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Revealing The Left: How Richard Spencer Won Fistgate

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Donald Trump was inaugurated, and the lügenpresse alternated between claiming that the turnout was low and talking about how exciting the rioting was. But in reality, the Left revealed itself, and what the world saw has reflected poorly on the Left.

For starters, the Left managed to achieve nothing but vandalism and assault. This alone makes them look bad in the same way that they are criminal, namely that they relieved at least one Trump supporter of his wallet and phone at the Deploraball. But even more, it makes them look incompetent. America would have been impressed by revolutionary violence. Instead we got ineffectual revolutionary vandalism.

The burnt trash cans will be replaced. The smashed windows will be fixed. The destroyed limo will be reimbursed by insurance. Life goes on, and yet, something has been established: in the face of what they claim is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, the Left did nothing more than have a giant tantrum that left a mess for someone else.

And then there is Fistgate, which happened when an Antifa protester sucker-punched Richard Spencer while Spencer was busy giving an interview. How brave, to attack someone so stealthily when they were otherwise engaged. And yet, Spencer won this one, not only by looking like a purposeful person in a room full of juveniles, but also because the Antifa guy got outed:

First they got a picture of him. Then some brave souls — glorious internet malcontents — went out and found more on this guy. It turns out that he is a literal cuck who is into degrading excretory sex. Click here for the backstory on this guy [NSFW/L].

Now, normally this would mean little. Most of us have no interest in such things, so leave them to the practitioners in silence. But here we are not talking about “what happens in your bedroom is none of my business.” We see a guy who is telling us what we can and cannot think, and by doing that, he is claiming to have his act together enough to tell the difference. And then, we see the ruins of his life and realize: we should not be taking advice from this guy about how to think. We should be arresting him for violence because he is essentially nothing more than a petty criminal.

Richard Spencer came away victorious from that confrontation. In the mind of this antifa assailant, he would be praised for taking out a vicious enemy. The rest of Amerika — newly attentive because it has awakened from the dream of a Leftist-consumerist new world order — saw a man talking get assaulted by some random guy who it turns out embraces practices that most people in America view as a sign of mental illness.

In the same way, everyone witnessing the Trump coronation inauguration saw badly behaved, spoiled children looting the businesses of ordinary people because they were having an emotional tantrum, or an excuse to take a selfie and post it to social media for the attention points they apparently value more than mental stability and personal responsibility.

Perhaps Americans would have been more impressed if anarchist/antifa types charged the mall with machine guns and grenades, occupying territory like a real rebel army. But instead, we saw the true face of the people who have been bullying us for years. These are not responsible, wise and visionary people. They are angry teenagers with no plan except to legitimize degeneracy, and we are done with them.

Donald J. Trump Becomes The 45th President Of The United States

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Official White House live cam here:

As far as the usual profound “out with the old, in with the new” commentary that you expect from websites today — and remember, consumer expectation defines the product — there is only this to say: the election of Donald J. Trump was a strong rebuke to Leftism and the ideals of liberal democracy, which places equality above realistic competence on its list of demands, and the crest of a wave which is the people of the West reacting to the gradual Leftist takeover since the French Revolution.

Leftism is rationalization of decline. Our civilization has been in decline for a thousand years, but decline is a gradual process, and its final stage is liberal democracy and Leftism, including disastrous programs like gender equality, normalizing perversity, diversity, socialism and pacifism. Leftism is insanity. The election of Donald J. Trump is the first of many “baby steps” toward reversing and choosing a new direction not just away from Leftism, but from civilization decline itself.

2017: A Year Of Authentic Hope

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Someone else writing about the collapse of Western Civilization formulated a description of authentic hope, which shows us that with the turning of the tide comes the certainty of victory:

On the other hand, there is no authentic hope for humanity and the biosphere generally in my not-so-humble opinion. But what do I mean by “authentic” hope? We define it by contrasting it with false (Flatland) hope. Here is what false hope looks like. False hope…

  • takes human nature out of the equation by positing a blank slate (anything is possible)
  • expresses instinctual optimism about the future, and is in this sense obligatory.
  • expresses instinctual anthropocentrism
  • expresses instinctual technophilia (technology solves all problems)

False hope thus amounts to mindless (instinctual) cheer-leading for the human species. And there is one more thing about false hope:

  • false hope is emotionally warm & fuzzy, but also ephemeral and meaningless.

