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Q: What Is The Goal Of Politics? A: The Organic Nation

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Politics fools us because it erects a false target within the political system itself. That way, instead of trying to do what is right, we do what the system allows.

That includes the voters, who require every topic to be distilled to a simplistic level and converted into an emotional contest. They like anger, but they also love a soft-hearted story. And so, soon all ideas converge on the same few concepts that voters like and politicians can implement within the system.

One of the ways politics fools us is by having us direct our attention toward government instead of nation, and then confuses the concept of nation to mean the nation-state — the institutional entity joined by economic and political systems — instead of the intersection of founding heritage, culture and values that created the nation.

We can find our way around this question by looking into the related query of what “we” should possess as the object of our purpose:

From Donald Trump’s inauguration address:

At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction: that a nation exists to serve its citizens.

I wonder how many politicians in the political class believe anything at all like that? Hardly any, I imagine.

For most of them, as far as I can see, government is just a gravy train for their own enrichment. And that was what Trump was accusing most of the people standing behind him on the Capitol of having done: enrich themselves.

And if any of those people actually had any deep political convictions, it’s quite likely that they would have been almost exactly the opposite of Trump’s: that the citizens exist to serve the nation, that the citizens must be bent to serve the national will.

By “nation,” Trump means government and citizens united, which means that citizens compromise their interests with those of government. That leads to the question of what their interests are.

Most people think in exclusively short-term bursts, and so they define their interests as a retirement plan, a solid job, lower taxes and more benefits (a paradoxical combination) and a nebulous sense of having “good feelings” about the direction the nation is taking. That last need runs contrary to all the ones previous to it.

A nation does not find itself on a positive direction through the acts of government. It also will not find itself moving in a positive way through paying attention to what “most people” claim to “want.” These things are at odds just like lower taxes and higher benefits. No group of voters has ever seen their way out of this paradox.

The above is correct in its assessment of politicians: they are paid actors who deliver warm fuzzy feelings to voters in exchange for access to nearly limitless wealth. Even if they do not personally own the wealth directly, they can create lucrative consulting firms, build up portfolios through those, and, once out of office, pay themselves massive salaries for life.

But this leads us back to the question of what we should be acting toward, and whether it is a false target or a realistic goal.

There are three basic options:

  1. Self. In nature, all things are self-interested. In the human world, we depend on civilization. Thus self-interest is bound up with civilization, much as it is with our neighbors and intangibles, like life being good, beautiful and true. However, many live only for the self, and choose as their goals those things which reward them at the expense of others, the organic nation, government, society, nature, history, heritage, future…
  2. Group. We can live for the group, meaning that we sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of others. However, the group is bound with an intangible thing which is the order and organization that holds the group together and keeps nurturing it toward health. By nature, all things decay. Something must counteract that, and this is usually a mélange of culture, laws and leadership.
  3. Organic. In any list, one thing is the hardest to define, and this is it. The organic nation is the intersection of past, present and future in which the individual and group both work toward the perpetuation of an idea through its physical counterpart, namely “a people” and the order and organization that holds them together and nurtures them toward health.

Modern society is very happy if you choose options one or two. These present no challenge to authority; the selfish person is easily manipulated, and those who give themselves to the group effectively neutralize themselves, presenting no challenge to power and no brakes on the decline.

The organic nation on the other hand requires us to think of a goal higher than self, government or group; it implicitly requires us to think of the long term view, maybe in the range of ten thousand years, and to view civilization through a qualitatively filter, namely asking ourselves how good, beautiful and true everything is.

Those who are born to the Right instinctively think of the organic whole for which they sacrifice, realizing that they are holding back the decay of time and yet, by doing so, find themselves in a state of mind more eternal than temporal, and in this they find great meaning.

Trump And Dazzle Camouflage

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Dazzle camouflage was one of the more important inventions of the early twentieth century. At that time, boats were spotted using binoculars instead of radar. Inventors experimented with ways to make boats less visible.

In a seemingly great irony, one of the best ways to hide a boat from human eyes turns out to be not making it fade away, but making it noisy. Like the coloration of a calico cat, dazzle camouflage works by obscuring patterns behind distracting shapes. The eye cannot identify an object but sees the type of visual noise that resembles a complex background, so it fades into the background.

