“Exterminate All Rational Thought!”


The modern world is based on rationalism, or the idea that we can understand our world using logic independent of direct experience. It tends to overlap with empiricism, or the idea that replicated results are the highest form of sense-experience.

From the opposite side of the debate comes the older view: human reason is misleading unless it is deeply intuitive and guided by morally honest, self-disciplined character. Our logical deductions often reflect more of the chaos of our own minds than the world around us.

In practice, rationalism means the assumption of equality a.k.a. “universality.” This thinking assumes that all objects sharing some attribute belong to the same category, and they behave the same way. It allows those objects to be treated as generic, and without any changes to our logical approach for their type versus another.

This reveals the human projection behind rationalism: we want the world to be uniform for the convenience of our thinking, which does not want to know particulars. It wants to make broad conclusions and apply them mechanically to achieve magical results. That provides the maximum convenience and ego-flattery for the individual.

Rationality starts with deduction, and ends with broad almost religious conclusions, but in the middle there is the imposition of assumptions about logic. Rationalists tend to assume that the boundaries of a category are more important than its center, in the same way the nuances of words in interpreting law has become more important than the spirit of the law. “Technically correct” is the hallmark of rationalism.

The utility of rationalism is found purely in material sciences. Technically, its results are correct, although there are always externalities and imprecisions that somehow were never noticed, and they are usually not mentioned.

If you wonder why our society is so advanced and yet so incapable of getting basic things right, you are seeing this rationalistic approach in action. When Microsoft Word glitches constantly and does by default some very stupid things, rest assured you are seeing the remnants and externalities of rationalism at work. People looked at the details and treated them as universal, instead of seeing how the parts connect up.

Rationalism has one sole advantage: it extends analytical thinking, or a bad analogue of it the way Budweiser is technically “beer,” to people who are not geniuses. The Crowd can participate if they memorize enough equations, rules and methods to be able to have some way of breaking apart a problem. But as with all things modern, the deconstructed is never assembled again into coherence, spreading entropy and misery alike.

White accountability


As more people cast around various scapegoats in an attempt to explain how the West has fallen from the world’s premiere society to a laughable backwater, it is time to take responsibility and point the finger at the actual cause of our misery.

It is not The Jews, The Rich, or The Government (although that did not help). It is not corporate personhood or the fact that our democracy is not direct. Nor is it even the GOP, although they did not help either. We need to peel back all the layers and look to the core.

Our candidates are liars because democracy rewards lies. They offer a product which might be described as the illusion of peace of mind. This consists of a promise of a solution to some basic problem, a scapegoat to blame for the wider systemic failures, and a reason to consider yourself smarter or nicer than people who oppose this idea.

Leftists are the masters at this. They look at a ruined society and say that clearly the problem is that some have more than others. To support this they show you people suffering, counting on you to worry about what would happen to you in that situation. Then they trot out the studies that consider one factor out of ten thousand and use that to rationalize blame on a scapegoat. Then they say that only mean people could oppose this.

The GOP Establishment (GOPE) has another policy. It lets you know that liberals are insane and PC is bad, and then brings out the old familiars from the Reagan era: defense, Israel, the Bible and maybe even some outrage at abortion. They then say that only morally bad people would not want these things.

In either case, the audience is being manipulated like bulls at a bullfight, with one crucial exception: the audience wants it. They want to purchase peace of mind, and that requires simplistic solutions and blame, and then a reason to feel good even if they lose by calling the other team a bunch of weenies, moochers, meanies or incompetents. That raises the hands and gets the candidate into office.

Once in office, the candidate guffaws. In this system of checks and balances, made exponentially more powerful by two centuries of attempts to fix it, nothing can be done. The direction will not change; the question is only what flavor of compromise. So he goes back to the voters and blames the scapegoat again, but promises to try even harder next time, and the cycle restarts.

White accountability begins when we recognize that our problem has always been an internal war. Most people are bad; like our Simian forebears, they cannot control their urges, and one of those urges is the desire to tear down those above them. They form mass mobs and demand power, at which point the limitations of their abilities are revealed. But the first error was the crucial one, which is demanding that people who cannot make leadership decisions be called on to vote on those decisions.

Out of a hundred people, one is a natural leader with the mental capacity and moral character to see a complex thought through to its conclusion. The rest can fix cars, program computers, draw anime, etc. but that is because these tasks are narrowly framed. They do not have what leadership decisions require, which is a high tolerance for ambiguity when fitting thousands of details into a big, top-down picture.

