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Before anything else, I want to say thank you to all of those who read, comment on, and share the works found on this blog. You are the core of this community.

There have been some changes. Now, like many of the conservative bent, I dislike change, but that is not quite accurate. Most change, like most authority, is inept and self-serving, so it is natural to oppose those. It took some time to accept the need for these changes but most are intended to provide a more convenient reading and commenting experience for you.

You will notice there are little social media buttons beneath each post. These make it really easy for you to spread the mental virus of Amerika to counter the abundance of distractions, trivialities and lies out there. The hope is that, since the post-2007 internet consists mostly of social media users, more people can be reached with these shares.

In addition, the comments look different. After years of manually approving comments, Amerika has outsourced its commenting system to Disqus. This requires you to have some login credentials but allow you to manage your comments in the social media style on the Disqus site and any other site that uses their commenting system.

Finally, a personal note. I have begun offering my services as a freelance writer, editor and eBook conversion expert after several requests for the same. In addition, I am fortunate to be published on the esteemed traditionalRIGHT blog with a new piece entitled “Leftism On The Skids” and I hope you enjoy it.

There may be a few glitches as all the new additions to the site get adjusted on the detail level. Should you have any feedback on the above, try our new comments section.

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