Donald Trump uses a dazzle camouflage method of obscuring his actions. He speaks to the talking points addressed by the Left, then makes them larger than life, and so what he says fades into the background. Simultaneously, he distracts them with some other outrage — even a misspelling in a Tweet — that keeps them looking in the wrong area.

For example, here is Trump baffling the opposition on the question of immigration:

The interviewer pressed him again on the scale of legal immigration, asking “[are you] not looking to reduce the numbers?”

“No, no, no, no, we want people coming in legally. No, very strongly,” Trump replied, as two of his economic advisors sat beside him — top economic staffer Gary Cohn, and Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury.

Trump also backed proposals to keep importing temporary contract workers for the agricultural sector, even though the cheap labor will retard farmers’ emerging interest in buying new machinery, such as robot apple-pickers and robot cow-milkers.”

The dazzle is Trump talking enthusiastically about immigration, which seizes the headlines, but then he qualifies his statements by making it clear that he is talking about temporary workers:

We also want farm workers to be able to come in. You know, we’re going to have work visas for the farm workers. If you look, you know we have a lot of people coming through the border, they’re great people and they work on the farms and then they go back home.

In other words, instead of immigration we have a guest-worker program. He also has distracted from the underlying issue, which Leftist journalists who cannot balance checkbooks will not understand, which is that economic forces drive immigration through a push-pull scenario.

The push comes from their home countries, where too high of a population causes them to want to escape low wages; the pull occurs in the first world, where we offer free welfare, healthcare, housing and guaranteed jobs through affirmative action. No one can discriminate against the newcomers, so they get to be first in line everywhere. What a bargain! — for them only.

Trump instead seeks to recontextualize the issue. This is not about immigration, but having people come here temporarily to work, which leads to us identifying these people and setting up programs specifically for them, which opts them out of affirmative action and normal welfare benefits. At least, this is the direction in which he seems to be going.

Will he succeed? It is hard to tell because Team Trump operates behind two layers one one-way glass. The first is that they know the press is both hostile and entirely illiterate regarding the actual issues, so the hound-dogs of the media must be distracted and deflected. The second is that the voters know nothing of how things get done, so they must be baffled.

In addition, Team Trump is avoiding transparency because Team Obama left behind a group of hostile staffers who leak anything that is said to more than one person. As a result, Trump and his staff are doing their best to signal nothing in advance, which is freaking out the D.C. political establishment because now all decisions seem arbitrary and sudden.

Democracy sets up a situation where the voters become tyrants. They want appearance, not reality, which means that any realistic program will provoke their ire but they do not mind being lied to and deceived. Under those circumstances, the only way to win is to misdirect with dazzle camouflage while quietly changing the structure of American government in the background.

Establishment Faux Elites Attempt To Bully Trump Into Resigning

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

We all remember bullies from our time in school. These were people, canny more than intelligent, who enjoyed dominating others for reasons other than being right. They are based in tactics alone.

Their favorite tactic is to mob you, which is why they always move in groups. The bully says something mean, and then his cohorts laugh at it. Or they “gaslight” you, with all of them repeating that something as if it were true. Or each one comes up with a new reason why you are bad and no good and they take turns mocking you.

The human monkey never changes. There is only one way to feel good about oneself, and that is to be good. That means to demonstrate through acts that one understands the difference between what is convenient and what improves each situation to be the best it can be. Bullies are underconfident about their ability to be good, so they act powerful and try to cow you into acting as if they are powerful.

Right now, the Establishment (entrenched government employees, media attention whores, industry lobbyists, ideological shills) are gunning for Donald J. Trump, who has found that he must work from the bottom up to “drain the swamp,” because the rot was pervasive even before Obama implanted ideological true believers at every level of the system, and then they did the same, hiring only lackeys straight down to the floor level. Even the janitors in Washington are socialists now.

They have a number of balls in the air. First, they continue trying to find mysterious links between Trump and the Russian government. On top of that, they are trying to cast doubt about his competence. Finally, they found what they think is a smoking gun: Trump’s statements to James Comey about Michael Flynn:

The conversation between Trump and Comey in the Oval Office in February—whose details the F.B.I. director circulated in a memo at the time, and which became public this week after a source close to Comey read it to Michael S. Schmidt, of the Times—was an extraordinary one. The two men were discussing Michael Flynn, who had briefly been Trump’s national-security adviser before being forced to resign over his failure to disclose pre-Inauguration contact with the Russian government, and was now a focus of F.B.I. investigators. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump told Comey. This declaration, in which the President seemed to lean on the F.B.I. director to cut short an investigation into an associate, was the part that, by Tuesday night, had Senator John McCain comparing the current situation to Watergate “in size and scale.” But the rest of the exchange was interesting, too, in the clues it offered about how the President saw his own relationship to Comey. Trump said of Flynn, “He’s a good guy.”

