Can’t we just admit it?

A few thoughts from being out in the world and watching humans look at a situation, do the easy but ineffective thing, then wave their hands at in a gesture of ineffectuality like baby birds agitating for regurgitated worm from their mother:

Can’t we just admit that our society has gone to the toilet over the past 50-70 years?

Can’t we just admit that our culture was better under the Kings than the Presidents?

Can’t we just admit that equality, which is the basis of our society, is nonsense and that no edifice based on nonsense stands long?

Can’t we just admit that having large populations voting means that the message will always be dumbed down to the simplistic, corrupt and reality denying?

Can’t we just admit that 9/10 of what we spend our time on is useless and parasitic, designed to make other people look good or “feel” safe?

Can’t we just admit that a healthier existence would look like it was a century ago, with most of us hanging out in smaller towns and spending most of our time in rest and play?

Can’t we just admit that no diverse society has ever existed and thrived, but that the more diversity a society introduces, the closer it comes to dissolution through lack of trust and social standards?

Can’t we just admit that if women and men were “equal,” there would not be women and men, but a single genderless type of human?

Can’t we just admit that democracy turns politicians into promise-sellers who tell the voters what they want to hear, and then implement roughly what was convenient for them to do anyway?

Can’t we just admit that humans fall very far short of the idea of being perfect, and so it is wise to never rely on the care of others for our own best-interest?

This society has extinguished itself not through tyranny like the Russians, but by creating false opportunity for those who obey and promote lies. As a result, we are now buried in lines, and the end appears through our slow advance in inability to get anything really right, leaving behind a cascade of mediocrities….

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7 Responses to “Can’t we just admit it?”

  1. Ossian North says:


  2. -A says:

    If Phantom Time Theory is true, we are really in 1716! Take a jump to your left and a step to the right and bend your knees in tight (but it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane) and let’s do the Time Warp again.

  3. EX says:

    Maybe if we deceive ourselves enough we could in turn deceive nature itself. We could revert back to genderless slug-like once more.

    • JPW says:

      And crawl back into the Primordial Puddles while we are at it!

      • -A says:

        After all: so withing, so without; as above, so below.(one of the most abused and misunderstood phrases in all of the new age shit-cult)! We live in a human universe and if we are deceived then everything else is deceived. In fact, the humans who do not give into the deception are the unnatural ones.

  4. Dark Axe says:

    Ayn Rand had that book Return to The Primitive that was kind of about that. She was pretty far ahead of her time on it . Sam Huntington seemed to pick up on her themes of how in the future things would break down based on the most basic human factors of race, culture, and religion.

  5. hhhhhh says:

    In the US, the Drug War was the dive off the cliff.

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