our moral superiors: so-o-o-o tolerant, open-minded, progressive, humane… But they are in fact, though, nasty pieces of work: vindictive, self-righteous, cruel, contemptuous of their fellow citizens.

The correct response to all that is not niceness, it’s a good hard kick in the crotch.

This is what voters have realized. The goodwhites will never stop because they are reality-averse. They do not care about the consequences of their actions. They do not seek to be responsible. All they care about is feeling good through the crack-like drug of social ideology, and they want to destroy — not just defeat, but crush and kill — all of us who resist.

If you wonder why they are such fanatics, consider the parallel information that Liberal political ideology [is] significantly associated with crime cross-sectionally and longitudinally. The type of person to become a Leftist is more likely to be a reality denier, which overlaps in the group of impractical people who try to work around real-world obstacles by committing crimes, effectively externalizing the cost of their actions to the rest of society. It is not surprising that the Leftist ideology does the same.

Trump/Brexit is more than a series of political events. It is a cultural revolution against the class of criminal parasites who have dominated the West for the past seventy years by demonizing any potential alternatives as Literally Hitler. Those in turn are merely the farthest advance of the same group that has corrupted the West since at least the French Revolution.

This group is made of our own people, the “goodwhites.” They are either mental defectives themselves, or socially weak — low self-esteem — people who are easily cowed by the stronger, clearer “philosophy” of the defectives. But now a revolution is underway to throw them out, and in so doing, to begin the renovation of Western Civilization.

The Rotherham Election

Friday, November 25th, 2016


Trump/Brexit — and they are so similar that we should see them as the same event, along with (hopefully) Italian exit from the EU and Marine Le Pen winning in France — were a defensive election, not democracy as usual.

Democracy had failed. Since Ronald Reagan, we in America have had a non-stop sequence of terrible leaders who succeed at “the game” of politics, law, and bureaucracy but were unfit to rule.

Eventually, we were forced to defend ourselves. No symbol is clearer than what happened in Rotherham in the UK, where hundreds of girls were molested by immigrants and no one would report it for fear of being seen as racism.

This election was a self-defense election. The Left would never stop, and the end result of their advancement is completely illogical situations like Rotherham, because by choosing ideology the Left has rejected reality in favor of human feelings, judgments and emotions. That leads to bad results, as all “closing-in” of humans into their own little worlds tends to.

In the Leftist world, you cannot defend yourself or you will be called racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic. Your children are raped; what is your complaint? To the Left, victory is at hand, because those rapes lead to the erosion of natural things like heritage, culture, sex roles and the family. That means those can be replaced by the State.

Do you see the Leftist endgame yet? It is a world of cultureless mixed-race people, subservient to ideology, who live in a wasteland and yet claim to be proud of it because of its material wealth. The Leftist endgame is emptiness and misery.

Rotherham is one aspect of the Leftist endgame. With nothing in common, civilization becomes predatory, and if someone can get away with molesting nubile young girls, that is viewed as a benefit to them. There is no purpose in common.

Our future under Leftism is a void comprised of endless Rotherhams. In the Leftist mind, nothing is more important than the ideology, and therefore everything else must be consumed to feed that ideology.

The only way out of that future is to get out of Leftism. Reject egalitarianism, and seek a reality-based path instead of an ideological one. For now, this is unpopular, but as the victims pile up, that is beginning to change.

This election was the Rotherham election. People wanted a way out of the inevitable insanity if we continued the current course, and, for once, sanity won out over the herd. If we keep pushing, we can make Rotherham a sad memory and nothing more.

Leftism Is A Business

Monday, November 14th, 2016


Uber-skeptics like the people who will survive this dark era in history tend to view all human interactions as businesses. This is not because they like business, but because they are realists: all people act in self-interest, and in civilization, since the primary skill required is to induce others to do things for us, self-interest requires acting for personal gain usually through deception.

In this mindset, we can debunk ideology by pointing out that it is a business, specifically a variation of the entertainment business. In entertainment, one creates images that makes consumers feel safe and content, and in order to experience that feeling again, they buy the product. However, in order to make the product appealing, the sellers must ensure that it never appears to be a product.

One notices over time that successful products center around a few themes. These involve what humans wish were true, including eternal youth, sudden wealth, narcotic romances, and other fantasies that involve the human being as the center of life, more important than its context, so that the brain feels safe in its significance as if that would hold back or at least diminish mortality and individuality. Essentially, entertainment fantasies focus on the individual being God or god-like,

If you wonder why Leftism resembles a religion, this is why: it is a replacement religion with human intent at its center instead of a divine being.

The central idea of Leftism is control, which one might describe as the replacement of structure with a linear centralized authority. Under control, the intent of this authority alone matters; it removes anything which competes with it by using the device of “equality,” which reduces those under its command to atomized beings who can be commanded with identical mandates.

This serves the convenience for control and in the case of people, isolates them in their own fears of offending control or missing its rewards, eliminating the structures of organic civilization which nurture it from within. Instead, they must become dependent on the controller and act as a mass that waits on control for commands.

Through this hybrid of religion and tyranny, Leftism, Inc. runs itself as a successful business that makes itself essential to the function of a civilization, but in so doing, removes any other option for order in a society. Like a parasitic worm, it enters through the heart, where people long for an end to risk, war, differences of ability and other sources of stress. Then it makes its way to the brain, where it rips out the nervous system and replaces it with a remote control that directly manipulates every part of the body to act in unison. This abolishes differences between the organs, turning the body to mush that responds jerkily and ineptly to commands, but the controller does not care. The zombie serves its intent, and therefore can be sacrificed, because only the intent matters.

