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Understanding The Ersatz

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

In our comments, some people are objecting to my attack on “religion, patriotism and hard work” as the grounds of conservatism.

They say, how can you oppose such things? They are objectively good. They must be the answer.

Some have said, well, these things are necessary, but not sufficient in and of themselves. While there is some truth to this, partial truths are deadly at a certain level of adulteration.

Here is the raw truth: humans love fake substitutes for real action.

Real action is risky. Symbolic, totemistic, token activities are painless and allow us all to just keep on truckin’ instead of taking actual direction and undertaking the risk and difficult task of fixing things.

What is our goal? Restore Western Civilization. Say this ten thousand times until it hammers into your skull. Until we do this, all that we do is lost.

How do we do that? Obviously it requires more than “religion, patriotism and hard work”… which means that religion, patriotism and hard work are substitutes for the actual solution, which means they are a defeat in that by following them, you ignore what must be done.

This is why conservatism has failed for centuries. You have been using methods instead of principles. The principle is that civilization must be healthy for the individual to be healthy, and that health comes from balance, adaptation and realism. These things require more complex methods.

See, the thing about modernity is that it assumes methods stand on their own. We say it is “right” to always cut an orange a certain way, but this misses the point, which is that we cut an orange in a certain way because we have a goal involving the utility of that orange toward some purpose, like civilization.

These ersatz substitutes lead to nothing but death. They are lies that will deceive you and redirect your energy from solutions toward rationalizations, or things that make you feel better without fixing the problem.

Our only salvation lies in restoring Western Civilization. Anything else is a fake, a substitute, a lie, a parasite and a suicidal impulse.

Wake up from the dream, focus on the reality, and get past these polemics like “religion, patriotism and hard work” that are tangential to the actual task.

The Turning Over

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Politics flows downstream from culture. Amerikan culture has been a lifestyle septic tank since at least the late 1960s/early 1970s. Its degeneration has been ongoing, negative monotonic and this description can be extended without loss of generality to all genres of art, music and entertainment. This is a deterministic rather than a stochastic process. It’s being driven. And yet, like a downwelling ocean current, it is leading to a great turning over.

So what do? You give it The Nickelback treatment and turn that crap off. All of it. Cut the cord. Let ESCCCP pay $100M for an NFL Wildcard game and lose $75M on the deal. Let Shia LeBeoufCake make a brave stand against Donald J. Trump. His latest movie has opened so well in the UK that he has earned Le Sobriquet “3-Ticket LeBeouf.”

Ignoring the culture of the Left drains much of its mythology. Increased levels of sophistication in homeschooling and private school attendance are killing the Leftist monopoly over the minds of young children. Anywhere opportunities exist for the alternatives to Consumerist Oligarchical Collectivism to be heard, the Left begins losing. Where parents are unable to avail themselves to these resources, they simply vote against oppression with their U-Hauls.

Breaking the monopoly colleges and universities have over social accreditation has been a slower and more quixotic process. Coding Boot Camps are offering you the chance to do it the hard way. Prior to the assertion that everyone had to go to college to be capable of advanced mental work, lawyers could “Read Laws” and pass the bar examination. Get your legal education the same way Tom Jefferson* and Abraham Lincoln did. And if none of that works out, I’ve never met a competent plumber whose kids went hungry or who couldn’t afford an ice cold bottle of beer.

If a large enough plurality takes the some version of The Benedict Option; the system gets starved and the propaganda drones on pointlessly like Nietzche’s preacherman in the trackless wilderness. It is they, not you, who exist in disconcerting isolation. What then happens? At first, not much.

HollyOrc can afford to fund LeBeouf’s reality abatement program until his current studio contract expires and then perhaps bring in someone even more insipidly vapid in its gender fluidity. The New York Times can perhaps find one more Carlos Slim to flense. The WaPo another Jeff Bezos. Faceberg and Twitleft ads eventually have to reach a user that isn’t just a bot. Social Media requires the participation of a society. Yet, absent the majority of the US Population, each of these facets of The Matrix will run out of it’s most vital source of fuel. Your attention and your wallets. It will collapse.

