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How Bad Was The Leftist Regime Under Barack Obama?

Monday, February 13th, 2017

The Leftist press is currently engaged in damage control. Voters, who are an inert bunch because the demands of socializing with others require avoiding extreme opinions, finally woke up to the Obama-Clinton disaster when the economy really crashed. But how bad was it? One source provides a overview of the disaster of the Obama economy:

First, let’s establish that the American economy really is sick. From 2011-2016, we observed the poorest economic expansion on record. Usually, recoveries from sharp recessions are equally sharp. This recovery was a dud. Barack Obama was the first president without a year of 3 percent real GDP growth while in office. Further, from 2011-2016, annual growth averaged more than a full point less than growth from 1965-2010, a period that includes drag from multiple recessions. Similarly, growth in real personal incomes and wages lagged behind the long-term historic average, and by several measures income inequality increased.

Second, the diagnosis. Three factors drive an economy: growth of the labor force, growth of the capital stock, and what economists call total factor productivity—how much output is produced by each unit of labor and capital. The poor economic performance of late cannot be blamed on the labor market. From 2011-2016, employment expanded rapidly, though the wages paid by those jobs were decidedly subpar. But from 2011-2015 (the last year for which data are available), capital formation plummeted—by almost 50 percent compared to the average annual growth rate observed from 1965-2010. Total factor productivity declined even more, from a long-term historic average of 1.1 percent to just 0.4 percent, a plunge of nearly two-thirds.

The media, academia and government elites — the Cathedral — feigned disbelief at the rejection of Obama and everything like him, but the numbers tell the tale. The American middle class was suffering from the burden of redistributing wealth, and they needed relief. For this reason, they elected Donald J. Trump to clean up the mess, and the rest is history.

Leftists Just Inherited The Next Terror Attack In America

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The brilliant strategy of Donald J. Trump: he issues a relatively mild immigration order, and the Left goes wild and impedes it however they can.

As a result, they have inherited the next terrorist attack on this land, which otherwise Trump would have owned by virtue of being the new President.

Instead, he has transferred the blame by offering a “light” version of what must be done, allowing himself to be crucified, and now letting the natural flow of events take its course.

Since terrorist events are a regular occurrence, it is inevitable that one will happen, and instead of blaming Trump, the voters will blame the Leftists who stopped him from sealing up the borders and cracking down on domestic terror.

Not that Leftists will admit this, because Leftists are pathological and always lie, but the average person in what is left of Western Civilization is not quite a Leftist.

And thus, the cultural wave against liberal democracy gains additional momentum…

Steve Bannon Reveals The Core Of The Alt Right: Traditionalism Plus Nationalism

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

The mainstream media calls him a “white supremacist,” which originally meant someone who wanted Caucasians to rule the world and subjugate the lesser races, but now apparently means a white person who resists diversity.

Diversity, as a derivation of the idea of equality, works the same way that equality does: whoever is perceived to be on top is penalized and that power and wealth is redistributed to those on the bottom. It might be called anti-Darwinian supremacism.

However, Steve Bannon reveals a far more nuanced view of the world:

Bannon’s readings tend to have one thing in common: the view that technocrats have put Western civilization on a downward trajectory and that only a shock to the system can reverse its decline. And they tend to have a dark, apocalyptic tone that at times echoes Bannon’s own public remarks over the years—a sense that humanity is at a hinge point in history. His ascendant presence in the West Wing is giving once-obscure intellectuals unexpected influence over the highest echelons of government.

…“The West is in trouble. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that, and Trump’s election was a sign of health,” said a White House aide who was not authorized to speak publicly. “It was a revolt against managerialism, a revolt against expert rule, a revolt against the administrative state. It opens the door to possibilities.”

…Curtis Yarvin, the self-proclaimed “neoreactionary” who blogs under the name “Mencius Moldbug,” attracted a following in 2008 when he published a wordy treatise asserting, among other things, that “nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth.” When the organizer of a computer science conference canceled Yarvin’s appearance following an outcry over his blogging under his nom de web, Bannon took note: Breitbart News decried the act of censorship in an article about the programmer-blogger’s dismissal.

Neoreaction, like its parent philosophy found among the reactionaries, starts with this cyclic view of history: there are right ways to run a civilization, and less-right ones, and when civilization deviates from the right ways, it enters a decay cycle. At that point, it has become corrupt and must be partially destroyed in order to rebirth itself.