White internal warfare has marked this country since its inception. The 1% who knew anything wanted to keep the franchise small, but the herd wanted power to make itself feel important. Its first gambit was to import lots of non Western Europeans, all of whom tend to vote Left-leaning. At that point, it began systematically dismantling any sense of sanity in education, media, literature, art, music, government and society.

That process leads us to the present day. You will find lots of people offering you the pair of easy answer and blame, but all of these are lies. What went wrong was that we gave in to our inner evil and the Simian self-important beast that lurks beneath the surface in each of us. We dressed it up, in the way only clever white people can do, as enlightenment and empathy, but really, it was venality and license bubbling to the surface.

The situation has not changed. One in a hundred is capable of making these choices, but we have all one hundred choose, drowning out the leadership capable. We either put these natural leaders back on top and have them suppress the rest of the population, or we will be oppressed by the rest as they continue to choose sociopathic and simplistic illusion over reality.

Which way, dissident Right?


With the Trump campaign, as predicted, convergence occurred between underground and mainstream right, forcing a recognition of underlying issues which are outside of the Leftist scope of concern and so not articulable in the postwar West. The question now sits before us: where to from here?

As I articulate in the theory of Crowdism, most human endeavors fail because they are invisibly infected by individualism weaponized into a collectivist mentality. That is, a group decides that they will become a collective for the defense of individualism, or the lack of accountability of the individual to reality and the natural hierarchy of humans and ideas.

This thought process corresponds to both what the Greeks called hubris and the sin described in the Garden of Eden: desiring to be above one’s place in the natural hierarchy, and using subterfuge in human opinions both internal (self) and external (Crowd) to achieve the simulation of that. Like all illusions, this one ends in tears, but that happens at a distant time, so for those who can shorten the scale of their perception to the immediate, it seems like a win.

Since ability to think long-term correlates highly with intelligence, we might see hubris in groups as a victory for the statistically-prevalent lower 80% of the Bell Curve, who by the Dunning-Kruger effect lack the ability to understand what is above that cognitive level. This is the human problem; all else flows from this, and it is also what ends human civilizations by reducing them to third-world levels of inefficacy.

Crowdism can infiltrate any field, even those which nominally brand themselves as being against it. Any time the truth is adjusted to fit its audience, and not the other way around — adjusting the audience to fit reality, known as “natural selection” — Crowdism enters and through the misplaced self-interest of individuals, takes over. I say “misplaced” because putting oneself and all those similar to you on a path to certain destruction is never wise. It guarantees all that you do will be wasted.

Like all evil outside books that involve orcs and wizards, the evil of Crowdism comes not in a terrifying form but a beautiful, kind, compassionate, loving, gentle and socially inclusive one. It accepts all who are willing to formally adopt a basic outlook, and then in the name of keeping the group together, includes all in its focus even when their ideas begin to erode the fundamental truth.

This is the great ugly secret of humanity: reality is the one truth, and we either obey it or self-destruct. All of our errors consist of adjusting truth to fit what we wish were true, and all of our successes come from accepting reality as it is and then acting to improve it qualitatively, which means not finding a “different” way but taking the obvious way and doing what we can to make it better for those who are better. Crowdism is merely a clever sleight-of-hand around this obvious and time-honored path.

The dissident Right — alternative right, neoreaction, new right, red pill and others who see that the foundational myths of democracy, equality and pluralism are the cause of our civilization’s dysfunction and imminent failure — has come far by rejecting the Leftist-tinged ideals of the compliant cuckservative mainstream Right, but we must make sure we do not fall prey to the same syndrome that took them out. Crowdism lurks for us in doing what is popular, not what is right, and our future legitimacy rests on our ability to beat this cognitive error.

As mentioned early on, the dissident Right struggles with its desire for novelty and thus its tendency toward Crowdism. Its main function has been to widen the Overton window so that we can talk about topics like HBD, nationalism, the inherent failure of socialism and other negations of the Leftist ideal. But in trying to popularize these ideas, it can fall prey to popularization itself, and become a lesser method of what it needs to be.

What has always plagued the Right is lack of ability to state what it wants. We know that Leftism is a stream and once a toe is dipped in it, the current carries us forever further Left. The only solution is to affirm a Right society that does not have any Leftism in it, and that requires facing some unpopular truths. That in turn requires taking a difficult stand that will not be popular, but if our leaders affirm it, the others will fall in line and follow. The dog must wag the tail again, instead of the tail (popularity) wagging the dog (goal).