When it goes down, it will go down into the Marinas Trench. This will force an upwelling of something else. Be ready to seize that opportunity. It may or may not go better in the future, but that won’t be because you won’t have your turn at bat. Withdraw your support. Cut them off like a crappy Nickelback Song, but be ready. You may not be interested in the collapse, but the collapse will get very interested in you. Fixing the shambles you increasingly see around you will become your job and your duty. You don’t even have to particularly want it.

* — It’s $79,473 per year cheaper than studying law at Mr. Jefferson’s University….

Ann Coulter Speech Cancelation Reveals The Problem With Conservatism

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has withdrawn from a planned speech at The University Of California At Berkeley, citing the failure of Young Americans for Freedom to support her:

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has canceled her speech planned for this week at the University of California’s Berkeley campus after a dispute with university officials, who feared violent protests, over whether a safe venue could be found.

“There will be no speech,” she wrote in an email to Reuters on Wednesday, saying two conservative groups sponsoring her speech were no longer supporting her. “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team,” she wrote.

As she wrote poignantly in a tweet a few hours later, “If we had continued to fight we would have won.”

Coulter was originally denied permission to speak by school authorities but vowed to press on. With the defection of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) however she lost her sponsor at the school, and had no case against Berkeley to defend her First Amendment right to speak in a public forum.

This shows us the problem with conservatives: they are willing to “take a stand,” but not when it endangers them personally, because they are enwrapped in the mythos of personal morality that emphasizes religion, hard work and patriotism but not changing the system as a whole. By approaching the issue as a moral question, and not one of civilization survival, they reduce all issues to questions of personal freedom and therefore, cede the battlefield as to the future of society as a whole.

As fans of history know, the modern Right was formalized after the French Revolution and was formed of, well, cucks. They knew that the old order was better, but decided to accept the assumptions of the winning Leftist side — namely equality — and to try to use those to work toward conservative goals. But when one accepts equality, the only change possible is at a personal level and from a defensive perspective. The idea of re-conquering our civilization and pulling it out of its tailspin is beyond what the browbeaten conservative mentality will accept.

This is why the Alt Right has arisen: we have a mission, which is to restore Western Civilization, which is not limited to the individual. We realize that civilization is an organic entity formed of the intersection between individuals, the group, heritage, principles and future. We cannot fight its decline by demanding the ability to co-exist with the decline; we must go to war against the decline itself.

At this point, even the slowest conservatives are starting to get the message that the Left will not relent until it turns the US/EU into Venezuela, a mixed-race socialist third world society like most of the failed societies on earth.

The question is whether conservatives can get over their individualism, or the desire for personal power that precludes acting toward the renovation of civilization as a whole. This entails risk. But in a do-or-die struggle, risk is upon us, and certain doom awaits on the other path.

Alternate Realities

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

In our present reality, we assume that people mean what they say. In an alternate reality, perhaps a more accurate one, we recognize that the meaning of the words is less important than the social signal being sent. People communicate to others not to express the substance of their words, but to use that substance as a symbol to communicate eternal human needs: friendship, love, lust, violence and belonging to a group.

When we accept that truism, we see that almost all of human behavior is posturing. Humans act to communicate with other humans, not for any direct result of the action itself. This is a side effect of specialization of labor in a wealthy society: it becomes more important to signal social acceptance than to achieve anything in particular, because that is achieved by others far removed.

Unfortunately, because this is more immediately effective than achievement itself, this form of social signaling quickly takes over everything else. Making gestures requires little effort; behaving in a way that achieves results is not only more difficult, but less popular until those results are revealed. Signaling is more efficient than real world action.

Most people are role-playing. They understand what they want to portray, and they act as they imagine someone in that state will act. Their influences come from media and their social group, so they are usually incorrect in how they portray this role. This creates an echo chamber where people act according to how others think they should, obscuring what should actually be done.

This leads to a vicious cycle where people act out, or act in “attention whoring” ways, in order to succeed in their immediate social circumstance while denying the long-term need for actual efficacy. If you wonder why dying societies seem to exist only on the surface, with each person performing as an actor with no concern for the results of their actions, this is why.

In our post-collapse time, a competition for insincerity has emerged which rewards the least realistic and penalizes the most realistic. Image is all: those who appear compassionate and sincere displace those who actually are, and the crowd surges forth to support its latest favorites on the basis of this appearance, then appears bewildered when results do not match expectations.