Like many philosophies derived from the libertarian fringe, Neoreaction is based on the idea of offering options in the freedom of association vein. Its primary concepts, “patchwork” and “formalism,” state that the world is breaking apart into many little corporate states where government is no longer viewed as anything but a self-interest, profit-oriented actor, and therefore must compete for citizens according to free market principles.

While in itself this seems dodgy, as we know that the world will shift to Coca-Cola and Big Macs instead of Beethoven and Aristotle, the point is made that currently, under the aegis of a moral imperative, government appears to be a benevolent moral actor but in actuality is acting to increase its own power and share of the wealth of the citizenry.

As the Founding Fathers alleged, then, government is a parasite once given enough power, because like all things on earth, it acts in self-interest. It is better — in the Neoreaction view — to formalize that self-interest by making government competitive, thus giving it an incentive to reduce its own power in order to increase its own wealth.

This misses the point in many areas, notably what aristocracy addressed, which is a recognition that those who are good at making profit are not good leaders because they are specialized in a different area than leadership. A for-profit system will reward lowest common denominator thinking and shape its people into a commercial culture which is incapable of greatness.

Instead, aristocracy chooses the best people and entrusts them with wealth and power which they have an incentive to keep consistent or slightly increase, but because they already have all they need and are not judged by acquisition, have no motivation to keep the kind of growth-oriented Ponzi scheme to which free markets devolve in the hands of the Crowd.

As Plato said in The Republic, Libertarianism is an intermediate stage whereby those with wealth attempt to defend it by arguing for a benevolent “every man for himself” type order, forgetting that the more numerous drones will simply form a big gang or cult called a Crowd and then take over power. Libertarianism is a march to death, but as Moldbug demonstrated, Libertarian theory is a way out from Leftism.

Bannon reputedly reaches a similar state by pairing Neoreaction with transcendental idealism, which he derives from its oldest source, the Bhagavad-Gita:

According to a former friend of Bannon’s, he “used to talk a lot about dharma — he felt very strongly about dharma … one of the strongest principles throughout the Bhagavad Gita.” Dharma, a difficult term to translate from Sanskrit, can mean righteousness, but also duty. Every human must follow his or her own dharma (duty, calling) in accordance with his or her nature and social duties in order for society as a whole to be following the path of dharma (righteousness, order) and be in line with the cosmic order of things:

It is better to engage in one’s own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly, than to accept another’s occupation and perform it perfectly. (Bhagavad Gita 18:47)

…Given Bannon’s worldview, which sees the world, and especially the West as being in a state of moral and economic crisis resulting from the lack of mooring in traditional values (in other words, adharma, or lack of dharma or alignment with a sacred worldview), his interest in dharma is not surprising.

Dharma is (in part) a defense of inequality: each person has a different role, and they contribute unequally toward a cooperative purpose, which is not found in material — like economics, politics and social factors — but in principle, or upholding the ideals and structures which make for a life which is closest to the divine.

With this inclusion, Bannon’s Neoreactionary influences seem more methodological and his goals more like those of the Alt Right, which combines nationalism and traditionalism with a futurism that acknowledges hard truths about humanity.

This pairing of Neoreaction and Hinduism shows a chief strategist who is aware of the trends of history and how we break out of them. We move from materially-derived ideas such as demotism, the Neoreactionary term for popularity contests like consumerism and democracy, toward ideal-based movement toward a stable and qualitatively improving world order.

In itself, that does not seem significant until one realizes what it rejects. Ideals are not fixed but are continuous, meaning that their core principles never change, but adapt and improve qualitatively while remaining essentially the same thing. The notion of Progress has died, including the liberal democratic version which holds that improving the material situation of individuals is the highest good.

Instead, in a Bannonian/Trumpian world, the goal is to establish a civilization that rewards the good and punishes the bad so that all may benefit from the power of inequality, which is a gradual force toward upward qualitative improvement. In this, Bannon echoes not just his recent influences, but the ideals of conservatism and human wisdom since time immemorial, rejecting the Enlightenment and the nightmare it produced.

Back To The 1840s

Monday, February 6th, 2017

“History repeats itself” and “history is cyclic” are nice ways of saying that the basics of adaptation are well-known, and humanity alternates between accepting reality and embarking on multi-century tantrums which end up making it weaker. In this sense, human survival is a struggle between the realist and the delusional, with the latter having much higher numbers.

