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JayMan on the “Jewish Question”

In the midst of an article on other topics, an insightful barrage:

Many commenters on this matter like to blame Jewish influence for these shifts in social attitudes, and it is true that Ashkenazi Jews commonly hold and have promoted progressive agendas. But what these commenters ignore is this: why do people listen? Or more to the point, why have some people (and peoples) embraced these views and not others? A promoted agenda is only as good as the traction it gains. Clearly, the trend towards universalism has been the purview of Northwestern European societies almost exclusively. If Jewish influence has had any role, it is only in the form of a rush in a much larger prevailing current.

The decay of the West through individualism has been ongoing for longer than there have been Jewish people. Progress is toxic nonsense, but it is the type of toxic nonsense that appeals to the ego, and so there have always been neurotics pushing this agenda. At first we were strong enough to resist them, but the stronger we got, the more of them we produced — and our wives and kids liked having the extra luxury services (fortune telling, entertainment, personal care) that these people provide. If there is an austerity we need, it can be found in deleting these services.

Jews are a perpetual target because they are the diversity that we have the longest experience with, and unlike gypsies, they are a successful minority but still remain many third-world traits. This makes them an enigma. Where the best commentators among us simply ask for Nationalism, which excludes all other groups, too many of us desire an emotional target or scapegoat, and there, being anti-Semitic is as much of a best-seller as being a hate group watchdog is among Jews.

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