This insincerity arises from the power of the crowd itself which creates a market for opinions. The crowd rewards appearance, and so those who succeed are those who act the best, which filters out any who are actually sincere and thus unwilling to take on this hypocritical game of play-acting.

We live in an alternate reality where words are used like paintbrushes, and actions, like theater. A crowd will deceive itself in a search for choices which do not require a change in behavior, and so the con men and carnies have their day and everyone of a realistic nature must hide in the shadows. This is the dark organization at the center of “people power,” and we will fail until we rebuke it.

Is Balance A Civilizational Risk?

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Risk applies to every person and organization, but few think of society or even civilizations as having risks. Most recognize that civilizations and societies are cyclic and identify heroes and villains by their participation in positive or negative cycles.

Despite an entire risk industry, where risks are analyzed in minute detail, nobody appears to look at risk to a civilization. Many books describe societal and civilizational history, even with a few lessons learnt thrown in, but despite that, the same mistakes are made indicating that we seem incapable to get away from ourselves.

No single factor encompasses the risk faced by a civilization. Things like money appear to be a sword in the side of man, but the sword itself comes from money and therefore is not the cause of the risk. Diversity appears to debilitate human performance despite its creative appeal, but it is on the level of symptom, such as the risk of improper food preparation where some may perish from food poisoning, but the organization itself continues on.

The sword is a single identifiable item making risk determination easy. Understanding the risk inherent in diversity proves more complicated because it affects both individuals and organizations, and does so indirectly, which means that there is no single point of impact like a sword-strike that we can point to and say, “Aha! Witness the risk!”

For that reason, we are looking for a type of risk that serves as a gateway (cause) to many other risks (symptom/effect). For example, “openness” was described as a strong feature in Roman Social Organization. When we move away from measuring performance only, we see the organizational risk of “openness” in its social context is intuitive and fits within the past literature on risk.

Openness is hard to diagnose because gregarious animals like humans are by nature social, which means that people seeing societies in decay do not recognize their over-socialization to be abnormal and will instead rationalize it as positive. Problem solvers always blame some technical aspect of life because that idea may actually be partially true, and it is easier than diagnosing broad human behaviors that become pathological to the group, even though those are the cause of most civilization decline.

Even so, openness is still not the single collective social organizational risk descriptor I am looking for.

Then my Mother’s advice returned to me: “Always be careful of the word too.”

Mothers are famous for keeping things in balance. They want you to stand up for yourself, but not take it too far; they want you to not eat too little, but not to over-eat either. Applied to civilizations, the concept of balance is mathematically easy to describe and is generally portrayed as a type of cycle, swinging between extremes. For example economists and investors absolutely love to draw graphs of bull and bear cycles. This includes the ability to detect when something is overvalued or undervalued.

By doing so, they confuse the cyclical nature of civilization with the cycles of the markets, when in fact the civilization cycle measures the social order they find so hard to quantitatively measure. When we view market cycles as the risk to our civilization, and forget about social order, our only concern becomes balance to those market cycles, ensuring that we do not let the markets rise too high or fall too low.

For example, South African GDP/capita is about $8000 while its potential is $40000. The risk of balance will dictate that dropping that metric further — if the dollar is still to be used in future — will mean that the GDP/capita is “too” low, throwing the organization known as South African society out of balance. Similarly, if the same metric would grow to $48000, it will become “too” high. The balance therefore may be $24000 if 100% is taken as $48000; this provides a sense of balanced risk, but misses the actual risk, which is the social order instability that causes fluctuation in value.

Much as we can find an “economic balance” it is also possible to establish a “social/civilizational organization” balance, or in other words, a social order which is geared toward renewal cycles and not decay cycles.  Once people focus on social balance, the priority given to economic balance will become a distant feature of life, because once social order risk is properly managed, the resulting stability means that the economy just happens.

The correlation between life expectancy and GDP is 0.61. We know that GDP is important, but it is not the cause of itself. For this reason, there is a correlation between life expectancy and social order — given the presence of enough technology to fight off diseases and invading Mongols — which goes unnoticed because people do not study civilization risk. That can change.

We know that because the same symptoms afflict us time and again but go unattended that a redesign of our concept of risk management is necessary such that it expands to include social order and civilization cycles in its analysis. The first step to this may be trying to avoid an approach of balanced extreme, and instead looking toward establishing order, clarity, purpose and meaning to social order.