This represents a different type of “game.” Normal healthy people seek to win the game of life by playing well and making themselves better in the process. Those who are dead inside instead quest for control, power and other tangible things they can manipulate. To do this, they destroy all order outside of themselves because it competes with their intent for importance. In fact, they adore having chaos and destruction all around because these only serve to emphasize the necessity of their intent, choices, whims, feelings and judgments. The ego sits in a blaze of glory formed by the incineration of everything good — because only good, not bad — competes with the self.

If you wonder why your world is a wasteland, with every normal function — jobs, government, art, culture, family and friends — perverted into a replica of the larger control structure, this is why. The West is a ruin because it is existential misery with excellent shopping. The soulless person says, “Hotdogs only a dollar! I love this country, such a bargain!” and then goes through life ignoring crises, and rationalizing the loss of time and autonomy as necessary for the highest value, which is then justified as being the shopping itself. This type of reversed order of thought is essential to surviving this time, but the most important parts of each person — the inner self — does not survive it, because it, too, is perverted into a control structure.

Leftism sells a highly successful product, equality, which makes every individual feel that they are safe even if they fail or do something degenerate. The Left sells acceptance, and this quickly morphs into a sense of being “good,” and this encourages people to feel good about themselves without needing to do anything to that end.

Since this product is eternally popular, Leftism sells it with a catch — a Devil’s bargain — in that in order to enjoy the product, users must pass it on to others like multi-level marketing, drug addiction or a street gang. The group defends itself and spreads benefits among its people, who are presumed to be “good,” and by the converse assumption, others must be “bad.”

This gives Leftists an identity: They take from the bad and give to the good. This suppresses both concerns over the inherent immorality of theft and gives people a new identity as Robin Hood styled social reformers, instead of merely neurotics who find life difficult and want to scapegoat others in order to force their way into society despite being fundamentally irrelevant to it.

As soon as it achieves traction, Leftism begins to resemble any other business, which is to say that it collects incompetence and weaponizes it by making each person fear for their own position, thus driving them into doing symbolic acts for the sake of appearing important, busy and competent.

If you wonder why Leftists are such fanatics, the basis of that psychology can be found in this development. They now feel accepted by society, but they must still demonstrate their place in the gang, and they compete among one another in a game of Who Is The Most Egalitarian. If one person liberates orphans, the next liberates retarded orphans, and the winner grants freedom and welfare to gay minority retarded disabled orphans. Whoever shows the most pity is the champion.

At the same time, this Office Space like dimension to Leftism — and indeed, to all control — creates a situation where all other political actors become coworkers. People trade favors, and prioritize “getting along with” one another above whatever job they are doing. This serves to further Leftism by co-opting normal people in because the Leftist will approach them as a colleague, trade favors, and then expect loyalty. This is how conservative movements are quickly absorbed into the Leftist morass.

When the Leftist empire reaches monopoly status, it tends to do whatever any business does when its productive years are over, which is sell out to a wealthier but directionless concern that will absorb its assets as a type of long term cash cow. The Leftists have held their competitions, and those who rose to the top make off with the funds, and then everyone else goes home to their bleak apartments in what are now Venezuelan-Soviet conditions. The civilization they parasitized is now effectively destroyed, but this does not stop each new generation from rising up to see what it can steal.

The only way to stop Leftism is to recognize it for what it is: tyranny by the unimportant, miserable, unhappy, neurotic and obsessive. In other words, those who are not the productive contributors and creators in a civilization have become a growth within it that hopes to take over. The rest oppress the best, which causes the best to drop out or leave, and renders that civilization into a wasteland of incompetence and solipsism.

That allows us to see what the true opposite of Leftism is, which is oppression of the rest by the best. When the best gain the upper hand, they tend to filter people into two groups, “useful” and “less useful or useless.” They then give positions of power to the former, and either disenfranchise or eject the latter. This creates a competence surge which can restore civilization.

It also puts people into stable positions within a hierarchy, eliminating the profit through social mobility gambit of the Leftist. Social mobility sounds good until one realizes that all but a handful of us every generation belong doing roughly what our fathers did. The exceptions can be promoted on an individual basis, but what the rest of us need are roles where we can excel without being destabilized.

Along those lines, creating an aristocracy and giving it wealth and power removes the motive to conquer within civilization by its leaders. They have everything they need, and did not receive it because of their expertise and thieving it, but for their expertise in making the best of imperfect situations. This indicates a moral inclination to do the best and avoid the type of small-minded, predatory and defensive behavior that Leftist leaders exhibit.

Our aristocrats were destabilized by events such as the Magna Carta, which limited their power and forced compromise with the commercial class. This in turn commercialized a great deal of the aristocracy, and gave rise to the shopkeeper class, who treated government as a business and not a quest to improve civilization in a gradual basis by rewarding its best and ejecting its worst. This created a mentality of treating society in a utilitarian manner, which naturally gave rise to the business-like thinking of the proletariat revolutionaries.

The rise of the shopkeeper class was unfortunate because while these were clever, especially with “making” money, they were not intelligent in the sense of being able to see a dozen moves ahead in the game. As a result, they specialized in short term decisions which created long-term problems, destabilizing society and allowing the ideologues to take over.

As usually happens, the rise of ideologues brought about instability because now, in addition to the task of being a good person and performing a role, people had to defend against ideological suspicion which was like a constant witch-hunt. This in turn made people inauthentic and driven by appearance, which pushed them further toward the ideologues in the search for a protector.

This type of “defensive personality” afflicts all societies where authority and power are not closely tied to realistic and long-term thinking such as the aristocrats display. This is the root of control: by making all people isolated and afraid, it compels them to obey, but in such a way that they rationalize it as their own choice.

