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  • Angry young men continue to be America’s greatest threat

    Another mass shooting. This time it was a garlic festival. This Cuck is now handwringing over angry young men. “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Writes Maureen Callahan. Just why are these young roustabouts getting their Irish up?

    “Why are you doing this?” a witness heard someone shout. The response: “Because I’m really angry.”

    I know what we can do…Totally overhype this problem rather than figuring out why these guys pop and go pyscho. here’s what hyperventilation turns into when it gets written down.

    The ever-incubating mass shooter, these young men nurturing their anger through first-person shooter games, violent pornography, through racism and a fascination with guns and violence, is our greatest, most stubborn and pressing threat…

    Oh Dear, Maureen how could they do this? Have you looked at the tattoo-faced freakshows they are supposedly expected to man up and marry? If the women in your mating pool have enough facial jewelry to vaguely resemble Hellboy, violence porn is somehow soothing by comparison. Have you seen how males are implicitly treated in our public school system. They are either scoring touchdowns, knocking down straight As or they are part of a mass-produced glob of mediocre losers. Racism, you accuse them of?

    Take it up with Ilhan Omar and AOC, you whelping female canine. The average White Male is suppossed to grin, shrug shoulders and put up with blatant, in-your-face racism. The fascination with guns and violence is understandable. A typical weekend dead pool haul from Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore outdoes the kills of every mass shooting in the last six months. If murder is a national threat Maureen, the military probably needs to occupy and perhaps seriously redecorate about half of our SMSAs. But luckily, Mrs Maureen, most of these guys will just put some ice on it, drink themselves to oblivion and just sail on through it.

  • UC imposes political litmus test

    Although UC’s Board of Regents officially declares that “No political test shall ever be considered in the appointment and promotion of any faculty member or employee,” a new UC policy seems to be doing exactly that.

    As part of its “commitment to diversity and excellence,” UC’s administrators are telling recruiters for faculty positions, as one directive puts it, to take “pro-active steps to seek out candidates committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.” To enforce that dictum, UC also requires applicants for new faculty employment and promotions to submit “diversity statements” that will be scored “with rubrics provided by Academic Affairs and require applicants to achieve a scoring cutoff to be considered.”

    You can’t have both diversity and excellence. You have to find a common tie that binds to build the team necessry for excellence. These guys won’t just be morons. They will be oxymorons. That has to be worse and more corrosive.

  • America’s Highest Minimum Wage Sparks Fight in Small California City

    This city of nearly 12,000 has become ground zero for a national debate over how to balance boosting wages for the lowest-paid workers and ensuring small businesses can afford to keep employing them. Proponents say a minimum-wage increase was desperately needed in the hometown of Pixar Animation Studios, where the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,840, the median home price is more than $560,000, and a salad costs more than $15. “The Bay Area is more expensive than any other part of the country,” said María Moreno, community organizer with the Restaurant Opportunities Center of the Bay, an advocacy group.

    Life has an easy answer that people don’t want to hear. If the wages and costs get too high to keep a bistro open, then you make your own dumb sandwich. This isn’t hard unless the truth is something that has been banned from discourse. Nobody community organizing at the Restaurant Opportunities Center had ever been in a restaurant in any capacity other than patron. If the Median Rent is $3K/Month, and a salad costs more than $15, then Pookie and Ray-Ray are too broke to live there. Again, this isn’t quantum physics. If the elites in San Francisco want Starbucks, they need to design an affordable robot to brew it for them. When people are priced out of an area, economics dictates that you don’t get people. Nothing hard, nothing complex. But it is something for Amerika’s creme de la creme to ponder if they want some of these proles around so they aren’t mowing their own lawns or grinding their own beans…

  • New Age Marianne Williamson is breakout winner of Democratic debate

    When Neitzsche wrote God’s obituary he neglected to collect any resumes of who would take over next. This has remained a defect in Modernity ever since. In the USSA, we’ve tried to solve this problem through a variety of religious awakenings. Into this cavernous void have stepped The Baptist Church, Mormonism, and perhaps now, a reinvigorated New Age Movement. All of these movements have enjoyed varying levels of success in an attempt to provide meaning in an age of torpid ennui. To paraphrase an old Rush Lyric, some of the views are spacious while others are merely spaced.