Naturally this is a non-story. Trump did not give an order, and he has no hesitation in doing that. He did not threaten consequences. He offered up a hope and nothing more.

The Russia story is also a non-starter. Maybe Flynn did have contacts in Russia; but, were they with its government? This becomes difficult because business in Russia is heavily entrenched with government to the point that it is hard not to find a government connection, and the media will be in full conspiracy thinking mode, with Leftist politicians echoing that as fact.

For those who have doubts about Trump, the fact is that behind the scenes, he is quietly dismantling the ground-level functionaries and rules that allow the Leftist empire to continue importing enough third world people to ensure a permanent Leftist majority. This allows their ideology to rule at the minor cost of the replacement of the American people and the nation becoming Brazil II.

In the meantime, the press and its Establishment have given a pass to the many crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Left works together because for them, there is no truth or reality, only the need to be in power through advancing the magic idea of equality. A good salesman knows a trick that will never quit.

As usual in a dying civilization, the situation has been inverted in its telling. In reality, the conspiracy is a tacit one among ideological fanatics who use the popularity of that ideology to steal wealth and power; in the media, minor Trump events become a conspiracy that threatens all of us.

For those of us out here who have watched American government slide downward and Leftward over the decades, Trump is a breath of fresh air. He knows crusty old rules and pointless nepotistic hierarchies when he sees them, and he is clearing them out. As always, the less government we have, the better off we are.

As he does that, the cultural wave known as the Alt Right is spreading the idea that equality is a myth and we need a traditional society, including strong nationalism, in order to both survive and restore the West. The actions of the Establishment and media merely strengthen that belief as we see how deceptive, manipulative and soulless our opposition really are.

Leftists Attempt To Summon Crowd To Depose Trump With Secret FISA Indictment

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Leftists realize they are losing dominance of the narrative through the combined assault of media, government and academia. In each of these industries, people have made careers by enforcing the dominant ideology of Leftism, and without it, they will be forced to compete on the basis of delivering results, something they seem less capable of doing.

These industries work as de facto monopolies, using not a single company or institution to control the market, but a broad and tacit conspiracy to only mention, promote and hire those who are “good thinkers,” namely those who advance Leftism in its post-Soviet form of consumerism (replacing capitalism) and social welfare states, justified by civil rights concerns.

Concerned about the rising wave of “populism,” or resistance to the Establishment they have created to enforce this monopoly, the Leftist industries are launching a new attack on Donald J. Trump through a sealed indictment based on FISA data:

Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump.

While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted, sources say that the indictment is intended by the FBI and prosecutors in the Justice Department to form the basis of Mr. Trump’s impeachment. The indictment is, perhaps uniquely, not intended or expected to be used for prosecution, sources say, because of the constitutional position of the President.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) allows, among other things, collection of electronic signals data from foreign powers. The American government will not wish to reveal the extend of this data, which makes sealed indictments a plausible possibility, but this creates a loophole: the secret investigation can be used as a weapon.

If a secret indictment reveals cause for further investigation, it creates a dilemma for the president. He must either unseal the sources so he can defend himself, which will open him to accusations of weakening the nation, or deny the witch hunt on the basis of secrecy itself, making him look guilty.

The Left is fully aware that it does not have data to support its accusations, and is hoping to convict by implication, using the media to whip up the Leftist constituency into a frenzy. It may not even intend to actually impeach Trump, only to give itself more talking points which will fascinate the conspiratorial mind and drive the crowd into a polarized mass movement against the presidency.

By using the “court of public opinion,” the Leftist industrial Establishment (L.I.E.) hopes to shatter the power of the Trump presidency and recapture the 2020 election before Trump can further dismantle the methods that the Establishment uses to control its herd, who most of all fear instability that could threaten their livelihoods and so can be counted on for a “panic vote” against actual change.

Undoubtedly this new sealed indictment is based on the same dubious data that was purported to show Russia hacking the election, the comedic Steele file filled with cocktail party chatter, and other attributes of the general Leftist meme that Trump is somehow colluding with the newly-Hitlerized anti-LGBT Russians.