Currently the dissident Right is caught in a loop of rehashing its criticisms of the Left but it is unable to make the step toward the difficult stage of demanding actual change because this conflicts with Crowdist elements in its audience. We have lots of blogs rehashing ideas that myself and others covered 20 years ago, and while that is great, it has become preaching to the choir. We either take the next step or vanish in irrelevance.

Resentment is determined by relative position


The topic of this piece concerns knowledge that once was commonplace but now is taboo to mention because it is so thoroughly contradicts egalitarianism. It also shatters the suburban white woman view of the world as basically a good place that can be trusted to keep doing its institutional goodness. It is a view into the abyss and then, into the genius of nature.

Resentment arises from differences in relative position within a natural hierarchy. This natural hierarchy is composed of ability and moral character. Most people can perceive it and instinctively react to it, because in emergencies, you want to be aware of who should be in charge. This invisible network rules most human interactions even in defiance of official titles, power, and responsibilities.

Think of your favorite desk. If you are sitting at it, working, and discover through a radio broadcast that war has been declared or a tsunami has hit, you will probably put some kind of plan in motion. You will try to take care of your people and wealth, and maybe even defend those like you. But first, you will go to those you know you can rely on in a crisis. This is the natural hierarchy.

Natural hierarchy is not as simple as race or caste but those are heavily implicated. Someone from a higher caste, or from one of the “favored races” — Jews, Western Europeans, Japanese — is more likely to be higher in ability and moral character. As a result, these people are natural targets for those beneath them. So are white women, smart kids at school, and those with innate talent of any form. These people rise above the norm, which is like an average grade a mediocrity, and make everyone else look bad, therefore they are hated.

This hatred is not universal. Among those beneath you in the hierarchy are good people and bad people. The good people have some humility and so they perceive that your role is necessary and the stability it ensures in turn helps them. The people who are not mostly good instead give rise to their resentment. They hate you for being above them and by the reflexive principle, making them look bad.

What higher people do not understand is that they can do nothing about this resentment. The resentment does not care how much you give to the poor, how much you love ethnic minorities, or how you have been a civil rights activist. The resentment is not about your actions, but your position: if better people exist above, the lower can never feel content, and instead of acting toward rising, they — if bad — try to destroy the beautiful, good and true above them so they feel content in their mediocrity.

This is a universal human truth but you will find it carefully not mentioned in public information because those who aspire to power wish to harness this force. An angry mob of people who feel mediocre is a powerful tool. They can easily be convinced to tell themselves that they hate those above them because those do something bad — voting Republican, removing savage Indians, refusing third world immigrants — when in fact their desire is simply to smash those more successful than they.

Again, this simply misdirection. People from the upper echelons of society by IQ and character need to know this, especially upper-half-of-middle-class Western European women: they hate you because of who you are, not what you do. You can vote democratic, march in civil rights protests, bring Muslim jihadis into your living room and be feminist all you want. It will not save you. They want to destroy you and take what you have, even though it will not last for them because they cannot keep it alive. They are not reasonable. They are emotional.

Any society which wishes to survive will formalize this natural hierarchy by ensuring that the people it promotes are the best and that these are held up as examples. Our current society promotes people for silly reasons — celebrities, entertainers, people who make nonsense products — and as a result, our natural hierarchy is partially invisible, which allows it to be targeted. Even more this creates a Lord of the Flies hybridized with Idiocracy situation where members of the angry mob like SJWs use all sorts of pleasant-sounding ideology to justify their destruction of others.

The first step to undoing this problem is to spread recognition of it among the natural hierarchy. Stop feeling guilty for the successes of your ancestors and your own gifts inherited through blood. You are a tool toward the means of human thriving like any other person, but your additional superpowers mean you are more competent — and thus should have wealth, power and influence because they are safer in your hands. The mob will never understand, no matter what they tell you, because they are not like you. You would understand, in their position. But they cannot.

Ideology steals your mental independence


Few consider how much ideology serves as a substitute for reality because, in their view, reality is a physical thing and ideology consists of choices made about how “we” should correct reality. In that however is a germ of truth: ideology inevitably requires deposing what is natural, logical and true for what is emotionally satisfying.

Ideology also replaces reality by placing itself between the world and our knowledge of it. To be correct in reality, you act so that the outcome you intend occurs; to be correct in ideology, you act in such a way that you do not transgress that ideology. This means that every action you take is filtered by a desire to conform, before you even act, and that you are granted permission to act in any way that you can get away with by justifying your intentions with the ideology.