If we look to an era that ours is repeating, we are tempted by many historical moments. The Left wants us to believe that we are in Weimar Germany, prepared for the rise of Adolf Hitler 2.0b. Many people think we might be somewhere in the last two centuries of Rome and Athens, but moving much faster. These may be true, but they will be filtered through a more proximate target.

The 1820s-1840s were a turbulent time for America. Having established itself, the new nation promptly re-created itself through the Constitution, and in rapid sequence lost its second revolution, then embarked on a disastrous plan of importing Southern/Irish Europeans to use as labor to shore up its wealthiest entities. The experts agreed this was good; the “common man” — who was really uncommon — revolted.

Brexit/Trumprise shows us the same phenomenon at work: in trouble, we are relying on immigration to keep our Ponzi economy and debt burden going. The experts all agree this is good because, well, their income and position depend on it. The uncommon men, or the small segment of those who have leadership capacity which comprises one-quarter of the one-fifth in our society who do 80% of everything, have united briefly on a cultural change: we no longer trust the ideology of the past.

These transitions have happened before:

Wilsonians, meanwhile, also believed that the creation of a global liberal order was a vital U.S. interest, but they conceived of it in terms of values rather than economics. Seeing corrupt and authoritarian regimes abroad as a leading cause of conflict and violence, Wilsonians sought peace through the promotion of human rights, democratic governance, and the rule of law. In the later stages of the Cold War, one branch of this camp, liberal institutionalists, focused on the promotion of international institutions and ever-closer global integration, while another branch, neoconservatives, believed that a liberal agenda could best be advanced through Washington’s unilateral efforts (or in voluntary conjunction with like-minded partners).

The disputes between and among these factions were intense and consequential, but they took place within a common commitment to a common project of global order. As that project came under increasing strain in recent decades, however, the unquestioned grip of the globalists on U.S. foreign policy thinking began to loosen. More nationalist, less globally minded voices began to be heard, and a public increasingly disenchanted with what it saw as the costly failures the global order-building project began to challenge what the foreign policy establishment was preaching.

…But Donald Trump sensed something that his political rivals failed to grasp: that the truly surging force in American politics wasn’t Jeffersonian minimalism. It was Jacksonian populist nationalism.

Even this article is wrong. Donald Trump has a Jacksonian approach, and is currently advocating “populist nationalism” in the way this article hopes to con you into using it, namely “civic nationalism,” but he and Steve Bannon are European-style nationalists: a nation is defined by its ethnic group, and that group unites itself through identity, culture, values, religion, customs and other organic institutions.

As usual, the voters go to sleep as soon as given an excuse to do so. Someone tells them pleasant lies, so they vote for them, and when everything turns out badly the monkeys split into bickering camps so that each person has someone to blame for his own poor decision-making. Instead of acknowledging this cycle, they pretend to “fix” it with increasing doses of dogma.

Once the voters have slept for some time, government unleashes the fact that it is a self-interested corporation, and that it makes profit by having the broadest possible mandate it can muster. Saving the poor? Good. Fostering equality between the classes? Better. Uniting all of the races into a single world based in consumerism and socialism? Best!

The powers-that-be-for-now do not understand that Trump is a rejection of politics itself and its replacement with strong leadership and social hierarchy:

Trump’s remarks suggest he is using the same tough and blunt talk with world leaders that he used to rally crowds on the campaign trail.

The people of the West have seen the face of ideology, finally, and they do not like it. As a result, a cultural wave has risen up against the experts in the city and their conjectural ideology. Instead of targeting the ideology directly, this wave targets the idea of ideology — altruism, equality, big government, the basic goodness of humankind — and subverts it with mockery and replaces it with minimalistic function.

In this way, it differs from the Jeffersonian desire for simplicity and replaces it with a Jacksonian functionalism. This is a realist revolution, much as Brexit is. The experts are simply wrong because they exist in an echo chamber and an ivory tower. It is time for those who work with their hands, whether metaphorically or not, to re-inherit the West and reform it away from an inertial path to certain suicide.