Into The Leftist Mind

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Humans fail when we allow our big brains to become substitutes for reality. More than our brains, it is our fear of a Darwinian event that causes us to desire a place without hierarchy or right and wrong, so that we never face being wrong or failing.

This mentality is similar to that of the heroin addict: on the drug, everything feels all right. The drug suspends the challenge of life itself. It freezes time. And so, they come back for more, because the heroin drives away self-doubt and fear.

Leftists, as those who embrace the human-only world of social and emotional thinking, are people of the lie that says we can avoid making choices and having some win and some lose. This makes them masters of scapegoating, or finding someone else to blame for failure.

This can be seen nowhere better than in the response by head dingaling Hillary Clinton to her failed presidential campaign, which ironically was the biggest political failure in history because it cost more than any previous campaign:

Alas, there seems to have been precious little of this self-reflection since her defeat. The authors report that Clinton blames Trump’s victory on “the FBI, the KGB and KKK” — referring to the investig­ation of her secret email server, Russian interference and racist voters.

But the secret email server was her own doing, the product of her paranoia so deep that after her 2008 defeat, the authors recount, she downloaded tens of thousands of her staff’s emails and had them scoured for evidence of disloyalty.

The Leftist psychology rejects the idea that individual humans must adapt to reality, and replaces it with the idea that reality has a moral obligation — according to a herd of humans — to adapt to that individual human. It produces a comical mental state.

As a result, whenever Leftism fails, the Left finds someone else to blame. This is why Leftism is an apocalyptic ideology: it begins by rationalizing one bad decision, and then in order to keep that rationalization alive, justifies going further down the rabbit trail of the psychology of that bad decision, and then blames others instead of noticing its own failure, making it pathological and unable to check its own momentum.

For this reason, Leftist societies always self-destruct if given enough time, money and power.

In the meantime, Hillary announced the agenda of the Left for the next four years: blame racism/sexism, non-Leftists in government, and the Russians. We will hear of little else, and they will use these dramatic issues to unite a group for protest and vandalism to try to force abdication by D.J. Trump.

This also illustrates the fundamental incompatibility of democracy with realism. A realist requires accurate feedback; a democrat filters out data that is inconsistent with the narrative before even considering what decision to make.

For the past century or two, Leftists have gained increasing power and through that, governed progressively more with this method. During that time, our fortunes have also declined, because reality-denial always produces bad results eventually.

Trump Was Elected By People Who Realize How Leftist Policies Wrecked Our Economy

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Despite the media barrage about how Donald Trump was elected by angry impoverished white people “clinging to their guns and religion,” it seems that the suburbs elected him, meaning that the upper half of the American middle class, who are more aware of how economies work and what types of policies succeed, were instrumental in his victory:

As compared with most Americans, Trump’s voters are better off. The median household income of a Trump voter so far in the primaries is about $72,000, based on estimates derived from exit polls and Census Bureau data. That’s lower than the $91,000 median for Kasich voters. But it’s well above the national median household income of about $56,000. It’s also higher than the median income for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, which is around $61,000 for both.

These people are more likely to run their own businesses or be in positions where decision-making is needed, and because they are accustomed to handling money and productivity, they know roughly what works and what does not. The world is only beginning to awaken to what a disaster the combined Obama and Clinton economic and social policies have been for America (and most of them, wanting us to be weaker, have a vested interest in not speaking up).

In particular, they see how immigration and the welfare state have destroyed real wages for the American worker:

Over the past year average hourly earnings have risen by 2.5%. Unfortunately, the consumer-price index, a standard measure of inflation, rose by 2.4%, meaning the average worker’s purchasing power hardly grew at all.

This is no aberration. Since 2010, hourly wages corrected for inflation have risen at barely 0.5% a year. The official statistics back up reports that Americans are working harder than ever just to stay even.

Since the depths of the Great Recession, household incomes have increased steadily—not because wages are rising, but because Americans are working more hours. A longer view reveals the limits of these gains. Nearly eight years after the official end of the recession, median household incomes aren’t much higher than they were when the recession began, and they remain a bit lower than in January 2000. For families in the middle, it has been a lost two decades.

It was a bad enough disaster that we doubled the workforce by sending women to work, but immigration is even more of a disaster, driving down wages.

