Affirmative Action And The Coming White on White Civil War

Affirmative Action is a weapon in the hands of wealthy white progressives. The SWPLs employ this weapon to marginalize, demean and strip wealth and opportunity from other, less affluent Whites who they collectively and personally detest on a deep and visceral level. Audacious Antigone describes the disparate impact of the typical Affirmative Action college admissions policy below.

For simplification, just think about whites and blacks. In both cases, the wealthier a person (or the family he grows up in) is, the better his academic performance tends to be. Whites outperform blacks at every level of socio-economic status (SES), but in the cases of both whites and blacks as SES increases so does academic performance. So if some number of whites who would otherwise be accepted to a school have to be cut out to make room for a corresponding number of blacks, it tends to be low SES whites who get the cutting. The blacks who get in are those who (relatively) narrowly missed getting in before the racial handicapping. These tend to be high SES blacks.

So “Affirmative Action” is a class stratification tool. It keeps down the JD Vances of Appalachia the way DDT got sprayed on mosquitoes in a wiser age. It’s been keeping the dirty and dangerous out of SWPL Honkeytopia since 1965. People who wonder why our nation is so divided need to get past just race. They need to look at how race issues have been weaponized, and just who they’ve been fired at, perhaps since Reconstruction.

It’s not just a question of letting Django off the chain. It’s who he gets directed towards once all the weapons are locked and loaded. Every time the SWPLs unleash a new policy to “undo racial discrimination” or “rectify the mistakes of the past” these never quite seem to rectify the goddam hell out Chelsea Clinton or one of The Kennedys. And this, my five to seven Constant Readers, is in no way, shape or form some unintentional externality.

As technology grew and distance receeded as a fact of life, Americans were effectively forced closer together. Put several competing species in the same ecosystem and the fit will invariable make contact with the shan. One subculture would get to be lead dog; while all the of the rest would quickly come to hate the view. This Z-Man post about Rock Music makes that insight in a different fashion.

Prior to the two great industrial wars of the 20th century, America did not have a unified national culture. It was federation of regions. New England may as well have been a different country from the Deep South or the Southwest. The South was very different from Appalachia. There was no unified “American” culture to which all the regional cultures submitted.

This enforced unification did what diversity does. Diversity plus proximity let to conflict. Affirmative Action was yet another weapon in the war to establish a certain group of Brahmins as cultural hegemons in The United States. How this “Great Society” impacted actual living and breathing blacks was an afterthought. It was about nailing down a pecking order and knocking certain people’s peckers on down into the dirt. It helped finish wrecking what opposition to progressivism still remained standing after Reconstruction and The New Deal. Once the outcaste Whites were cucked, then the outcaste Whites could be ruled.

So what happens when the masses uncuck? Well, Van Jones might have even had a point when he called it a Whitelash. Where he swung out of his cleats and missed on the Lord Charles was his assumption that it was specifically aimed at Blacks. Just as the original Civil War was predominantly white on white; so shall this one be as well. African Americans may get collatorally damaged; but as the YouTube saying goes: “Your blues are not my blues.” This is White on White – in house and in family. An old score, perhaps dating to 1867 is getting settled.

That puts the Left in a new and scary world. Issues can’t get graphed on an XY Axis between Authoritarianism v. Autonomy and Freedom v. Altruism. There’s a Z-Axis now. Elitism V. Populism. People fighting a 2-D battle are in a lot of trouble. This will be true of Elitist “Conservatives” as well as those on the Left. If Van Jones has a shell, he needs to make like a turtle. The artillary will yea verily start to fly.

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19 Responses to “Affirmative Action And The Coming White on White Civil War”

  1. bob sykes says:

    Peter Turchin, the historian at the University of Connecticut, says that intra-elite hostilities are at an historic high, higher even than on the eve of the Civil War, and he is predicting wide-spread, extreme political violence in the 2020s. This might not take the form of armies marching across the countryside, but assassinations, sabotage, street violence (already happening) and guerrilla fighting are all possible.

  2. Hoyos says:

    I would even make the case that it is closer to a true civil war than the last one. The last one was a regional war, with some localized civil war theaters (Missouri, northern Alabama, etc.)

