The Dot-Com Boom Is Really Over Now

A dot-com entrepreneur admits the grim truth about the nu-internet age:

But the bigger challenge for those who love writing and reading is that advertising in the digital space is slowing—and the problem gets much worse once most reading is done on phones. It’s simply easier and more efficient to run ads on Facebook or Snapchat, which have bigger audiences and better technology to match readers with things they want to buy or do.

In his argument, we are shifting to a model where people pay for content much as they once bought newspapers and magazines.

But advertising is slowing for another reason. It is that we have created a mass of proles who buy only certain things that are trendy, and so advertising is dead to them. They are on the internet to pass the time at their unnecessary jobs, most of which are creations of Government regulations and legal incentives.

The nu-internet empire was based on the idea that we could take every warm body, hook them up to a simplified internet like social media, show them ads and have a profitable new industry. But that is no longer happening. Why? Most of these people are do-nothings, and the ads do not affect them.

His wishful thinking is merely the latest admission by this industry that it is dying. With it collapses the Clinton miracle and the Obama “recovery,” as well as the myth of STEM narcissists in California saving us from our imminent collapse.

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4 Responses to “The Dot-Com Boom Is Really Over Now”

  1. AntiDem says:

    Good. As someone who actually lives in the Silicon Valley, I say: please, PLEASE let all the tech industry assholes go away so that the cost of living around here can go back to a level that normal human beings can afford, and so that we can maybe elect some halfway sane local politicians again.

  2. -A says:

    May we go back to a model where STEM actually means something.

    How do the proles know when something is trendy? Some poor saps out there are advertising trendy items for free. It is like Tumblr porn, cheating oneself of a profit.

  3. Solarbaby #9 says:

    I like what Anti-Dem says . To hell with the techies . I also blame the Chinese-Viet funny money and crowd sourcing and I blame the Fed for the uber-low interest rates having caused YET ANOTHER BUBBLE ( which will burst soon ) .
    On another note: there are some great products being put out like some of Zynga’s hits . But no one is willing to pay $ for these great digital games . So instead their stocks sell practically as penny stocks ( until they get bought up by the big companies like EA and Activision. )
    The problem companies like ZNGA has is the free-rider problem. It is the same problem underground music acts have. With so much free content available – people are not willing to pay for the entertainment services (on the internet specifically) .
    In the long term: the free-rider problem is a threat to the viability of the Silicon Valley social network business model.

    • The problem companies like ZNGA has is the free-rider problem.

      What an excellent topic: the free-rider problem. Might want to combine with the trolley problem and prisoner’s dilemma since they are all facets of the same.

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