    When Dennis Kucinich tried to pour on the kitsch in 2004 with a set of cartoon political endorsements from anthropromorphic creatures of the forest, the views were merely spaced. Marianne Williamson has come closer to a transubstantiation from crazier than a Baltimore outhouse rat to insightful. She preaches what could be a Modern Progressive Catechism below.

    The key problem afflicting America, in Williamson’s view, is a “dark psychic force” that is weaving a racial divide. It is the cause of white nationalism. That racial divide is causing an “emotional imbalance” that is interfering with human thriving. And this betrays the purposes of the founding fathers, who brought America into being to allow us all to have “possibilities.” To most of us elitists, this either sounds wacko on its own terms or is dismissible as a semi-pagan illiterate translation of classic Christian thinking about the devil’s role in ordinary life. But we dismiss the power of this approach at our peril. These are key themes not only through American history, but also ideas that have played a significant role in the Age of Oprah.

    People who are antipathetic towards the message of most monotheistic religions are still in need of the knowledge and enlightment that these faiths typically offer. An unorganized philosophical universe can be as hard to navigate as a darkened room strewn with random objects. People who need to get it together but can’t stand the idea of getting it together the way The Man in The Grey Flannel Suit would, are lining up to buy what Marianne Williamson is saying. Call her crazy when you know you have a better answer. But not beforehand. As nutzo as it all sounds, somebody is going to have to intelligently answer a flurry like this.

    She essentially said that racism and white supremacy are nothing less than demonic and that saving America from their evil is a moral task. “I want a politics that goes much deeper,” Williamson concluded. “I want a politics that goes to the heart. . . . We need to override dog whistles . . . We need to love each other, love our democracy.”

  • The craft beer industry has a diversity problem

    I’ve never had the displeasure of having met Shirley Leung. I’ve read this sample of her “journalism,” and don’t have to. She is the multi-culti Tipper Gore. Somewhere, unbeknownst to Shirley, somebody White is doing something they enjoy. The prospect frightens her. In this case, it’s turning down the bigshot career, following a passion, and making a craft brew or two.

    It can be jaw-dropping to see how monochromatic its consumers are: Of craft beer and hard cider drinkers, whites account for 77 percent of the market, while Hispanics are 10.6 percent, blacks constitute 5.4 percent, and Asians are 5.1 percent, according to new data from the consumer insights firm MRI-Simmons.

    I’m sure Korean Rice Wine Producers suffer similar problems. It could be a Yellow Peril. How people get drunk is a cultural marker. And, quite frankly; it’s their own damn bidness. I’m not going to harsh a brother who throws down a Mickey’s Big Mouth to get wide on the weekend. I’m a totally stereotypical craft beer drinking (and homebrewing) male of The Caucasian Persuasion. My five or six constant readers would never have gotten that from context. Screw Shirley Leung. Or better yet; don’t. She might successfully breed and have kids just like her.

  • Elizabeth Warren Buries Some Inconvenient Truths

    Here’s why Cathedral Mouth-of-Sauron Politico is incensed at Senator Lieawatha. She strategically dropped a truth bomb these guys still don’t want dropped.

    “Anyone who thinks the trade deals are about tariffs doesn’t understand what’s going on,” she said. “Look at the NAFTA 2.0. What’s the central feature? To help pharmaceutical companies get longer periods of exclusivity. To charge Canadians, Americans, Mexicans more money and make more profit. That’s what trade deals have become. They have become a way for giant multinationals to change the regulatory environment. So they can suck more profit out for themselves and to leave the American people behind.” By fusing a populist slap at drug companies with a jab at unfair trade deals, you can almost hear in that answer an appeal to voters who in 2016 were drawn to a candidate who attacked trade deals that wounded Americans.

    Lieawatha is also back at her blackmail game again. She really likes pain pill mills just fine and is happy to protect their ridiculous exclusions from competitive market forces – after they send her heap big wampum. That is Liz Warren’s secret to success. She is playing the exact same game as Kim Jung Il with the mitigating factor that her missiles involve nasty comments and litigation rather than dirty, U-238 payloads. Drug companies are just the next sucker that needs to buy in so that she will become as friendly with them as she is now with Wall Street. The inconvenient truth here is that Elizabeth Warren is a tick sucking lifeblood from Amerikan industry and if enough like her latch on, the economy will be in a worled of hurt from the corruption.

