The Romance Has Died


Trying to think about what happened in 2015 that caused what feels like a seismic shift in the layer below politics. People are less likely to be OK with follow-the-leader and imitate the dominant paradigm, and now are intensely critical, restless, uncertain and enraged, which form a thin but vivid layer covering a vast sleeping hope.

What happened? My answer: the romance died. For years we (culturally) saw modernity as exciting and having a possibility of greatness for our lives. From noir fiction to gangsta rap, we idealized the dysfunction as a chance for us to prove ourselves, to struggle against a new frontier, and to emerge refined by the crucible of adversity as a higher level of human beings.

I think what did it, more than anything else, were the images of SJWs. Everyone wants to discuss heady thinker with a pioneering, brilliant and attractive thinker, but what we saw instead were the pretentious lumpenproletariat that had learned to make its way through “education” by parroting and restating known theory. They were fat, tattooed, inarticulate, pointlessly angry, and most of all, ugly. The romance died when we saw the end result of modernity: alienated, frustrated people repeating dogma as if it would fill the holes in their souls. These were not life’s winners, but its losers, compensating for that fact with power and authority. In short, these were the same dimwits who ran the Soviet Union into the ground: obedient tools with an inner instability that propelled them forward through need.

At the same time, Western citizens woke up to find the house on fire. Infrastructure was collapsing; at every level of leadership, in both private and public spheres, those in charge seemed vastly incompetent and uninformed about every important issue, but capable of delivering a nagging nanny finger-wagging lecture about ideology at every turn. Our leaders knew how to tell us that terrorism would not threaten our democracy, but could not get a glove on the problem itself. And so people turned away.

In the past, from West Side Story and Great Expectations through The Sun Also Rises, decay had a certain nobility to it, and the promise of license like a Saturday night during your sophomore year of college. Anything could happen; there were no rules! This promised sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and the notion that new ideas waited around the corner which would disprove how everything worked and show us a new frontier. Chaos theory. Gender theory, multiculturalism. Primitivism. Psychedelia. And yet every one of these turned out to be a hollow (((echo))) of the dominant paradigm, equality, which just so happened to require a strong government and lots of these lumpy ugly experts to tell us how to live!

No one wanted to have big families anymore. People divorced because they never really knew each other, and when you know that you are the 139th person your spouse slept with, the sacred nature of marriage becomes a joke. Jobs stood revealed as 90% make-work and covering up for incompetence, and 10% that actually needed doing, but because in an egalitarian society everyone must find a reason — horizontal (hip, good, moral) and vertical (money, power, status) — to rise above equal, we needed more jobs, more titles and more specialized education programs with unique degrees. The whole thing was rotted not by the act of a political party, but from within, but its assumptions.

It reminds me of when we were kids and went out plinking with our .22s. We would get far enough from civilization to be safe, and then start blasting away, trying to find exciting objects to hit among the litter and detritus. But then, just as the shooting competition intensified, there would be a small sound of vast finality: ching!

The clip would be empty. It was, in the words of a friend, a kicked clip: like a can you would kick away when its purpose was done. We rarely had a whole lot of ammunition, and so each rifle had a ten-round clip, and when that firing pin fell on empty space with a tinny metallic clang, we knew the night was over. The fun was gone. It had happened, was past tense, and now what remained was to clean up the brass and head home.

Western civilization has become a kicked clip. People are miserable and their only refuge comes through foisting more misery onto others, so that the individual appears to be on top of the others. Families are crushed, and there are no traditions to live for, so we are merely chasing our own dreams. No shared values exist, so we must rely on individual judgments, feelings and desires to guide us, and these most commonly lead to circular patterns based on fascinations we have adopted as compensations for having direction, not as fulfillment of it. Our jobs make us zombies and our personal lives make us hollow, and yet it is never discussed, so we all suffer in silence.

We could put these feelings aside for exciting collapse. When it seemed like a great storm was hitting, and all would be washed away and we could start again, we loved modernity… because we hated it. We hate living in it and so its only culmination is destruction, so that we can invent something new again, but no one knows what that is. The assumptions we must adopt to function in this society render us unable to visualize anything else.

