In defense of Roosh V


Roosh V, popular blogger at Return of Kings, is currently under assault from left and right, especially after this Daily Mail article about his response to threats made by SJW Leftists against his person.

In my view, Roosh is one of the good guys. He wanted to talk about how modern values are terrible and so he found a way to reveal their failings, namely the pickup artist agenda, which shows how vapid casual sex really is — and attracts the kind of audience that can fund a blogger. He then went on with Return of Kings to write about how a restoration of classical society might be possible. That is a mighty achievement, and Roosh has introduced more people to traditionalism, rightism, realism and family-oriented thinking than just about any other source.

Yes, they come tainted, but this time is tainted, and all things are gross, so all of us reach a point of decision with a weight of past failures and illusions. We are all trying to purge the ghost of Leftist thinking from our minds, which is a mighty task since we have been inculcated since birth in constant Leftist propaganda, from our televisions, corporate advertising, “scientists,” even parents and friends. We are awash in lies and finding a way out is hard.

I dislike casual sex and by extension, I dislike pickup artist (PUA) behavior. At the same time, I admire it, because it demystifies casual sex. Casual sex happens when two or more people are looking for someone else to use as a masturbation aid. I say masturbation aid because these people do not want lovemaking, or the emotional/physical bonding of people, but to experience orgasm in the least involved way possible. Casual sex is a step removed from using a fleshlight or raping a goat, but only a short step. PUAs called that bluff and revealed the psychology behind casual sex, then mostly migrated toward being Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) who demand more out of life than willing vapid sex partners.

As it stands, it is unclear whether Roosh has participated in any of this stuff beyond through a very vivid imagination and more engaging retelling of the literature in the field, which peaked in the 1970s and has not really added anything new since. Perhaps he has always been blogging from the basement with PUA/MRA as his canvas, but his real objective indicated by the name of his website, Return of Kings. Or maybe it is all farce. Either way, Roosh has enraged the usual Leftist suspects and turned on many people to rightist theory, and for that alone he deserves defense.

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15 Responses to “In defense of Roosh V”

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Well said. I’ve been reading him for 10+ years, and while much (most?) of what he writes about women and sex boils down to Sales 101, I’m not going to let some femcunt or beta-boy AltRight incel tell me I have to throw him under the bus.

    The thing we have to understand is, there are still a lot of beta-boys, white knights, incels, and virgin spergs in the Alt-Right who oppose (and are probably jealous of) men like Roosh and Heartiste.

    It’s amusing to me how some men can be so sound and realistic on race issues, but totally ignorant when it comes to sex realism, sex differences, and the nature of women and relationships. But I guess it takes some people longer to ‘get it.’

    • JPW says:

      Roosh has developed a long way as a man. What is more impressive, is that he’s done it after he hit his 30’s. You’re usually pretty much baked by then. The old dawg has learned some fairly nice tricks…

    • Kingsley says:

      Allow me.

      “It’s amusing to me how some men can be so sound and realistic on sex realism, sex differences, and the nature of women and relationships but are in denial in regards to racial issues.”

  2. Wrong Side of History says:

    I’m hoping the PUA community evolves more towards game principles as a patriarchy-restoring toolkit.

  3. Orthodox says:

    Roosh has said he finds the PUA lifestyle empty and has moved beyond it, last year he was reading the Bible. He reviewed Culture of Critique on his site.

    The main criticism I’ve seen is he’s not white and therefore everyone should attack him for banging white chicks in the past, and he polices race talk on his forums. It doesn’t even seem aimed at Roosh so much as other alt-right figures, they went after Ramzpaul for not denouncing Roosh last month, before all this broke out. Roosh trolled the racialist alt-right back. Some people are caught up in this and lose sight of the bigger picture.

    • Wrong Side of History says:

      I don’t mind non-whites within the movement so long as the issue of race and identity doesn’t lose centrality.

      I consider figures like Aurini bad for the movement because they believe a hollow nationalism is enough for alt-right ideas to work.

  4. Paul Warkin says:

    This episode has exposed the vehement stupidity of the masses–not that it wasn’t apparent before, but this makes it even more difficult to deny. When we observe how the crowds act, calling for the death of a man and gleefully targeting his mother based on flimsy blatant lies in the news media, we see how democracy is not just a silly idea, it’s actively bad.

  5. crow says:

    I don’t know who he is, and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that many are the ways.
    Good for him. Anyone who can do anything to illustrate the insanity of where we find ourselves, is someone worth having around.

  6. Axismundi says:

    He’s taking action that is very, very hard to take in the face of a crowd manipulated by treasonous, murderous elites.

    Keep in mind that only a handful of people post in their real name. If the peanut gallery wants to say how Roosh should do this or that, well go ahead and use your real name and try it! You’ll see what happens and what that’s like.

    Roosh’s current misfortune is far more due to his political writings then his PUA stuff.

    The types of people who own the media have noticed his politics and are taking action of their own. This is the smallest taste of what they can bring to bear. Keep in mind these are the people who are destroying Europe and ancient European bloodlines. NOW. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Now. Right now.

    They are the people who are connected to arms deals in the billions, media propaganda campaigns in the billions, election rigging.

    These are the people who can get people killed without ever having the slightest risk to them.

    And little old Roosh managed to get their ire up bigtime.

    It’s a start.

  7. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    Roosh is a PUA snake oil salesman. Women he has claimed to bang have denied ever meeting him. His recent foray into religion and “neomasculinity” is a response to his lies about PU artistry becoming known. That said, he is a good observer and critic of the decline of western women, and these observations shouldn’t go unnoticed. I just wouldn’t take any of his advice.

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  9. Dualist says:

    Roosh is incredibly valuable to the Alt-Right. If he was JUST talking about ‘game’ then this wouldn’t be the case, but what he is really talking about is masculinity and how this has been undermined by feminism.

    As the whole of liberalism could (perhaps) be described as being ‘the supporting of absolutely any idea that an Indo-European, masculine male would oppose’, the value of his writing should not be underestimated.

    I’m sure tons of guys have checked his blog out solely for the pickup-artistry yet have then been led into consciously thinking about ideas that had previously been only the vaguest intuitions. There are many white, masculine men that could be turned-off by some of the more academic tendencies of many alt-right sites – all modern films/literature consistently portray any ‘intellectual’ as being inherently effeminate (and most actually are, in all fairness). But Roosh speaks a language they do understand.

    Being a conservative in today’s world implies you are the type of person whose first thought, when deciding whether to lend support to a certain idea, is never: “how does this look to other people? Will I lose social-status if I support it?”

    Such a tendency is inherently masculine. Although there are, admittedly, a few aspergy-types in the movement (and even they are often of use, in their own ways), in my experience it is normally only masculine men that are naturally inclined to support ideas such as ours.

    However, not all masculine men possess the detailed knowledge of history, philosophy and science that allows them to vocalise the notions they are ‘feeling’ inside. But sex they do understand; and there is no reason they cannot then further develop themselves into fuller articulation, as Roosh himself has evidently started to.

  10. -A says:

    Roosh is part Pakistani and Iranian. Unless he comes from Arab stock merely claiming to be of these races because they have lived there (not likely) then Roosh is indeed White. A quick test of his mitochondria would fix that argument if it were ever an important one in context.

    Davis is not so much hollow in nationalism or race, Aurini just gets a hard on on having people to civilly disagree with all day. What he fails to understand is that heterogeneity of race leads to narrowing of personality in a society. Also, he has this deep fear of hubris. If push comes to shove, he would not turn on real allies.

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