Politics Has Become Binary


As the old saying goes, there are those who “get it” and then there is everyone else. This applies to just about any idea and forces a binary on the population, separating it into two groups.

In the West, we have reached the point in politics. There are those who want to think realistically about the future and those who want to think ideologically.

Realistic thinking is measured by likely consequences in reality, independent of what we think about them; ideological thinking is based entirely on human intent, judgment and feelings. In that view, what makes most people experience pleasant mental sensations is the best policy.

Under ideology, we have driven ourselves to overpopulation, war, ecocide, corruption, bankruptcy, ruined social order and a political climate under which certain types of observations trigger reactions that destroy lives.

The West has become an existentially-miserable place, and this has been growing for some time. Realistic people do not like modernity because it is ugly, bedecked in bureaucracy, encourages the worst in humanity, and tends to sacrifice the good in order to defend the bad or mediocre.

In a sane society, someone growing up has the expectation that if he achieves good results and lives morally, he will be rewarded. Not so in this society; he will be penalized and squeezed for taxes to pay for those who did not follow his path. Like in the Soviet Union, we have created perverse incentives against goodness, intelligence, decency and honor.

The result is a place that is outwardly wealthy and exciting, but miserable within.

For the last centuries, this path has been visible to the top level of our thinkers, writers and artists. They have railed against it and demonstrated the power of alternatives, in their own form. At least, all of twentieth century literature seems to have followed this model. Even now, the resentment of our condition arises.

This has split us into two groups: those who see nothing wrong with our current path and those who want to escape it. The former group generally believes it can squeeze more blood from the stone and gain personal benefit at the expense of society, where the latter wants a functional civilization.

The West has been in decline for some time. We are finally in a position to stop it. With that accomplished, we can focus on how to rise again, making life more pleasurable for our people and encouraging them to greater heights of goodness, excellence and honesty.

It is only natural that this will polarize our population in preparation for the inevitable civil war.

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13 Responses to “Politics Has Become Binary”

  1. Ivar says:

    The situation can’t be explained any clearer than in this short essay.

  2. Robert says:

    “We are finally in a position to stop it”. Anger has put us in position? Possibly losing a third Presidential election? What has put us in position? The binary is clear. After that…what? Civil war is easy to start, hell to wage and the devil to stop.

    • It does not matter how difficult civil war is; it is upon us. We could use other means, but since most people are retarded-stupid these days, that is unlikely to happen.

  3. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    Much of politics has always been binary. People that wanted to remain neutral were often drawn into the battle. See for example Thucydides. In that case that he is going into no one had the chance to be neutral.

  4. JPW says:

    It’s so much clearer this time than it was in 2012. Maybe that’s the benefit of having nuked so much of the Cuckistocracy.

    • After 2012, and especially the follow mid-term election, it was clear that Republicans were not conservatives, nor would they act for anything but self-interest within the political elite.

  5. H. Jones says:

    Love to explain to my friends in the Northern United States: It is halftime with the score Yankees 1 – Confederates 0 and the second half is upon us. Abraham Lincoln began Federal Tyranny with the carnage of 700,000+ American Soldiers and Civilians. That carnage continues with 50,000+ since Roe vs. Wade. Will tanks roll into Dallas and Atlanta as the Sovereign States disband the Federal Government they created?

    • Good points. The important thing for me is that cause-effect logic was interrupted. The Civil War was not the cause of itself, nor was the political pretext (slavery) the cause. In fact, the cause remains unresolved, and it is unlikely that it can be fixed without partition. The gentlest way to do that is States’ Rights.

      • H. Jones says:

        At beginning of the war the Confederacy had the fourth largest economy on planet Earth. An in depth discussion of why the war occurred is not necessary. As now, the driving force was money needed for Federal coffers. Abraham Lincoln was honored at the 1938 American Communist Party convention in Chicago for his contribution to Federal Tyranny.

  6. Cryptogenic says:

    Slightly OT: Dema are playing on extreme emotional binary partitioning in their last ditch efforts to derail Trump.

    I just read about arson and vandalism at a black church — in Mississippi, of course! “Vote Trump” was spray painted on the side (in white!) in case anyone was unsure about the motive.

    This along with the “Jew-S-A!” guy and Klan endorsement (as if there is a Klan to endorse anyone) are clearly false flags. Desperate false flags too.

    Contra your hunch that the FBI re-investigation isn’t quite what it seems, I don’t think dems and affiliated groups are smart for any treachery nested more than a layer or two deep. I thought having Alicia Machado introduce Hillary was pretty bad, but “Mississippi Burning” re-enactments before the election? OK…

    • I don’t think dems and affiliated groups are smart for any treachery nested more than a layer or two deep.

      At least, this is true of the voters, who seem to exist in a perpetual present tense where categorical boundaries are instant and rigid. Dogma messes up the mind and makes it one-dimensional.

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