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Burying the past and discovering the future

When I look over vast mistakes, the great question is Where does it all begin? However, I think this is a mistaken way of looking at the situation. Most great errors are always with us, and can be entered upon like a path. You can begin walking at the start of the path, or halfway […]

What neoreaction should have told young men

The neoreactionary (and insert other trendy names here) movements are designed for media zombies. The groups behind them attempt to use re-naming as a way to avoid association with conservatism, and with the lowercase-conservatives Conservatism, Inc. types who are quick to tell us all to “be responsible,” shuffle off to careers, marry slutty women and […]

Bring the war

Many things in life are mysterious. All of them succumb to thinking about them the right way. Most people think about them backward, looking to events as a cause in themselves. A better way is to look for the cause that will produce them as an effect. In the case of sane people in the […]

What is the left’s endgame?

When witnessing the latest insanity from the left, and trying to ignore the sinking feeling in one’s gut that suggests society is tearing itself apart, it helps to consider what the leftist endgame might be. In other words, what do they want, and how does this eventually come about? When they “win,” what does the […]

Cities destroy romance

If there is an ideal for our egalitarian time, it is the city. Move there, do your duty to society by working a job, and everything else is all yours. No one cares how you spend your time or money; you’re anonymous. There are no traditions, culture, values or folkways to hold you back. Just […]

How to put the fear of God into liberals

On the heels of the recent politically-motivated dismissal of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, a number of thinkers have questioned the wisdom of this “soft totalitarian” approach toward quashing conservative values. Of all sources, pro-gay-marriage writer Andrew Sullivan writes against the hounding: It turns out that Eich might have saved his job had he recanted, […]

The selfish herd theory

Someone mentioned this in the comments, so I feel it should be preserved and discussed here as part of our ongoing mission to figure out what’s gone wrong with modern society and how to fix it. The selfish herd theory is a self-preservation response by individuals that uses the anonymity of the group to minimize […]

It’s all a farce

Against idiots, smart people do not stand a chance. This is because idiots will invent absurd and ludicrous reasons for their actions, and a smart person will stand there thinking on it until they find some set of rules under which it makes sense. One of the favorite tactics of idiots is to insist that […]

The Neoreaction/Dark Enlightenment tantrum

I’ll confess the whole thing began with me being rather stoked to see a new movement that affirmed three things that my own learning suggests are necessary for a thriving civilization: gender roles, nationalism, and a taste for actual leadership instead of the marketing routine that is democracy. However, the more I interacted with the […]

“Reactionaries” — against what?

They tell us we are reactionaries. Against what are we reacting? The obvious answer is liberalism, since its mental lock on the population of the West is used to exclude any common sense that might limit the license of the mob. I think it goes farther. We are reactionaries against hubris. The modern definition for […]

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