Interview: Taylor Somers of Occident

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  1. Sendouka says:

    “Abortion, an admittedly disgusting affair, would remain legal, if not funded by the State.”

    This is the only part of this man’s entire body of opinion I disagree with. Shame. Why is abortion ‘disgusting’, other than the possibility that people with worthy genes could be killed? Abortion is just a means, an effective way of culling the underclass population. The State should certainly fund it if the woman’s IQ is lower than 120, etc.

    Please don’t cite stupid Christian morality as your basis. You’ve already established that there’s no inherent worth in ALL human life, so why should unborn people suddenly gain a lot of value?

  2. Dear Sir
    I do pray that all your efforts will be blessed by the Almighty God.

    Get your free copy of my book “Dimensions of Apartheid” by clicking on the pdf (Adobe Acrobate) button to download at the above website.

    I hope you find it an interesting read and when you do please spread the book in North America and other parts of the world

    High Regards

    Pieter L White

  3. “Religion-faith and politics-pragmatism not only can, but must, be unified. If they are held in opposition to or contradiction with one another, neither can be held sincerely.”

    The most important statement in this most interesting interview.
    Hence the importance of a pro-Life, pro-Nature belief for the Elite.
    Cosmotheism: a continuation of the Blavatsky Tradition.

    None may belong within our future Elite unless they are Cosmotheists.
    One cannot be Christian, Muslim or whatever and belong within the Elite.
    For one would be in contradiction between Faith and Politics.

    Imperium : divided into Imperium and Dominium.
    Imperium : Masculine, Auctoritas, Absoluteness, Aristotle – the realim of the Elite.
    Dominium: Feminine, Freedom, Region, Individual Rights, Diogenes – the masses.

    An Imperium with sealed borders – for Europids only.
    Non Europids booted out – starved out by means of an Imperium ID card.
    Overpopulation of non-Europids outside the Imperium, controlled through starvation – our food for whatever we want.

    Imperium Europa: The Book that Changed the World.

  4. Octuple says:

    Not too much to add, I’m glad that finds people like him “in real life”.

  5. Von_Renke says:

    “Religion-faith and politics-pragmatism not only can, but must, be unified. If they are held in opposition to or contradiction with one another, neither can be held sincerely.”

    I agree to some extent…however, what religion?

    I have long held a disdain for Christianity, for many reasons. I think it is a weak tradition that takes focus away from nature and the real world. Plus, it is not native to our own people. If anything, we should take up the religious traditions of our Pre-Christian forefathers. This would only stay true to our belief in REAL tradition and occidental beliefs.

  6. Muslim Knight says:

    To call Islam an imperialistic faith in the context of your culture’s/religion’s/ethnicity’s own colonial history of the past 300 years is banal.

    To deny the fact that most of Europe’s progressive social ideas and tolerance came not from Rome, but from Muslims is dishonorable, but expected.

    Learn to love truth more than you love yourself, and God will bless you with greatness.

  7. Wonderful interview! Somers does appear to have a good grasp of the issues. Coming from a similar ideological perspective, I find myself in agreement with his views.

    With the proper marketing initiative, the Occident project should find a wider audience. Best of luck!

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  9. Arkan says:

    >Complete moratorium on immigration from the Third World, and the institution of voluntary repatriation for those whose ancestors came from those regions or who have arrived from those regions themselves

    So you find neo-nazi screwballs like this are “promising”? For real?

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