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Virginia Elections Prove That Populism Is The Future

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

A Republican lost an election in Virginia and already the media, essentially the propaganda arm of the Left, is telling us how Democrats are “back” and Republicans are doomed.

As usual, it is best to ignore the neurotics.

The real lesson that we can take from this election and others around it is that Republicans who fail to embrace the Trump/Farage/Petry style populist agenda are doomed because their base will come out and vote for a cuck. They realize that the Left is doom for this country, Western Civilization and themselves, so they will not keep electing do-nothings, as the Republicans proved to be — with a slight exception for Ronald Reagan — for the past century.

Looking into the supposed carnage, we see the message that Republican and moderate voters are sending to the GOP, who still hopes to retain its job as house Negro for the Democrats. The GOP bureaucrats just want to keep the bucks flowing without having to tackle difficult issues, which are never popular because when you take on difficult issues, you can actually lose, where with do-nothing issues, the result is the same whether you fail or succeed, and you have better job security.

In the Virginia gubernatorial race, Republican Ed Gillespie tried to have it both ways — with disastrous consequences. Gillespie, who privately agonized about the degree to which Trump should be involved in the contest, refused to campaign with the president. But at the same time, he trumpeted Trump’s culture war issues in ads.

White House advisers spent Wednesday combing through the election results and fuming about Gillespie’s have-it-both-ways approach. By keeping Trump at arm’s length, they said, Gillespie squandered an opportunity to motivate conservatives whose support he needed.

“He wouldn’t embrace the president, so the base that came out to vote for the president and that voted for me, didn’t come out,” said Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, a Trump campaign official who nearly defeated Gillespie in the June GOP primary.

Instead of a victory for the Left, this shows their future defeat, but we will have to wait a little while: the cucks and bureaucrats are being replaced by action candidates like Trump, Farage or Petry. More accurately, if the GOP fails to run a populist candidate, it will be replaced, and so natural selection is going to weed out the cucks.

You can tell that this is true because the GOP “experts” — the ones who make their money on nothing getting changed — are telling us exactly the same thing that the Leftist press is. Hint: if it agrees with Pravda, it is probably KGB. We are at that level of civilization decline in America now, in that our “deep state” is really a vast Communist gang that has taken over government from within with the help of its fellow travelers in academia, media and (mostly dot-com) industry.

For us, the best thing to do now is the exact opposite of what the “experts” and media shills tell us to do. The Right needs to double down on its core ideas because those ideas reflect the changes in the world that have occurred with the failure of globalism, which is taking down the Left, liberal democracy and ideology-as-an-alternative-to-realism across the world.

Gillespie made his bed by waffling like Mitt Romney or John McCain, and voters rejected him, which let the Left take the lead. Future elections will either by lost by the Right in going with the old “deep state friendly” GOP agenda, or won by their replacements, who will take the Republican platform to where it should have been for the past century.

Politics, Like Martial Arts, Cannot Focus On Solely A Single Technique

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Politics is like martial arts. Each style of politician has his own set of strengths and weaknesses, just like a martial artist does. In order to win the fight it is necessary to adapt the style to the situation. Because each style has its own flaws it is necessary to be trained in more than one style.

The 2016 campaign was not a traditional political contest. Rather it was a brutal Kumite like in the movie Bloodsport. With the Clinton organized graft machine on one side, and an awesome superhero corporate patriot tycoon extraordinaire on the other, it was an extended no-holds-barred match, which took many side casualties along the way.

The full on brawn and brains balls out left-right-left-right straight punch attack that worked for Trump during the campaign so effectively has served him poorly as president. During the election he was known to counter-punch. In fact, Trump was respectful to Clinton until she went low in the election first, at which point he suggested he was “taking his gloves off.” That strategy allowed him to see what attacks were going to be thrown at him and then to knock their lights out. It got to where Hilary feinted even. That’s how psyched out she was by his unrelenting assault.

Since the election Trump went in guns blazing for conservative causes. He initiated the Muslim travel ban off the bat. That faced objections of nonsense from the herd, but resolute left wing judicial activist denial. He should get more credit for having pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Supreme Court appointment, handling of the floods, and the debt ceiling extension.

But he is not getting any credit, and that’s because by punching first on so many issues and swinging for the fence he hasn’t gotten as much done as if he had shadowed the opponent at first and then wore them down incrementally, or gotten what he could from the opposition before antagonizing them. No single strategy will work when confronting a crafty, energetic opponent.

A counter punch strategy would have worked better. The Dems want an infrastructure bill and a corporate earnings repatriation bill, which both would be good for conservatives too. Trump knows infrastructure and about corporate finance and taxation better than anyone. That should have been the first thing passed.

Think of this like you are in a fight and are a good ground fighter. Your opponent wants you to fight on the ground. Go to the ground then. This happens in the UFC where a good grappler like B.J. Penn refuses in his older years to take opponents like Diaz down to the ground, because he is making wrong assumptions about his opponent. He ends up losing a fight he could have won.

Trump also should have counter-punched on the Muslim travel ban rather than having initiated. Since the election there have been many opportune times to have initiated the travel ban. For instance, just this week some terrorist asshole ran people over in NYC. Had Trump waited to impose the travel ban for the right moment, the leftist stay of appeal would have had less sympathizers. This is a little bit like jiu-jitsu where you don’t use force against force. That’s not efficient. Sometimes you let them advance while you get off to the side or the back where you can apply a choke. The opponent must think they are winning, or they will not risk anything. When they get arrogant, that’s when you hit them. It worked with the Clintons, it can work with the Dems and the Deep State too.

