Polish Fans Unite Against Diversity And Immigration

Many of us in the New World view soccer as a sport like golf: a lot of waiting, wandering, and agonizing over what is in the end calculus a few well-timed taps to a ball to make it go into a target. We do not get it. Also, we do not want to. However, for much of Europe, soccer (they call it “football,” which seems not entirely non-descriptive) serves as a form of social bonding.

As part of this, social issues invade the soccer pitch. When sports bring men together, men see those sports as an expression of their culture, and so national pride comes out as it did with this banner, which proclaims (roughly) that immigration is a bad idea, Muslims are going to destroy Europe, and Europe should unite behind Christianity to stop this process.

It is a cheerful sign of the discontent, insurgency and political upsets to come.

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6 Responses to “Polish Fans Unite Against Diversity And Immigration”

  1. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    The Poles are I think trying to be more careful about whom they let in. I do not know the numbers but I am sure they give tons of visas to Ukrainian students. In other words they exercise caution about whom they let in. I think their approach is very sensible.

  2. JPW says:

    And people call the Polish dumb. Who still owns their country and culture here? Germany? France (Whatever that still is)?

  3. -A says:

    This has been going on so long that I have read Taki articles about the differences of football between Europe and America (it is a bourgeois interest here and it is a prole interest there, which makes the fans more dangerous to liberalism) and Briant Gumble has been pussyaching about racism in sports over it. I am reminded of when a Mexican played football in Spain, even the Spaniards who were rooting for his team spat on him so much that he was drenched in saliva the whole game. The footballers have long been against the lofty bougie politics and many players have come forward about being sexually abused as kids. I am shocked they chose sports instead of porn as their continued objectification but it shows more class in their favor.

  4. Svmmoned says:

    Yes, Poles still rules their streets and will be probably harder to subjugate than others. It is also not some new phenomena but rather consistent characteristic of our football. But scope of our nationalist football fans ends right there – on stadiums.

    Large and continuous Ukrainian immigration is a fact and it will pose a problem eventually, because we’re not alike.

  5. AHFB says:


    Those Poles are based, folks. They ain’t gonna put up with that “migrant” violence.

  6. TheBlood says:

    It’s in the U.S. too, not just Europe. It’s another front of the reaction against multi-everything.

    (the attack)
    The Dark Side of American Soccer Culture:


    (the response)
    Racist Baristas Responsible for Surge in U.S. Soccer Fandom:


    I see whites in the U.S. adopt more and more European influences and vice versa. The leftists may call for more diversity but at the same time they crave for an America that looks like Europe. It’s what they want deep down. Another sign of the profound cognitive dissonance that affects them.

    It’s also true for Aus/NZ. Maybe it’s genetic, hence inevitable. I feel we’re coming closer and closer, even though we’re separated by thousands of miles. Blood is thicker than many people think.

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