With this, the dark noir dreams, the sci-fi hopes, and the gangsta fantasies fade away. They are like anything else in a world dominated by commerce and trends: a thin layer of advertising designed to baffle our minds with pleasant images, and underneath it, a vast reservoir of entropy and repetition. The dream was a lie. It took a long time, but now it has become visible as a lie, and even worse, a boring like much like that of the Soviets: a future living in grey concrete condominiums in rotted cities, slaving away in jobs doing nothing of importance in order to avoid being destroyed, while pollution and overpopulation and incompetence rise around us like a Biblical flood.1

All of the fascinations died out. Marijuana proved not to be the stargate to deep immensity of understanding the universe, but a one-way ticket to the couch and first-person shooters until our eyes fell out from boredom and we ate another slice of pizza just to knock ourselves out. Free love ended up being prostitution, which meant that when it was time to consider love or family, all that was left were rough-living washed-up whores. Rock ‘n’ roll turned into a farce, and died when black metal one-upped it permanently. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin cannot compete with dark mysticism, stashed explosives and the inversion of rock ‘n’ roll itself, a flirtation with Darwinistic and Nietzschean naturalistic fascism. Rock died like the rest of the dream.

What remains is the endless hangover: every day about like the others, leading to retirement in which we attempt to rationalize having wasted the best hours of our lives doing nothing of importance, and an utter powerlessness. When we cannot do good by social standards, and be recognized for having done so, all of our acts are empty. We serve our self-interest, but even self-interest demands more… a hint of meaning, of mystery, of hope and the unknowable. All of these were crushed and replaced with Soviet-style rituals of excess in which each generation repeated the last, and found that its rebellion led it to be an even greater affirmation of the dominant herd idea than the generation before.

The romance died. The modern life is a kicked clip. There is nothing here for the inner parts of the individual that seek purpose, discovery and truth. All that we find is more of the same human jive, like crowds at the shopping mall or people at the grocery store who cannot return the carts ten feet from their parked cars: selfishness, denial, stupidity, oblivion and mediocrity. Awakening from this dream turned sour, we need new adventures, and these will only come through the great storm that tears apart modernity and restarts society in a method that can possess a goal, values and some truths of a non-temporal — eternal — nature.

1 — or Plato’s “streams from the heavens.” If you mix up the Bhagavad-Gita, the Odyssey, The Republic and the Eddas and simplify, you get the Bible.

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24 Responses to “The Romance Has Died”

  1. avraham says:

    The Renaissance always held a great charm for me. The Middle Ages less so until I got to yeshiva in NY. The only claim there was modest–that mediaeval scholars were rigorous thinkers much more than thinkers after the middle ages. This is true. But this fact opened my eyes to see some of the hidden greatness in the Middle Ages. It seems likely the crisis of modernity is rejection of the Middle ages in total.

    The cure for Christian Civilization would be emphasis on Aquinas and Anslem, and Augustine.

    • It seems likely the crisis of modernity is rejection of the Middle ages in total.

      Interesting thesis. Of supporting note is the Romanticist fascination with the Middle Ages.

    • MeToo says:

      Er…we don’t have Christian civilization any more. Not saying it didn’t have both its good and bad aspects, only that it has long since been replaced by – ah, you figure it out.

      • kerry says:

        Where is this place in you wherein it has been “replaced”, and with what, or rather with whom?
        Note that first syllable in “Christian civilization”, Christ. He resides in the heart. When the culture at large chooses sacrilege, outrage and indifference, why hop on for the ride, “straight down to the hot place”? Christ is the second person of the Holy Trinity, and God Himself. “Believeth thou this”? Remember the four last things, death, judgement, Heaven and hell. Neither indifference, sloth, scorn nor denial will change those last facts. “IHS”, and Viva Christo Rey!

        • Knowledge of any religious truth varies with the biology of those interpreting it.

          There is a reason that third world Christianity is mostly voodoo and iconography.

    • -A says:

      A great deal of who we are started in the Middle Ages. I have considered learning how to cook on the raised hearth stove so popular back then. It was a period when Europe was restarting and something great was built. We could indeed learn a lot from them.

  2. Fome PingWin says:

    God damn you for pulling entryism on (((echo))).

    That symbol means only one thing: KIKES. Hebrews. Yids. JEWS.

    • The far right is like a drunk man in a hotel. He sits at the desk, then picks up the handgun lying next to him and lifts it to his head. His eyes reveal disbelief as if he feels betrayed by his arm and hand. And yet, he cannot stop himself. He pulls the trigger. Brains hit the wall.

      To a rightist, the goal is civilizational health. This requires doing away with the means we use to destroy ourselves, like democracy and equality. In fact, the four pillars — hierarchy, culture/nationalism, positive reward and transcendental goals — will fix civilization decline, easily.

      But that requires we humble ourselves and realize that no, We The People cannot rule ourselves. We muck it up every time, which is why democracy is the graveyard of empires. And that offends us, so instead, we scapegoat the Jews, the rich, the bankers, etc.

      In doing so, we make ourselves into the same thing that Leftism is: a single universal ideology that replaces reality and removes human accountability to results, so long as their actions are ideologically correct. In any other form this would be recognized as insanity.