Trump also jumped the gun with the Comey /Deep state/FBI conflict. By firing Comey at the advice of his lousy advisors like Jared Kushner, he stepped into a Democrat ambush. Had Trump been a more patient fighter public outrage over the abuses of power by the FBI would have led to Congressional investigations of Comey rather than special counsel investigation of the pres. Some of these strategic problems were created when instead of picking his most ardent supporters like Giuliani, Christie, Stone, Kudlow, Gingrich, etc – he appointed inexperienced and later cling-ons such Priebus and the like. He needs to focus on being a patient fighter.

At this point Trump needs to understand that the government is like mafia and he is in a virtual Best of the Best (part two) competition where Wayne Newton says “Rules? What rules? There are no rules?? Ha Ha Ha!” When you go into this type of tournament it doesn’t matter who you “like.” It matters who is experienced enough to beat liberals bloody with professional subtlety.

Its time to assemble the martial arts team. Use a combination of political jiu-jitsu, or soft fighting where we wait for opportunities to strike with maximum efficiency, and dirty boxing counter-fighting. The goal should be to incrementally and opportunistically wear down our political opponents. This is not a ten second bar-fight. It is the first term of an eight year reign of victory.

Perhaps Trump has already hit on this strategy, because by focusing on lowering taxes across the board but applying this incrementally, he will starve the swamp of the easy employment and steady flood of new faces that it needs. Leftism, unlike counter-fighting, does not have much endurance to it because it relies on its base becoming excited about “historic” issues, and there are few of those in real politics.

Breaking down the tax bill into multiple bills and passing them through a combination of attrition and bribery. Taking a poker-faced slower paced approach with less threats against US enemies, but then hitting them harder all the sudden instead of talking. Trump did just that when he bombed the Syrian airforce and it worked great. It would mean doing the travel ban more incrementally, country by country as they attack us. That would face fewer court barriers to being law that way.

It would mean constructing the wall and funding it incrementally, rather than all in one bill. Inch by inch, we win every issue, and take the country back. Then when we have our popularity up, and the opponents cornered, they will be mentally worn down. Then we can go for larger and larger welfare cuts. It is a matter of hitting the vulnerable spot. After all, timing and strategy are the essence in politics, just as it is in martial arts.

How The UN Is Like A Corrupt Wall Street Mortgage Bond

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Mark Steyn had his own unique and colorful description of a problem that afflicts the UN and that also led to great pain and suffering for Amerikans too heavily involved with the housing industry or Wall Street. We’ll call it the Conundrum of Dog Feces Ice Cream. Mark shares the, umm, recipe for this delicacy below.

It’s a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog faeces and mix ’em together the result will taste more like the latter than the former. That’s the problem with the UN. If you make the free nations and the thug states members of the same club, the danger isn’t that they’ll meet each other half-way but that the free world winds up going three-quarters, seven-eighths of the way.

About a decade or so ago, the market for Mortgage Bonds in the US experienced a similar problem. A lot of lending companies were lending money to people who were all but spending it all on Doritos and Wild Irish Rose. Not only that, they were writing them Adjustable Rate, No Money Down, unverified credit mortgages. They then cleaned this up a bit by package several hundred of these sh!t-show mortgages into debt instruments along with a selection of “good” loans in order to spray a few puffs of Eu De Cologne on the dog chips. These were called collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs).

Eventually, any system that mixes good with bad will do exactly what Mark Steyn opined the UN does. The creators pass off some flim or flam once, so they try again. This time they mix more crap in with the vanilla. The Ice Cream is only slightly less yummy, but hey, how many of the six-year olds are smart enough to catch on? So they go back and mix in a little bit more waste per unit volume. On Wall Street, this took the form of increasingly exotic derivative securities based on the originally pungent CMOs. People kept slamming worse and worse quality ARMs into these bonds until people finally took the short end of the trade. It was so bad that people like Dr. Mike Burry and Steve Eisman had to literally invent their own exotic securities to short the original exotic securities that no honest man would ever have traded in to begin with.

So how does the UN compare? What fraud is being hidden at Turtle Bay? President Donald Trump tells us the UN is a noble institution that could work as effectively as international terrorism if they just cut the red tape and unloaded a few hundred pounds of beaurocracy at a local port-a-shed. Mr. Trump is uncharacteristically and regrettably nice to these charlatans below.

President Trump delivered remarks at the United Nations Monday morning, arguing that the international body has yet to reach its “full potential” because there is simply too much “bureaucracy and mismanagement” in its current structure. “The United Nations was founded on truly noble goals,” President Trump said in New York City, before getting to the heart of his message. Despite an increase in U.N. funding, Trump said, “we are not seeing the results in line with this investment.”

The actual truth is better described by tirade. The UN is very efficient. It is doing exactly what it is designed to do. It sprays perfume on the Mugabes, Kims, and Maduros who inflict the misery that incompetent, stupid and egocentric leftist cults of personality always inflict upon the people they supposedly care so much about. Here’s what the US of A gets for $3B per year of charity towards these incorrigable bastards.

The U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Turtle Bay’s most influential U.N. body, has turned into a tool for notorious regimes. Several dictatorial nations maintain good standing on the council, including Venezuela, Cuba, Qatar, and other nations with horrific domestic human-rights records. Instead of promoting human rights, the UNHRC churns out resolution after resolution attacking the nation of Israel, while ignoring the real atrocities being committed across the globe on a daily basis.