  • Tarantino Punches the Damn Dirty Hippies

    The stifling conformity of the Great Awokening has now driven even Quentin Tarantino to the subversive right. His immensely enjoyable buddy comedy Once Upon in a Time…in Hollywood, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt at their considerable best, has The New Yorker fulminating that it’s “obscenely regressive.”

    Quentin Tarrantino has awakened from his wokeness. The catalyst: woke isn’t fun. Evil eventually has that problem. Once the mask drops and all the scary appendages hang out, it starts to smell bad and look really ugly. The aesthetics of The Woke Left has triggered a disgust reaction in Quentin Tarrantino. Eventually, if Reverand Dimmsdale insists on preaching the same sets of sermons; everyone will quietly leave the church. There is no grand declaration here, Tarrantino just felt like doing something that satisfied the Artist Soul. Eventually, dead and unimaginative ideology gives that soul no outlet. Then,it is time to get up and leave.

  • Maddow Suffers Ratings Crash

    Eventually, even cult leaders have to pay off. You can only spread certain conspiracy theories for so long before people start to notice there has been no payoff. Whether it’s the Global Warming Hoax or the Russia Collusion Hoax, deadline after deadline after revelation after revelation, continue to prove these are all cults led by cult leaders and grifters with no respect for the people they are trying to swindle. Maddow went all-in on what she knew was a hoax, and for a couple of years it worked, she was in the running for number one. But now her integrity is forever damaged.

    Please. It isn’t Rachel Maddow’s integrity here that is the problem. Let’s face it. I’m not voting for Elizabeth Warren and my evil doppelganger at some Lefty site isn’t a big fan of MAGA rallies. The real reason dishonesty has killed Maddow is that she already suffered from being drab and boring in her ineluctible evil. If you can even manage to be this funny, people will think you are ok to some extent. It’s when the mask comes off of evil and people truly see the falseness that everybody runs. The whole Mueller Mess just reinforced this perception of Rachel Maddow.

  • Senator: About 10 Percent of B-1s are Fully Combat-Ready

    Only six of the Air Force’s 61 B-1 bombers are fully mission-capable, a South Dakota senator said July 30. The B-1 fleet is in the midst of an intensive slate of maintenance work and upgrades. Of the 61 jets, 15 are in depot maintenance and 39 aircraft are down for inspections or other issues, Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) said during a Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing for Gen. John Hyten..

    Perhaps the USSA is a super power on paper but a dud on the field once the spikes get put on. Nationalism will arise as empire is too exhausted to keep it down.

  • Russia’s Defense Industry in Increasing Disarray As More Plants Set to Close

    Maybe there is no real super power. If not China or Russia, then who? Maybe nobody until the next culture generates a viable civilization.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin constantly talks about how his country is building up its Armed Forces and supplying them with super weapons, but Russia’s defense industry is increasingly incapable of making those promises a reality. With growing debt (because the state has yet to pay for what it has ordered), increasing shortages of skilled workers and an inability to come up with domestically produced components (now unavailable because of sanctions), Russia’s defense contractors are in serious trouble. Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov says that ever more defense firms are “living from hand to mouth,” while others contend that the entire sector is “in crisis”

  • Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid

    Dozens of suburban Chicago families, perhaps many more, have been exploiting a legal loophole to win their children need-based college financial aid and scholarships they would not otherwise receive, court records and interviews show. Coming months after the national “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal, this tactic also appears to involve families attempting to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive and expensive college admissions system.

    Desperation sets in. Everyone runs faster on the hedonic treadmill. Everyone lies to keep up with the Joneses. Am I the only one seeing this somehow ties to the improving political fortunes of Marianne Williamson?

    “It’s a scam,” said Andy Borst, director of undergraduate admissions at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Wealthy families are manipulating the financial aid process to be eligible for financial aid they would not be otherwise eligible for. They are taking away opportunities from families that really need it.”

    Has anyone asked Illinois University if their current tuition rates are anything other than a scam? Or maybe whether these needy people will get any help by carrying a degree from Illinois University? It’s truly a scam. Just not the one Andy Borst is barbering about.

  • So The Sweet Meteor of Death went wide to the right. Bummer. We’ll just have to go with Plan B then.

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