This means that whenever a question of how a proposed action will work out, we do not think in terms of how it will actually turn out. We think about how it looks when we tell others what we intend, and how that reflects on us, and whether it will please the group. Witness this mentality in action:

When someone says a refugee might be a terrorist, we can respond with the idea that yes, he/she might be trying to sneak in to Canada to do some harm. But that same person might be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, or have any other number of useful skills. Someone might even be a social worker who’s already found the solution to chronic homelessness in rural and remote communities. We don’t know. These refugees could be the perfect fit for our community. But we won’t know till we let them in.

Two interesting points arise from this excerpt. First, the writer argues that we must act as if ideology is true regardless of the outcome. Second, the writer demands that we ignore secondary consequences, affirming that the true decision is what to say and not outcome in reality. Result: complete denial of fact and likely consequences in favor of looking good in the moment.

This is how ideology programs our brains to replace reality with this strange world of human intent, social pressures and appearances. This also has the effect of reframing the debate. A sensible person might ask, “What kind of society do we want to be?” and point out that heterogenous societies have throughout history consistently suffered more problems, internal division and eventual collapse to a third-world state.

But none of that is mentioned here. The only topic is applying ideology, and the only measurement is what other people think. This is conformity and control in their raw form, but no one is to blame but the social group. Without strong leaders to point back toward reality, people always retreat into their own minds and emotions, and when given power, reality replacement — and its dire consequences — is the inevitable result.

How the 1968ers betrayed Generation X


Generation X is referred to as the “bridge” generation, linking the massive cohorts of the Baby Boomers with the zombie Millennials. But more likely, that generation was a bridge to nowhere because it was raised by the same people who brought us the liberal takeover of the West in 1968.

Unlike the Millennials, who grew up in the stability after the 1968ers hit their 40s in the mid and late 80s, Generation X knew a world where there was more than one path of history. This world had mild disasters, like the oil crisis and depression, but also knew real threats, like the Soviet Union and its reckless militarism.

Millennials on the other hand have only grown up in a liberal-controlled world. 1968 values were taught to them by children’s television, children’s books, their elementary school textbooks, the words of celebrities, the movies from Hollywood and by liberal politicians in Hollywood. For them, there is only a liberal-dominated world, moving slowly toward “Progress” by destroying all who dissent.

As a result, Millennials are the most obedient and conformist generation ever. Like Baby Boomers, who took the WWII-era values of their parents and turned up the intensity, Millennials take PC to the next level with “social justice worrier” style rhetoric. For them, society has always been stable, without want or fear, and all that we need to do is give away enough free stuff that everyone is happy and pacifistic.

Generation X was savaged by divorce, being latch-key kids of working moms, and facing the instability of the incredibly selfish “Me Generation” as it attempted to parent kids it viewed as little more than possessions for its own glorification. It saw the lunatic nature of the 1968ers as they were, which was horrible parents and unstable neurotics who chased “profundity” and “art” at every turn yet returned to selfishness as a guide.

Its response was mostly to drop out. Unlike Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation X has no loyalty to political agents such as its country or an ideology. It respects that which works, mainly because it has seen its countries disintegrate in the onslaught on the family, values, and standards. It has stepped aside to watch the disaster from the comfort of its own homes.

One recent survey of Generation X both missed the mark, and revealed quite a bit.

Gen Xers didn’t just turn inward because there was nothing to capture their attention outward—they were purposefully turning away from a world that didn’t hold much promise from what they could see.

There is what you must know. Generation X saw what their parents, the 1968er Baby Boomers, had done to society using its postwar mandate of absolute equality, and noped out. They wanted no part of the disaster. Unlike Millennials, who like zombies absorb the propaganda and bleat it, Generation X simply stepped aside to watch the giant fall.

Why hasn’t Gen X been able to shake the shackles of its misspent youth (and what youth isn’t misspent?)?

Partially, they haven’t tried very hard. It’s an introspective generation that never felt a need to explain itself.

Well, that’s cute. Translation: they trust no public voice with the truth, so keep silent and out of sight. The motto of Generation can best be encapsulated by the name of a radio show, “In My Room”, namely that it has retreated to the space it can control. Crazy parents control the world, crazy democracy controls society, but maybe there are dropout spaces.

As a friend of mine voiced:

It feels like there was a boat missed in the 90s and now we have the current generation split between some really savvy thinkers who are not doers, some pretty smart doers, and some clever (snarky, sarcastic) wishers who are loud with their emotions and that’s what’s catching everyone’s attention.