In its heyday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was revered as an agency dedicated to the preservation of important global institutions. Today, UNESCO acts as an Islamic supremacist propaganda machine, attacking Jewish and Christian claims to holy sites in Jerusalem. Other agencies, such as the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), has promoted the destruction of Israel and helped perpetuate Arab-Israeli hostilities. During Israel’s 2014 war with Hamas, UNRWA-owned construction materials were found in Hamas terror tunnels. The terrorist group also utilized UNRWA schools to stockpile its missiles.

Backers of the UN say this is comparably benign. Here’s what happens when North Korea when they aren’t under the spotlight at Turtle Bay. He’s supposedly held a public execution featuring an anti-aircraft weapon. (And Bloomberg says this like it’s a bad thing.)
Yet a fraud remains a fraud. It becomes increasingly obvious and increasingly worse. The firemen burn things and the UN peacekeepers in Haiti disturb things far worse than just the peace. Read about !DIVERSITY! can be your strength too!

Here in Haiti, at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers exploited nine children in a sex ring from 2004 to 2007, according to an internal UN report obtained by the AP. In the wake of the report, 114 peacekeepers were sent home. None was ever imprisoned. In March, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures to tackle sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers and other personnel. But the proclamation had a depressingly familiar ring: More than a decade ago, the United Nations commissioned a report that promised to do much the same thing, yet most of the reforms never materialized. For a full two years after those promises were made, the children in Haiti were passed around from soldier to soldier. And in the years since, peacekeepers have been accused of sexual abuse the world over.

Donald Trump and every other civilized leader needs to just call this entire charade off. There are no united nations at the UN. It is a wealth transfer forum that subsidizes state actors analogous to intestinal parasites. We need to stop feeding them unless we like having those adorable little boys in our bowels. Let Zimbabwe figure its own darn salvation out. Cutting Mugabe a check only gives a bigger psychosis budget. Are white Rhodesian farmers really worse off when the malignant Uruk-Hai in Zimbabwe’s internal repression force are too broke to afford top-notch ammo? Psst…Hey Donald. They aren’t gonna’ spend it on pharmaceuticals or textbooks when AK-47s are at a discount in the local black market.

The only way to get dog feces ice cream out of our diets is to stop allowing it. You get what you tolerate. What we tolerate from the UN demonstrably harms the commonweal of all innocent people. Think of the children! (And not in the way a typical UN Peacekeeper apparantly does.) The United States of America must show proper moral leadership and defund the UN after we evict them lock, stock and barrel from New York City. That is all.

Protesting the Establishment

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Protesting the establishment may seem like a straightforward proposition, but it proves to be non-intuitive because it takes no specific form because it must mutate constantly in response to changes in the political environment.

The election of Donald trump seemed straightforward in that it was a normal election. Scratching the surface, and the election can be revealed as a protest against globalism, diversity and political correctness, in that people were willing to overlook any reservations about the candidate in order to thwart those movements.

The Left responded with a wave of criminality disguised as protests and a deep state that leaked information and attempted to subvert the president. Looking at this through the lens of strategy, we can see that these acts were not a protest at all, but an attempt to reconquer power through extra-legal means.

At some level, people realize that this election was about social changes and not issues or candidates exclusively. Social media abounds with examples where children are pulled into political arguments against “whiteness” or “Christmas,” both of which Trump is a de facto example of.

Explaining protest activity to children becomes quickly bizarre because protest takes the form of a political tantrum, and so adults must act like children in the context of issues not designed for consumption by children. And yet we have to tell our children something because they see that we are reacting to something.

This resembles the paradox of adults confronting a child scared of monsters and scary dreams. You cannot tell a child that monsters do not really exist after you have just read them a bedtime story of a monster. When the monster is political, it makes even less sense to disguise events from children, which just makes protest seem even more unreal.

South Africa encountered protest culture recently because the national Minister of Police refused to provide farm murder statistics in the same news cycle in which the farm murders actually took place. This resulted in a nation-wide peaceful protest via blocking highways and dressing in black clothes.

This protest included pre-schoolers also dressed in black. I had to tell my little boy why “we” were dressed up in black. So I told him that we are sorry for people who died on the farms. He knows that “farms” are far away and in his mind it is a distant proposition meaning that he did not need to get scared. From previous “talks” he also knows that “criminals” exist because that is why we have police (after all). However, the connection between criminals and death has not become realized in his mind yet. But what he does know is that showing empathy for somebody who got hurt is acceptable.

During my talks with this young boy I have come to realize that I can under no circumstances tell him that our neighbor is a criminal. The reason may be surprising, because it is not that he would expect the police to protect us, it is that he expects his own father to do something about it – and not tomorrow, but now.

My son finds it utterly inconceivable that I would not immediately act on the knowledge of my neighbor’s criminality. In fact, if he saw me act, he would support me, but if I do not act, he would shrink away with fear. Knowing that I acted would make him stronger while knowing that I failed to act would cause him to potentially suffer from stress his entire life.

In the same way that children intuitively understand stories about monsters, they also know that to fail to challenge monsters is to be defeated by them. It will be many years before he sees that in egalitarian human society, the monsters are seen as victims because they are equal, and so good people find their hands tied.

Therefore it is not a question of what to tell your kids in these dystopian times; it is a question of identifying the threat and acting on it to show success by reducing that threat. There is no way I can tell him that Afrikaners have no authority to reach out to because every structure is the enemy, but he must see me acting or he will grow up scarred by inner terror.

The road to raising a child in these anti-establishment times leads to the necessity of confronting the monster even if it is the majority of our everyday life. Teach your child to act against the monster, including protest where necessary, as a life skill and normalize it. In healthy times, this would not be needed, but we do not live in healthy times.

