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Today you will find me blogging at Return of Kings with a piece entitled “How To Survive The Late Empire Period Of Your Civilization.” This is one of my favorite writings, because it summarizes in an easy form most of what you will find on this site, and introduces new readers to the radicalism of my early days. I hope you enjoy it.

While some are critical of Return of Kings, I think that is the tendency to try to scene-police by fragile boundaries instead of looking at intent: the intent of ROK is in the title, and its transitional period through PUA/MRA (or the non-European origins of its founder) do not concern me. What concerns me is unified voices against decline, and everything else can fuck right off :)

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  1. JPW says:

    ROK is making a concerted effort to understand and incorporate the NrX philosophy. They aren’t there totally. A lot of what they write is still heavily based on what I’ve read somewhere else.

    That given, if they want to completely redefine Post-Modern manhood, they will need a political philosophy. Encourage them to adopt ours rather than one of the two failed paradigms that are currently dying a slow death in Amerika.

    It did seem like you and re-read your Spengler in writing the piece that you did.

    • Spengler and Gibbon, but even more: a general reading of history itself.

      I agree on ROK: they’re incorporating all of the alternative right except the insane parts, most of which are descended from neo-Bolshevik “white nationalism,” which managed to achieve a few terrorist acts before dying out like a vestigial organ.

      I think their approach is sound: keep what is logical, discard the drama, and motivate people toward seeing the picture beyond solely race/nationalism issues.

      • JPW says:

        So maybe we relook things a bit using ROK as a high-pass filter of sorts….

        • I think so. Lessons I’ve learned: (1) focus on topics of high salacious interest and (2) avoid the ideologies, look at practical reality. For me, that practical reality seems to be: monarchism, nationalism, capitalism and some form of transcendental goal (what crow might call “spirituality”).

          • crow says:

            Spirituality is nothing more than the consequential view that accompanies an appreciation for how Reality works:
            Do this = get that.
            Don’t do this = don’t get that.
            Go along with Reality = don’t get screwed by it.
            Don’t go along with Reality = screw yourself.

            Because freewill involves being able to choose to be part of Reality, or to run counter to it.
            If you choose to run counter to it, you are no longer part of it.

            It’s not rocket science, but you’d think it was, seeing as how so few people realize this very simple truth.

            • This sort of definition, while suitably esoteric for my tastes, does not help modern people find a doorway. The basic principle should be repeated however:

              Reality is consistent.
              Work with reality, get better results.

              I would posit that what they stand to gain or lose is a sense of beauty and timelessness, which is not valuable to most. In fact, maybe one out of a hundred people truly cares about this. The rest want immortality in a type of tourist trap in the sky where nothing ever changes.

              • crow says:

                The only reason such people wouldn’t want it is that they have no concept of what it even is. There’s the Spirituality Catch-22.

                Indians used to trade gold and furs for glass beads. Value – of anything – is contingent upon context, and scarcity.

                • There’s the Spirituality Catch-22.

                  This is the nature of esotericism: a stairway ascends through a clouded sky. The steps are widely spaced apart, and you do not know where to look for the next one until you have stepped on the one before it.

            • -A says:

              This is similar to what I told a protestant friend of mine:

              Morality is just what happens when you realize that you are not the center of the universe.

              • crow says:

                Well done. Get that message out. The more people realize how things work, the better things will work.
                As it is, the leftists are running aground, finally, after years of commanding a ship with no rudder. Even the dimmest are beginning to notice things they previously didn’t.

  2. Frank Azzurro says:

    Only about halfway through, but yet another wonderfully well-written article by Mr. Stevens. It reminds me of why I feel so fatigued all the time, keeping up a workout regiment, having two children, and working at a corporate job. All the fake-ness, the lies, the destruction all around us, and the people who trick themselves into believing their lifestyles are somehow sustainable; no one thinking big-picture – on anything, ever…hard to waddle through the sludge every day like that. I loved the bit about opening one’s own business. My father was quite happy as an entrepreneur and I should have learned earlier in life to work hard to follow in those footsteps. There’s still time, I’m a few years off from 40.

  3. Chris says:

    ROK was the last element I needed to complete my understanding of the decline of the West.

    I’m enthused, but not at all surprised, that Amerika found an ally in them.

    “Lessons I’ve learned: (1) focus on topics of high salacious interest and (2) avoid the ideologies, look at practical reality.”

    The second is one of many things I’ve learned here, and with this principle in mind, it’s easy to spot the sane minority from the goofy and discipline overwhelming emotions in response to the Decline.

    Bravo, Stevens.

  4. Disremember says:

    Funny but true…
    back in 1998.. i searched for Impaled Nazarene Latex cult review and i ended up in Brett’s ANUS…
    2014 i searched for different types of vulva I ended up in RooshV’s forum and it lead me to ROK…
    I never ever thought that this dangerous meeting was even possible…
    Hail Satan…

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