Populism Needs To Find A Platform

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The National Review has disgraced itself over the past decade, most notably by firing John Derbyshire and recently by endorsing Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen, but sometimes it touches on interesting issues.

Peter Spiliakos explores the lack of an identifiable platform for populism and how this makes the Right weak and disunified:

It is a little different on the right. One economics, you have what might be called “degenerate Kempism.” It is a combination of tax cuts for high-earners, cuts to entitlements spending, and increased low-skill immigration. On the other side, you have people who think of themselves as being on the right but who reject some or all of that.

The great advantage of degenerate Kempism is that most of the political talent, social capital, and money is on the side of this agenda – the money being the least important of the three factors. It is the default of the GOP lobbyists, donors, and most of the center-right politicians who came up through business or the professions.

It is difficult to see the common ground between the more elite degenerate Kempists (and I’m not helping with the labeling) and the populists. The degenerate Kempists want what they want. They are willing to make temporary retreats but will push on any door to cut any tax on the job creators, to cut domestic spending, and to answer the call of the affluent for cheaper low-skill labor. The populists have only the vaguest idea of what they want, and some of that is contradictory.

The Right has always been a “big tent” that includes all of those who resist the creeping infiltration of Leftism into every area of our society. The most honest Right are the monarchists, who think equality is insane and modernity is a horror. But now the big tent is working against the Right.

Populism is best defined as defense of the organic nation — the people, the culture, the ideas, the religion — against the formalized structures of egalitarian, bureaucratic government and its collusion with industry.

This idea overlaps somewhat with the notion of ending entitlement spending and cutting taxes to shrink government, but is incompatible with one issue that the Kempists endorse: immigration. Populists realize that immigration is ethnic replacement of the founding population, a form of soft totalitarian genocide.

If the Right has a future, it is in giving the “fiscal conservatives” some of what they want through sabotaging the tax base and entitlement programs, but also recognizing that diversity has failed because diversity can never work. Paradoxical policies always collapse.

Even more, the Right has a new lease on life through its anti-Establishment position. People dislike incompetent and manipulative authority, and they are seeing that the Left prefers strong authority in order to gain complete control so that it can advance its ideology as the One Way for our future. The Old Establishment tried to resist that and was destroyed, and the New Establishment is far worse than they were.

We do not have to live as slaves to a runaway ideological death spiral. Instead, we can simply speak up and oppose it: Leftism does not work, and government inevitably drifts Leftward, so it is time to physically remove government as much as possible, and replace it with culture, charity, private industry and the good people among us who have always done the best thing without needing ideology to instruct them.

Hoping For A Government Shutdown

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Currently the American government is headed toward shutdown. The Left insists that Trump fund their social programs, yet will not extend funding to building the border wall or increased immigration enforcement, and (predictably) passive-aggressively blame him for the inbound shutdown.

In the meantime, Trump has learned that to fix this mess, he will have to start from the bottom up, so while he makes gestures of conformity, in the background he is hiring immigration judges, issuing executive orders, firing Establishment flunkies and undermining arrogant agencies.

Many of us are hoping for a government shutdown. The dirty secret of these is that the Left loses each time they happen, because government shutdowns weaken Leftist social programs by backlogging them, and shatter the idea that government is needed.

Without welfare being paid out and constant government intervention, life gets better. People relax. They learn to do things for themselves. They see how the people they are funding contribute nothing, and how government does little but interfere with good people and advance bad people.

In fact, some would say that with each shutdown, more anarchists and monarchists are minted. Both of these groups oppose government. Monarchists want to replace cradle-to-grave government with actual leaders and leave social issues to culture and local charities. This worked better than government in the past.

Our government is dysfunctional and parasitic; why not shut it down? We can have a few months without any Ruby Ridges, red tape, welfare scams, or posturing about drowning migrants in the Mediterranean. Every moment that government is asleep, culture and people grow stronger. Let’s do it.

Finland Advocates “Physical Removal” With Commemorative Coin

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Finland has released a commemorative coin marking the events of the “Winter War” in which outnumbered and outgunned Finns slaughtered Soviet invaders.