Formalism Will Rain Fire Upon ChiCongo And The Cuck Lügenpresse

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

I think #PresidentTrump was entirely too gentle with Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of ChiCongo, Killinois. You see, he recently had the right idea cutting off Federal funding, but he leaves too much of it in place. According to The ChiCongo Tribune,

Trump ordered Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to work with incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ensure sanctuary cities “are not eligible to receive federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes.”

Like most bastions of unabashed SJW Cultural Marxism, ChiCongo couldn’t make both ends meet because one end is too busy screwing around in the till.

…Chicago received a little more than $1 billion in federal grant funding for myriad programs, including early childhood education, transportation, policing, health initiatives, public assistance programs and disaster management. It’s unknown how much of that $1 billion could be deemed necessary for law enforcement, as laid out by Trump’s order.

ChiCongo won’t take that lying down. Their leadership responds with the speeches of Capone-era Outfit Capo Regimes getting ready to hit the mattresses.

“You mess with one in Chicago, you mess with all of us,” said Northwest Side Ald. John Arena, 45th. “We are a sanctuary city. We’ll stand by that. We will stand by every single citizen, every single resident of this city, regardless of your status. This is your home. That is our declaration.”

So what does The Donald do? He formalizes. The name and shame part of the order requires DHS to name the names of every illegal alien criminal who commits a crime will be named and associated with the locality that has failed to deport that illegal. Let that happen and let #PresidentTrump’s growing fan club start performing the requisite descriptive and inferential statistics regarding the respect for rule of law in sanctuary cities vs law abiding communities.

Why is such formalism needed. Why do we have to go there and start naming people. Well let’s examine what the #Lügenpresse has to say on leaders of the political alliance in favor of immigration control.

One of the leaders of the “Alt Right,” which is the successor to the White Nationalist movement, which was the successor to the American Nazi movement, is National Policy Institute chairman Richard Spencer, based in Arlington, just like American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell. Spencer (who totally isn’t a skinhead, as he only shaves the sidesof his head), is hosting some speakers to promote his ideology, including VDARE founder Peter Brimelow, and VDARE contributor Kevin MacDonald. This is the pseudo-intellectual forefront of the alt-right, white-nationalist movement in America.

This is not The Revolutionary Daily. #CuckState is a “Conservative” media outlet. These are the people supposedly sworn to fight off the Leftist Locust horde. Here’s what #CuckState does instead.

Anyway, you see all the cons used by social justice warriors in that post. There’s guilt by association, the use of the transitive property to link the targeted enemy to some imagined evil and, of course, the demand that the target abandon their position or face being branded a heretic. In this case, it means the very sensible and respectable Mark Krikorian must denounce people he does not know or he and his issues are ruled out of bounds for decent people.

So how do you fight this evil. How do you drown out the corporatist sellout propaganda and make people who come here illegally go pursue their livelihoods back where they were born? We need to put a human face on the tragedy. Like the parent of a young man killed by a drunk driver illegally residing in Austin, TX and working in an undocumented status; we need to tell these people who lead the “sanctuary cities” they have blood on their hands.

We then need to tell the #Luegenpresse that they are accessories to every one of these fatalities. They are parties to all of the Welfare Fraud. They are complicit in the job destruction unleashed by illegal immigration. They are no different from the anti-American scum that cranks out hate speech over at The Democratic Underground. By chucking ad hominem slime at the leaders of the fight against the “sanctuary cities,” these people are catamite Baghdad Bobs to Rahm Emanuel’s Saddam Hussein.

The time has come to take a page from #PresidentTrump’s book. He will shame the mayors and the pols in these various localities that disregard the rule of law. We can handle the Cuck Lügenpresse as disgusting as it is to have their bilious spew all over our hands. Slam a Cuck today. This is how we formalize and reveal them for what they are. It will help in our shared quixotic quest to #MAGA.

Return Of Daddy

Friday, January 27th, 2017

A cultural shift is occurring across the West: people are moving away from ideology, or the ideal of what “should” be based on concerns for socializing with others, toward results-based thinking that emphasizes actual production and civilizational stability.

This manifests in a number of entertaining ways:

For the past eight years, and the sixty-three years before that, the West has been ruled by increasing degrees of Leftism. In 1968, they had their social triumph, and then in the 1990s, a political triumph, after which they produced the zombie ideologues who became Millennials and thronged for Obama.