On top of that, Leftist social policy requires a welfare state and wealth redistribution, and this means that the top half of the middle class pay almost all of the taxes, which are then gifted to underclasses in order to “prime the pump” through consumer spending.

For every dollar spent in business, a chunk is taken out through taxes, regulations, lawsuits, unions and other Leftist favorites. This slows business, but even more importantly, passes costs on to the consumer at the same time it restricts their wages.

Americans are not starving, but they are not living, either. They are spending all of their time at work, engaged in activity of dubious actual value, in order to keep from being sucked under into the downtrodden class of people with no prospects and little future.

Could The Civil War Have Been Avoided?

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

From Calculating the Value of the Union: Slavery, Property Rights, and the Economic Origins of the Civil War, by James L. Huston.

When a society is caught in one part of the historical cycle, it loops on the same concepts. President Trump recently opened a can of worms when he asked whether the Civil War was avoidable:

“People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why?” Trump said during an interview with the Washington Examiner. “People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?”

Trump said Jackson — who died in 1845, 16 years before the Civil War started — would have been able to figure out how to avoid the conflict between the North and the South.

What Trump touches on is a simple truth: the Civil War was fought to conquer and ideological enemy and take their wealth. The North, enmired in the ugliness of factories, resented the South for having a less egalitarian but more elegant civilization.

As with all Left-leaning societies, the North was outspending its capacity and threatened by the possibility of an option to the increasingly gnarly life in the industrial cities, and saw a chance to both assert its ideology as the only possible way of life, and bolster its depleted coffers.

This war could have been avoided. Instead, we fight it again. The Left wants progress, which means even uglier cities and daily lives of conformity and pointless “hard work” jobs that achieve nothing important, and the rest of us want a society which rises from the ashes of modernity toward the kind of wholesome, fulfilling life that the South had.

Since we have industrial machinery now, slavery is not even a factor, although it seems that American blacks suffered less violence and poverty under slavery, which made them valuable members of the economy instead of disposable labor worth only what industry would give it, and less now that we have found new bulk labor in immigrants from the rest of the world.

How Donald Trump Is Emerging Victorious With An Alt Right Agenda

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Recently the controlled press foamed over the “leak” of an image of Steve Bannon standing in front of his “war board,” which contained a list of objectives for the Trump administration. As some commentators mention, it would be ludicrous to imagine that with his background in the military and business, Bannon would accidentally leak this material.

Then we consider that some months ago, the Leftist press was chump-championing the removal of Bannon from the National Security Council or possibly the White House, neither of which turned out to be actually true.

Trump is playing the media as he always has, by creating a non-event that they cannot resist, and then acting silently elsewhere. The media drones, realizing they have been played, save face as best they can by then under-reporting the real activity. This combination of trolling and action gives Trump the initiative with media and the Left — including most Republicans — playing catch-up.

Few people realize how extreme the Trump platform, which is like a Reaganite version of the Alt Right, actually is. He was elected on a combination of reverse identity politics, fiscal conservatism, and what most people are afraid to mention, social conservatism. While Trump is only nominally a conservative, he is a consequentialist, and respects results more than happy feelings and ideology.

As a result, it makes sense to place Trump as a moderate, meaning that he is not committed purely to one side or the other, but his realism controls the pragmatism of “compromise” and “bipartisanship,” which makes the goal to work with the System itself instead of focusing on objectives outside of the System, such as effects on citizens, civilization and the future of the nation.

He has found, however, that a deeply entrenched Establishment controls Washington, D.C., by forcing all participants to work first within the system, and secondarily only toward any kind of purpose. This is how government becomes, as our founding fathers and Plato both noted, a self-serving corporate parasite to the organic civilization beneath it in the power structure.

Populism, if it has any core idea, is based on real-world results for the purpose of strengthening the organic civilization instead of doing what works with the elaborate labyrinth of rules and influences set up by power structures themselves. In other words, power should have purpose, instead of serving itself.

This follows from the shift that Samuel Huntington noted, which is that civilization is moving away from formal orders based on the universality of human individualism, and instead is shifting to informal orders motivated toward organic goals like identity. Liberal democracy is fading away in a cloud of its bad decisions and failures to rectify the perceived problem of previous orders.

While he fascinates the fools in the entrenched politics and media industry with bafflement, Trump is working from the ground up, removing obstacles and establishing policy that will then be challenged, requiring its clarification at a higher level. Instead of trying to chip away at the top of the Obama house of cards, he is undermining its foundations.

