Conservative realism

Who is this guy?
It doesn’t matter who he is.
It’s what he’s doing that matters.
He is observing.
Observing what?

He lives by observing what is there, and interacting with it. Smart guy! He gets my admiration, although what he is doing is – in itself – no big deal. Or rather, was no big deal, until quite recently.
These days, reality lies buried behind feelings, interpretations, judgments and politics.
What is there, really doesn’t matter any more. What matters is how you feel about it, and what it means to you. And how you can best use it to beat others about the head with.

Look again at the picture. What do you see?
I see an Indian. He is sitting on a rock. He carries weapons. He is alert.
But there are many, who would see all, or some, of this, take into account the text I have written, and come up with something like:
“I see a savage. This is a stereotype! This is something that offends Native Americans!”
“I see a Native American, but the writer refers to him as an Indian, therefore he must be racist, because he is using an outdated term which demeans Native Americans.”
“I see an armed menace. This association of Native Americans with violence is an offensive stereotype, and must be confronted.”
“I see a First Nations guy, (being Canadian) being misrepresented in some way that I am unable, as yet, to identify, but I will work on it until I can…”

So what is all this about? Where am I going with this? Good question: give me a moment to decide…

Reality. I have been pondering this concept for a while, now, and have observed several interesting phenomena connected with it.
Nobody sees it in quite the same way. Hence the current idea that reality is purely subjective, and so I have no need to accept yours. Along with the added extra, so characteristic of the left: that mine, however, is authentic, and so you are required to accept it as such.

Until recently, reality was a uniform thing subscribed to by almost all people, within a society. Everybody agreed upon many basic things, and so knew what was what, and where they stood.
The ones who didn’t, were looked upon as mad, and as long as you were not one of them, your life remained viable.
Now, however, nobody agrees upon much of anything, and while rightists generally shrug and accept that this is so, leftists generally throw a fit and demand that their own, special reality, is the only real one. And this is why rightists generally view leftists as mad. Because they do this absurd thing, and demand that everyone else does it too.
And this demanded acceptance of mass insanity, and the re-branding of it as ‘normal’, results, as you have noticed, in what we currently refer to as a socialist society.

Well there’s something wrong with that.
Centuries of subscribing to one, uniform reality, suddenly brushed aside and replaced with something that clearly can only end in disaster.
Yeah: that’s real smart.

Degradation of reality. Devaluation of reality. Denial of reality. The three ‘D’s.

Degradation: the removal of all live content from life, and somehow expecting nobody to notice its lifelessness.
Devaluation: Socialism devalues everything it comes into contact with. God. Religion. Marriage. Heterosexuality. Reason. Money. Real Estate. Everything!
Denial: in spite of the fact, now indisputable, that everything we have all depended upon for our lives and our futures, is now crumbling down around us, still we change everything around, every few days, and proclaim that anything other than socialism is evil.

Well there’s something wrong with that, too.
We had all better start understanding something about the left: everything they come into contact with, turns to dust.
Don’t take my word for it. Think about it. Research it. Test it and see.
Remembering that you, too, risk being turned into dust, merely by contact with this socially-transmitted disease.
So what to do?

Figure it out for yourself, if you’re able. That would be the best thing. Or consider these points:
If you’re reading this at all, you’re conservative already, or else a spoiler from the swamp.
If you plan on remaining what you are, then start defining Reality. For yourself. No hopes, no desires, no interpretations, no emotions. What do you see? What you see, without modifications, is Reality! Accept no substitutes!

You will discover, that the disease has made subtle changes to your perceptions of what reality is. Pressure from everywhere has done this. Conditioning. Dogma. Out and out brainwashing. You don’t notice the small things for a long time, but finally, they all add up to a big thing, and you’re on your way to becoming as lost as the rest.

I recently had a revelation, in the form of a flash of the totally obvious:
My whole existence revolves around spirituality. It’s the way I live. Nothing at all to do with the New-Age crap that the left took up and devalued merely by coming into contact with it.
No. I do nothing for show. And nothing that has no obvious purpose, or result. I balance.
And writing for this site, I sometimes get attacked, by a few warped types, intent only upon destruction. I make an especially juicy target, because ‘I try to appear to be spiritual…
Note the ‘try to appear’ bit. Because a leftist’s whole reality is based upon appearances, with a dose of equality added, for show. Thus whatever I am, and whatever I do, it must be fake. Because if it were them, or anyone like them, being it, or doing it, then of course, it would be.
Still with me?
The punchline is this:

Spiritual people dress up in white bed-sheets, smile vacuously all the time, do nothing but act nice, and be totally harmless!
And it suddenly occurred to me, that even I was thinking and behaving along these lines, albeit without the bed-sheets, the vacuous smile, and the acting nice.
Harmless I am not. Never have been. Never will be. A man should, under no circumstances, ever be harmless!
Some readers expect me to behave like a Hollywood Christian, because I speak of things spiritual. To them, I say:
Prepare to be disappointed. And surprised. I can be exceedingly not-nice, when I so choose, in ways most have never even imagined.