I think our generation opting out was a mistake, and I don’t know what we would have done differently.

When you trust zero public institutions and public voices, how do you protest? You do not: you drop out. When every institution is corrupted by the same illusion, and every person who wants not to be fired parrots it, who do you trust? You do not; you preserve yourself, and wait for the big BOOM! to tell you that it’s time to awaken and act.

Generation X learned firsthand what the liberal ideal is. It is not a big happy pacifistic group, but a giant ego swallowing all else while flattering others by telling them what it is known in advance they will agree with. There is no escape once an illusion grasps your society, and all who want to succeed endorse it. There is only retreat, and waiting for the collapse.

Few have learned the lesson of Generation X. There just was not much to be done; those who spoke up were destroyed, and those who agreed with the ideology and became enfranchised in the system turned into yuppie zombies with no souls. The only solution was to express yourself quietly, and then get out of the way so the raging bull of failure could self-destruct.

And they are still waiting. Even the successful Generation Xers are cynical. The Boomers and Millennials — both zombie generations — do not understand, but Generation X does. They saw a tragedy in formation and will never be the same. Even if they cannot articulate it, they want the old over the new, but the new has gained power and crushed all dissent.

In the future, we will all be Generation Xers. Millennials and Boomers assumed that society was a static thing which they could tweak and get more out of at the expense of its future, but Generation X realizes how fragile social order is. They also recognize how crazy the Boomers and Millennials, who are like a single group interrupted by a generation, are. And they want nothing of it.

The 1968ers betrayed Generation X. In the name of altruism, they betrayed their own families. In the name of egalitarianism, they betrayed and subverted their own children, leaving them cowering like PTSD victims. And because they had popularity on their side, the Me Generation could not be opposed. And yet, opposition rose.

The world has yet to see what Generation X will do. A sensible guess is that they are waiting for a cataclysm so they can finally point out where their parents were wrong, where Millennials are wrong, and thus the necessity of dispossessing such zombies and seizing control in the name of common sense. We all await that day for deliverance from the successful lie and private Hell of post-1968er society.

Democracy makes you into zombie


Ideas not only change how we think about a certain subject, but provide us a template for thinking about all subjects. If an idea turns out to be powerful, or to give us justification or license for certain behaviors we desired anyway, we seize it like a tool or weapon and wield it wherever we can make it fit the subject.

Democracy is the most powerful idea of later civilization. Having lost its initial impetus which arose from the need to make civilization itself work, the society becomes lazy and bloated, justifying this inattention by believing itself to be the greatest empire on earth. The citizens want to earn more money or be more powerful and so they seize power, and in order to unite the herd, they chooses the idea with broadest appeal: “everyone is equal, and therefore, we are only weak and many because the others oppressed us, so let’s do away with better people and focus on a mediocre minimum.”

This idea makes many women swoon and appeals to the young and those who have found life did not work out as they expected. This group has a gap between the real and the ideal to explain, and instead of making themselves more realistic to solve the problem, they scapegoat the rich, powerful and intelligent. Psychologically this thought is like crack because in one fell swoop, it explains all of their shortcomings and gives them a purpose — which they previously lacked — in life.

Through this ideology of equality, democracy infects even many of those who claim to oppose it. They cannot escape the mental programming that all people are the same, and therefore, all they need is the right System to control those people and make them do what “should” be. It takes years of thoughtful contemplation to figure out where this idea goes wrong, and to realize that instead of viewing people as many equal units, they must be seen as an ecosystem or large family with different roles in which no one is responsible for the success of everyone.

Ideology serves as a reality substitute and a replacement of the great void of life, formed of the questions of what one should do with irreplaceable time and how to deal with the pressures from others. This includes the mightily feared “judgment” of the individual and its achievements. Equality is a form of pacifism, or a desire to cease the risk and struggle of conflict, and to bribe others with promises of brotherhood and peace so they do not attack. Socialism is the same; it works by buying off the workers so they do not riot, unionize or otherwise disrupt as they are prone to do.

All of those ideologies serve a single role, which is to excuse humans from having to get their act together. Quality demands struggle, conflict, discipline and self-refinement; equality says there is no reason to improve, and since the individual is equal as it is, people can indulge in whatever illusions they find comforting instead of discovering reality. At the heart of every liberal philosophy hides this desire.