As we see in the world of commerce, the best products do this as well. People go to the store and buy the bread that is always there because it is the convenient option, then rationalize the purchase by convincing themselves that they like it. Eventually the company realizes it will profit even further if it buys up or drives out all other brands. Leftism behaves in the same manner.

If the realization became widespread among the thinking people of our society that Leftism is a business, it would remove the aura of holiness which Leftism uses to induce people to believe in it. That mantle is how Leftism grows without its true nature being noticed, and when it falls, the raw profit motive will reveal itself.

How The Left Misunderstands Conservatism

Thursday, November 10th, 2016


The Left has never understood conservatism because the Left has never wanted to. To them, their ideology of egalitarianism leads directly to Utopia, at which point there will no longer be conflict between humans and everyone will be accepted. Any deviation from this is a moral sin punishable by death, in their view.

That explains why the Left does not want to understand conservatism: they have zero room for it in their pantheon of ideologically-tinted symbolic representations of reality. This is because while conservatism is voiced as an ideology, fundamentally it is anti-ideological because it bases its perceptions on reality.

Conservatism comes from the term “to conserve,” which means that we preserve successful means of achieving excellence. In human terms, nothing can be preserved in a static sense, but must be regenerated anew in each generation, so “conservation” means not physical things but principles, methods and ideas.

As written here before, that means that conservatism has two attributes:

  1. Consequentialism. We judge success by end results and side-effects, not by human intent, feelings, judgments, universal symbols and emotions. Reality is external to us; internal focus is solipsistic.

  2. Transcendence. There must be some goal higher than material reaction, like excellence, beauty, goodness and truth, and we discover it through intuition, which is within but not personal.

This contrasts with Leftism, which has only one attribute: egalitarianism, or the equality of people, which is presumed to lead to pacifism and universal acceptance, and from there to Utopia. Leftism works through negative actions, or things it wishes to remove; conservatism requires restructuring society around positive goals, or things we want to achieve.

For this reason, in our Leftist time, our Leftist media has trouble understanding why conservatism does not translate into Leftist terms. First they want to make it an ideology; then, they try to import egalitarianism — the core and principle of Leftism — into it, despite for conservatism, egalitarianism being at most a means to an end and not an end in itself.

As a recent article demonstrate, our society is now struggling to understand conservatism which is as distant as a foreign land to a society brainwashed in two centuries of Leftism:

Nash presented an influential portrait of conservatism as a river fed by three tributaries of thought: Christian traditionalism, anti-Communism, and libertarianism (or classical liberalism). Although each could be rendered as a popular impulse or unthinking reflex of the mass mind, Nash insisted that all three were fundamentally intellectual traditions, nourished by a cast of characters who deserved both respect and extended study, among them James Burnham, the former socialist turned anti-Communist; Friedrich Hayek, the Austrian classical economist; and Russell Kirk, America’s answer to Edmund Burke. In Nash’s telling, these were the men (and they were almost all men) who created conservatism in the postwar years.

This article is patent nonsense. Conservatism is not a material ideology, but a timeless principle. It can be found in “Christian traditionalism, anti-Communism, and libertarianism (or classical liberalism)” but they are not its constituent components. Rather, as a principle, it is found many places, and those are the ones we recognize — “observer bias” — because of their recent relevance.

A conservative is someone who likes what works. Because the question then arises “How well does it have to work?” he has to pick either bare minimums (utilitarianism) or best case scenarios, and that latter leads him to the goal of excellence. That in turn picks out the principle of nature: all works to produce a hierarchy that advances the best over the rest, and this extends to metaphysical principle.

For all that modern people know of conservatism, the above passage might as well be in ancient Greek. However, as we enter into a conservative area with Brexit rippling across the USA and Europe, we might want to understand the path out of the Leftist mental ghetto and how we can use it to save ourselves from the moribund inertia of liberalism.

When Humorous Trolls Become Lugubrious Reality

Saturday, November 5th, 2016


Back in 2005, a troll named “Shaun Goldstein” posted the following satire of Leftism, figuring that what he wrote was too insane to be anything but a parody:

Are you a Marxist Universalist Democrat (M.U.D.)?


WE, the Marxist Universalist Democracy Party, understand the importance of freedom in the modern world. We choose to uphold equality and respect for our fellow man. We believe that the individual is the prime focus of any goal, and cherishment of our collective individuality is important in natural balance.

M.U.D. Manifesto


  • Measures will be taken to ensure no minority has his or her right trampled upon by the majority.

  • Freedom of speech will be held sacred, except for those who wish to use freedom of speech to destroy such freedoms.

  • Fascists, Racists, and Bigots will not have the opportunity of freedom of speech. Any violators of hate laws, especially laws breaking anti-Semitism codes, will be beaten, thrown into jail, and have their property confiscated.

  • All people have the right to practice whatever religion they so choose, as long as it is deemed inoffensive to minorities.

  • There will be a minimum of government interference in the lives of The People.

  • Ideas are to be communicated in respectable ways. People must adhere to politeness laws when speaking publicly.

  • There will be more freedom in the individuals’ life.


  • All drugs will be legalized for public consumption. Because the government will have full control of the economy, the government will be in charge of drug vendors.

  • Convicted felons of violent (words can be considered violent) acts involving racial hatred will be forcibly administered ecstasy. Ecstasy is a known empathogen which raises a user’s level of tolerance.

  • All people convicted and currently incarcerated of drug charges will be released, regardless of any additional unrelated convictions.

  • Welfare programs will ensure the elderly access to prescription drugs. Especially elderly minorities.

Racial Policy:

  • The government will grant certain benefits to interracial couples, as part of the Multicultural Initiative.