And this fits well with conservatism: a state of mind where reality is Reality, not subject to individual whim. Not subject to being re-defined with each new leader, idol, whim, or movement.
It is what it is. Life. Reality:
A dangerous place in which a man must sometimes be dangerous.
Armed with an unflinching gaze, and the courage to back it up.
Niceness doesn’t even enter into it.
Hard-ass first, and all things later.

Conservative Realism. For Conservative Realists. The Real Right!
No others need apply.


  1. LuxLibertas says:

    My journey over the past two years has been one of observing and accepting reality, especially of my own mind, body, and soul. If one can listen to the words of the wind, and look deeply into the mystery of a mountain, a consistent pattern emerges. Some kind of rhythm. Like a wave. A pulsating cycle. From the odyssey of the sun as it moves across the sky to the history of the rise and fall of human civilizations, everything appears to be telling the same story. A story far grander than we can possibly imagine, told by an Author infinite in simplicity. Recognizing the pattern, the harmony, the sweet and terrible pageantry of life as it unfolds across the spectrum of existence can give a sense of reverence to the world in which we live and a substrate from which new order can be built.

    The journey is not over; it is only beginning. No stone must be left unturned. We must remove our head from the sand and the thumb from our ass. Denial is death. Stagnation is death. Reclaim the privilege of breathing. Seize the adventure of the now. Those that would scoff at the stuff of spirit have made themselves slaves to their own shifting whimsy. They can do nothing but chase their own tail until they collapse.

    By the way Crow, your story of how you overcame stuttering moved me. What a monument to manhood. The crow that grows. It made me remember that I have a voice, and how I can begin to use it.

    1. crow says:

      Epic comment, Lux. Enjoyed, and appreciated.
      I imagine your last two years have been very long years, moving, as they have, outside of linear time :)
      The lattice of life: indeed there is a pattern, quite clear to those with open eyes and receptive minds.
      Adaptation is all.

      1. LuxLibertas says:

        You’re spot on. A year hadn’t felt like a year since I was a child. When one reflects on the world with wonder time seems to stretch.

        The lattice of life – exactly right. Think of the helix. Or a fractal.

    2. Dust-Wind says:

      Holy shit. That was one of the most eloquent things I’ve ever read. Seriously. A comment on a blog no less.

      Thanks, Lux.

      1. LuxLibertas says:

        You’re welcome, and thanks!

    3. Robert B says:

      Well said, Lux.

      I agree with the sense of rhythm and purpose to all. It is my profound feeling that Liberalism’s greatest sin is that it tries to stand athwart that rhythm.

      The Rockies were a healing force for me in many ways at one time in my life. I spent whole summers in them. I can’t say why–but I suspect it’s the way they reach for the heavens, in a manner of speaking. So enormous and breathtaking to look at. It makes a person, me anyway, feel a part of something much greater than himself or the society in which one normally lives. That they were here long before man and will most likely still be there long after we have gone. sturdier than anything we can build. And yet they too, in time, will be dust in the wind.

  2. A. Realist says:

    The essence of conservatism is realism. Otherwise, why on earth would you pick it?

    Liberalism offers all the things that sound joyful, uplifting, pleasant and sociable. Equality is what makes every person in the room feel that he, too, has a valuable and essential presence. The very mention of it seems to banish death from the house. Progressive ideas make us feel as if we are Mahatma Gandhi or Jesus Christ, giving of ourselves to lift up those lesser to us. The ideal liberal society is one that banishes the horrors of nature, war, inequality and human cruelty. For a moment stop caring about whether it works or not. Which would you choose? I’d choose the liberalism. It sounds so much better.