The West has been driven insane by this impossible dream because it corrupts the minds of those in its grasp. They see life as a task of finding self-expression, when they should find self-discipline; they look toward society as an omnipotent group which solves all problems through uniform solutions. Even the great anti-hero of democracy, Adolf Hitler, held on to many of these illusions and they drove him mad as they have every other leader.

Democracy is an unworkable fiction. It always has been. Most people are crazy until they self-discipline; democracy removes knowledge of this need. People in groups choose easy compromises over hard truths; democracy legitimizes this process. The ideology of all people being equal creates a pervasive guilt and paranoia in all people, and it makes them existentially miserable. They turn to fetishes, greed, and inanity to escape, but nothing can save them.

We live in a time that is thoroughly sick with this deep mental illness. Sanity is considered insane because insanity is mandated to be normal and sane. The paradox breaks people, starting with the most intelligent. While democracy has bungled every decision it has been handed, it has also muddled and distorted the minds of its citizens, so that now misery rules the land but no one will admit it.

The first step in escaping this mental disease is to realize that most people are the cause of their own misfortunes. Were they to discipline their approach and try to be realistic, they would in time get used to that. But throughout history, most people have fought tooth and nail against this type of humility and reverence for life. They want to worship only one god, and that is themselves. To them, reality is a competitor and an enemy.

When confronting this illusion — democracy, egalitarianism, socialism, pluralism — this first step enables a person to realize that the few who have their minds disciplined, and the ability to lead, should rule us. The rest will only screw it up if given power, and will in fact deliberately do so because a dysfunctional society camouflages their own personal dysfunction. The illusion is just common weakness disguised as profundity.

Democracy makes people into zombies by making them dependent on ideology. It destroys their self-esteem by judging them only by external traits, and not giving them credit for who they are; it creates a world so vapid it drives people into a fury of self-loathing. And yet, without equality, they think they will be judged and found wanting, so like addicts they return to the needle even as it kills them.

The West is currently winding down. Like every society before it, it has collapsed, probably because its wealth allowed illusion to be as successful as realism, and then it went down the path of democracy. We still have a chance to save ourselves, but the biggest battle is in our heads, to rid ourselves of the insanity before it drives us into lashing out, failing and then self-destructing.

The fall of giants


The champion oversimplified fighting into a formula: charge fiercely to pressure, eat a few punches to get into the clinch, and then apply Olympic level judo to finish. This works every time if the opponent plays into those assumptions and is unable to withstand them.

But a skilled opponent and their coaches peer further into this assembly line aggression and notice where substance is lacking, allowing the attack to be evaded, countered from angles at opportune moments, and gradually dismantled. By keeping the fight away from the standard formula that chews up opponents, its strategy is stifled, and gets no help from an inept coach who calls for more of the failing customary attack.

Exerting fruitless effort and taking strikes soon brings on exhaustion. Form suffers into sloppiness and invites more strikes. The final moment soon comes, sending the champ to the ground unconscious. The myth of invincibility is at once shattered.

This same supposed invincibility exists for the political approach that relies on blustering intimidation to control discussions. It has been able to succeed in saying that massive untested changes to society that no one wants are inevitable because laws make them so, and therefore we must change as codified and tolerate whatever happens, rather than crafting the type of society that has proven best.

Modern political discourse is premised on irrational, senseless aims supported by a bullrush of names, accusations, and other incantations:

Racist! Hater! Microaggressor! Privileged Bigot!

But once you survive this initial onslaught, there’s nothing else coming. They will wail like victimized innocents and complain that you have victimized them and hurt their feelings by expressing ideas that differ from their preferences. Don’t be baited.

Circle away, stick and move, and stay true to your winning strategy.

Tactics such as doxing someone, i.e. posting personal information to get them fired and homeless to silence their political opinions, were previously successful methods used by left-wing opponents, but are increasingly familiar and becoming a generic lackadaisical attack. People with anonymity, financial independence, and nontraditional employment don’t even have to prepare defensive counter moves.

Calling everyone racist without cause has spread wide immunity to the term and made it synonymous with crying wolf. By turning the word into a farce, its use for slandering others has become ineffective.

Clearing out those haymakers leaves little in the way of legitimate arguments. The promised results of left-wing activists can be contrasted with the actual results observable when those policies have been attempted. For all their slick marketing, the demonstrated product experience of misery and lowered quality says it all.

Many in media and college campuses hold fast to old slogans and ideology as those lose strength through debunking, inspection, and awareness of better alternatives. Those who stay the course remain unaware their camp is losing the luster of novelty when its grand promises of utopia become repurposed as memes to derisively mock the naive and obtuse.