During that time, it was considered normal behavior to be a “free rider,” or someone who took from the society as a whole and contributed less back. This is not solely a measurement of work and money, but often social order. Many people were content to behave badly and let others clean up the mess and struggle to restore the order that once was there.

But once the adults came back into the room, that type of behavior appeared as self-serving and parasitic as it is. This means a cultural shift based on the cultural shift that caused Brexit and Trumprise: people no longer view ideology in itself as a justification for “anything goes.” They want social order again.

This cultural shift is leading to a society that is less focused on symbolic acts for the purpose of socializing, or making others feel good about themselves, and more directed toward actual achievement, guided by principles and standards.

The last eight years showed us a president who was prone to both emotionality and bluster. When Trump made his inaugural speech, Leftist commentators wondered why he did not show emotion as Obama did, who was wiping away a tear during many of his speeches. On the other hand, when Trump dealt with Mexico, he showed not only no emotion but no bluster. He stated his position and kept to it.

America under the Return of Daddy will be quite a different place. Will it be enough? Not in itself, most likely, but instead of viewing this as a pendulum, we should think of it as a change in direction of the nation as a whole. Once we were heading inward, further toward human emotions. Now we are heading outward to subdue the chaos in our world.

Two Minutes To Midnight

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

In the third world, every activity is a social event. Similarly, in post-Leftist Amerika, most behavior has become attention whoring. Whatever attracts eyeballs is presumed to advance careers, bring in advertising revenue and “raise awareness,” mostly of whoever pulled the stunt as a means of distinguishing themselves in fields made static by the ideological constraints placed on content.

And so, every day brings a new attention whoring stunt. Today the stunt is to reset the doomsday clock in order to — let us call it what it is — squeak out a protest against the rise of Donald Trump:

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has taken the unprecedented step of moving the Doomsday Clock ahead 30 seconds, taking the world to two-and-a-half-minute to midnight. The scientists said Thursday that several factors weighed heavily in their decision, particularly climate change denial by people in power — they cited U.S. President Donald Trump — and talk about more nuclear weapons.

When societies are healthy, institutions are pillars of survival; when a civilization goes back, all of those institutions are infested with people speaking ideologically popular messages that deny reality. The problem is that people still treat those institutions as if they are authorities, not recognizing that instead they are getting fed propaganda by self-interested parties.

The doomsday clock may have served a useful function in the past but now it is simply another tool for political virtue signaling. As such, its value has fallen and in the future, it will be ignored. Part of the vast cultural wave sweeping the West is an intolerance for these parasitic institutions that insist we take them seriously when they are in fact contentless echo chambers.

Dot-Com 3.0 Collapse Goes Mainstream

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

As reported here before several times, the third revision of the internet boom is about to collapse because its advertising value is based on warm bodies, not specific customers, and so it is selling ads to debt-strapped cubicle slaves instead of viable consumers.

The industry has finally begun to formally recognize the failure of dot-com 3.0 by noting that advertising is not working, which explains the declining relevance and profitability of social media and other nu-web entities:

“I think the advertising world going forward is going to be filled with fewer, better ads,” Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer said on the latest episode of Recode Media. “The display advertising market is going to crater. By giving away stuff for free for so long, we’ve created an ad economy that is bigger than it should be,” he added. Schafer says there’s a untapped value in “nonstandard” ads, meaning branded content and other forms of advertising on platforms such as Snapchat,, WeHeartIt and Imgur.

As the advertising industry recognizes that selling ads by the pound through services which appeal to bored workers and other people without power, influence or abilities, it will turn instead toward the bedrock of advertising in America: the (hopefully soon again) prosperous middle class. Social media, blog and video advertising is great for capturing bored office workers but useless for selling anything bigger than mugs and tshirts.

In the bigger picture, the dot-com 3.0 crash shows us the economic pitfalls of transition from a Leftist demand-based economy to a Rightist supply-based one: the Leftist method increases demand for currency, inflating it but creating phantom value, and return to a supply-side approach then forces a recalculation of value based on production, at which point all the ephemeral wealth disappears.

Trump is managing this process by carefully introducing economy boosters for every change he makes that subtracts away false economy, including cheap immigrant labor and federal hiring, so that the transition is gradual. While most are crowing over the Dow hitting 20,000 today, what this may signal is the market re-organization in anticipation of some rocky thresholds on the way back to production-based money.