    However, two facts stand in the way of that. First, reality disagrees. Second, it is logical that reality disagrees, because the liberal society is one where no decisions are made, no priorities are designed, and no growth or change occurs. Liberalism looks good on the surface, but underneath it is stagnation, conformity, lowest common denominator-ism, impotence and death. For a moment stop caring about whether these facts are true according to reality. Why pick them? They’re ugly, gnarled and vicious, like the cute little mouse getting eaten by the hawk that looks like a Nazi in uniform, or the newborn baby that is doomed by a rare genetic disease.

    If life offers to us a primary challenge or struggle, it is not how to banish evil. Evil exists because it must. The challenge in life is how to seize the good and make the most of it despite evil. Do we still fight evil? Of course, because dear fellows that is our role, since we are alive and discerning moral beings. We do not however try to get rid of evil. That is folly in itself, like trying to banish night or fear, and makes of us people who are so unrealistic that we are like toys in a candy-world.

    Conservatism is a revolution against the candy-world. It is an insistence on realism because reality is what has gotten us so far. It was not fond intentions that made the planets, natural laws and the vastness of nature. It was reality. Reality exists as it is for reasons that are more logical than what our human desires can construe. Men of stout heart, and people who prefer a bit of a jaunt on the wild side over the safety of conformity, are drawn to conservatism. It is a whole philosophy for whole people. Yet for those same attributes it is also unpopular.

    I hope you write more about conservative realism. Or realism. Or reality. Anything but the fantasy which is created in the human mind and considers itself verified by others sharing the same fantasy. That is the path to a pleasant slow death and I wish nothing of it.

    1. crow says:

      Ha :) What’s to write? For those who can see it, there is nothing to write.
      For those that can’t, no amount of writing will change anything.
      We do our best. The rest do nothing constructive.
      Somewhere there is a balance-point.
      Maybe it can be found…

      Thanks, A.R. Good to see you.

    2. Decimator says:

      I can’t remember the title or who did the writing, but it was on this sight. The content had to do with how life was made of bad as well as good. It seemed agreed that, in a one for one exchange of good and bad, good always had better quality. Thus winning. I see the the same concept here with good and evil. I would even go as far as left and right. The quality of conservatism is obvious to us but completely escapes the left minded. They are completely blinded by all of the,” right now ” mentality. Blinded by the stuff of fleeting gratification and the sound of their own voices. The worst of them can see our side. They know we are correct and serve as advocates for the less cognitive. These people are like horrible parents. They have children that are rude , ill disciplined and plain ugly. When you issue an expectation to their children, they go bat shit crazy and act like you just tried to commit homicide. The children will do as instructed if given consistent rules to follow by people who do what they say and say what they mean. Reality of this is, it is time to flog the parents to set the example to the children.

      These people that follow their advocates don’t know how not to. To crush their advocates, in a public display of intolerance, would be extremely effective. The people would be forced into making a decision as to what side of the fence to fall on or just decide to fail. We have to come to terms with the fact that a tremendous number of people will fail to exist anymore. It is for the betterment of mankind. It would be taking the erratic pulse out of nature and restoring it to what you see when you look at the Mountains and Sky. As I see it, that’s the spiritual reality.

      1. Robert B says:

        It’s called “Utopianism”–it is a child like quality and hence the reason why they are mentally ill. Adults know there is no such thing, children believe in magic.

        “Surely this is the best of all possible worlds”

  3. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    As an engineering student at the University of Minnesota in the 1970′s I took a class called “Propaganda” to satisfy a Liberal Arts Distribution requirement.

    The instructor spent most of his lecture time fawning over Bernays and displaying open dismay that few in the classroom shared his somewhat sexual arousal from the recounting of his hero’s frighteningly effective methods of mind control over the masses.

    The class meant nothing to me. The only reason I was there was that I needed an upper-level psychology class and that one was tailor made not to make science and technology students spend too much time away from the coursework that they actually needed to succeed in the real world.

    Only one line from one of the recommended reading books captured my attention enough to remain with me till this day. That line could have been the whole course by itself: Reality is mostly perception, and perception is affected by expectations.

    That simple morsel of truth has allowed me to manipulate teachers, employers, employees, customers and my wife and kids ever since it got stuck in my head over 40 years ago. Beware of the students who took that class without coercion from the Liberal Arts Distribution requirement

  4. J says:

    “Armed with an unflinching gaze, and the courage to back it up.
    Niceness doesn’t even enter into it.
    Hard-ass first, and all things later.”

    Let the blades be sharpened my forest friend, let the blades be sharpened.