Bullies fall into utter confusion to see their tactics stop working. Their legs become awkward hunks of rubber and their wild telegraphed swings miss. Their formula has been exposed and countered, and there is nothing they do can save it.

Exhausted, they struggle to stay upright, open for the final strike to fell them and dispel the nonsense they have tried to make us believe by sheer force. The giants fall, having turned out to be puny after all.

We have no one to blame but ourselves


We live in a time where victimhood is king. Once we declared that equality was the law of the land, or at least what the crowd would chant for in rage, it became clear that we must raise up the less-than-equal and if it happened at the expense of the more-than-equal, that was too bad, because they had enough.

In wealth, this means that “the Rich™” gave up some of their wealth to “help” the rest, and in socialization, it means that we stop looking at A-average football players and pay attention to the nerds (and hey, I was one once… or maybe still partially am). It appeals to our inner humanity, our sense that if we are not included in the group regardless of our failures, the group is somehow bad: the enemy.

With an egalitarian society, only the victims become King. Society owes them something and those who do not hand it over are bad and evil. Through this, we are trained to justify — or argue for after the fact, according to our intent as consistent with the dominant paradigm — our positions as those of victims. With victimhood, we can force others to recognize us.

A side-effect of this is that those who want realistic leadership in the West have started framing their viewpoints through the victimhood narrative. In order to partake of this, we must portray ourselves as victims unjustly persecuted by some easily-eliminated foe, which like The Rich™ can be simply executed or fined and then justice magically prevails.

Among people who have recognized the displacement of indigenous Western European peoples, this takes the form of:

Democracy? Equality? We didn’t do this. The Jews™ did it to us; either them, or the banksters. They manipulated us with their news programs, entertaining movies and newspapers. We are innocent victims of corrupt controllers!

The problem with this is that it misses the point. In its urge to appeal to the sensibilities of the Crowd, it bypasses the actual causes. In addition, it emasculates us by forcing us to portray ourselves as victims on bended knee. And possibly worse, by the nature of scapegoating, which is what it is actually doing, it makes us likely to do horrible things in the name of justice while ignoring actual justice.

Even more, it puts us in a passive position, like sitting to pee. We deny our own responsibility to act responsibly, such as by assessing media and ignoring the insane and acting on the realistic. Instead, we portray ourselves as children, acting foolishly just because the glowing box tells us it’s OK to do so. We remove from ourselves the responsibility to shape our own destiny, and to make rational decisions to that end. That neuters us and makes us weak.

As often is the case, the grim reality behind the decline of our society is that it is mundane. There are no exotic causes; human weakness outweighed common sense, and then power was handed to the democratic herd which proceeded to ruin everything through its tendency to project wishful thinking over reality. When democracy seems like a good option, your society is already exhausted of energy and is merely looking for a compromise.

There is no complexity to this. Our society grew, it prospered, and then it faced disasters. The Mongol invasion. The Black Plague. But mostly, it faced its own prosperity. People no longer had to prove they knew what they were doing in reality. They only had to become popular enough that others would nod and say, sure, he’s a good fellow.

We need look no further than that. We succeeded, and as is the nature of success, we were challenged by others. While our best fought off the threats, our worst gathered and plotted. Then they had their revenge, and took over, and although it took them two centuries, by the 1990s they had control, and since then, they’ve run our society into the ground.

Our response to this should not be to try to compete with them on the basis of victimhood. Those who cannot succeed in reality and depend upon group approval to thrive will always be bigger victims. They will offer a Devil’s Bargain: join us, and get free stuff from our betters; you cannot match that for no-accountability all-reward deals! Nor can we beat them by being more egalitarian; they have no standards — what is more egalitarian than that?

Instead, we should take responsibility for our past. We made a boo-boo. We accepted the equality of all people in lieu of demanding that people prove themselves through creativity, loyalty and real-world results. As a result, we were overrun by incompetents.

All of the people blaming The Jew&trade, The Rich™ or other scapegoats are concealing this fundamental truth: we did this to ourselves by accepting equality as a notion. Even if we destroy all of those scapegoats, our problem remains. We have to fix the problem, or it ends us.

Victimhood is the opposite of responsibility because victimhood necessitates scapegoating. We cannot simply say, “The gods screwed us,” as William S. Burroughs suggests is healthier. We must blame someone for our own failings. This leads us away from the obvious, which is to look at where we went wrong and to correct it.

