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Leftists and cucks love education. Like throwing money at a problem, it is the universal solution. Apply it, and all those equal people march along like a factory assembly line, getting stamped with the “correct” information and turned into identically obedient citizens.

This follows the class warfare ideal. In the Leftist view, no one is born a king, or naturally more competent than everyone else; we are all “equal,” and peasants can become kings if they memorize the right things at school and get the right scores on their exams.

In reality, however, the bell curve rules us all. That is, we all have some place on the chart stretching between the lowest IQ and the highest IQ, and the same applies to morality. Some are simply better leaders than others because of their biological/genetic characteristics.

Consistent with Darwinism, this view shows us that traits are inborn and not taught, which means that we are not all equal. Some have more capacity than others, and if they find a suitable mate, their children will have the same abilities.

We have spent two centuries stamping our feet, screaming, and otherwise having a tantrum about this basic aspect of our reality, but this does not change the fact that it is so. As we come out of the post-WW2 period where Leftist won every battle, and reality won none, this is changing.

One of the first inklings of change came from the UK where an educator affirmed nature over nurture in the context of schooling:

In one of the most controversial passages of the thesis, Cummings maintains that individual child performance is mainly based on genetics and a child’s IQ rather than the quality of teaching.

He says: “There is strong resistance across the political spectrum to accepting scientific evidence on genetics. Most of those that now dominate discussions on issues such as social mobility entirely ignore genetics and therefore their arguments are at best misleading and often worthless.” He claims research shows that as much as 70% of a child’s performance is genetically derived.

In other words, students are born with a certain IQ, and this determines how far they can go without faking it and becoming crypto-incompetents advanced by the system so that the rest of us suffer under their less competent rule.

Reality tells us that traits are inherited, not taught. You cannot raise the IQ of a person through education, although you can damage it with malnutrition, lead-based paint, or pollution. We are each born to a role and these are inherently unequal.

Our ancestors understood the wisdom of this. We all benefit from having the most competent in authority, even if it seems like we would rather be kings than peasants. We suffer when the rest oppress the best, because the rest are less able to make sensible long-term decisions.

As Leftism fails worldwide, with people losing faith in it because of its track record of failure, humanity starts to break from the doctrine of equality and to look instead toward what is real and consistent. This will begin in education and extend later to politics.

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