  • Any and all acts of racial injustice will be dealt with by the police with maximum efficiency.

  • All history books will have any mention of race erased, except for certain events such as the Holocaust and slavery in America’s history.

  • Race is a social construction, and racial homogenization will be required to destroy the very abstract and false notion of race/ethnicity. If we are all the same color then racism cannot exist.

  • Affirmative Action programs will be implemented to ensure an equal number of minorities participate in various government run programs (such as jobs).

Social Policy:

  • Health care will be for all citizens, save felons and the previously wealthy.

  • We will create a pluralistic society that is based on subjectivity and freedom.

  • The individual will be the highest point of focus.

  • While we respect the woman’s right to choose, abortion might be necessary in culling an excess of one racial group. This is to prevent an elite class of a certain race from emerging.

  • Marriage between any members of any race, creed, or genders will be allowed. Special benefits will go to homosexual couples previously discriminated against by the prior capitalist regime.

  • All victims of hate crimes will be given reparations as a gesture of the M.U.D.s humanity.

  • Guns will be banned. There will be no need for them as revolution under our revolutionary government can only be started by the racist factional groups seeking dominance. Criminals will also have no access to guns, so crime will be nonexistent.

  • All people will participate in the democratic system. Racists, not being human, will be expelled.

  • Democracy will be put into the hands of the people and the nation of Earth will directly elect a president of Earth.

The Economy:

  • The Government and The People will be fully inseperable. This allows for a complete nationalisation of the economy.

  • All people, being equals having equally important functions in society, will earn the same amount of pay.

  • Pay will be in the form of cattle, chickens, grain, and berries. Money will be abolished as it directly leads to a capitalist system.

  • As there will be no borders after the simultaneous worldwide revolution, the value of the various items of barter (such as chickens) will retain a constant value in every sector of land.

Animal Rights:

  • Animals must be treated with upmost respect, even those that are meant for feeding. Anyone found disrespecting an animal’s right to a humane existence will be branded a bigot and the courts will proceed as normal.

  • Certain species of animals with proven higher cognitive abilities will not be exempt from the democratic process. Chimpanzees and Dolphins are two such animals; Bonobos are primarily in mind because they form natural Marxist communities.

  • Animals may be killed for the only purpose of consumption.

  • Vegetarianism will be government sponsored and vegetarians will recieve extra benefits in berries.


  • Education will be open to all individuals, regardless of age, sex, or any other personal attribute.

  • All pictures of people in school text books will be of minorities. This is to counterreact the racist notion of Whites being the only achievers in the arts and sciences.

  • Homosexuality will be introduced to children at a young age to ensure normalization.

  • Personal skills classes will be compulsory for all elementary school children. These classes will introduce concepts in speaking to other humans that minimize conflict and impoliteness.

  • The following books will be banned from High School libraries: The Turner Diaries, Mein Kampf, Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Wealth of Nations, Industrial Society and Its Future, and The Antichrist.

  • Children will be introduced to highly imaginative art such as abstract art at an early age.

  • Philosophy will be a compulsory course. Students will be expected to understand the concept of the categorical imperative upon completion. Naturally, works by Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, and Plato will be verboten.


  • A worldwide revolution will occur to amalgamate the planet into one nation: Earth.

  • All borders will be opened and all suburbs will be populated by asylum seekers. This is the opposite of “white flight.”

  • A Racial Homogenization program will be started to ensure equality in all sectors (formerly known as regions).

  • There will be funding for technology with the purpose of searching for extraterrestrial lifeforms. Once contact is made, attempts to institute intergalatic Communism will take place under the unlikely occurance of it not happening already.


  • All felons (those convicted of violating hate codes) will be forced to work into internment camps with 15 hour work days and in maximum security facilities.

  • Rehabilitiation will be more important than punishment, still. Ecstasy will be given to violent offenders of hate crimes and mandatory reeducation classes utilizing negative reinforcement will be used.

  • There will be much less crime in a tolerant world.

  • Those convicted of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial will be extradited to the world capital of Tel-Aviv for punishment.

Arms, Military, Militia:

  • There will be a large military compromised of a few billion people. The main focus is to quell any intolerant militia groups from popping up. We need to stamp them out or else we’ll have another Hitler.

  • A secondary purpose will be to defend the nation of Earth from any extraterrestrial attacks.


People and fellow humans, realize this: as long as we are unequal, we cannot be friends. Vote Marxist Universalist Democracy Party in your next election.

It would be hard to spot substantial differences between this Jolt Cola and marijuana-fueled mockery and the current policies of the European Union, the opinions of Hillary Clinton voters, or the witty opinions expressed by celebrities or late-night comedians.

There interesting thing is that not much deviated from the standard Leftist ideas of 1789 or even the peasant revolts of the 1500. This hyperbolic satire merely turned them all up to eleven, revealing the insanity that has always been lurking behind Leftist opinions but only now is becoming visible.

Obamacare is How Leftists Flunk Math

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


Social systems operate on principles that roughly approximate physical systems described by physical laws. The mathematics used to model these systems approximate the mathematics used to solve physical problems.

Like the fictional Theory of Psychohistory proposed by Hari Seldon, physical analogs can be used to predict future events. One example of this is the actuarial mathematics used by insurers to predict the future state of human populations. This can be seen as the application of statistical mechanics to a human rather than a molecular population.

These populations consist of their customers. These customers of health insurers may or may not experience unfortunate life events at certain intervals of time. These events cost the health insurer money. The health insurer establishes prices to cover these events. The prices are a combination of the likelihood of an event and the cost to the insurer should any event occur. So what happens if by fiat you suddenly increase the number of people insured, the number of events covered and the likelihood of an individual member of the population suffering a covered event? Obviously, if you are Barack Obama, the cost curve bends in the right direction from sheer will to power. In nations outside the Magic Kingdom of Equestria, this simply isn’t the case. Even Bill Clinton, bless his heart, accurately describes the Desert of The Real.

