Mayday, Mayday! USA Is Going Down.


You know your society is blithely passing into a twilight state when open advocates of one of history’s most pernicious notions are not just tolerated, but encouraged, by your elites. We now have open war on our streets, reminiscent of the 1992 LA riots, and the perpetrators fully admit their affiliation:

Around the world, union members have traditionally marched on May 1 for workers’ rights. In the United States, the annual events have become a rallying point for immigrants and their supporters since massive demonstrations in 2006 against a proposed immigration enforcement bill.

…About 300 people, including members of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, held signs that read “Long Live May Day” and “Stop Police Terror,” and chanted “No Justice No Peace! No Racist Police!”

…Meanwhile, social justice advocates in Durham, New Hampshire, made the rejection of racism, xenophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment the themes of their annual rally.

Oh, so it’s a union holiday. Is that the full story, Amerikan media? Let’s go to the source:

At this time, socialism was a new and attractive idea to working people, many of whom were drawn to its ideology of working class control over the production and distribution of all goods and services. Workers had seen first-hand that Capitalism benefited only their bosses, trading workers’ lives for profit.

…A variety of socialist organizations sprung up throughout the later half of the 19th century, ranging from political parties to choir groups. In fact, many socialists were elected into governmental office by their constituency. But again, many of these socialists were ham-strung by the political process which was so evidently controlled by big business and the bi-partisan political machine. Tens of thousands of socialists broke ranks from their parties, rebuffed the entire political process, which was seen as nothing more than protection for the wealthy, and created anarchist groups throughout the country. Literally thousands of working people embraced the ideals of anarchism, which sought to put an end to all hierarchical structures (including government), emphasized worker controlled industry, and valued direct action over the bureaucratic political process. It is inaccurate to say that labor unions were “taken over” by anarchists and socialists, but rather anarchists and socialist made up the labor unions.

…On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May Day celebration in history. In Chicago, the epicenter for the 8-hour day agitators, 40,000 went out on strike with the anarchists in the forefront of the public’s eye. With their fiery speeches and revolutionary ideology of direct action, anarchists and anarchism became respected and embraced by the working people and despised by the capitalists.

…Immediately after the Haymarket Massacre, big business and government conducted what some say was the very first “Red Scare” in this country. Spun by mainstream media, anarchism became synonymous with bomb throwing and socialism became un-American. The common image of an anarchist became a bearded, eastern European immigrant with a bomb in one hand and a dagger in the other.

…Today we see tens of thousands of activists embracing the ideals of the Haymarket Martyrs and those who established May Day as an International Workers’ Day. Ironically, May Day is an official holiday in 66 countries and unofficially celebrated in many more, but rarely is it recognized in this country where it began.

However, the above is also a bit spun in favor of its own side, which tends to use the term “socialist” for “Communist.” On Amerika, we recognize that all varieties of liberalism differ in degree only; a moderate Democrat is merely a Communist who has not yet become fully radicalized. A more accurate account of May Day follows:

This was the traditional day in the Soviet Union and the communist bloc countries for massive parades, replete with missiles, tanks, rank upon rank of goose-stepping troops, red flags, and huge posters of Marx and Lenin. This has not changed in countries that are still officially communist, such as China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. In non-communist countries of the world, the communist and socialist parties have continued to hold May Day celebrations, usually under the banner of International Workers Solidarity Day.

According to The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, communist countries and communist parties celebrate May Day “by mobilizing the working people in the struggle to build socialism and communism.” The same source goes on to report: “On May Day the working people of the Soviet Union show their solidarity with the revolutionary struggles of the working people in capitalist countries and with national liberation movements. They express their determination to use all their power for the struggle for peace and building of a communist society.”

…”The decision to make May 1st a day of annual demonstrations,” says The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, “was made in July 1889 by the Paris Congress of the Second International, to commemorate an action by the workers of Chicago, who organized a strike for May 1, 1886, demanding an eight-hour workday, and held a demonstration that ended in a bloody confrontation with the police.”

We see the same game being played today. The protesters say they are from unions, feminist and anti-racist organizations, but what this really means is Communism. That is not surprising, since in addition to being in bed with organized crime, unions have always been in bed with the Communists.

Let us make this clear:

  • Unions = Communism
  • Anti-Racism = Communism
  • .: Diversity = Communism

All of this is evident from a mildly critical reading of the original article cited in this post, as would have been done by a newspaper reader of the past century. Today’s reader, blighted by a mind stuffed with television, social media and pointless red tape, may be unable to parse it so I type it out for their convenience.

Communism, in addition to killing approximately a hundred million people in the last century, made wastelands out of every land it has occupied. It transfers the wealth of a nation to a few people who are in bed with organized crime, and then kills off anyone smart so it can remain in power, then collapses when the resulting society becomes totally dysfunctional, as it was obvious it would.

Any time Communism is openly tolerated around you, you should be screaming out a different kind of May Day: a distress call. Your nation is packing it in, going down in flames, and sinking faster than the Titanic. There are no lifeboats, so get ready to stand your ground.

