Affirmative Action In The Crosshairs

Despite having a journalist home among Communists, Ross Douthat tries to express an alternative (sometimes called “conservative”) view such as this suggestion that the imminent fall of Affirmative Action is a good thing:

After all, what are white Americans supposed to make of a system that offers Hispanic or Asian business owners an advantage never enjoyed by their own Irish or Polish or Scots-Irish forefathers, or boosts upper-class African and Caribbean college applicants whose ancestors never lived in slavery? What are they supposed to think of a system that was established 50 years ago as a temporary experiment, but keeps gaining new half-lives and further beneficiaries — moving “swiftly and imperceptibly,” as Chris Caldwell once put it, “from a world in which affirmative action can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too weak to a world in which it can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too strong”?

His attack takes the form of a it-does-not-work analysis which is probably correct, and hints at what white people have noticed, which is that all legal actions styled after the Civil Rights act are based on impact, or “inequality of outcome” as last week’s internet trope has it, which means that white people are penalized for succeeding because the disparate results are considered de facto proof of racism.

This hint expands into other areas. Wealth transfer, as is usual for the Left, is at the top. Another is the thought that, as Plato mentioned, tyrants always buy loyalty from foreigners as a means of supplanting the power of the indigenous majority. Still more is that Affirmative Action and Civil Rights law are a basic form of tribalism where one tribe is presumed to be guilty and therefore, condemned until eternity to support the others.

Douthat offers a suggestion which, like 99.99% of everything in media, offers a band-aid for a gaping wound. “The good enough is the enemy of the good,” as the old saying goes, and most people — being inclined toward chumpiness, or greater fear of conflict than zeal for realistic answers — just want to patch up the leaky boat. He wants reparations without repatriation:

Instead of reparations as an addition to our current affirmative-action regime, then, maybe they should be considered as an alternative — one that directly addresses a unique government-sanctioned crime against part of the American people, without requiring a preference regime that makes lower-class white Americans feel like victims of a multicultural version of The Man.

So, this week’s immodest proposal: Abolish racial preferences in college admissions, phase out preferences in government hiring and contracting, eliminate the disparate-impact standard in the private sector, and allow state-sanctioned discrimination only on the basis of socioeconomic status, if at all. Then at the same time, create a reparations program — the Frederick Douglass Fund, let’s call it — that pays out exclusively, directly and one time only to the proven descendants of American slaves.

On the surface, like all things partially true and all things Modern, this seems to make sense. Instead of those expensive benefits, welfare payouts and the disaster that Affirmative Action has wrought in making our industry non-competitive, we should just do a one-time cash award and be done with it. Douthat suggests $10,000 and that it would cost $370bn in total.

What he forgets is that $10,000 is chump change (heh) in our modern world. That will not buy anyone out of poverty, which is itself an illusion because poverty is a relative measurement and thus exists in all societies, and expands as wealth is dumped into it. It will not make anyone retired. It will just give them a small boost, and leave racial resentment where it is.

Douthat cannot say any of this of course because in Leftist-dominated Amerika, he would lose his job, never get another one and never have another friend. He would become an ideological enemy of the state, and people would scatter from him as if he were a leper because to be seen as an ally of an ideological dissident is to become an enemy of The People, and then your life is basically over as surely as if you committed multiple felonies ending in murder.

But, a more practical plan is this: reparations-with-repatriation, or giving those who are not of the founding group a one-time stipend contingent upon loss of citizenship and relocation. No piddly $10,000 either. Yes, it would cost trillions, but also save trillions over the next ten years in terms of entitlement programs, Affirmative Action damage to our economy, but even more, in terms of the sheer amount of social, political and cultural destruction and chaos caused by diversity.

Those trillions would be well spent. We could end this disaster as friends. True, the cost is shocking… and Leftists will never admit that their stupidity caused it. But there is only one way to end a problem, and that is to get to its root cause, and the root cause of ethnic inequality in this country is diversity, and the only solution to that is ending diversity as gently as we know how.

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5 Responses to “Affirmative Action In The Crosshairs”

  1. guest says:

    There is one small problem with this Frederick Douglass fund idea, for the first 100 years the colonies (or plantations rather) were staffed almost exclusively by Irish (and to a lesser degree Scottish) slaves, will the current 33 million+ Americans with Scots-Irish ancestry get a check too, if not why not?

    Way more Irish than blacks (400k) were enslaved to said American colonies, the center of early slave trade wasn’t even the south, it was New England!

    And did you know that “Black slaves would be sought directly from Africa, so that their lack of English language ability—and ability to understand one another’s tribal languages—might prevent their conspiring with each other and White slaves to turn on their mutual oppressors”? To prevent things like the Powhatan uprising in Virginia where “White runaways banded together with Indians to wipe out the plantations in 1622-23, coming close to success. The war that crowns this period, Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, in which White renegades, White slaves, and black slaves, allied against colonial officials, the plantation owners, Indian tribes and even pirates, in a knock down drag out fight which resulted in the burning of Jamestown, also came close to victory for the rebels.” to quote James LaFond

    Who wrote Stillbirth of a Nation, the story of America’s birth as a slave nation and it’s companion volume America in Chains, shameless plug, but he bloody needs it!

    Inspired by books such as “They were white and they were slaves”, the untold history of the enslavement of whites in early America.

  2. JPW says:

    High-functioning Asians and Hispanics are the key to this. They are a traditional source of money and votes for the Amerikan Left. If they throw the Red Bullshit Flag on this, the EEOC Industrial Complex has a problem.

  3. J.j. Cintia says:

    Yeah this is empty rhetoric. Its not reparations. Nothing happened to them. This is tribute plain and simple. These blacks are like schoolyard bullies, the more you appease them the worse they’ll get.
    Are you dumb enough to believe we could whip Saddam’s Million Man Army twice, but not be able to slap down some poorly armed black gangbangers? Please. They are allowed to riot, and the police are ORDERED to stand down.
    Its to intimidate you without getting (((their))) hands dirty. The blacks get riled up, and they go on a spree which the police are told not to stop, and then the fake government starts the gravy train to feed not them but the greedy (((hidden hands))). Some peanuts for the zoo animals, but the big bucks to the criminals that run this fake government and corporatist bankster racket.
    It doesn’t end until the (((hidden hand))) gets slapped down. The zoo animals can be dealt with easily.

    • They are allowed to riot, and the police are ORDERED to stand down.

      If the police do not stand down, what would happen? A massacre. In addition to the inherent problems of that, there is the disadvantage the American Left would have a massive conniption fit and possibly destroy the country.