For example, most everybody forgets all about that hopeful Ted Talk 5 minutes after its over. Everybody applauds, sings Kum-Ba-Yah and then goes home. Nothing much happens thereafter. In short, false hope amounts to yet another happy moment in the life of a social, story-telling species.

And now, let’s turn to authentic hope. What would that look like? Authentic hope…

  • puts human nature front and center
  • asks humans to examine and acknowledge their deeply flawed behavior without filters (blinders)
  • asks humans to examine and acknowledge the probable and primitive evolutionary roots of that behavior
  • asks the seemingly impossible by challenging humans to transcend various instinctual drives, defenses and biases in order to make fundamental, positive behavioral changes

And there is one more thing about authentic hope:

  • authentic hope is brutal; it is unrelenting. Once the process is put it place, it goes on forever and applies to everybody (no backsliding).

2008 was a year of despair. Doing what seemed to be the right thing had ended in disaster for America and Europe in the middle east. The forces of decay, emboldened by that failure, made a hardcore push to get crazy Leftists elected in the USA and EU. This prompted an onslaught of terrible policy decisions which will haunt us for many years.

On the other hand, these events made explicit the failings of the Leftist system. Problems got worse, not better, and people were existentially miserable, knowing that even if they patched up their systems, society would still be a series of meaningless acts like jobs and red tape which make life ugly and sad, which rewards only those who are already ugly and sad by dragging others down to their level.

In 2015, the pushback began. Britain opted out of the globalist project the European Union, and Americans polarized against the Leftist ideal because they saw it in action and the results were miserable. This birthed authentic hope: that not only could we defeat immediate problems, but that we could root out their origins and destroy them.

At this point, the momentum is on our side, and we only fail if we engage in meaningless extremes, or fail to engage in the necessary meaningful extreme of removing Leftism entirely and its root, the individualism/solipsism which was the weakness in the Garden of Eden and still lives in every one of us. We must defeat our social and self-centered monkey nature, and restore Western Civilization.

Turnaround For The West

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

From the Huntington-was-right department, Patrick J. Buchanan on the revocation of legitimacy for liberal democracy and Leftism seen with the Trump revolution:

What we seem to be seeing is a rejection, and a counterreformation against the views and values that came out of the social and political revolutions of the 1960s.

…Across the West, establishments have lost credibility.

The proliferation of minority parties, tearing off pieces of the traditional ruling parties, points to a growing distrust in ruling regimes and a return to identifying with the nation and tribe whence one came.

A concomitant of this is a growing disbelief in egalitarianism and in the equality of all races, creeds, nations, cultures and peoples.

From the end of WWII to the present day, world Leftism was given essentially a blank check to avoid (1) the Great Depression and (2) Hitler (with a possible footnote mentioning “and Stalin too”).

Instead, it delivered us into a soft totalitarian system where ideology is more important than reality, and consequently, everything is falling apart. It managed to do worse than Hitler and the Great Depression by threatening to extinguish all of us.

As a result, people see the Leftist system as failed just as much as the Soviets, and are rehabilitating some ideas from the Hitler era, namely that diversity does not work — minus the slave labor, genocide, and epic wars that made Hitlerism a failure.

With the election of Barack Obama, the Left thought it had won, when in reality, it was in its final probation period. Being unrealistic, it chose not to improve life, but to tell all of us that we were Hitlerians while advancing a suicidal Utopian agenda.

The Benefit Of Organizations

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


The enormous benefit of organizations is ignored (full stop). However, globalists get it, so why don’t the rest of us simpletons?

Here is an example of organizational benefit as demonstrated by Siemens AG, in Germany. A casual evaluation of the Company’s website reveals that the organization produces engineering equipment and is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

What the man in the street may notice (from time to time) is the name “Siemens” labeled on road construction equipment or even medical equipment. But what this poor creature will not see, is all the other things Siemens managers keep themselves busy with.