Crowdism In Literal Form

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

We know the Lügenpresse has a clear purpose, but it is not to report the news. It is to present an information/entertainment product that people enjoy, and since the major media consumers are Leftist people looking for alternatives to reality, it leans left.

But this week, the Lügenpresse got caught in a callow lie — by their own hands, no less — when they insisted that the crowd size at Donald Trump’s inauguration was less than that at Barack Obama’s inauguration:

There has been an enormous, brutal argument between the media and the administration about the size of Donald Trump’s Inauguration crowd. The administration has pushed back on media reports that it was sparsely attended. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer leveled a full-throated attack against the press for reporting on the attendance, calling Trump’s Inauguration the “most-watched” in history.

This image went viral, comparing the attendance of both Inaugurals. It has since been proven misleading, at best.

The best part is that the proof is open and visible, thanks to the CNN Gigapixel, which reveals the crowd during the inauguration ceremony and not after or before as the Lügenpresse image comparison posted above portrays.

All of this serves as prelude to an important question: why are we engaged in a penis-size-comparison-contest about crowd size? The Left always wants direct democracy, or whatever is most popular in social circles at that moment wins, but the Right recognizes that humans are mostly muddled thinkers who in groups are subject to fads, manias, panics, phases, trends, paranoia and peer pressure; for that reason, the Right tries to limit democracy, if it does not outright oppose it on the basis that it is the handmaiden of civilization decline.

We are seeing Crowdism in a literal form as the herd attempts to equate popularity with correctness, and use that as a basis to seize power. And yet, this approach has never served anyone well, because whatever is popular is usually the surface viewpoint, a distraction, scapegoat, deflection or other surrogate for actual activity. If our era has an epitaph, this will be it.

Revealing The Left: How Richard Spencer Won Fistgate

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Donald Trump was inaugurated, and the lügenpresse alternated between claiming that the turnout was low and talking about how exciting the rioting was. But in reality, the Left revealed itself, and what the world saw has reflected poorly on the Left.

For starters, the Left managed to achieve nothing but vandalism and assault. This alone makes them look bad in the same way that they are criminal, namely that they relieved at least one Trump supporter of his wallet and phone at the Deploraball. But even more, it makes them look incompetent. America would have been impressed by revolutionary violence. Instead we got ineffectual revolutionary vandalism.

The burnt trash cans will be replaced. The smashed windows will be fixed. The destroyed limo will be reimbursed by insurance. Life goes on, and yet, something has been established: in the face of what they claim is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, the Left did nothing more than have a giant tantrum that left a mess for someone else.

And then there is Fistgate, which happened when an Antifa protester sucker-punched Richard Spencer while Spencer was busy giving an interview. How brave, to attack someone so stealthily when they were otherwise engaged. And yet, Spencer won this one, not only by looking like a purposeful person in a room full of juveniles, but also because the Antifa guy got outed:

First they got a picture of him. Then some brave souls — glorious internet malcontents — went out and found more on this guy. It turns out that he is a literal cuck who is into degrading excretory sex. Click here for the backstory on this guy [NSFW/L].

Now, normally this would mean little. Most of us have no interest in such things, so leave them to the practitioners in silence. But here we are not talking about “what happens in your bedroom is none of my business.” We see a guy who is telling us what we can and cannot think, and by doing that, he is claiming to have his act together enough to tell the difference. And then, we see the ruins of his life and realize: we should not be taking advice from this guy about how to think. We should be arresting him for violence because he is essentially nothing more than a petty criminal.

Richard Spencer came away victorious from that confrontation. In the mind of this antifa assailant, he would be praised for taking out a vicious enemy. The rest of Amerika — newly attentive because it has awakened from the dream of a Leftist-consumerist new world order — saw a man talking get assaulted by some random guy who it turns out embraces practices that most people in America view as a sign of mental illness.

In the same way, everyone witnessing the Trump coronation inauguration saw badly behaved, spoiled children looting the businesses of ordinary people because they were having an emotional tantrum, or an excuse to take a selfie and post it to social media for the attention points they apparently value more than mental stability and personal responsibility.

Perhaps Americans would have been more impressed if anarchist/antifa types charged the mall with machine guns and grenades, occupying territory like a real rebel army. But instead, we saw the true face of the people who have been bullying us for years. These are not responsible, wise and visionary people. They are angry teenagers with no plan except to legitimize degeneracy, and we are done with them.