In the meantime, he is generating headlines that are either misdirection of our attention like many of his Twitter messages, or show the US pushing back against bad guys who were emboldened by the weak Obama foreign policy. In doing so, Trump recognizes the truth of superpower politics: value of currency comes from strength not just in industry, but in international relations.

As his cover, he is using the Alt Lite style “cultural libertarianism” to provide defensive freedoms to the core of this country, which has always been its Western European descended stock, by enabling them to sidestep demands for more diversity, affirmative action and special interests like baking gay cakes.

Although the pundits both above and underground are shocked and appalled by some of his actions, like the cruise missile strike on Syria, it is slowly settling in that that act was a pushback against the imperial aspirations of other powers, and not an American policy of custodial intervention like the previous war.

Internally, he is focusing on the power he has to make lasting change. This will require not just administrative orders and firing people, but getting his policies set into law through the courts and eventually, legislative change. He knows this will be a long road.

So does the Left, which is why they are dusting off the Reagan-era script and embarking on a policy of sabotage and subversion at every turn. The captive Republicans are joining with them, because both Official Right and Official Left have much to lose if the goal becomes results in reality instead of “working with the System.”

Behind all of these actions lurks the motivation that the Alt Right shares: a sense, from Julius Evola, that the West has collapsed and we need to rebuild by defending both our people and the moral, intellectual and spiritual state of wanting to do first what works best, and to push aside those formal orders like Systems and ideologies that aim to thwart that goal.

While the hoped for wave of populist revolts seems stalled in Europe, this is mostly the result of central European addiction to social benefits states, and is caving as the many policies of the Left simultaneously groan into full failure across Europe. The Trump method, while slower and subtler, sets the stage for the next generation of renovation.

For this reason, the mission of the Alt Right — which currently seems to be languishing in political fatigue — becomes doubly important. The cultural wave must continue to clarify and simplify its message of removing formal and universal order, and replacing it with the organic nation and a focus on consequentialism.

Through these high level principles we can communicate a few general heuristics that people can apply at local and regional levels, seizing control of the ground more than the power structure, and creating upward pressure on that power structure while destabilizing it. In Europe as in the USA, many local and regional offices have gone to those who understand this imperative.

Our ultimate goal remains the same: restoration of Western Civilization through its people, the “remnant” who are not yet wrecked by our downfall. We will have to remove the bad while nurturing the good, and realize that all of the institutions we made have turned against us, and need to be reconquered and redirected.

With this in mind, we finally have the tangible path that most have craved for so long: a pincer attack, removing political obstacles while applying pressure — and incentive, to those who can work toward our goals — from below through a wave of cultural demand for a different type of society than the one in which we currently live.

Contrary to the negativity floating around out there, we live in great and dangerous times, and opportunity is all around us.

“Mr. Comey, You’re Fired!”

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

If #DrainTheSwamp is anything other than a cool sounding #Hashtag over at #Gab, then yesterday was a most excellent day for true believers in the restoration of some semblance of decency in Washington, DC. Let us embark on a thought experiment where we assume for the sake of removing exogenous factors that Donald J. Trump really and truly is a pussy-grabbing, swine-plooking, low-down, disengenuous, ego-masturbating, power-lusting, bloody-toothed, throat-ripping, braggadocio brigand of vast and ineluctable Knee-and-err-thall dysgenics.* Even assuming Donald J. Trump had completely slimy and self-dealing !INSIDE THE BELTWAY! motives for firing FBI Career Parasite, James Comey, yesterday goes in the win column for Team America. Yesterday Vin Scullyism returned to the swamp astraddle The Potomac. The individual was subordinated to the good of the country.

Andre Dawson has a bruised knee and is listed as day-to-day. Aren’t we all?

Put quite simply, regardless of whether or not you are an Expos fan of yore, we are all, even the All-Star Outfielder and clean-up man suppossed to be day-to-day. Regardless of where we work or who we choose to ultimately serve, we are not personally bigger than our cause, our office or our society. When you violate these principles, you’d better be as good of a king as Charlemagne.