White Nationalism Is Doomed To Failure


White nationalism, a product of ideological confusion and emotional outbursts pretending to be political theory, is a degraded form of nationalism that is gaining in popularity because of the disaster of 0bama and EU immigration policy. Nydwracu points out another area where white nationalism fails:

There are perhaps other reasons to oppose white nationalism, but why worry about the weaker argument given the existence of the stronger? It simply wouldn’t accomplish its proponents’ goals. In a hypothetical white nationalist America, one side or the other would eventually realize both the possibility and the utility of ending white nationalism in order to advance its own interests against those of its traditional enemies. In other words: ‘white’ is not a nation.

In the name of nationalism, white nationalism is the opposite of nationalism: grouping together different nations on the basis of ideological comradeship, instead of natural ethnic interests. It imitates the dominant paradigm of the “proposition nation” but because it hides that behind what seems like the main idea of nationalism, or race in the sense of ethnic group, its proponents can claim it as an alternative to other methods of proposition nationism.

If you wonder why white people have not united behind white nationalism, one major reason is that they do not feel like being grouped into generic whiteness and having their ethnic identity destroyed. They also distrust the class- and caste-denying nature of white nationalism, as well as its anger and tendency to scapegoat other ethnic groups (most commonly: Africans and Jews) instead of looking at white problems, specifically the decay of Western Civilization through increasing Leftism (itself a subtype of Crowdism, or collectivized individualism).

Even more, it makes sense to separate Nationalism from “racism.” While any sane observer knows that diversity is the cause of racism, because when you put two or more ethnic groups in the same place they compete including for dominance of the values system, there is much to dislike about racism. Instead of recognizing that separation is necessary, as Nationalism does, white nationalism/racism blames specific groups for the failure of diversity, which fails no matter what groups are involved. This lets diversity, democracy and Leftism off the hook.

A more sensible viewpoint is pan-nationalism, or the idea of nationalism for every group. The first group to break away from the system of ideological nation-states will inspire others to do the same as a means of competing; Nationalism reduces the massive cost of enforcement required to keep people with nothing in common working together. It also breaks the power of Government, which relies on fruitless quests to justify its own expansion in order to rationalize increased taxation, and thus profit to those in government, a form of corruption.

This also allows cooperation between Nationalists of different races and ethnies because they share a common goal: a world defined by Nationalism, where each group works in self-interest and is beholden to no other group. This spares us from entropy-accelerating standardization and the kumbaya illusion enforced by UN troops showing up to make us all good Leftist internationalists.

White Nationalism is not an alternative to our current political order; it is another form of it. It perpetuates control of the center by the uncontrollable mass, which results in domination by the usual human failings which are sometimes called “the civilization disease”:

All human groups tend toward the same order. Whether it is Open Source, or “wisdom of the crowd,” or whatever: people need to work together, so there must be a power structure and rules. Alternatively, you find some very talented people and give them absolute power, but that upsets people. So, the audience defines the product, and the workers define the organization of the venture, whether it is pro-profit or not. You see the same thing in church groups, rock bands, PTAs and militias that you do in corporate America and Wikipedia.

Amerika offers instead radicalized conservatism: let us conserve what works in reality and that which produces excellent results instead of merely utilitarian ones. This is an odd form of thought, as if Republicans finally understood Nietzsche and turned all the dials up to eleven, demanding a functional social order instead of fighting a rearguard action on the economy, defense and certain social issues.

Votey McVoteface


Public servants thrive on being noticed. So when Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council asked the Internet to come up with a name for its new boat, this was a brilliant act of theater and notoriety-scrounging. But the results surprised no one, because we all know how democracy works.

Whatever idea is least offensive to most wins. This skews heavily toward illusory ideas, because reality is quite frankly offensive. None of us can have everything we want, and the cause of bad results is usually our own screwups, unless we pay attention to past results (consequentialism), discipline our impulses, and make cold nihilistic calculating decisions based on outcomes but aiming toward the best possible result.

Every other approach in the 6,000 years of recorded human history has failed.

We also know the history of democracy but can also see its effects in local contexts. School elections, HOA elections, even just trying to decide which restaurant to go to or movie to see as a group of friends. Democracy picks not the lowest common denominator, but the lowest option period.

When people become Votey McVoteface, it changes them by sabotaging their psychology. Instead of getting to express what they want, and getting an answer back that this idea is either reasonable or stupid, they get options delegated to them by the rest of the herd. These are never ideal, which neuters voters by forcing them to accept the stupidity of others as a gift.

Over time, Votey McVoteface stops taking it seriously. It’s a game like everything else: getting the fast line at the tax office, impressing the boss with fluff, seducing girls by being feminist, and on and on. When society measures goodness by how many hoops you jump through, the people with the least integrity always win.

I advance this idea also in an argument for an absent God. People say, if God is present, why doesn’t he show himself? Without taking a position beyond the argument itself, I say that it makes no sense for God to show himself or give us writing on the wall. When he does that, his audience become the followers who always win at the game. When you tell people what to do in order to succeed, you get toadies not geniuses.