You will learn from this process simultaneously. Because criminals are taught a life-skill, it is possible to oppose their behavior, even without violence, once you have taken the difficult first step of identifying it and explaining why it is a monster. Since our time is essentially defined by the normalization of criminal intentions through democracy and diversity, the monster must be opposed with protest.

This prepares children for the next step, which is to change our civilization from a dysfunctional to a functional one. Having criminals continuously and increasingly roaming the country-side is unsustainable, just as having an organization that rewards criminality is, and so for the next generation to defeat these monsters, they must prepare now to eventually re-organized or re-make civilization after its fall.

Catalonia Shows The “Clash Of Civilizations” Emerging After The Downfall of Liberal Democracy

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

We are in the midst of a vast change here on planet Earth, for all of humanity. An old order has fallen, and while most of us are scrambling to catch up, all that was based on this old order is falling silently at the same time. You can feel the muted panic in the streets.

That old order is named modernism, and it is the series of ideas which flowed from The Enlightenment™ concept of individualism, where natural law and social order take a back seat to what the individual desires. To make society subsidize that by refusing to enact Darwinistic sorting on those whose desires lead to bad or useless things, individualism became egalitarianism, and from that, collectives form.

For humanity in all ages, the problem is herd behavior, sometimes called peer pressure, which is the root of our trends, gangs, stampedes, cults, panics, cliques and other behaviors that are “dark organizations” which counteract our goals as civilizations, and the actual needs of individuals versus what they will say are their goals.

It is a paradox to most that individualism is a form of collectivism, but when you think about it, there is nothing more selfish than a crowd: a group of people united by lowest common denominator wants, desiring to enforce those on others, and to do so without accountability because they are in a faceless mob.

Caste revolt of this nature has destroyed every civilization to date. The faceless mob, unaware of what they cannot understand, tears down those above them and assumes that civilization will just keep on trucking as it has in the past. Instead, they quickly find that social order begins to decay.

The recent history of humanity shows us trying to find ways to make mob rule work, and failing. Parliaments, the Constitution, Communism, Socialism, Communitarianism, Distributism, Anarchism and all of these other “isms” are simply attempts to adapt to a new reality in which we have an ad hoc hierarchy based on who has the favor of the crowd at any moment.

As with most unstable things, and following in the path of the French Revolution which led to economic collapse and ideological warfare, global liberal democracy — the political philosophy of equality, itself a form of individualism — has died of its own success. Illogical plans, when put into action, “succeed” for some time, but then their unrealistic approach causes them to collapse.

Arising from that, we are entering the age of what political philosopher Samuel P. Huntington described as “The Clash of Civilizations” in which people move away from ideological and economic definitions of who they are, and instead turn to civilization, which is formed of the intersection of culture, heritage, religion and values:

World politics is entering a new phase, and intellectuals have not hesitated to proliferate visions of what it will be-the end of history, the return of traditional rivalries between nation states, and the decline of the nation state from the conflicting pulls of tribalism and globalism, among others. Each of these visions catches aspects of the emerging reality. Yet they all miss a crucial, indeed a central, aspect of what global politics is likely to be in the coming years.

It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.

What is happening in Catalonia now fits this pattern. The Spanish state has smashed, jailed, censored and disenfranchised its citizens in order to try to prevent the inevitable: the breakup of the nation-state, formed of many different ethnic groups united by ideology and economic system, into smaller civilizations based on innate identity.

In the United States, a similar sentiment has arisen with the election of Donald J. Trump; people want America “before the change” to return, and by that they mean the 1950s style Western European America. In the United Kingdom, voters opted to escape the economic and political cartel of the European Union. In Germany, the proto-nationalist party Alternative For Germany won record gains.

The pushback has become, and it is consists of people not just rejecting the mixed-racial modern state, but the mixed-ethnic one as well:

People are people; differences, even intraracial differences (as those between English and Irish, or Ukranians and Russians, for example) exist, and frictions, up to and including warfare, happen. We can’t wave a magic wand and make those things disappear.

Following this, other aspects of modernity are fading as well, including faith in democracy:

The next step will be a rejection of caste revolt itself. Cynicism toward equality is spreading. The sheer incompetence of our leaders has made us distrust the utilitarian premise of democracy, which is that whatever most people think is good, is actually good. The future includes hierarchy, both of leadership, and of social roles, with those who have the most prized traits rising above the rest.

Even more, recognition of the total failure of pluralism, or that we can coexist with those of other racial and ethnic groups, religions, philosophies and even political inclinations is collapsing on both Left and Right:

Obama was wrong when he said that we are not two countries, one blue and one red. Because, in fact, we are. Our job is to make sure that our country prevails.

As the fundamental ideas of democracy, equality, pluralism, and diversity unravel, something new is coming to take their place. It will be “new” in that, as history cycles, we will find ourselves back where we were before this disaster of modernism occurred, and when then start going the other way, toward the traditional forms of living that have protected us for millennia.

We will now be addressing the only question remaining which is that of whether, after this seemingly endless disaster, we can restore our civilization and ourselves to be something great again, as slumbers in our ancestral memory and imaginations:

I often wonder about this question: is the character or the spirit of a people genetic, and if so, is it passed down through generations — or can it be subverted by means of propaganda, dysgenics, and what amounts to psychological/spiritual warfare? Could the original character of these peoples re-assert itself, or can it be restored by conscious effort? Can decades, even centuries or manipulation be reversed?

It seems to me that we are entering a new dark age of terror as the old order falls. Most of our fellow citizens will not be coming with us into the future. Many of our most cherished beliefs are departing. But in this vast void, opportunity lurks for those who are brave and realistic. We finally have a chance to escape the disaster of modernism, and replace it with something better.


