Modernity As Swarm Production

The chicken-and-egg question of civilization decline dogs us repeatedly. Which came first, democracy or breakdown? The answer may be shocking: the tendency of humans toward individualism, manifested in both bourgeois oblivion and prole present-tense me-firsting, overcomes societies once they succeed.

From Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs:

The Divisionists occupy a mid-way position, could in fact be termed moderates…. They are called Divisionists because they literally divide. They cut off tiny bits of their flesh and grow exact replicas of themselves in embryo jelly. It seems probable, unless the process of division is halted, that eventually there will be only one replica of one sex on the planet: that is one person in the world with millions of separate bodies…. Are these bodies actually independent, and could they in time develop varied characteristics? I doubt it. Replicas must periodically recharge with the Mother Cell. This is an article of faith with the Divisionists, who live in fear of a replica revolution…. Some Divisionists think that the process can be halted short of the eventual monopoly of one replica. They say: “Just let me plant a few more replicas all over so I won’t be lonely when I travel…. And we must strictly control the division of Undesirables….” Every replica but your own is eventually an “Undesirable.” Of course if someone starts inundating an area with Identical Replicas, everyone knows what is going on. The other citizens are subject to declare a “Schluppit” (wholesale massacre of all identifiable replicas). To avoid extermination of their replicas, citizens dye, distort, and alter them with face and body molds. Only the most abandoned and shameless characters venture to manufacture I.R.s — Identical Replicas. (81)

The more important question with this in mind is how to resist it. So far the best resistance has come from aristocracy, but aristocrats tend to sacrifice themselves in battle, lessening the ratio of intelligent leaders to unpunished herd. And worse, when the intelligent are made into babysitters, they tend to self-destruct.

Compounding this is the tendency for human beings, even intelligent ones, to create a false social reality in which human intentions and feelings matter more than reality. Socializing reprograms our brains to defer to other people, not reality. On top of that, symbolic reality is more powerful to us, including the approval of others, because it creates a stronger signal in our brains.

If any human society survives in the future, it will do so through a dogmatic elitism and strict attention to morality of thriving in all areas. Ugliness will be banished, and the one-fifth of every generation that are born neurotic, resentful and oblivious will be dispatched to other lands. This seems harsh, but like nature, its harshness will result in better outcomes.

For those who imagine golden fields surrounded by happy people, this may be the price necessary to pay. Good to the good, and bad to the bad, in all things with an eye toward biology, namely that allowing the bad to persist endangers not just other people, but the shared effort toward which we give our lives in cooperation that takes up our irreplaceable time.

Fred Nietzsche is probably right in that currently, humanity is in the saddle between ape and greatness, and what holds us back is our fear for ourselves that has us resisting commitment to greater things than our own desires. And yet as the last century has shown us, a society dedicated to human desires becomes ugly and corrupting for all.

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19 Responses to “Modernity As Swarm Production”

  1. andrea ostrov letania says:

    A Sci-Fi Idea.

    There is a white community. It seems safe, secure, prosperous. and nice. But something is not quite right.
    It turns out it is not an autonomous white community. It is a ‘farmed’ white community.

    YES!! In the future, the non-white globalist masters have decided to ‘farm’ white communities and grow them… to eventually take from them.

    Backstory. There was this great project of spreading globalism all over the world. It pushed non-white hordes into every white nation. The problem was all this Diversity began to bring down the modern world. With demise of white societies, there loomed the demise of nice thing that only white people could make, or Stuff Only Whites Make(SOWM).
    It turned out only white folks could sustain productivity and civilization, without which non-whites can’t have good stuff. So, if non-whites totally take over white societies, it will be the end of not only whiteness but nice stuff made by whiteness.

    But, non-whites didn’t want let go of their power over whites.
    So, what is to be done? If non-whites totally take over white nations, then all will fail and both whites and non-whites will suffer.
    But if non-whites depart from white nations which are restored to whites, then white people will build lots of nice stuff and maybe even use their economic and military power to dominate non-whites.

    So, non-whites figure they will stay in white nations and keep the power… but ‘farm’ white communities where whites will do their wonderful things.. And when whites have made all the good stuff, the non-whites will harvest them.

    It’s like humans allow bees to make honey and then take the honey. Humans must leave bees alone to do their thing. Only after the bees have done the work can humans move in to harvest the honey.
    Same thing with dairy cows. Humans must allow cows to live, eat, and do their own stuff. Then, cows will grow big and provide milk that can be harvested by humans.
    Same with chicken and eggs. Humans must let the chickens to eat and grow up. It is then the chicken lay the eggs and humans take them.