    The WASPs are by no means united. Even the South is not the unified culture it once was. And a shocking percentage of Irish/Italians in the northeast are pretty far right.

  3. Toruk says:

    Blacks do more poorly in school no matter the social conditions.

    The paid “anti-facists” or high class lib whites won’t be safe from whats coming to them either.

    They are helping to set up the destruction of themselves. But it won’t all come from the uncucked white masses.

  4. David says:

    Only 5 to 7 ? I find that hard to believe.
    The Northeast is overflowing with working class white ethnics who are temperamentally, and with the election of Trump, politically, far right.
    They also like a good brawl, and I think we are all fantasizing about what to do to the special snowflakes and antifas if, or better yet when, the first spark is lit.
    Literally tens of millions of angry whites with decades of pent up frustration to unleash.

  5. I tend to look at things in terms of religion just like economist tend to evaluate political issues base on economic considerations. But I feel my mode is more accurate because I believe that people’s religious motivations are deeper and much more powerful than they even admit to themselves. Thus WASPs have had a hard time of it in the USA because their preachers have been giving them unrealistic messages. I am not saying this is the only problem. But you have to admit that it fit well with the social justice problem. So if you put Sunday morning compassion for all mankind together with teh weekday’s social justice professors you get a lethal combination of idiocy

  6. Hockey Goon says:

    Correct, David.

    And this type of thinking just doesn’t end at the 49th parallel. It’s incredible to me how many of my fellow Canadian’s are saying the exact same thing – being fed-up, openly talking about the upcoming civil war here as well.

    In many ways, Canada is the most cucked-up of all cucked-up countries. Having said that, there is a solid minority who want to *bring it on* and start what needs to be finished. We’ve let it get this far and we are the one’s that need to right our wrongs.

    Lots of angry people. Lots of people who are at the end of their rope. Lots of folks who have, or are finally, starting to figure things out.

  7. Orthodox says:

    The future will have more Anders Breiviks, less yokels shooting Sikhs.

  8. […] caveat given, I do find this article to be a well-written discussion of how the rich Whites have weaponized nonWhites against… And, I freely admit that the coming civil war may be in many instances one in which wealthy Whites […]

  9. Wilson says:

    Seemed appropriate; GNR civil war;

  10. […] and loaded. Every time the SWPLs unleash a new policy to “undo racial discrimination” or “rectify the mistakes of the past” these never quite seem to rectify the goddam hell out Chelsea Clinton or one of The […]

  11. epochehusserl says:

    Does everyone on this blog really think we are on the brink of a civil war? The boomers (those in power) think they can ride off into the sunset and avoid these existential conflicts.

  12. carnac 123 says:

    There is a civil war coming. We all know it and can feel it in the air. It will be between the true American patriots that want a safe and powerful nation versus the leftist, NWO types that are financed by people like Soros. The democratic party is on the left and is nothing but an international, communist inspired bunch of crying libs. The negro will side with the left as usual and leftist will point at this and call it a race war but it will not be. It will be a war to save America from the weird, the lazy, the leftist, and the freaks who all have united against Her. Have faith. Once it starts….participate because the patriots need your help. Do not be afraid. This war has to come to save the United States for your children and grand children.

    • revjen45 says:

      When I consider that I will be 70 this summer and physical issues degrade my ability to function as a warrior the example of Samuel Whittemore comes to mind.

  13. carnac 123 says:

    Affirmative action is pure racism against white people. It is nothing more. The very idea that the negro would stop at winning equality was stupidity. Even with pure equality they can never compete with white people. They knew this and so did the idiotic American government. I somewhat blame the adults in America during that time for not fighting this Affirmative Action agreement like they should have. They were asleep and Johnson and other senators passed it by the people. Now, we and our children are picked last for jobs, last for College enrollment, last for perks, last for government jobs and this goes on and on. We whites are the ones that should be rioting in the streets and burning things down because our own government has completely turned against us. We are being discriminated against by government decree. THe government acts afraid of negroes and of what they will do if Affirmative Action is taken away. THe government better be afraid of US if they do not take it away and give us our rights back.