Diplomatic Approach To North Korea Demonstrates Success For Donald Trump

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Most people do not understand that the issue with North Korea is an issue with China, and has been since this pivotal event in which it was revealed that while the Soviet Union had sponsored the North Koreans with weapons, it was the Soviet ally in Red China that would defend them against anyone sane enough to stop them:

Within two weeks, the North Korean army was largely destroyed or made ineffective. Of the 70,000 NK who had been attacking UN forces at the Pusan perimeter, only about 30,000 made it back to North Korea, mostly over roads on the east coast which our generals neglected to block. The way to the Yalu, and total destruction of North Korea’s military power, seemed virtually unopposed.

…The war seemed almost over.

But, it was actually only starting.

October 25, Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) struck China’s first blow in support of the KPA.

When the North Koreans were losing, China intervened, sending up to a million men flowing into Korea to challenge the Americans, and it was this that escalated the war from localized conflict to potential world war. The Chinese learned from the experience, having faced fiercer resistance than they expect, and their next war against the Americans was fought with proxies in Vietnam.

The bigger point is this: if the West seems to be on the verge of destroying or conquering North Korea, China will intervene with the mass “human wave” familiar to the West as the defining characteristic of Asian warfare since the Mongol invasions.

Unlike sitzpinkel diversity president Barack Obama, “populist” president Donald Trump was willing to tackle this problem at the root and open diplomatic communications with China on the matter. The result is that China has joined with the UN boycott of North Korea, which means that North Korea’s economic support is fading away, forcing them back to the negotiating table:

China on Thursday ordered North Korean-owned businesses to close, cutting foreign revenue for the isolated North under U.N. sanctions imposed over its nuclear and missile programs.

China is North Korea’s main trading partner, making Beijing’s cooperation essential to the success of sanctions aimed at stopping the North’s pursuit of weapons technology. China, long North Korea’s diplomatic protector, has gone along with the latest penalties out of growing frustration with leader Kim Jong Un’s government.

…Chinese leaders argue against doing anything that might hurt ordinary North Koreans. They agreed to the latest sanctions after the United States toned down a proposal for a total ban on oil exports to the North.

Trump skillfully trolled the North Koreans into thinking military action was imminent, further draining their resources, while slowly working behind the scenes to cut them off from the sources of income that allow them the ability to develop and maintain their nuclear arsenal. North Korea’s missiles will be destroyed, but by rust, not MOABs.

By Removing State Tax Deductions, Trump Is Forcing States To Take Responsibility For Bloated Budgets

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

All of life comes down to the choice of whether you choose a human order or an order based in nature, God or gods, and logic. If you choose the human order, you will forever be playing into the victimhood-scapegoat spectrum, where you have to blame others for the consequences of your own bad decisions.

Donald Trump just struck back at centuries of American prole-bloat by proposing to deny federal deductions for state taxes. This is a classic conservative move which supports localism by localizing responsibility.

If you are in California, and paying 6% of your income in tax to the state, you no longer have Uncle Sap to absorb the cost of that. Instead, you see it as what it actually is: a cost that California is passing on to the rest of the nation. After that happens, you will be more wary when you turn on the television and see the politicians have a new program for “free” benefits. Nope, not free anymore.

Voters in New York could approve whatever insane edicts came from their political class and shrug it off because they were not paying for it. They paid taxes, sure, but then deducted those, so the end result was that no more money came out of their pockets. If they cannot take that deduction, they will see their tax load as it truly is, which is an insane amount of money, most of it going to parasites.

Now, instead, the burden is shifted back to those with the power of the vote to change it. When California comes up with another set of free benefits, the voters have to realize that they are paying for this as well. When New York’s chattering classes decide they want another ideological crusade, the voters know they are going to feel the pain for it.

Even better would be if states and federal government adopted a flat tax. No one votes who does not have some skin in the game. But in the long term, pretty much anyone with a pulse recognizes that 60% of our taxes go toward Leftist wealth redistribution programs and that if we cut those, we could pay almost nothing in taxes.

Many have even snapped to the awareness that their high property taxes are mostly going to fund schools that are more expensive than those in any other advanced nation, mainly because our diversity load is so high and we refuse to send anyone home for total ineptitude or bad behavior.

For many years now, Americans have viewed the wealth of their fellow voters as an infinite cornucopia upon which they had a blank check to draw for any programs that increased “equality,” including civil rights. These costs were then hidden away as debt, assigned to long-term funds which were never fully paid, and otherwise concealed from the robotic, mindless voters.

Naturally, humans tend to be generous when voting with Other People’s Money (OPM) and so the proliferation of social programs was massive. If you are paying relatively little in taxes, and know that you can squeeze it out of people in other states or income brackets, why not vote to spend a little more, if you anticipate receiving more?

A vast shift has happened in the West. For over two centuries, we were drugged with the promise of Leftism, and then realized that even in its mild forms, it crushes our economies and changes us into hopeless people, much as it did in the Soviet Union. Trump’s counter-attack on taxes is part of the reversal of this Leftist wave and the return of accountability, sanity, duty and responsibility.

Watching History Shift on Race, Nationalism

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Barack Obama famously referred to people on the Right as being “on the wrong side of history,” but that only makes sense if you believe that history is a process that starts at point A (cavemen) and runs straight to point B (world Leftism). In reality, history is like the stars: moving in cycles within cycles.