“So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” he said, describing a long-time conservative appraisal of the law.

In other words, covering more people, who get sick more often for a greater number of conditions can only do one thing to the price of a health insurance policy. It can only increase that price. In Liberal Wonderland, this becomes a problem Republicans must solve. Liberals typically say that when the people rebel against their pet schemes. It’s then that the people get told not to believe their lying eyes.

Famous Physicist Enrico Fermi taught at The University of Chicago. He would rather see a fool suffer rather than suffer one in silence. He once famously told a student “That was so bad that it isn’t even wrong.” The HHS has just released a report which deserves a similarly harsh condemnation. Amerikans can now check out all the options, as they tell us below.

“Thanks to financial assistance, most Marketplace consumers this year will find plan options with premiums between $50 and $100 per month,” said HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell. “Millions of uninsured Americans qualify for financial assistance, and so could as many as 2.5 million Americans currently paying full price for off-Marketplace coverage. I encourage anyone who might need 2017 coverage to visit and check out this year’s options for yourself.” Thanks in large part to the Marketplace, in early 2016, the share of Americans without health insurance fell to 8.6 percent, the lowest level in our nation’s history. This year’s Open Enrollment offers the chance to build on that progress and further improve access to care and financial security.

I’m going to do the lovely and talented Sylvia M. Burwell a favor and assume that this content was dishonest rather than wrong. You see, people don’t enter the Obamacare marketplace during open enrollment to improve access to care and financial security. They go in the marketplace to avoid paying fines. Put a gun to the consumer’s head and he’ll tell you loves Egg McMuffins if that is the answer you came seeking. There is a technical name for an insurance policy that you have to buy or else. These are known as protection rackets. They are famously unavailable from reputable firms. The jail sentences combined with the power of the RICO statutes make them a suboptimal marketing strategy. Government suffers no such impediment thanks to the Supreme Court.

There are some logical solutions to this. The nice guy one involves paring this disaster back and limiting the stealth public option to catastrophic events. Cut the Obamacare requirements back to events that cost above some threshold that most average Amerikans could never afford and only cover events that are more expensive. Then there is the condign human desire to teach these rat bastards a lesson on why the USSR was dumb not just wrong.

So how does this work? The GOP tells the Dems they are expected to write a repeal law that will get rid of Obamacare and the GOP will not bother discussing it with the Dems until they produce a repeal bill that meets the GOP criterion as good enough. Cucks exist. That won’t happen in my lifetime. What a shame.

The solution we’ll get made to eat in a #Hillary administration is the bailout. Something is done to make insurers continue to participate and the individual mandate remains in place. The losses are made up via taxation and the fines for non-participation are ramped up so that enough healthy people get tossed into the parasite pool. In effect, the number of sham policies that “compete” to be “chosen” is irrelevant. It will be single payer by a much goofier name.

Obamacare is how the left flunks math. A significant number of these people actually believed “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” All of the basic logic I laid out about how actuaries price insurance is mumbo jumbo to them. If Jedi Obama promises to bend the cost curve today is the day the levels of the ocean will no longer rise. Magic fails in math class. It does so in reality. The man behind the curtain knows this well.

Unpunished Herd

Sunday, October 16th, 2016


By the time democracy arrives, things are well and truly dead for a civilization and the only formalities remaining are the toe tag and the estate sale. Our ancestors knew that if you indulge the pretense of humans, or the defensive assumption that they are good, it will give them license to run amok, and that they have done.

What we have left of “civilization” is essentially an economy with cops, lawyers, judges and nagging nanny journalists riding herd on the chaos. This is predictable, because we can see that people without strong leadership behave like herd animals.

You can see the proof of my point if you work with any volunteer organization. Sit people down in a committee and they start making the same type of bad decisions that our nations are making. The cause is this bad decision-making, and the result is our terrible elites.

In cause-effect terms, the elites are the effect and our choices are the cause. They did not impose this on us; we imposed them on ourselves by selecting an unrealistic type of government, namely herd-based leadership which was inevitably capitalized on by a corrupt media, political class and lobbyist layer.

You can also see the same thing at a job, or even in personal lives. People in groups make terrible decisions. People are pretentious and selfish, generally. It is entirely logical that the end result of this process is awful government and its handmaidens, who will be massively corrupt.

The point is that, regarding leadership, we have a binary option:

  • The best oppress the rest. Some claw their way to the top, demonstrating exceptional ability. They then restrain the rest of the group because this restraint is needed for civilization. End result: more effective leadership, no runaway herd acting selfishly. — or:

  • The rest oppress the best. Strong leadership is feared, so society adopts weak leadership, which results in a slow but constant growth of many small problems which converge in a loss of social order and suicidal policies like endless war, immigration and quasi-legal corruption.

At the most abstract level, these are the choices we have in “government,” and every single possible type of leadership structure fits into one or the other of these categories. Either we put the best on top, or we have mob rule.

The Americans tried a middle ground. Their Constitution is as complicated as an Italian race car, and yet, it was dismantled in as few as a dozen years, depending on who you talk to. After a disastrous civil war, two world wars, and now endless war in the middle east as the American Leftist regime goes the way of the Soviets, the Constitution is effectively dead.

And so, like people lost in a maze, here we are again, back at the same crossroads we have been at before. Best, or rest? The last two hundred years have showed us what the rest can do, and it is ugly: horrible jobs based on attendance more than performance, cities that are wastelands, corrupt leaders, gross mass culture, and what seems to be a decline in genetic ability to think among even the upper echelons of our society.