On the back of this coin, a scene appears of a Finnish tribesman executing several Communists. We can tell this is an execution because the rifle is leveled at them as if about to be immediately used. This calls to mind the statement by Hans-Hermann Hoppe from his book Democracy: The God That Failed (2001):

In a covenant…among proprietor and community tenants for the purpose of protecting their private property, no such thing as a right to free (unlimited) speech exists, not even to unlimited speech on one’s own tenant-property. One may say innumerable things and promote almost any idea under the sun, but naturally no one is permitted to advocate ideas contrary to the very covenant of preserving and protecting private property, such as democracy and communism. There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and removed from society.

Physical removal of Communists is necessary for people to own property, including themselves, and all egalitarian thinking is on the Leftist spectrum and therefore properly seen as varieties of Communism. With its approval, Finland again signals the right path for dealing with this problem.

Externalization Creates Dark Organization

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets. – William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

Civilization is an uncertain bet. Like the oxidation that allows us to breathe, it also creates secondary effects which must be managed, such as free riders and calcification. Most societies try to manage these through external control, and this proves to be a fatal mistake, but it remains popular because it avoids questions of natural selection, namely evolution toward higher self-control.

Externalization appears tempting because it involves no change in the individual. Instead, centralized forces dictate standards and rules, and the herd equally obeys them, which provides the least friction because no person is disciplined more than any other. This allows mental convenience and attracts people to the idea.

The process of externalization occurs through proxies, or external symbolic “games,” which serve to both represent and obscure reality. Instead of doing what is right, we do what the moral code says we must. Instead of finding a place where we contribute, we measure salaries. Laws take the place of values, and gadgets and entertainment take the place of meaningful time expenditure.

Replacements for reality are comforting because they take a vastly complex target and reduce it to the comforting tangibility of numbers and rules. By making this lawless world comprehensible to our minds, they take away fears and give us direction, but it is not a positive direction — toward something — as much as a selection from what already exists.

For this reason, externalization is naturally backward-looking and navel-gazing. Without some forward purpose, humans have nothing to define their lives except personal convenience, and this removes meaning from existence and leaves individuals in a circular process of wanting more and then being unsatisfied with it. The addict finds himself lonely when the drug effects wear off.

Like other types of formalization, externalization occurs by creating a procedure for every aspect of life and limiting choice. This in turn makes people passive and dependent, since they rely on the external source for the list of options available to them. None of these choices have existential or spiritual meaning, so they become mostly interchangeable, varied only in amount of money or status.

The ugly hyper-competitive social scene common to modern society arises from this externalization. When we measure our lives in terms of gadgets and artificial targets like workplace performance, there is nothing to do but compete for those, and because they are unsatisfying, to keep competing until it exhausts us. This is a perfect method of control.

Those who compete in limited spheres such as these games fear any who do not play by the rules. This gives rise to a manic need to limit inclusion in social groups, and through them the rest of society, through those who are obedient to the basic assumptions that allow the games to exist. Such societies look for ways to exclude people, and force mass activities on the group in order to indoctrinate them.

For example, in schools in the modern West, it is considered common practice to ask students to “share” or tell to the group a personal experience. This opens up the individual to judgment by the herd, and if the individual passes that judgment, makes them feel some debt to the group. The moment of inclusion produces a squirt of dopamine in the brain and safe, happy and comfortable feelings.

In turn, the focus on inclusion and competition for acceptance creates dark organization by encouraging people to manipulate appearance, symbolism and the rules of the game in order to succeed as efficiently as possible, which means with the least amount of risk or exertion to the self.

Our pathological altruism is one form of this behavior. It is easy to very publicly give money to a charity for blind disabled retarded transgender third world orphans; doing this a few times gives the individual status points. It is harder to every day act in a moral way that encourages qualitative growth within individuals and civilization.

This shows us the appeal of virtue signaling: to signal once is more efficient and mentally more convenient than trying to make every act we do into a morally correct action. Doing the latter is a lifetime commitment that requires near-religious levels of commitment, while the former involves a few public relations events plus anarchy.

Pathological altruism is one form of dark organization. It happens when a group within an organization turns against that organization, but uses the methods of that organization to achieve its goals. This only occurs when the goals of the group are corrupted by creating a proxy instead of measuring results by reality.

This trap ensnares human civilizations time and gain. Our best intentions lead to us creating proxies, and then the tool becomes the master and those dominate us, destroying our civilization. Democracy, equality, Leftism, diversity, feminism, liberty, class warfare and freedom are just subsets of this failure that like the best euthanasia, creates a warm sensation before the infinite coldness of death.