As a result, we see people discover the same truths, time and again, then abandon them and face the same type of failure. This is why history is a record of failed civilizations, and they all went out the same way: caste warfare, or those of lower natural ability overthrowing those of higher natural ability.

Leftism — a philosophy of egalitarianism — has its roots in a type of quasi-civilized caste revolt that attempts to take power by appealing to the fears of humankind. We fear being inferior, not being accepted, or being victims of those who are naturally stronger, smarter, healthier, better-looking or wiser than us, so we unite to declare that reality is not what it is so that these people no longer prevail.

That in turn, as anyone who is mentally alert can anticipate, leads to domination by the incompetent. The rest oppress the best, so that the best do not oppress the rest, but unlike that latter condition, putting the rest in charge leads to lower levels of competence, and soon civilization collapses. On a historical scale, that takes a few centuries, but it happens every time.

As this revolution builds, its cornerstone issue becomes pathological denial of the differences between people in ability and character. If people are actually different, we realize, it does not make sense to exclude our natural elites from power. But if we can insist that all people are the same, and some have specific “talents” but none are more generally talented at thought and leadership than others, then we can justify replacing those natural elites with mob rule so that all of us feel safe to be mediocre or even outright bad. The herd punishes deviation more than it is concerned about those who are merely parasitic.

Part of that denial of differences between people takes the form of denying the differences between races and ethnic groups. Examples of races might be Caucasian and Asian; for ethnic groups, consider the difference between Irish and Germans. Because multiculturalism means the destruction of original ethnic group in a nation, it is controversial.

Suppression of this controversy drove the Left to global victory in the years following WW2. They established the principle that, in order to have egalitarianism, we must have racial and ethnic egalitarianism, or diversity, multiculturalism and internationalism; those three terms mean the same thing, which signifies racial erasure of European populations.

However, once the Left gained power, things went badly as they usually do, from the fall of Athens to the Napoleonic crusades after the French Revolution or even the collapse of the Soviet Union. Egalitarianism abolishes the rule of the competent, and when it gets enough power, it turns into idiocracy. The backlash has begun, first with Brexit, then Trump, and now, Germany:

German chancellor Angela Merkel has paid a steep price for her controversial 2015 decision to let in millions of people fleeing Middle Eastern and African countries.

Merkel’s party, the Christian Democratic Union, came in first in Sunday’s elections, but its 33 percent haul was its worst result since the party’s founding in 1945, at the end of WWII.

…Similarly, many Germans believed that the “grand coalition” of Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the left-wing Social Democrats had suffocated political debate in Germany, closing out real discussion over the migrant problem, crime, bailouts of countries hurt by the faltering euro, and the loss of German sovereignty.

…After the votes were in, Left-party leader Katja Kipping mourned that “the progressive Left has fallen below 40 percent of the vote” for the first time in any modern German election.

What is called “populism” means simply opposition to the globalist Leftist elites who have made themselves powerful by preaching what the crowd wants to hear, which is that we do not need to strive to be good, but are all “equal,” and therefore there is no difference in quality between people and so everyone is fine just the way they are.

This amounts to saying that Darwin was wrong, and that we do not need to adapt to life, but life needs to adapt to us. With our internal combustion engines, computers and massive overpopulation, it seems like humanity has won over life. But we cannot beat the life within, which is a mathematical organization that exists in all human populations, and it requires that we either have the competent rule us, or elect whoever the crowd favors and end up with a Reich of incompetence.

Humanity has an inbuilt flaw and it is hubris, or our tendency to be individualistic, or think of ourselves as existing outside of the natural hierarchy of human quality, the social order and its standards, and even any kind of spiritual or moral framework to reality. We wanna do what we wanna do, and we want society to foot at least some of the bill.

The root of hubris is fear. We are afraid to admit that we are small, and subject to the whims of the universe, and if there are challenges or standards, we can fail, and lose social status and the esteem of others in consequence. Our fear of failing to adapt rules us, so we gang up and form a clique that is dedicated to denying the need to adapt, like a cult or mob rule.

This clique is willing to destroy society and even humanity in order to have safety from its fear. When it finds a powerful tool, like opposition to “racism,” it quickly converts it into a weapon for forcing people not to publicly state that there are qualitative differences between individuals, families, castes, sexes, religions, ethnic groups and races.

From this erroneous outlook comes inversion, or a situation where all things affirmed in public to be truths are lies because all things that are actually true are taboo, requiring us to invent ersatz inferior substitutes, sort of like how fast food is not real food and modern art is not real art. Even worse, this inversion leads to multiculturalism, which is ethnic replacement:

For the third straight Jewish year, the most popular baby names in Israel were Tamar and Muhammad.

…Some 166,450 babies were born during the year, down from 176,230 in the previous year, while 42,172 Israelis died during the same time period.

This, too, is caste revolt: the populations which could not make great civilizations emigrate to those civilizations, then set up shop and because simpler groups have more children, outbreed the original group in part thanks to the mechanisms of advanced civilizations which allow more infants to survive. That new group then out-votes the original occupants and replaces them.

If a third world group invades a first world nation, it stands to win by demographic prevalence because smarter groups have fewer children. Even if it merely gains a majority, it will then destroy the original group by interbreeding, absorbing the more evolved groups with whom it has common ancestors. The original group ceases to be.

This means that someday, there will be no Israeli Jews, only Arabic people with one Jewish grandparent. There will be no Germans, only African and Muslim people with one Jewish grandparent. In Texas, there will be no Western Europeans, only Mexicans (Siberian-descended indios and mestizos) with one Anglo grandparent. Diversity is genocide.