  5. Hami says:

    I see a man preparing to strike. His ethnicity doesn’t matter, except to him, as his loyalties are to his own ethnicity (hince he is not trying to pretend to be a white man). What matters is that he is prepared for battle. As to who with, or why, is not told by the picture. And, who with also doesn’t matter. Though, why does. The why isn’t about their ethnicities, it’s about resources, and survival. It will always be about resources and survival.

    1. Ryan says:

      well said, i think he is looking out over the rocks in quivering in his boots awaiting some blonde haired, mustachoed, crazy eyed anglo-saxon with his bowie knife. he sits in fear knowing that his time is ending, forces beyond him are crushing his way of life, all he can concentrate upon vainly, is the wild drunken men that stalk the frontiers culling his people. he is a noble proud warrior, but the evidence of his hopeless struggle lies in his hands, a tool of his enemy, the whitemans’s “gun”. with the gun is he even truely still natural or just reacting, has his life simply become a reaction to forces beyond him. we can all empathize with that image, of someone being crushed in a world that hates them.

      1. Robert B says:

        And the white man wasn’t a noble, proud warrior? The white man had surpassed the red man and the black man technologically 10,000 years earlier. 5,000 years earlier he began fighting from horse drawn wagons while the red man was eating his horses. 3,500 years earlier, after breeding his horses up, the white man was fighting from horse back with amour on the planes of Europe while invading India and Western China. 2,000 years ago he was inventing Greek Fire, building paved roads, aqueducts to carry water to immense cities and gigantic stadiums–while conquering the rest of the world wearing amour and using complex weapons systems. !000 years earlier he rode out onto the field of battle on a 2,000 LB hi-bred war horse wearing light weight armor that could withstand an iron tipped arrow, wielding a 15ft long lance made of oak and weighing 15 to 20 lb (try holding something of similar weight for a bit yourself) which he also used for sport–and built his “homes” out of stone with walls 20 ft thick. He also fought with two swords–the larger being 5 ft in length and began his training, like the ancient Spartans, at the age of 7. 300 years earlier he invented the gun and ended the supremacy of amour–until the modern day when he reinvented that, again.

        Would you really like to discuss reality? Then lets do so. The white man has been the world’s consummate warrior for 3,500 years and in that time, no one, not a single nation or people, has ever bested him for any length of time. Usually vastly outnumbered by all of the world’s other peoples, he has triumphed time and again using superior weaponry and fighting skills. And along the way, he actually invented Chivalry and codes of conduct for those warriors which entailed the sparing of women and children–unlike everyone else in the world which is especially true of the red man. Just ask the people from New Ulm Minnesota who still remember when their great great grandmothers and their children (who weren’t away with dad) were burned to death in their homes.

        The whole “noble savage” nonsense represented the beginnings of Leftism and the very idea of “The White Man’s Burden”. Shake it off, man, shake it off. The reality is far different than the Utopian nonsense made up out of whole cloth. It was the red man who was and remains, prone to alcoholism. The average pioneer spent his time trying to stay alive–even when he wasn’t fighting off hostiles.

        1. Ryan says:

          you’ve missed the “ruthless” realism entirely, i was not bashing my ancestors in any way, they were the darwinian predator, who as the more vicious strain of mold, consumed the redman in fire, rapine and pillage. it is quite awesome to know that the ancient whiteman that stormed into europe a pressed and downtrodden mutt, emerged as a man of steel (as the muslims called the franks) who’s mastery of forgery and metal allowed them to throw lead spheres at each other.

          1. Robert B says:

            “t is quite awesome to know that the ancient whiteman that stormed into europe a pressed and downtrodden mutt,”

            Where did you get that from? A mutt? down trodden. holy shit are misinformed. Just where did they come from? What year are you talking about? Corded Ware man dates back 10,000 years. Ever heard of the Seven Daughters of Eve?

            That dates back 30,000 years. Where did they “storm” from, these mutts? Africa? I don’t think so. They didn’t storm in from any where, they stormed into the Middle East (Hittites) they stormed into China (Celts) they became the Greeks (Proto Greeks are considered to have been Celts) they came out of the North–The Germanic Peoples (Corded Ware Man) but I have never heard that they “stormed into Europe” and were mutts. Where did you get your info, Afro-AMerican studies courses?