According to the website, Siemens are actively busy producing a wide variety of machinery for a wide variety of markets. But what is less visible is the following list of activities:

  • Press. The company is about to celebrate its founding 200 years ago, with a Gala event that includes Angela Merkel and 100 (prominent) guests, to be opened by the President and CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser.
  • Employment. The company recruits on a full-time basis with promises of a meaningful life by making a difference, improving lives and protecting the environment.
  • Innovation. The company constantly looks ahead by acknowledging its designers, identifying research topics, determining strategy for the future and presenting pictures of the future.
  • Magazine. The company produces its own hardcopy for distribution to employees and clients alike, containing fascinating articles on possible applications in almost any market.
  • Events. The company currently participates in three trade fairs, one career event and one webinar.
  • Future. The company proposes a sustainable future by supporting “ingenuity for life,” “Intelligent Infrastructure,” “Sustainable Energy,” “Future of Manufacturing,” “Digitalization” and “Financial Services.”
  • Growth. The company is as follows: “As of September 30, 2016, we had around 351,000 employees in more than 200 countries. In fiscal 2016, they generated revenues of €79.6 billion.”

The above activities consume insurmountable resources for small to medium size companies, but are only a small indication of the force-multiplier effect of a multi-national organization. An in-depth investigation will reveal much more power to maneuver where financial experts will detect gob-smacking financial channeling only called wasteful expenditure if it was detected, which would only happen when politically expedient for another board member or senior manager.

But it is more than money because this particular CEO is planning on sitting next to Angela Merkel at the gala event, where they will not talk about engineering products, but the cozy reduction of cross-border impediments such as exchange rates and border control, i.e. the perpetuation of the “sustainable”(sic) Globalist World Order.

Imagine, knowing the extent of added capacity organizations possess, that instead of applying it in a negative, manipulative way, that same organization could apply it in a constructive way towards cooperative nationalism i.e. Germany First (not EU First).

Imagine, knowing the extent of added capacity Siemens possesses, that it was applied towards improving Real Politik in support of the resurgence of conservatism. For example, with a standard overhead of 10%, Siemens would be able to spend about $10 billion on conserving the future of civilization. Trump only spent about $100 million to get elected.

That would put Hillary’s donors to shame, not because they donated less, but because they donated to a single person. The person on its own is useless as was shown in the 2016 election.

On the other hand, Trump did not win the election because of himself; he cooperated with a “movement” as he affirmed in his speeches. But now there is a good probability that he is going to destroy this movement by forcefully “uniting” with mentally ill individuals in the name of compromise with the existing system, which is an organization of vast power.

This insistence on “individual” unity will destroy the force-multiplier effect generated within the organizational movement. Even Trump does not realize that the strength of the organization has surpassed his own.

While Trump focuses on trade deals with other countries, he should also look at on internal coordination between his “movement” and other “organizations” in America. That would have made America great because its own civilization would improve, creating an organization to multiply the force of his insight far beyond one man.

Read Between The Lies (#1)

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

From The Wall Street Journal, an inspection of the “post-ideological” era:

If President Barack Obama sought to usher America into a postracial era, it is increasingly apparent that President-elect Donald Trump is opening the door to the postideological era.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to identify a clear ideological bent in the incoming president’s early moves. It’s probably a mistake to try, because the definitions of left and right, liberal and conservative, are being scrambled right before our eyes.

Some Trump moves so far track with his populist outsider campaign image. Others are moves a conventional conservative could make. Some on his team would have been comfortable picks by any standard-issue Republican; some could as easily have been made by a Democratic president-elect.

Reading between the lies is an acquired skill.

First, it helps to notice that these three paragraphs say essentially the same thing in different ways: Trump did not act as Leftists expect him to because, instead of appointing people who support his exact vision of the whole, he is choosing people on a realistic basis, selecting those who can serve well in each office.

Then, it makes sense to look for the hidden agenda. These are the first three paragraphs of the article and generally speaking, any major themes will appear there. Here is the sleight of hand: the definitions of left and right, liberal and conservative, are being scrambled

This is the usual Leftist trope. “Bad = Good” is how you get equality. “Left = Right” is what they are hoping for, because that way, they can keep being Leftist and call it Rightist, just like they did with all those neoconservative RINO cucks in the past.