We are not just in trouble because of our system of government, but because it is making us incompetent. First, it redirects our attention from actual issues to symbolic ones, like how popular something is or whether it plays the politics or law game well. Second, the system promotes only those who think this way.

The Brexit/Trump Revolution (BTR) has much going for it. The weak point in its armor is that it scapegoats our elites for the mess we are in. We are in a mess, but the elites are an effect of that mess, not its cause. The cause is our reliance on herd voting and buying to make decisions, instead of having actual leadership.

Francis Fukuyama told us that we have reached the end of history, which depressed everyone because while the West is wealthy, it is dead in its soul. People hate their daily existence because it is humiliating, menial and incompetent, even at the highest levels of career and social life.

What he meant to write, perhaps, was that liberal democracy had beaten down all of its competition. That does not mean it is the best system; it was fortunate in its choice of allies, and often what works in the short-term is the opposite of what is needed in the long-term.

The thought of resurrecting society from the degeneracy of the unpunished herd is daunting in itself. We are not, however, rescuing everyone. There will be a new civilization and only those who “get it” and are useful will be welcome. The rest can be cast aside. This is always how it is.

Once we wrap our minds around the enormity of this task, it becomes clear that we should not be afraid to make the decision to go all the way toward what we need, instead of taking halfway measures. We are at one of those nexus points in history where all that was considered established is now fluid. Vast change is upon us, like it or not.

As modern citizens, we have grown up listening to constant voices — television, teachers, politicians, parents, friends — telling us that certain things are cast in stone, and that as far as changing them, the ship has sailed. But now, all of these stonecast pillars are in the process of collapse. We can finally move on.

Potentially what we are seeing is the beginning of a great time to be alive. The twentieth century was mostly carnage and stupidity, and so far the twenty-first has been worst, but that means that the trend of the eighteenth century has finally peaked and is falling. We can cease repeating the mistakes of the past.

For now, the herd runs free. Its low standards, enforced through utilitarian policies, harm those who can tell the difference between mediocre and good. Its indecision has attracted all manner of manipulators and parasites. Its policies have produced horror and evil as handmaidens in everyday life, making us all complicit.

The rise of the Alt Right has shown a challenge to business as usual, which means a continuing slide into decay. People across the West are tired of living in failed states and a failed system. It is time to think the unthinkable, and move on from liberal democracy a.k.a. oppression by the rest.

Why Does The Left Always Win?

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


W.M. Briggs asks why the Right is in constant retreat in the face of those we could easily defeat:

Why does the Left always win? Easiest answer in the world! They fight. They shoot to kill. They hang traitors. They do not retreat unless faced with overwhelming forces. They say “The hell with the rules.”

…Instead of fighting, we surrender apologetically when pushed, and as we fade we mouth words about accompanying people on their “spiritual journey” or “My Constitution guarantees free speech.”

He captures the basics. The following might be a useful expansion on his diagnosis without changing his prescription:

  • The Left is unreasonable. The Right strives for an orderly, polite and morally good society. For that reason, they tend to think that other people are inclined toward being reasonable as well. The Left on the other hand views civilization as its enemy because the Left aspires to replace civilization because it views civilization without Leftism as the antithesis of good. Rightists will try to appeal to Leftists’ better natures, make compromises and keep order, which only strengthens the Left by legitimizing them and giving them a healthier society to parasitize.

  • The Left is unrealistic. The Right cares about the consequences of its actions; the Left cares about the ideological appearance and social popularity of its actions, and this concern displaces any cares about consequences in reality. This liberates Leftists from the additional burden of knowing anything about what they are doing. Their one mode of thought is to say something that other people like to hear, and then using the power of the group, to force it to be implemented.

  • The Left appeals to monkey dynamics. Leftists ideas are more socially correct than Rightist ideas, because the ideal of the Left is equality and the Right favors hierarchy, and social situations value only universal inclusion so that the members of that social group can feel stable because there is no tension, competition or conflict. This is an illusion but one that humans can no more resist than magpies can turn away from shiny objects. The idea of everyone being included and having a share makes humans have warm happy feelings inside — this is actually their brains turning off and their bodies preparing for animal death, as if recognizing the triumph of a predator — and so they will choose it every time. This is why any social group which is not policed by a hierarchy will drift Leftward.

  • The Left recognizes no distinction between war and peace. Rightists will never understand that for the Leftist, ideology is all. It is how they socialize, organize their thinking, justify any self-esteem they have, and find other people. It is their reason for existing. Often it is the only thing that makes them feel good besides drugs, drink and sex. Since the high does not last, they pursue it compulsively. Since it must be right for them to feel good, any dissent or non-conformity is viewed as competition and rigorously pursued so the Leftist can feel good again. Therefore, the Leftist is always at war, and has no patriotism or loyalty to heritage because Leftism is organized in benefit of the individual and rejects any larger organization system, with an exception made for the herd because a crowd enforces individual rights by removing accountability.

  • Leftists base their self-image on total victory, not decency. Rightists like to think that they are appreciated for their strong, sober, wise and measured moral presence. Leftists have no such illusion. They know that people respect that which they fear, and that which gives them handouts, and they achieve this by installing a struggle toward ultimate victory. This forces everyone in the group into conformity and justifies lavish lifestyles for those sacrificing their time to the war effort.

In the future, if humanity survives, volumes will be written about the psychology of Leftism. It is an individualistic genre that manifests through collectivism because collectives are built around the idea of every individual having an equal part and reward. This creates a semi-suicidal mentality because life can only be lived through external factors, denying the inner parts of the human psychology, which creates robotic, zombie-like ideological warriors for whom life is misery and the only respite is found through destroying enemies.