Donald Trump revealed that he is aware of this shift when he refused to condemn the Alt Right and pointed out that the Left had participated in the violence, which in fact Antifa, Black Bloc and other Leftist protesters had initiated:

I think especially in light of the advent of Antifa, if you look at what’s going on there. You have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also and essentially that’s what I said. Now because of what’s happened since then, with Antifa.

“When you look at really what’s happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying and people have actually written, ‘Gee, Trump may have a point.’ I said there’s some very bad people on the other side also.

He is not merely playing partisan there. Since Samuel Huntington wrote “The Clash of Civilizations,” it has become clear that Leftism had reached the peak of its arc in the 1990s, and since that time, has been in decline, although growing in popularity as a “long tail” of people who imitate socially-successful trends pick it up and use it as a means of drawing attention to themselves.

Part of that long tail trend was the election of Barack Obama, which signaled a complete shift to the Left on race, but then brought surprises:

It’s difficult to overstate the significance of the election of President Barack Obama.

As recently as the 1950s, polls showed that the majority of Americans said they would never vote for a black person for president, no matter how qualified.

…the election of a black person did not bring about the expected “hope and change.” In fact, the percentage of blacks living in poverty increased under Obama.

As it turned out, the problems of American blacks and other minorities were not related at all to racism, which had been abolished for all practical purposes by affirmative action during the 1970s. Instead, with Barack Obama we got a Soviet-style ideological regime, complete with relocating minorities to white suburbs, penalizing wrongthink, and other acts against the Western European majority that founded the nation.

If there was a “Berlin 1945 Moment” for Leftism, it was at its peak or shortly after, when it was revealed that Obama left America as an economic, cultural, social and military wasteland.

We are now heading toward a different view of race and ethnicity which might be broadly termed as “preservationism.” People want to remain what they are, and they realize that any admixture — even one drop — replaces them with a hybrid. A German with one Irish parent is no longer a German. A Nigerian with one Anglo parent is no longer a Nigerian. A Japanese person with one Mexican parent is no longer Japanese.

This rule of totality is becoming more common as majority groups ask why, if Leftism endorses identity politics, these majority groups cannot have the same. This leads to a re-validation of the exclusion of all others:

As Irish-Nigerian writer Emma Dabiri notes: “Whiteness is ‘pure’ and doesn’t extend to brown girls, even those who can trace their Irish ancestry back to the 10th century.” It was for that reason I once turned down my mother’s offer of Irish dancing lessons.

There are two parts to the above: first, the Irish do not feel than an Irish-Nigerian is Irish, and second, the Irish-Nigerian person does not feel as if she can support the Irish culture, mainly because she does not feel Irish.

In fact, all ethnic groups that want to survive adopt a policy of racial and ethnic survival, which means the exclusion of all other racial and ethnic groups:

“Helmuth Kopp remembered how, on the few occasions he saw him during the 1920’s and early 1930’s, his Jewish grandfather, Louis Kaulbars, hit him with a whip and called him goy. Although he had a Jewish mother, his grandfather did not consider him Jewish. One day his grandmother protested this treatment, telling her husband, “That’s our daughter Helen’s child!” The grandfather replied, “No that’s Wilhelm’s goy!” My soul was damaged, Kopp said in 1995. Mother died in 1925, he went to live with his Jewish aunt and uncle. He attended orthodox school, and had a belated bris. He entered the Wehrmacht in 1941.”

…Mischling Hanns Rehfeld told Riggs:

“I have been discriminated against in my life for three things I could do nothing about. First, my Jewish relatives discriminated against me because I had a Christian mother (Schickse). Secondly, the Germans discriminated against me because I had a Jewish father. And (after the war), when I worked in the foreign service for many years, people discriminated against me because I was a German (i.e., I must be a Nazi.).”

Every group wants to know that it has an unbroken line to the past, extending into the future, and that it controls its own destiny. The racial and ethnic unity is essential for that sense of “Us” which allows a group to work together, instead of becoming atomized and individually competitive, which also strips all meaning from work as it is merely in exchange for money, and not to further the health and strength of the nation.

As this becomes clear, the “racism narrative” is falling, as exemplified by the above citations from the article on Obama:

In 1992, the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics examined the 75 most populous counties. Turns out the jury is less likely to convict a black defendant of a felony than a white defendant. The study found that “in 12 of the 14 types of crimes (felonies including murder, rape and other serious crimes) for which data was collected, the conviction rate for blacks is lower than that of whites.” Similarly, in 2013, the National Institute of Justice, the research and evaluation agency of the DOJ, published their study of whether the police, as a result of racial bias, stop blacks more than other drivers. The conclusion? Any racial disparity in traffic stops is due to “differences in offending” in addition to “differences in exposure to the police” and “differences in driving patterns.”

It turns out that the social justice agenda was never about helping minority groups, but about using perceived minority plights as a method of destroying the majority group, fully atomizing the population so that hubris, known by its modern name of “individualism,” could win out. People naturally seek to avoid dedicating themselves to activities beyond their immediate wants, but it is those activities that give life meaning, which is why people are seeking them out again.

In fact, with the shift away from the ideological assumption that all people are identical, and therefore share only material needs, we are seeing a broader shift toward the search for a life of meaning:

The first is what you might call The Four Kinds of Happiness. The lowest kind of happiness is material pleasure, having nice food and clothing and a nice house. Then there is achievement, the pleasure we get from earned and recognized success. Third, there is generativity, the pleasure we get from giving back to others. Finally, the highest kind of happiness is moral joy, the glowing satisfaction we get when we have surrendered ourselves to some noble cause or unconditional love.