Finally, we should look at the actual content of the verbiage above: “post-ideological” and the final sentence: Some on his team would have been comfortable picks by any standard-issue Republican; some could as easily have been made by a Democratic president-elect.

That final sentence summarizes the actual content of the article, and “post-ideological” is the conclusion he uses to explain it away, hoping that you will not realize that “post-ideological” equals rejection of ideology equals Realism of a sort, which means conservatism. As you may recall, conservatism is consequentialism plus transcendental goals.

In other words, we have not shifted toward in ideological Right, but by rejecting ideology, have moved away from the Left, and all that is “left” is the Right.

The media, being what they are, will not want to admit this. If you are a journalist with no power except your voice, you want some way to seem more important than reality as it is, and the best way to do this is to have a moral voice. This makes you socially important, and at that point, you are in the domain of the Left even when badged as Right.

When our media is read between the lies, much is revealed, but mostly how much adornment is given to the plain and obvious to make it seem fascinating for the aimless among us.

Trump Sets The Stage For Deportation

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


In a recent statement, President-Elect Donald J. Trump stated the possibility of exile or deportation for those incompatible with American civilization:

‘Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!’ Trump said Tuesday morning on Twitter.

Essentially what he is saying here is that those who pursue the American way belong among us, but those who do not should endure “loss of citizenship.” He hedges that by offering jail instead for the relatively minor act of burning an American flag, but this still reserves deportation for those who commit more egregious violations.

This policy reverses centuries of egalitarian thought. Under egalitarianism, society is facilitative, or designed to support its citizens in their pursuit of their own interests, whether those end in good results or bad. Under this new idea, people belong among us only so far as they are able to offer something to the cooperative achievement of a collaborative goal.

Exile/deportation would solve many problems. Instead of trying to “reform” criminals, we could simply send them somewhere else and let nature or the gods deal with them as is appropriate. Where now we spend millions in keeping our society together, we could simply admit that not everyone belongs, and let those who belong elsewhere go to some other place.

The old way was based on wealth and entitlement. The new way is based on realism: we need a small group of people pulling in the right direction and those who support them, and those who hate this setup or want to go another direction belong somewhere else.

This is the return of Social Darwinism, not by wealth, but by direction.

The Fidel Castro Litmus Test

Thursday, December 1st, 2016


So who do you really like….Donald Trump or Fidel Castro? Should be an easy question for anyone in the vast, non-morphadite voting demographic. With years of Liberal Therapy, as shown in the video above, this actually becomes a bit more tricky. It gets back to Daddy Issues.

Seriously. It gets back to what you believe a leader should do with power and authority. Do you use it to accomplish things, or do you use it to put people in their appropriate pigeonhole? Since we actually have to do a serious compare-and-contrast for the really smart cookies over at AU; let’s start with some similarities.

1) Both men lived a lifestyle adorned with the the riches of Croessus.
2) Both men have labored hard and ruthlessly to attain power.
3) Both men have dedicated and loyal fans.
4) Both men seem to have overturned an overturned an entrenched status quo.

But there are also two bedrock differences between Trump and Castro.

1) What do you do with your power?

Donald Trump built things. Lots of things. He put people to work. Lots of them. You, like me, may think the resorts and gambling palaces our current President Elect are garish, but they had a positive that can’t be denied. If you laid up some drywall or hung a few wires, then you got money, health insurance, pension matching, paid vacy and a sense of purpose. Tell me the Gubbermint program that gives people that and gets stuff done on time and under budget. You can’t. It does not exist.

FIdel Castro put people in what he believed was their assigned places. The ones that escaped are the ones who avoided the fate of living under Emperor Fidel.

Driving the pre-Castro elite into exile was part of Castro’s plan. The pre-revolutionary business and political leaders of Cuba, he felt, were tainted and compromised by their association with the United States. They had accepted a quasi-colonial role for Cuba, and as long as they made money from it, were content with a Cuba that was “working for the Yankee dollar”, whether in the sugar cane fields, at the baccarat tables or in the red light district of Havana. Fidel wanted to purge the country of this old, collaborationist elite, and build a new Cuba—strong, self-confident and free.