Origins Of Leftism And Liberalism

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


Vox Solis offers up an analysis of the philosophical origins of Leftism and liberalism:

The Left is described as ‘politics that supports social equality and egalitarianism, thus often rejects social hierarchy and social inequality.’ This could be summarised that they often place more importance on people and individual rights than institutions or traditions. The historical merit to this is that the terms “Left and Right” goes back to the Pre-Revolution system in France, referring to the seating in the Estates General. Those who sat on the left opposed the monarchy, supported the revolution and secularization of the State while those on the right were supportive of the traditional institutions.

…Many state that the Revolution was caused by a mixture of economic factors such as the inequality between the aristocrats and the commoners which were then further expiated by environmental disasters and the failings of King Louis XVI. I agree with another school of thought in that it was primarily the ideas of Humanism and the “Death of Divinity” that occurred during the Enlightenment that was the real fuel for this Revolt. After all if the King above you has no divine mandate for the reason he has more than you, why should you go without? This “Death of God” as Nietzsche calls it is also the reason for many of the problems not only in society, but within ourselves today.

…This Death of God meant for many thinkers that an equality of soul did exist and it is only the material factors that put some human above others, which is why many of the European monarchies began to fall after the period dubbed the Enlightenment. The most famous ideals from this are encapsulated with Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Communism as a whole. Marxism, as you should know, is a socio-economic theory which is wholly materialist: it claims that all the human animals are the same but people are still split between the Proletariat, the workers, and the Bourgeoisie, the owners of the means of productions, in Society.

It is worth looking even deeper. The above analysis identifies the core of the Lefts its egalitarianism derived from Renaissance thought, but what was that but a revolt against classicism? This came within the centuries after a rash of peasant revolts in which the aristocracy, realizing how disastrous mob rule would be, put down the mini-revolutions quickly and decisively.

Those revolts have happened in every advanced society. When life is good, but then — as is inevitable — a downturn occurs, people who have never known want will rise up in anger. For them, it is easier to blame someone else than to recognize that they took good fortune for granted and because of that, insufficiently prepared for lean years. These are the same fools who eat the seed corn during lean winters.

Contrary to the normal human perception, this is not a historical event; it is a perpetual human failing, like obesity, drug addiction or the seven sins (pretense, envy, resentment, gluttony, lust, laziness and greed). We might even tie it to cognitive perceptual issues like parallax distortion and time displacement. It is a weakness in what we are, and any society that fails to combat it will find itself heading down the path to liberalism.

This force begins to win when it changes from an inside-out order to an outside-in one; inside-our orders look to inner traits, like moral character and intelligence, instead of outer adornments like educational degrees, net worth and social popularity. The other aspect, which enables peasants to pretend to be kings, uses those outer adornments as arguments for proof of inner traits, and thus inverts the meanings of those inner traits.

Plato suggested a cycle of civilizations in which they first lost sight of this distinction, and then went through a series of outward-in manipulations in order to try to hold back order. This culminates in democracy, which leads to tyranny eventually. As Leftism changes to its modern form, where censorship and corruption are the norm, we are seeing this transition.

How The EU And USA Will Implode

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016


The New Right often gets overlooked in the flood of buzzwords, but its primary contribution was to match the subversion of Cultural Marxism with the idea of a cultural shift; if this blog has contributed anything to that, it is the Kantian idea that first people must decide to be good and only with that goal, can we make a cultural shift away from the selfish individualism that is the hallmark of liberalism.

One wonders where the New Right got this idea. Among other things, including writers from both Right and Left, the thinkers of the New Right may have observed the lessons of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which is here explained by the last leader of that decaying regime, Mikhail Gorbachev:

The Soviet model was defeated not only on the economic and social levels; it was defeated on a cultural level. Our society, our people, the most educated, the most intellectual, rejected that model on the cultural level because it does not respect the man, oppresses him spiritually and politically.

If you ever wonder why the West is panicked and manic about defining “oppression” to mean civil rights violation, here is why: they fear the day their people realize that oppression comes in many forms, and the creation of a wealthy but soulless hell in which the strong serve the weak is one of them. The rot of modernity has been well-chronicled by literature, film and philosophy, but no one has been willing to criticize what is a materially successful system, even as it erodes its population through sexual liberation, corruption, miserable pointless jobs, alienating crime-ridden cities and complete nonsense paraded as profundity by a junta of media, government and academia.

Despite the subtle horrors of modernity, most people could find a way out, and sold their souls for twenty pieces of silver that bought a suburban house, health insurance and plenty of watery beer to consume while watching important sporting events. This created an ugly modern psychology: you either “made it” and retreated to pay taxes to fund the disaster, or remained “beneath the wheel” and faced the dysfunction of the system at risk to your life. This explains the division of Western societies into a middle class and an underclass, with a few super-rich oligarchs floating above, completely removed from the daily experience of their citizens.

None of the ideological movements against modernity have succeeded because they fail to offer at least an alternate prosperity, or even better, an improved one. The lesson of history is that successful revolutions promise prosperity alongside ideology; the Leftists had their promise of wealth redistribution, and libertarians have the promise of getting your taxes back. None of these movements address more than the material, as the New Right noted, so by themselves they are unconvincing as ideological movements without a promise of enhanced prosperity.

To a Machiavellian observer, ideology serves as a justification for lifestyle. The undistinguished want everyone to be equal; the criminal want a concentration of power to exploit; the normal want stability and a feeling of well-being in the thought that they are treating others well. Modernity combines the first and third of those and makes them seem inseparable, which then makes it almost impossible to argue against, much as the ideal of Soviet Communism was that every worker would be provided for.