How Nihilism Can Help Conservatism

Monday, April 24th, 2017

We live in a fantasy world of our own projection, formed of our desire to escape the needs of adaptation. Humans are self-deluding based on our need to feel that we are “in control” of the world we perceive, when in fact we are small parts of it subject to its whims.

The contrary impulse to this behavior, nihilism, starts by rejecting all human perceptions except those which can be traced to a source outside the human. In a world of cause and effect, nihilism sees causes as being mostly external to the human, and the human as merely reacting and rationalizing that response.

Nihilism negates the fundamental human idea which is that “the world is as I perceive it” and that this personal mentality can be shared with other people, especially using language and social cues. Instead, nihilism suggests that we are all alone, with our perceptions being unique to us.

This naturally terrifies people because it invalidates the feeling of “togetherness” or “we are all one” that is a type of pacifism, or a refusal to fight for clarity and quality of perception because it is more convenient to focus on a lowest common denominator in common.

Sometimes — frequently — we see conservatives who should know better getting confused on this point:

Parker spoke about “superior” British values and “regressive Islam”, as well as the “multiple incidents of grooming and rape-gangs, made up almost entirely of Muslim men, targeting women who are almost entirely non-Muslim and girls”.

As long as we remain trapped in this intellectual ghetto, we will never understand what we must do. The fact is that values reflect genetics, and Muslims — a code-word for North African and Middle Eastern people — act out the genetics that have survived in their societies for centuries.

We got into this multiculturalism illusion because we believed that cultures were universal, much as people were presumed to be “equal,” which meant that a Muslim was removed from an Englishman only by a tan and lack of education in English values, customs and wisdom.

Now these well-meaning UKIP speakers are compounding the issue by insisting on the same scale. They believe that if Muslims just quit acting like Muslims, and start acting like English people, somehow integration will occur and everything will turn out fine.

We must escape from this insanity and realize that equality is an illusion formed of human desires, pretense and mentally-convenient rationalizations. Nihilism debunks equality as well as every other human conceit. It can help conservatives in three crucial ways:

  1. Assimilation. Nitwit conservatives believe that we can integrate foreign populations. A nihilist realizes that this is impossible because these populations are too genetically distinct. Related Western European populations can mix and be somewhat stable, but the more distance between the groups, the less cohesion there is. The other thing about assimilation, sometimes called integration, is that it is genocide. The new mixed group replaces the old. Humans are afraid to think about this because they do not want to admit that genetics creates most of their behavior, because this minimizes their control. But genetics is all.
  2. Objectivity. There is no objective truth, nor any subjective truths. There is simply reality out there and we can each see it to varying degrees, with the best of us seeing the most as it actually is in reality. For this reason, there can be no laws which everyone understands the same way, nor anything as silly as democracy. Instead, we should always pick our best minds and let them decide. This also implies a hierarchy within humanity, both by individuals and by general bands known as “castes.”
  3. Goals. The individualistic human mind is full of fond notions of what society “should” do. It thinks of morality, pacifism and accommodating others. However, in reality the question for both individual and civilization is one of health. A healthy organism adapts to its environment, reproduces and lives well on an existential level, meaning that it has belief in the goodness of life because it understands how reality works as a higher order than its own desires. For humans, civilization is necessary for our mental and physical well-being. That offends us, to feel so dependent, but it also frees us from the illusion of being entirely self-directed and self-regulating.

The grim fact is that since our ideas are based in humanity and not reality, all of our thinking is backward. We think of what we wish were true, and that others want to believe as well which gives it the power to manipulate, and declare it true because it is popular. This tears apart every truth.

This includes what UKIP is tackling in the UK. Assimilation will never work, nor will diversity, because they are logically unsound as concepts and in application, reveal the consistency of that logic in pointing out their failure. They have always failed wherever tried for this reason.

Instead of trying to tell the world that our values are better, we should instead admit the obvious, which is that every group needs its own space and the ability to pursue its own goals, because those goals are never the same. Only social chaos comes from fragmented goals.

We can finally free ourselves of the nonsense under which we have been living where we must assume that every person is logical, reasonable, realistic, sensible and belongs anywhere they want to be. We vary by race, ethnic group, caste, family and individual. There is no equality. Nihilism crushes it.