2) How do you handle the people you have power over?

Donald Trump is judgemental if you work for him. You either

A) Do your job, get paid and continue in his service.

B) Fail at your job. You get informed that “You’re Fired!” and go spruce up that resume and not use The Donald as a reference.

This means he treats people with true objective fairness. The type most precious snowflakes will tell you is !NO FAIR! He has expectations and treats you like an adult. That can truly suck if you aren’t much at adulthood.

Fidel Castro wants you dependent upon him. He wants his name to forever be the answer to the deep, philosophical question “Who’s yo daddy!?” He wants your adulation as he gives you free “healthcare.” He wants you to idolize him for giving you a “job”, giving you “housing” and giving you your life.

Unpack this and you’ll hit a veritable wall of evil. You see, he can’t give you your life unless he owns it. By logical deduction, you are his slave. So naturally, Pope Francis is truly sorry to see a great guy like Fidel bite the bag and step out the door.

Again, I’m somewhat aghast that this is a serious question. The Justin Trudeaus, the Barack Obamas, The Satanic Anti-Pope and all other dirtbags are magnetized to Fidel Castro. He represents what they truly believe in: absolute power, wielded absolutely. He is the living embodiment of the Gnostic Heresy. When Reverend Jonathan Edwards described the power and the inclination of God towards all of us simian, detestable sinners, he wrote the following:

The God that holds you over the Pit of Hell, much as one holds a Spider, or some loathsome Insect, over the Fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked; his Wrath towards you burns like Fire; he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else, but to be cast into the Fire;

This is how liberals like Fidel Castro view the people they feel empowered to dispense with on a whim. It’s the sort of theological training that leads an otherwise educated person to speculate as to who you get to trash in a Basket of Deplorables. But in the end, they hold that view of the people, but blessedly encounter limits on how well they can carry out “God’s” will as expressed in Edwards’ famed Jeremiad.

Yet the real reason why people better educated than the apparent typical University of Arizona cretinous morlock should choose Trump over Castro comes from Joel Hirst. It’s not just what happens to the sinners who land in the hands of the pissed-off commie deity or his overrated, sadistic homunculus named Che. It’s the ones who slip through their bloody fingers and live in the perpetual twilight purgatory of Leftist dominance instead. Here is what they suffer. Here is what’s behind door number one.

Forget the gulags and the concentration camps and the firing squads. Those are the stories that made the papers at least — stories that were told. No — the most important part of this tragedy is not what happened, but what didn’t happen. The novels that were not written, stories of beach and mountain and freedom and loss; the beautiful paintings that did not come to be, which in turn did not inspire abounding love – the love of storybooks. The cuisine that was not refined; the businesses that did not provide for families; inventions that do not help humanity; diseases that were not cured.

If the alternative has even the inclination to try Making America Great Again, I can’t imagine wasting the saline solution to mourn the passing of Fidel Castro. Unless, of course, his death is analogous to the failure and demise of everything these sick and depraved worshipers of the zero genuinely believe in. Maybe the decisions made by students at Arizona U tell us all we need to know about how well our current academics serve the continued interests of civil and decent society.

World Order Shifts As Liberal Democracy Fades

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


Sometimes, after years of education and successful business activities, your historical importance comes down to using a key term like “alt right” during a political campaign. In an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Trump presidency Chief Strategist Steven Bannon backpedaled on any association with nationalism:

“People are not going to buy this,” Bannon said. “The deplorables are not racist.”

Trump can win support among African-Americans and Hispanics, he said, if the new administration can deliver on a “unifying message” of strong schools, safe streets and jobs.

“And condemning any kind of form of racism or hatred that’s out there,” Bannon said.

The fears of those who think racist groups have been energized by Trump’s hard-line campaign stances against immigrants and Muslim refugees were heightened last weekend when the National Policy Institute, led by alt-right figure Richard Spencer, held a gathering in Washington that included Nazi salutes and shouts of “Hail Trump!”