      Brains on the wall.

      • Fome PingWin says:

        Nice non sequitur, but the reality is that the (((echo))) comes from the Coincidence Detector extension, which exists to highlight Jewish names and for no other reason.

        Even if everything else you said about the ills of the alt right is true, you’re still blatantly trying to confuse the true meaning of that symbol.

        • highlight Jewish names and for no other reason

          Yes, well, since I am not a Jew-scapegoater, I would not use it that way, but I like the idea of highlighting the manipulative Establishment echo chamber wherever it is found.

          While I admire your willingness to stand up for the traditional meaning of a symbol, I recognize that this one has sort of popped in the media now that the usual neurotic Leftists have decoded it. In 20 years, it will be a generic for any take-it-or-leave-it option with manipulation which accrues to the benefit of those in power, with people talking about (((cheese product))) and (((convenience fees))).

    • Walten says:

      Last time I checked a noticeable amount of those pushing the likes of Open Borders, feminism, minority worship (really the Noble Savage myth) are gentile Whites.

  3. Doug says:

    The best part of being a dirt person with an AR15 and a shank of hangin’ rope, is every mourning I get up and look to see what new madness the political and banking elite have conjured up, the insanity of the human extinction movements latest narrative about nasty white dirt people, and I gaze in wonder that these mental fucking retards attained positions of influence and power, and that is refreshing, because it reminds me just how cookoo in the head they are. That lookin’ and a watchin’ is exactly next to sharpening my hatchet, I’m beginning to bath in the stunning insanity of it all, I’m embracing the megalomania and desperate lust of the scum oligarchy’s acts of self preservation and panic as their fig leaf of legitimacy of power is ripped away, because it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in all my years. The hedonistic sonsofabitches days are definitely over, just they don’t quite understand, and us dirt people are beginning to grok it is we all who ever really had the power to begin with.
    The end truly can’t come fast enough for these crooks liars and fucking thieves, because in the final evaluation that is all they are and all they ever where. It is really that simple. And my fellow dirt people, it is not nice to fool the dirt people and pick their wallets dry, now is it.

    • All true. The important thing here is the principle: those who come bearing democracy, equality and Leftism are by definition insane and parasitic.

      • JPW says:

        The metaphysical world so often mimics the physical (or vice versa, I’m not sure). The Romance went flaccid when people figured out how equality gets achieved. In the physical world, it works through entropy. All bright and shiny things loose their luster to the mediocre darkness that surrounds. It’s the same with society. The great are tied down by Lilliputians who need their gimmedatz. The goodness gets stolen and sucked into the void inhabited by DeMaurice and BillaBob.

        • The metaphysical world so often mimics the physical (or vice versa, I’m not sure).

          They seem to run in parallel, which is an idea similar to Anton Long’s vision of “acausal” quasi-numinous realms.

          The great are tied down by Lilliputians who need their gimmedatz.

          We may be in an evolutionary advancement period where a bottleneck is created so that the humans which survive will instinctively eliminate those beneath them. It seems awful and counter-intuitive, but if popular revolts continue to be such a threat, there is only one way (really) to keep them from happening. I imagine that throughout human evolutionary history there were many cases of more advanced tribes killing and eating their forebears.

  4. avraham says:

    “We may be in an evolutionary advancement period where a bottleneck.”

    My thought is I think more in enlightenment with traditional biology in which one species begins to divide into two or more. This is what I think race is. For example take one group of birds and separate them from the larger group. After some time the develop different color according to the environment. Given more time they develop into two species.

  5. Badmar says:

    What if modernity was a red herring and pipe-dream (like communism) that was always meant to fail? It’s only now that we realized when it’s end results began to be undeniable and apparent that we’ve awakened to the storm as riders (and writers). Chapter 1: It’s quiet here in this place; the dark space created by calm and upheaval, the faceless wind, and sound ofchattering teeth that reverb in deathly tones on the wall. * Man is heroic in a pinch.*

    *George Orwell

  6. Dan Kurt says:

    For the record and as a guy who got my first 22 rifle age 12: you mean MAGAZINE not CLIP. A clip is a device to load cartridges into a magazine. There are different types of clips, btw.

    Dan Kurt

  7. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    I’ve been trying for quite some time to put my finger on a feeling that I’ve had. A malaise, if you will, but I couldn’t quite put it into words. You just described it to me, perfectly. Everywhere you go, you can see it in people’s eyes: the romance has indeed died, and emptiness abounds. We are ugly to each other, to ourselves and to our future. There is little joy to be found anywhere. Life isn’t supposed to be this way. The ship will straighten, of course. I just hope I’m alive long enough to enjoy it when it does.

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