    The trick is how to milk the whiteys and take their eggs.

    So, this sci-fi scenario is different from CAMP OF SAINTS where non-whites just invade and attack and destroy everything.
    It is more like South Africa after apartheid when blacks figured they must keep the whites as working bees who keep making the honey. And now, Zimbabwe wants the white bees back because blacks suck at making honey. Blacks want the power but they also want nice things made by whites. Blacks on their own cannot make the nice stuff. Only whites can make nice stuff. But if whites are left alone to make nice stuff, might they not use their wealth to gain power over non-whites again? So, blacks and non-whites must find a way to keep the power but make the whites make the nice stuff so that blacks can harvest it.
    Like what the Ottoman Turks. Turks weren’t good at business and wealth-creation. They were good at fighting and using brute force, like in MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. So, the Turks used Greeks and Armenians to do much of the business and create wealth for the empire. But then, the Turks took a big chunk of it.

    Now, how could white folks be ‘farmed’? If whites are allowed to make the nice stuff but then the nice stuff is taken from them, wouldn’t they lose the incentive to make nice stuff?

    So, this is what the fiendish non-whites do. Once they ‘farm’ the whites in their communities to make the nice stuff and then once they take most of the good stuff from the whites, they use some special technology to wipe out white memory of what happened. (Since non-whites aren’t smart enough to have developed and maintain such technology, they rely on cuck-white collaborators who worship the Holy Person-of-Color and believe white race must be made to do penance forever to atone for their ‘racist’ sins.)
    So, even though whites are being farm-raised and robbed, following every calamity they are made to think that their community was hit with some terrible mysterious force and must rebuild. So, they go about recreating the wealth. (People don’t lose their incentive to rebuild when the calamity seems beyond human power. It’s like people rebuild hurricanes or tsunamis even though such will happen again.)
    So white folks act like bees. After honey is taken from the bees, bees are clueless as to what happened and go about repairing the hive and reconstructing their honeycomb.

    And suppose the non-whites ‘farm’ white folks for sex as well. Non-whites are a bunch of lowlife race-mixing rapists… but they realize that they if they hump every white ho, there will be no more white women to hump since all their kids will be mulattos or mestizos.
    So, in order to have a steady and endless supply of white women, they make white men hump white women to keep producing white daughters for non-white fiends to hump. So, white men are put out to stud to hump white women to produce white ho’s for non-whites to hump.

    Anyway, over time, some white folks begin to suspect something isn’t quite right in their world. They seem to be living in their own world and making nice things for themselves… but at some point, something happens where so much of the honey is taken and whites must rebuild again.
    White Bees, White Farm, or Never Let Us Know.

    • A caveat here:

      The problem was all this Diversity began to bring down the modern world.

      Modern society brought itself down because it causes existential misery and is reality-denying. Diversity is one of its symptoms.

  2. Alchemist says:

    “but aristocrats tend to sacrifice themselves in battle, lessening the ratio of intelligent leaders to unpunished herd.”

    That should change. I propose a new rule:

    If it can be shown war is necessary, for every good man lost on the field, two degenerates at home must be disposed of.

    Should one desire to end a conversation with a leftist, bring this up.

    • I think Europe lost a lot of good people in WWI and WWII. That would account for the decline of European Civilization

      • Anonymous White Male says:

        I think Rome lost a lot of good people during the Empire. That would account for the decline of Roman civilization. The allowing of everyone in the empire to immigrate to and become citizens of Rome is, I personally believe, a much more compelling cause. Plus, what about America? This accounts for its decline as well. Just remember, the thoughts and ideology that result in decline start decades before the eventual result.

        • I think Rome lost a lot of good people during the Empire.

          Also: smart people flee dying civilizations. They probably went to England.

        • I have not thought a lot about it but from what I could tell allowing all Italy, Roman citizenship was a very good move. However letting the rest of the Empire to be citizens of Rome was probably a mistake.

          • However letting the rest of the Empire to be citizens of Rome was probably a mistake.

            Agreed here. The only way this could possibly work would be to create a power that is the Empire itself, and have Rome be one of its states on par with the others. This would give people national and then imperial citizenship, but is perhaps too bureaucratic even in that form.

      • Undoubtedly it did, but the decline was pre-existing long before those wars. Cause and effect; when you see a disaster, that is the effect, and the cause is elsewhere.

