Abdicate, William

Today Prince William, heir to the British throne, announced he would wed Kate Middleton, a commoner.

Already the prole-conscious flatterers are cheering:

The days of dynastic marriages based on class are clearly over for the British royal family. This generation of royals, like those in continental Europe, lead more “normal” lives, or at least have experiences that resemble those of commoners. But have things changed so much that we’ll see a marriage of equals who will make household decisions together, cheer at their children’s soccer (football?) games and walk side by side? What barriers, personal or institutional, might stand in the way of a modern marriage? – NYT

They are cheering because they hate dynastic marriages and what the aristocracy stands for: the notion that not only are we all not equal, but that only a few of us have the qualities that make them “of the light” and fit to lead.

The British Royal Family is opting for a painless suicide through irrelevance. They fade out slowly, and disappear into a backdrop of modern neurosis and commoner problems, such that someday in a generation or two when someone proposes doing away with the royalty, it’s a foregone conclusion. After all, why would you put equal people with equally neurotic problems up on a pedestal?

Kate Middleton’s background:

Kate was born in Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, as the first of three children to Carole Elizabeth (née Goldsmith; born 31 January 1955), an air hostess, and Michael Francis Middleton (born 23 June 1949), a flight dispatcher for British Airways. Middleton is of English ancestry with distant Scottish and French ancestry.[1] Michael and Carole had married on 21 June 1980 at the Parish Church in Dorney, Buckinghamshire.[1] Kate’s paternal family came from Leeds, West Yorkshire, and her great-grandmother Olivia was a member of the Lupton family, who were active for generations in Leeds in commercial and municipal work.[2] Carole Middleton’s maternal family, the Harrisons, were working class labourers and miners from County Durham.[3] Middleton has two siblings, Philippa “Pippa” Charlotte[4] and James William.[5] Pippa Middleton, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, has received press coverage since her sister became famous, with focus on her relationships and lifestyle.[6]

In 1987, the Middletons founded their own company, Party Pieces, a mail order firm that sells party supplies and decorations.[7] They have since become millionaires.[2] – Please-Send-Us-Money-pedia

Aristocrats were those who founded societies by getting everyone else working toward a goal, not toward their usual neurosis (the “karmic nonsense” of unfocused minds: worries about self-drama, material things, pleasures and fears) but toward the process of building a civilization to equal the ancients.

They are different than you and me not because they are rich, but because they are the line of those who are “of the light” or descended metaphorically from the gods, those with the spiritual power to overcome the mundanity and reach toward the exceptional.

In the past, it was the custom for princes to abdicate the throne if they wanted to marry commoners. Instead William opts to destroy the line of the past and continue the “prole drift” that removes us from having any standards above the neurotic karmic desires that fascinate proles in every age.

The time of modernity is fast ending, and your misstep is out of place as we put this horror to rest, British Monarchy.

Abdicate, William.


  1. P. Öberg says:

    So should Victoria of Sweden. The better looking Madeleine is also the only one who haven’t dated commoners.

  2. the scruddernator says:

    I thought this website promoted meritocracy. Guess not.

  3. Dcn Fr Finbarr says:

    To the contrary, William appears to be marrying back into the heart of the English people, to the folk who made England great. One hopes for a few other old fashioned virtures, though it may be much to ask.

  4. Somerled says:

    Just though I’d say -

    William cannot abdicate as he is not a reigning monarch

    Edward didn’t abdicate because his chosen wife was a commoner; he abdicated because she had been previously married (twice)

    Marrying a commoner while exceptional is not unheard of – its happened at various points down the time line, and is probably a good thing as it injects new blood into the gene pool which has been know to stagnate somewhat.

  5. sarah says:

    Somerled: I completely disagree.
    The Royal family members who married commoners were not in line to the throne. William is.
    Here is a fact for you. Now that William is marrying a commoner, there is nothing that seperates ‘Queen Catherine (!!!)’ and William’f future children from all of the other people in their country. This in itself means that legally, the monarchy will no longer have any right to be called ‘royal’ because technically, they are in no sense of the word, Royal anymore.
    I hope this assists in your knowledge.

    1. Here is a fact for you. Now that William is marrying a commoner, there is nothing that separates ‘Queen Catherine (!!!)’ and William’s future children from all of the other people in their country.

      Exactly. They have destroyed an exclusive line, and replaced it with the average. That is not how hereditary leaders should function.

  6. @Sarah

    What you are saying leads to an infinite regression. Your idea is that if the prince marries a commoner, there is nothing to seperate the monarchy from the ordinary people. And this would mean the monarchy loses its right of existence.

    Yet, if we go back far enough in the past, everyone is related to one another at some point. And since the human race has existed for millennia, it seems futile to draw the line somewhere in a monarchy that merely existed for a few centuries. If they get hurt in an accident, the royalties will take the blood of any commoner. At some point when a guy picked up a crown, that supposedly inhibited his flesh with special sacred qualities that other humans do not possess? There is no scientific evidence to support such congesture.

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