The second model is Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs. In this conception, we start out trying to satisfy our physical needs, like hunger or thirst. Once those are satisfied we move up to safety needs, economic and physical security. Once those are satisfied we can move up to belonging and love. Then when those are satisfied we can move up to self-esteem. And when that is satisfied we can move up to the pinnacle of development, self-actualization, which is experiencing autonomy and living in a way that expresses our authentic self.

The big difference between these two schemes is that The Four Kinds of Happiness moves from the self-transcendence individual to the relational and finally to the transcendent and collective. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, on the other hand, moves from the collective to the relational and, at its peak, to the individual. In one the pinnacle of human existence is in quieting and transcending the self; in the other it is liberating and actualizing the self.

For too long we have lived without self-actualization because we have been avoiding the task of adaptation. Equality guaranteed this, and diversity finally provided the weapon that the egalitarians needed. But that made us miserable, not just from the Soviet-style malaise that settled over our economy, nor from the transformation of America, but the lack of purpose that stranded us in ourselves without an exit.

Surrounded By Corruption, Donald Trump Unveils A New Plan And Doctrine

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

We must all have sympathy for Donald Trump. In the late days of a dying empire, he achieved power in a contest of wills. Then he faced the worst thing any leader can: an entrenched but informal bureaucracy of people who have gotten fat and lazy by voting themselves salaries and pensions from the wealth of the sleeping sheep, who seem to respond to “good” symbols with a pathological and reality-denying reflex.

He faces hostility from not just the Democrats, but the conservatives who are at heart Democrats, who call themselves “Republicans.” On top of that, most government employees enjoyed the free-for-all of the Obama years, where tagging “diversity” to any project meant that there would be free money for anyone who participated. The Cathedral is real: a parasitic organism that lives on top of government and society.

Trump has come up with a stunningly powerful plan. It is not 4D chess, or some other wizardry, because these things do not exist given the sheer complexity of any real world task. Instead, he has chosen a simple and straightforward but deceptive path which will guarantee his victory over time.

He is letting his opponents reveal themselves. His procedure is simple: offer a reasonable compromise, then watch them shoot it down, then force them to own the consequences of that denial. He does not believe in any of the plans he is offering, but is using them instead as examples of “bipartisanship” that our current incumbents reject.

Once they reject these plans, they have proven that their beliefs are in fact illusions, and their only goal is to become part of a system and to find a place at the trough at which to feed. He reveals what they are by forcing them to act on what they say they believe in, and the instant they back down, they are doomed.

Many Republicans and some Democrats will be replaced in 2018. Their actions will reveal that their campaign promises were outright lies, instead of conditional lies, by which they promise to act on something if convenient. Trump made it convenient for them to act, and their ongoing failure made it clear that they were lying about their motivation and goals.

After 2018, the carnage will be vast. Many previously well-esteemed members of our Establishment will find themselves voted out as a wave of Trump coattail candidates seize power. Democrats will die out for failing to agree to the moderate plans Trump advances, and Republicans will fade away for having failed to oppose Leftist plans using the moderate plans that Trump has advanced.

Once the 2018 elections are over, the Trump agenda can actually begin. This is a man who handles complex projects all the time. He has begun from the ground up, and once he has killed off the opposition, he will move forward with his actual agenda. In the meantime, many of the usual fakers that democracy produces will find themselves obsolete and irrelevant, and out of power.

Trump Presages Huntingtonian Shift Away From Ideology

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

If you are quiet and observant, every few generations you may be lucky enough to witness a shifting of the tides which reveals that the world as we conceptualized it yesterday is obsolete today and toxic tomorrow:

An NBC/WSJ poll released Thursday reveals that more Republican voters consider themselves a “supporter of Donald Trump” rather than a “supporter of the Republican Party.”

A whopping 58 percent of respondents indicated they considered themselves Trump supporters, while only 38 percent indicated they considered themselves supporters of the Republican party. 2 percent see themselves as both, while 1 percent said they were neither.

This demonstrates the shift described by Samuel Huntington, who saw humanity becoming disenchanted with abstract identity and preferring the organic identity of “culture” instead of varying political, social and economic ideological systems.

In the new order, arguments based on the self-referential needs of our system, such as interest rates and maintaining influence or even spreading democracy, are less persuasive than any notions based in the idea of our people. After several centuries of trying to make ideology — itself a replacement for culture, which requires natural hierarchy, which is what the caste revolt opposed — function, people have thrown in the towel and are returning to the steps before we went down the path of ideology, resuming our search for our future there.

People are less likely to be convinced by arguments that involve concepts detached from real-world function. We see all of the paper and symbolic instruments of our time as oppressive, not in the sense of oppression, but in the notion that they distract us from life and make us alienated, thoughtless and selfish.

When we think of the age of ideology — brought on by the Enlightenment, peaking in the French Revolution, and entering its final phase with the end of WW2 — we will visualize a vast sea of graves. Many lives and good things were sacrificed to try to discover a functional social order which was dedicated to ideology. All failed, with the last being the US Constitution, falling during the Obama years.

Now we know that this entire genre of thought, based not on things as they are but the human project to remake the world in our image, is an infectious and fatal path. Any step down that path leads inevitably toward failure. We have tried every permutation, tweaked it and trying to civilize it, but ideology is a chain reaction that destroys us.

People are rejecting the Republican party for Trump not only because they believe in what he has done, but because they no longer believe in the idea of symbolic manipulators leading us to a good place. They want a realist, and anyone who is not on board with that, namely all Leftists and mainstream conservatives, have made themselves obsolete in the wake of the Huntingtonian shift.

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