    • Sounds good, and to this I add: any degenerates at home must be at a bare minimum marginalized, ideally deported, and if all else fails, “disposed of.”

      In every generation, 20% or so are defectives. Nature creates these as prey animals. The wolves hunting deer do not carry off merely “the old and sick” but the neurotic, schizophrenic, unduly individualistic (sociopathic/narcissistic/solipsistic), and oblivious.

      Any successful society needs a way to marginalize these defectives before they breed. The best way is a council of elders and fixed populations, so that the bad are known from an early age and can be sent to remote areas or exiled to other societies.

      This, by the way, was how Germans created Slavic populations. They cast off their unwanted and defective, and these were later joined by rebel serfs and others who wanted to escape the German social order.

      • I had the impression almost all of Berlin was from Slavic people. I am not sure but I think that was during the time of Bismark.

        • Unlikely, but there was perhaps an influx. “Slavic” is a difficult category in modernity in that it included demi-outsiders like Sudeten Germans. However, there was clearly an invasion of Polish people that caused havoc in the German economy.

          • I think I had that impression because of the armies of Russia and Germany that chased Napoleon back to France. The road led through Prussia and some Russians may have stayed. There must be some studies done on this.
            Also I think Prussia was Germanic around 500 -700 A.D. and then was the Western expansion of the Slavs, and then the German “push back” (Drang in Deutsche)–or drive back I think around 1242 AD or so. There must be some studies about this also somewhere.

  3. Garr says:

    All interesting people, including you and Fred N, are “resentful, neurotic, and oblivious” — oblivious to neurotypical boring social-game stuff and resenting the easy success of neurotypical social-game-players (even while despising themselves for being resentful, perhaps).
    Don’t you review “Black Metal” or something like? Isn’t that stuff pretty resentful, neurotic, and oblivious?

    • Jpw says:

      So if he’s oblivious, what is it to you.

    • Broad assertions. First, thank you for including me in “interesting,” which as you know is a hilarious double-edged sword. Next, it is possible that our objection to the “neurotypical boring social-game stuff” is that it is a form of entropy. Finally, their success is not our success; we could not enjoy it even if it were showered on us, which is why aristocratic spirits like Fred Nietzsche should have wealth and power showered on them, because it means nothing to them and thus, they will see it as a means-to-an-end and not an end in itself.

      Don’t you review “Black Metal” or something like? Isn’t that stuff pretty resentful, neurotic, and oblivious?

      Language can fool us here. “Resentful” can mean both (a) a general tendency and (b) a specific tendency; for example, some people are generally resentful and react badly to any source of power or authority above them, while others resent specific things like universalism, pacifism, equality and diversity… ah, I see I just described black metal. How interesting.

  4. J.j. Cintia says:

    White people are superior. We build and innovate. Orientals copy, jews steal, and others wait for handouts. Some see the decline as inevitable, I see it as a Race issue, cause it is. Demographics isn’t destiny, but it explains everything else. This destiny crap is the kind of surrender porn you find planted by the enemy everywhere to discourage you. Technology can make up a lot of the damage done. Babies can be grown in vats if there aren’t enough compliant and fertile women. Robots can make up the lower rungs of menial labor if there aren’t enough Whites to spare. Systems like aristocracy, monarchy and others are simply an atrifice society put over The Natural Heirachy. Titles, and heritage are quaint. Old titles seem classic, but ultimately those sentimental titles of yesteryear cover and obfuscate the point. We need to kick out the aliens and control our own lands. Titles, laws and heritage are meaningless. We need to control our lands and destroy the parasitic invaders. Kick them out or kill them dead. The Natural Hierarchy will reform once the parasites, traitors and poison are REMOVED. Names and titles are unimportant sophistry. Controlling our future means having our lands without apology or negotiation with enemies. If they don’t like it, they must be wiped out. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Let them eat their words now.

    • Babies can be grown in vats if there aren’t enough compliant and fertile women.

      Not only that, we can produce lots of babies the old fashioned way. Remove the instability, assert order, and put the Filter back into place (“good to the good, bad to the bad” versus “good to everyone” which means the bad is more efficient) and you will see a restoration of the West.

      Controlling our future means having our lands without apology or negotiation with enemies.

      This statement is not strong enough. I submit this version:

      Controlling our future means having our lands without apology or negotiation with anyone else but ourselves, the founding people of Western Civilization.