            Here’s a nice piece of history for you about the Celts, read it and tell your social studies teacher about it. She’ll have to believe it because, after all, it’s on


        2. Ryan says:

          also read up on the federal military during the indian wars before you get all “albert speer” on me, you fool. do you think i am denegrating the whiteman? he was the PREDATOR, the demon who haunts the dreams of the redman, of the black brown and yellowman. just look at how the japs called the whitemen barbarians “red hairs”, similar to the slavo-turkish “RUS”. now remember that killing is horrible buisness and that alcohol is the whitemans spirit, it is his connection to the gods of destruction and renewal. ALCOHOLISM WAS RAMPANT IN THE FEDERAL ARMY YOU MORON.

          1. crow says:

            Come now, Ryan. Let’s not start up the name-calling again.
            It wrecks the discussion and nothing is served by it.
            That said: where do you get all this historical knowledge from?
            Is it formally learned, or a hobby of yours?
            Whatever it is, it’s pretty impressive :)

          2. Robert B says:

            Where’s your source, pea brain? Anyone can make assertions, now back it up. Does mommy know you’re using abusive language down there in her basement? Little boy, I have read every real history book written on the Indian Wars–and the Civil War. Never encountered any such nonsense as that which you speak. Albert Speer? He was an architect. I don’t recall him ever giving history lessons. Do you often foam at the mouth? My lord, you must be a lonely human being.

            Here’s what a google search using part of your rant returns:

            “The Polk administration also tried to enforce more effectively federal laws that banned the sale of liquor in Indian country, where alcohol abuse was rampant. .”
            It’s referring to the red man.

            so, my guess is, is you’re referring to some revisionist history you read in a low end public school. Getting caught while drunk on duty in the 1800′s was enough to get you shot during a time of war. Getting thrown out during a time of peace. Miles was the commander of the “Federal” forces that fought the Indian wars post civil war period–Miles was no slouch and neither were his officers. Custer may have been a dick, but he would never have allowed his troops to go on duty drunk. What a man did on his off time was his own. Since when haven’t soldiers drunk alcohol? Why do you think they have always served it on bases?

            Get a clue–the Japs could call us anything they like, because like you, they suffered from a puffed up sense of self with nothing to back it up. The Chinese called us barbarians as well–while a handful of Englishmen conquered them. The Japanese were thrust into the modern world, like the Chinese, from a state of perpetual medieval-ism.

            I just love it when people quote the Chinese or the Japanese view of the white man. Sheer proof you weren’t reading a real history book–if you had, the author would have made the context clear. The Asian’s view of themselves came crashing down the day a gunboat showed up in their harbors–all of sudden everything they believed in was turned to dust.

            My guess is, is Ryan gets most of his “history” from the History Channel. My seven year old likes it too, but then I sit him down, pull a real book down form the shelf, and show him how it really was. I suggest you do same, sometime.
            If you are considered a “knowledgeable” historian, then it must be easy to impress people around here.

          3. Robert B says:

            “similar to the slavo-turkish “RUS””

            Huh? Slavo turkish Rus? Where the hell did you get that from. Wow that school you go to is crappy.

            The Rus were Vikings that conquered the slavs in what came to be known as Russia. They also conquered the “Jewish Empire” in the region and beat back the Turks. Turkish-slavs? That’s rich, really rich. If you smart, you would have done a google search before opening your mouth.


            Drinking booze and celebrating life after a battle hardly equates to being an alcoholic. My god you have issues. Have you given consideration to seeing a shrink?

            BTW, I didn’t miss anything, I thought what you wrote was childish tripe.

    2. Dust-Wind says:

      Resources and survival *as specialized groups*. We’ve had the former taken care of ever since we were amoeba.

    3. Robert B says:

      and all of his weapons, including the steel knife, were made by his enemies–because he did not have the intellect necessary to mine the minerals to make them himself–that is the reality of the image.

  6. Epoetker says:

    I see, alternately, a refusal to accept Truth due to the false reality of what he sees with his eyes. He fights, not knowing the crushing behemoth behind the white settlers, when he should be negotiating for what land he can find. when the greater press of people comes afterward. He fights on the remote frontiers with and against other alert warriors when he should be fighting with his elders to negotiate a settlement with the white people. Or perhaps uniting with enemy tribes to present a united front against them, and so check the expansion.

    One’s eyes and what they see are not enough. One’s mind and what it remembers must be taken into account. The man is alert.

    But he is not aware.

    It is they who are aware who do the great things. They who do not are living in the virtual reality of what their eyes can see. They will not have the rewards of faith, for they live by sight.

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