When that ideal revealed itself to be a form of camouflage for Machiavellian power, the citizens of the Soviet Union experienced a cultural shift:

A leading Soviet journalist and later a passionate herald of glasnost, Aleksandr Bovin, wrote in 1988 that the ideals of perestroika had “ripened” amid people’s increasing “irritation” at corruption, brazen thievery, lies, and the obstacles in the way of honest work.

Gorbachev again:

I would launch perestroika in exactly the same way today. “We can’t go on living this way.” That was our slogan. “I want changes,” Viktor Zoi, the pioneer of Russian rock music, sang.

People saw the man behind the curtain, and the system became separate from its promises. The third and first desires were separated, and then large numbers of people were willing to undertake the gamble of passive revolution, meaning that it occurred through (mostly) political means. Right now we are seeing the same thing in the West, where a vast program of civil rights and social welfare has been revealed to be the means of keeping leaders in power as each nation spends itself into insane levels of debt — and raises taxes, crushing small business and the middle class, much as its burdensome over-regulation does — to support this social/materialist agenda.

New perceptions contributed to a change in attitudes toward the regime and “a shift in values.” Gradually, the legitimacy of the political arrangements began to be questioned. In an instance of Robert K. Merton’s immortal “Thomas theorem” — “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequence” — the actual deterioration of the Soviet economy became consequential only after and because of a fundamental shift in how the regime’s performance was perceived and evaluated.

When the man behind the curtain is revealed, and the noble ideals can no longer conceal the grim reality, change is in the air. Ironically, for the Soviet Union, a liberal state, it came through further liberalization: a revolt against the means of control, and not its purported goals. The nature of revolution to this date has been a steady shift Leftward, even in Leftist states, because people essentially want anarchy plus prosperity, forgetting that this abolishes social order and replaces it with oppression of one form or another. In our current age, we are seeing a revolt not against a regime, but against liberalization or at least its consequences.

As Mikhail Antonov declared in a seminal 1987 essay, “So What Is Happening to Us?” in the magazine Oktyabr, the people had to be “saved” — not from external dangers but “most of all from themselves, from the consequences of those demoralizing processes that kill the noblest human qualities.” Saved how? By making the nascent liberalization fateful, irreversible — not Khrushchev’s short-lived “thaw,” but a climate change. And what would guarantee this irreversibility? Above all, the appearance of a free man who would be “immune to the recurrences of spiritual slavery.”

In this quotation, we find the actual reason for the fall of the Soviet Union: people perceived themselves as enslaved by ideology, much as in the modern West we see how all of our governmental policies fail, and yet we cannot change them because they are expressions of our fundamental liberal idea, which is the equality of all people as a means of avoiding hierarchy and “restrictive” social norms.

Those who watch historical trends can tell that the regimes of the West are falling because of a lack of faith within their citizens. The elites who want the sick show to continue know that they can keep society afloat through perpetual liberalization, but now, that seems to have run its course because there is nothing else to liberalize and our problems still get worse. For this reason, the cultural shift must not be against specific governments, but ideology itself, replacing it with realism that allows prosperity for the competent.

The key to this shift in perception is to appeal to the basic need of the individual to feel existential contentment without a loss of material support. The spirit of the human being requires a sense of pride, but this is not possible under ideological regimes, because in them the nation and its people become a means to the end of ideology and its frenetic quest for pervasive equality. This creates a crushing loop where people pursue happiness through egalitarianism, but then must confront the reality of enforcing such an illogical prospect.

Both are reminders that in the modern world, economic progress is not a substitute for the pride and self-respect of citizenship. Unless we remember this well, we will continue to be surprised — by the “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet world, the Arab Spring, and, sooner or later, an inevitable democratic upheaval in China — just as we were in Soviet Russia.

Nationalism, culture and values provide the pride that equality never can. This is why these are demonized by ideological states, which try to destroy heritage, family and religion as a means of replacing them with ideology. This is why, much like the modern West, the Soviets pursued a suicidal path of ideological struggle which eventually removed all that sustained their people.

SPIEGEL: The third issue: You are criticized for having criminally underestimated the national question …

Gorbachev: That’s not true. I lived in a country in which the people spoke 225 languages and dialects, and where all religions existed. I grew up in the Caucasus, and I was familiar with the problems.

Diversity was our strength in the Soviet Union as well because ideology requires destruction of culture, which requires diversity. Diversity replaces a single way of living, with values system and culture, with the brutalist conceptions of the State. It naturally leads to a situation like the one the current West endures where the wealth of the nation is redirected into the ideological goal of roping others in to the same system, which in our case is globalism and in the Soviet case was international communism.

As one economist observed:

“The Soviet Union was a peculiar empire in that it didn’t simply exploit its colonies for material gain but actually provided for them,” says Gabriel Stein.

Our peculiar empire has shifted from colonialism to a policy of gift-giving through foreign aid abroad and the welfare state, geared toward third-world immigrants, at home, as if following the Soviet playbook. This does not show a Communist influence so much as it demonstrates the inevitable end of all liberalism: a series of subsidy programs ever-expanding to keep the ideological state powerful, at the expense of both prosperity and spirit.

The days grow short in the West. Winter is coming; history shows us that Leftist empires end the same way, whether in ancient Athens or modern-day America and Western Europe. This is how the EU and USA will follow the Soviets into doom, but it is up to us to recognize that we do not oppose those governments so much as the principle upon which they are based, because it always ends this way. Until we revolt against the revolution as idea, we are doomed to endlessly repeat this cycle of optimism and failure.