Amerika the blog will never be as popular as those blogs which say, “There, there, little Caucasian. Some horrible Other did this to you, and you do not need to change yourself, at all.” Those blogs offer a scapegoat and an emotionally-satisfying story of the white victim versus the other.

But that mentality puts us in the position of meek underlings, not conquerors. We need to instead regain our role as leaders and conquerors. We can only do that by identifying our bad decision, sucking it up and admitting our mistake, and then choosing a new direction. Let us finally escape the past of error. But first, we must become accountable for our mistakes, and for the duty to overcome them.



Let us admit, now that we have seen its arc from launch to impact, the true effect of modern society: it displace what is healthy and replaces it with what is obedient to a low standard of behavior that makes it easy to manipulate.

That “modern society” is brought on by leftism, which is one version of the dysfunction called Crowdism around here. Crowdism occurs when a social group enforces individual neurosis as reality through the power of the group. Like a street gang, it lets in anyone who will fight for it and gives them a place which they could not achieve in society. Their first demand, “equality,” is a requirement that people be considered important even if they gave nothing. This enables them to use a scapegoat, or symbolic source of their ills, to hide the actual cause. Equality becomes their watchword, and soon every part of society is contorted to accept everyone no matter how useless, which adulterates quality and destroys standards, and soon society is a third-world ruin.

That is the process which we are currently living through. When it is done, the West — USA, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe — will resemble Brazil: vast hordes of impoverished third-worlders ruled by a few rich people who must dedicate all of their time to maintaining their wealth, thus become bored and hopeless and die out through degeneration. That is the end result of going down the path marked EQUALITY: instead of highs and lows, you have a uniform field of identical objects, and to rule them, you need tyrants, but those then become miserable and cruel. Obligation makes them so.

The replacement of our society occurred by the displacement of social standards, indigenous populations, cultural values, ways of life and even common knowledge. All had to be altered to make way for the great Utopia which will occur when all are finally equal. This displaced a functional society, and replaced it with one like the third world, although the institutions and people still cling to the ways that have worked for centuries.

“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Let us decode that statement by revealing what these behaviors really are, underneath the political categories in which they have been shoved:

  • Guns mean independence for the good to keep the bad at bay;
  • Religion means reverence for life and a moral (not ideological) code,
  • Antipathy to those not like you is common sense recognition that other groups envy you and want to conquer you;
  • Anti-immigrant sentiment is recognition that the happiest nations are formed of homogenous groups by race/ethnicity, culture and values;
  • Anti-trade sentiment occurs when people realize most of the world is a mess and “globalism” will only create an average of that mess, which destroys the finer strains of humanity.

The Crowdist has a single goal: make all people the same so that everyone needs the Crowd and it has, as a result, absolute power. Then, the visions in our heads of what “should” be can be forced upon people and dissent eliminated. This creates a replacement for reality, a human-only world, composed of our desires and feelings more than logical responses to the world around us. It makes wishes into reality, or rather, eliminates the requirement that what we desire be realistic, like the mindset of children playing with a dollhouse or people watching porn.

Their goal is to replace this reality in our minds, first, and then enforce those new conceptions on people through the eternal popularity of illusion. If we tell people that the color purple is actually orange, and enough repeat this, it will spread as people try to socialize with, sell to, buy from, romance and instruct those who think purple is orange. Soon the old way will be unknown; most will rationalize that this change is acceptable because it is just swapping one word for another. And yet, over time, consequences will emerge — old color patterns will not work because they are now ugly. Old books will not make sense. And so, gradually, the past will be replaced by an inferior substitute.

In one area alone they are right: when it comes to fixes for our civilization, these are collective endeavors. “To each his own” leads to the few who always do right becoming marginalized, and the behavior of the many — who always go with the flow — becoming normed. Conservatives for the last two centuries have been left baffled: they did what was right, and tried to improve things, but then the crowd rushed in and took over. While they were busy with their own, they were quietly replaced.

This displacement is necessary for the replacement of reality with the pretend-world of those who dislike existence, and want to feel a sense of power by controlling it according to their wishes. They are hurt that the world does not operate like their minds, and too narcissistic to adapt their minds to the world which has thrived for eons before them. In the process of this play-acting, they forget the reasons for why reality is the way it is, which exist to avoid the type of catastrophe that will soon come.

But, absorbed only in their own desires, the new conquerors will merely ignore the dysfunction and blame another scapegoat, then skip away toward their own banal pleasures, convinced of their own supremacy.