Linkpost 03-15-11

It has been a heck of a week. Selfish “revolutions” continue worldwide as masses of people living pointless lives, whipped into a frenzy by big media and political maneuvering, turn on the tyrants that their unstable countries require. Japan struggles with the mother and father of all earthquakes, a tsunami and a burning nuclear power complex. And in the blog-o-sphere, people have been saying some interesting stuff.



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  1. crow says:

    What could happen next, in Japan?
    A nuclear explosion, soon.
    People will say the reactor blew up. No. It will be a missile.
    The US has positioned a carrier group to the west of Honshu. There is an air exclusion zone over the reactors.
    People are being cleared out. The coast is becoming clear.
    With fallout approaching US territory, it is a Clear And Present Danger.
    Nuking the nukes will disperse the reactor cores, and criticality will be stopped.
    The radioactivity will remain, but not as a breeding, everlasting problem.
    It is an elegant solution, although drastic.
    People will not understand, and so it will be forever denied.
    This does not make it wrong.
    There are no more good solutions, only a very few, very difficult ones.

  2. Paul Warkin says:

    Stallman on purely free software version of Android:

    “By now, maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know.”

    That’s a great summary of most ideologically driven free/open software projects.

  3. that ulf guy says:

    reality has yet thumped him on the head hard enough to pierce his grossly misguided views. you could lay out reasoned arguments all day long, but he’ll always seek to repeat the same unproductive question. i feel for the guy though. it must be tough being stuck in that feedback loop of his.

  4. Thanks kindly Brett for the link to my article at In Mala Fide.

  5. Fnarq says:

    “Selfish “revolutions” continue worldwide as masses of people […] turn on the tyrants that their unstable countries require.”

    Go with that thought.

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