The point that was missed is that the Trump voters are a massively mixed bag, but include — possibly as their largest majority — people who do want ethnic nationalism, or the meaning of “nationalism” that historically-aware people use by default.

The world order has shifted. In the 1990s, there were two competing voices: Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Huntington. Fukuyama thought that human politics had reached their final evolution with liberal democracy; Huntington saw that as the calm before the storm, and predicted that increasing contact would lead to tribalism.

As it turns out, Huntington was decisively correct. Even Henry Kissinger is doing his best to re-state Huntington’s theory as his own. He speaks of a world order arising from regional identity instead of the organizing principle of the former world order, which was loyalty to a certain political and economic system:

In his most recent book World Order (2014), Kissinger argues that the world is in a parlous condition verging on international anarchy. This is not only because of shifts in the material balance of power from West to East, but also because the legitimacy of the postwar world order is being challenged. Four competing visions of world order—the European-Westphalian, the Islamic, the Chinese, and the American—are each in varying stages of metamorphosis, if not decay. Consequently, real legitimacy inheres broadly in none of these visions. The emergent properties of the new world disorder are the formation of “regional blocs” with incompatible worldviews.

In other words, the world is now divided into four orders which are remnants of the old order, irrelevant because they failed to predict the turning of the tide. What will remain is the general identity of these groups as they shift toward something less ideological and more practical.

The age of liberal democracy was a time of ideology when humans thought that having opinions which pleased others, like something out of a Dale Carnegie course, was more important than having those opinions when applied turn out to have positive results. This mentality allowed the postwar Left to seize power and then be condescending to all who did not follow its path, but that same inertia caused the Left to fail to notice that its fall of the Soviet Union moment had arrived.

Bannon has backed the wrong horse in this moment when he should be relishing victory. This is unfortunate for him and for Donald Trump, but will not affect their victory. They are part of the rising libertarian wing of Western leaders — part of what the above quoted article refers to as a backlash against “bureaucratic introspection” — which makes way for the transition to the Huntingtonian world order.

Why The Vote Recount Is A Dead Letter

Monday, November 28th, 2016


The Left has pinned its hopes on a vote recount. Other than the obvious fact that, as with Brexit, this shows the unwillingness of democracy to be democratic, their initiative is doomed to fail even if it succeeds.

The Trump/Brexit phenomenon is wider than one nation, and none of the talking heads understand this. It is a sea change, a shift in history, and a wave of rejection of postwar Leftism.

People accepted postwar Leftism in the mistaken notion that it would end warfare and recessions. They hoped for racial reconciliation, an end to class warfare, and a new era of peace enjoying the protection of the American superpower.

Seventy years later, the verdict is in. The Great Society/New Deal programs have not stopped poverty, recessions or corruption, but have worsened them. Civil Rights and anti-discrimination laws have only made racial antipathy worse.

Britain has voted to leave the EU. Whether that is obstructed or not, the sentiment remains, and to deny it is to risk open warfare through revolution. Italy, Austria and Hungary are at odds with the EU and considering leaving it.

In the USA, the voters raised a giant middle finger to the entrenched elites — the Cathedral — in media, government, academia and entertainment. They want off of this ride because now they can see where it is going: Brazil/Venezuela.

Fidel Castro is dead and the formerly-prosperous land of Cuba is now an impoverished ruin where people fear to speak their minds. The American Left seems oblivious to all these things, and determined to silence dissent by calling ideological non-conformists names like “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe” and “Islamophobe,” even and especially when those terms do not apply.

We are seeing a wave of discontent. The productive sectors of Western civilization gave postwar liberalism its chance, and postwar liberalism blew it. There is no going back.

Maybe they stage a recount, get the lawyers involved, buy off or threaten into silence the electoral college… it does not matter. The minds of the people who make the West what it is have shifted from acceptance to rejection.

Right now, Jill Stein is doing nothing more than raking in money. Hillary Clinton and the rioters are hoping to cow us into silence. But the middle finger is still there, upraised and unbowed.

Trump and Brexit are symptoms; the cause is the failure of postwar liberalism and its sneering refusal to consider that it might be wrong. All attempts to suppress this will only inflame the already agitated.

You Have Been Warned.