James Comey wasn’t even Charles Schumer; much less Charles the Great. Eric Holder, Alberto Gonzalez, Jamie Gorlick, and finally Jeff Sessions ALL opined that Comey should be singing tenor… ten or twelve miles away from any important decisions involving the FBI. It’s hard to simultaneously piss off both Jamie Gorlick and Jeff Sessions. Your options, at least with regards to the US political and social spectrum are typically one or the other. It took a maxed-out Cloaca Maxima to embrace the healing power of and on that one. Michael Goodwin performs the necessary proctology to support that particular diagnosis.

The suddenly former FBI boss was long cavalier about making enemies among both Democrats and Republicans, as if going rogue repeatedly proved his rectitude. On occasion it did, but Comey increasingly wore his self-righteousness on his sleeve, confident he was too big to fire. That was his fatal mistake. And it’s why Trump made the right decision to show him the door.

In and of itself; I find that particular vice necessary, but not sufficient cause to fire a professional bureaucrat. St. Paul teaches us that lust for fame is the fountainhead of sin, but not, in and of itself; the tainted liquor of malice. Comey checks off the necessary boxes in his quest for self-aggranization.

Comey’s power-grabbing arrogance is why I called him “J. Edgar Comey” two months ago. His willingness to play politics, while insisting he was above it all, smacked of Washington at its worst. He was the keeper of secrets, until they served his purpose.

For their to be any legitimate justification for a democracy, the people voted into power actually have to wield it. The relations have to be a formalized chain of command with duly enacted reules of engagement; vouchsafed by an uncompromising system of checks and balances. An unelected bureaucrat, operating a dark organization beyond his official mandate that wields its influence upon the gravaman of an information cartel will only yield to corruption and ultimately decline. Comey could have been to Amerika what Ricimer was to Late Imperial Rome.

So for all his manifold flaws, Donald J. Trump had a bright and shining moment as a true American Justiciar. Goodwin fittingly sings the praises below.

As such, the president did to Comey what no president had the courage to do to J. Edgar Hoover. Five presidents wanted to fire Hoover, with Harry Truman accusing him of running a police state and of blackmail. But all were afraid of Hoover, so he died in office. Trump acted before Comey could get that kind of lifetime protection, which has no place in American democracy. At our best, we are a nation of laws, not of people who accumulate power and ruthlessly wield it without accountability.

Trump, like the MLB Manager who listed the wounded version of Andre Dawson as day-to-day, enforced legitimate professional accountability on an illegitimate aristocracy of back-stabbers. Firing James Comey is an emotional event for professional DC and it’s Cheerleaders and catamiting Blow-Harlots in the Main Stream Media. James Comey, in their warped and dishonest world, was never supposed to be day-to-day. Mr. Trump did Amerika a solid with four magic worlds. “Mr. Comey, you’re fired!”

* — I need to go check Al.Com this morning to see if I missed any of the preferred DNC talking points on the way in to work this morning.

Comey Beheaded

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

All corrupt parties have a vested interest in chaos, uncertainty and misdirection. They specialize in generating reams of published material about any event. This then joins with those who write to be popular, which means they invent a way to translate popular opinion into a semi-topical screed about recent events, in spreading nonsense and foolishness.

Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey. Apparently this was a shock, and Comey found out about it secondhand; it also seemed like odd timing because Barack Obama has just brought himself and his new multi-million dollar war chest back to Washington, D.C., in an echo of the Clinton Foundation: a front man for receiving funds to distribute to agitators, as Leftists usually do.

A sensible supposition is that Trump has just sent a message to all employees of the US government:

If you have been working with the Establishment/Deep State, you can be fired at any time, even if there is no replacement handy.

We might call this the Trump Personnel Doctrine, or, throw the bad apples to the pigs. During the last eight years, only those who played nice with the Obama regime were promoted, and this took the form usually of sins of omission, or ignoring obvious lawbreaking, than affirmative acts. In particular, they ignored problems that contradicted the Obama doctrine of white replacement and Leftist rule.

Comey presided over the Fort Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and several other events where the FBI stood down instead of investigating obvious threats who were not of a politically correct category. Investigate whites, ¡Sí!; investigate non-whites, ¡No!. And so Muslim terror was allowed to continue, making the white population cower in terror and emboldening angry minority groups.

Trump probably waited until he had both a clear picture of what Comey had done or failed to do, and a politically opportune time. Barack Obama has just had his hand spanked, much like Vladimir Putin got his hand spanked in Syria. While the pundits bloviate and talking heads chatter, behind the scenes, interesting things are happening.