Legalize it

A brief thought on legal drugs:

When I was a teenager, I thought drugs should be legalized and sold at the same prices. Why not just put that money toward government costs?

I thought I was really smart for telling people, “You know, people are going to take drugs anyway, and making them illegal just makes them more attractive, so legalize and < poof > the problem goes magically away!”

As I saw more of the world, I started to see how this scheme would become a scam like anything else. I then thought it would be best to legalize, nationalize and sell drugs at cost with no age restrictions. Not only enhance “freedom,” but let natural selection reign.

The more I see of life — not going to different places, but getting better at observing what’s been in front of me all this time — the more I think we need to segregate by type of lifestyle desired.

Some communities will want conservative living. This means you roughly follow European-style “Christian” morals: truthfulness, simple pleasures, hard work, cleanliness, monogamy/chastity, honor, collectivism, helping out those who have fallen prey of chance, and so on. This doesn’t include the liberal fantasy of finding the most screwed up people out there to try to “help” so you can prove to your friends what a good egalitarian altruist you are; it just means helping those in the community who have fallen into hard times… helping them out of those hard times.

For these people, legal drugs would be a big mistake and a bad idea. So, no legal drugs in those communities. If they’re smart they’ll ban alcohol, cigarettes and junk/fast food as well. Why not? They have at this point taken a stand to their values and these things are outside the scope.

I no longer believe problems go magically away through legislation. I expect this community would have drug problems, but it would have a punishment that’s actually effective: exile.

Yep, you don’t go to jail for doing drugs; you don’t get raped by bubbas and vatos and others in the joint; you don’t get called Satan. You just get told that your values system doesn’t match and you’ll be happier elsewhere. Gentle culling.

On the other hand, other communities would be liberal, and in those, having legal drugs would be a sacrament. They could pick how they’d want to implement it. This means that no one ever goes to jail or faces any penalty for using drugs. They would be drug free zones.

Twenty years down the road, we could look at each type of community and see which is the place we’d want to live in.

3 Responses to “Legalize it”

  1. KPl. says:

    I see the opposite.
    I see the willful ‘acceptance’ (neh, /longing/) for Balkanization and I see defeatism become stupidity as we go from one landmass without one people but the -potential- to become something truly special if we could get there.
    To a bunch of fragmented regional powers whose ability to sustain themselves and influence large fractions of science and culture is as crippled as places like Europe have been for -centuries-.
    What’s more, I see a blatant unwillingness to envision what happens when desperate ‘free tokers’ breed and take drugs and generally find that they don’t have the economic impetus as much as internal mass to do more than be what they are.
    What they will have is numbers. And they will FIND the weapons. And those who try for a eugenic lifestyle (which includes homeostatic breeding restraint and high density multi-taskers who do a lot of IQ driven load lifting in small numbers as community leaders) suddenly face raiding tactics and Dar Al Sulh driven appeasement of and by The Nameless Hordes.
    Nor does it even have to extend to actual violence. Never seen the ocean? Fine. Just wait until you rely on someone’s boatload of tractor sprockets to get to you in central Kansas, across The Free Drug Zone.
    I’m all for isolationism, I just don’t want it to come down to a State By State level. Because globalist agendas look for that kind of admitted weakness on the part of nation states and they do their damndest to turn the screws whichever way they have to to shatter whatever residual independence there is. For profit. For Market Unity. For Social Engineering’s Sake.
    We need to see this nation as what it is: a critical mass (self sufficient, but only in unity) bulwark against the crass stupidity that is the globalist tidal wave threatening to sweep this planet.
    We can do without the world if we learn to take what we must, buy what we can and develop America for it’s own sake with an electric society, high order physics and a leap into space /regardless/ of what other’s piss and moan about our ignoring their problems.
    And we need to clean house at home to get there. If you think anything less will let you keep what you got, while giving away the infrastructure and geographic depth of field to the barbarians in our midst, you’re a complete fool.


  2. Sean says:

    I agree with your notion. I think it’s a VERY smart move, and one not addressed by any laws, but indeed, embodies the spirit of the law.

    Which is that communities should be able to decide for themselves what is morally reprehensible and what should be allowed.

    Thanks for broadening my worldview.

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