If God wants a portion of humanity to follow him, he wants the good ones — and they tend toward religion, or at least reverent agnosticism, anyway. Is someone who finds great beauty in the woods and the world of ideas perhaps as religious as the most devoted churchgoer? Quite possibly — and with his disobedient streak, the life-interested agnostic or believer shows more promise than someone who sees the writing on the wall and conforms in hope of personal reward.

Voting does the same thing. It tells people how to be right, safe, inoffensive and successful without having taken any actual risk. That bloats society with lots of yes-men and goody two-shoes, even when they’re being ironic anti-heroes, and no people capable of independent thought. Not surprising that democracy lives up to its epithet, “the headstone of empires.”

Outliers (#3)


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What Is A “1788 Conservative”?


This question came up recently in a discussion of conservatism where the phrase “1788 conservative” was used. This one floats around at the periphery, but I have heard it in real life as well as on the internet, and think it deserves elucidation.

The name “1788 conservative” refers to this:

“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.” ― Julius Evola

The French Revolution began in 1789, and so “1788 conservatives” are those who see this as a horrible error and want to go back to the point before the error, and try again.

We tend to see the French Revolution as formalizing the decay of the West. The decay existed long before that, but picked up when political and military pressures weakened our aristocracy and our society did not support them. Rules made on paper are never good, but having enlightened and intelligent people in charge always works.

The aristocracy made this happen at every level: kings, dukes, and lords. These served as a mediating force on growth and finance, kept most of the land intact as hunting preserves, conserved culture and religion, and avoided the unbroken string of idiotic decisions and pointless wars that democracy has embarked upon.

The term “Right-wing” came about after the French Revolution to describe those who thought the ancient order before the Revolution was a better idea than the revolution; after that, “conservatives” — or those who accept the new government of the post-Revolution years, but want to conserve as much as possible of what went before — and “liberals” who accept the ideals of the Revolution but want it applied through conservative methods, became the only options.

1788 conservatives merely take conservatism to its root: we conserve that which has worked best in the past as proven by history, which is a society with heavy cultural influence regulating liberty, aristocracy in the lead, no government and no safety net, and a tendency toward excellence, divinity and other transcendental goals. We are the most honest form of conservative and the least politically correct and socially acceptable in a democratic regime.

What makes 1788 conservatives unique is that we recognize the inter-connected nature of aspects of civilization. We cannot deconstruct and separate ideas, as the democrats do, from their effect and the existential experience of life in that civilization. Leadership is connected to values and all is vested in the organic nation, or the people born of a similar root with similar abilities and inclinations which form the basis of culture and values.

In our degenerated time, where most of the people who should be able to think exist in a one-dimensional cartoon of ideological thinking, these ideas are mostly lost and forgotten. However, as liberal democracy continues to fail despite our patching it up more than Windows 10, the brightest lights among our people are reconsidering the era of kings as a future and not the distant past.

Batman vs. Superman, Social Justice and Anti-Semitism


Surely the obituary for Western culture will include a footnote for the newish film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

Not only did the subject matter — a fantasy designed for small boys — trigger concerns of an infantilized and out of touch population, but also as many commentators noted, the movie was terrible. Robotic script, wooden acting, surface emotional content and brain-degrading dialogue. And yet, audiences seemed not to care, and attended it happily in large groups, possibly so busy texting and chattering that they were unaware they were watching a movie.

When entertainment for adults becomes cartoons, it says something about the audience. They need to feel like heroes, and they want to watch something with the depth of a Soviet propaganda film that makes them feel good about their society and its direction. This tells us that they are not heroes, and they are not confident in our future.

This takes us to a study of the psychology of projection. People assert what they doubt. They do this fanatically because it is psychologically easier than facing what they are afraid is true. Primitive societies dress their warriors like terrors in the hope that this will protect them. Sophisticated societies create mythologies of morality to rationalize failure by explaining that, while all is destroyed, it was done in the name of being good sociable creatures who never harmed anyone.

Projection allows us to assign our own choices to external forces. This can make us feel heroic, as in a superhero movie or “Social Justice” where people assume that armchair activism makes them into Martin Luther King, Jr. It can also avoid the elephant in the room, which is our bad choices, by blaming external actors like The Jews™, the Rich, “poverty” or Satan himself for the results of our poor decisions. Scapegoats of this nature are always more popular because they are simpler and psychologically easier than facing the actual problem, which is usually denied because people are afraid of it.

And yet fixing this actual problem is our only hope. We made bad choices and got bad results. Allowing mercantile elements to take over our society from below was stupid, as was pacifying the masses to avoid revolts. Democracy was stupid — especially after the warning from ancient Athens — and now tolerance, social justice, diversity, transgender bathroom rights and other artifacts of democracy are stupid. Just as Communism in Russia was stupid, Liberalism in America and Europe is stupid and heading in the same direction.

What makes history fascinating is that it is a story of people looking in the wrong places because they were afraid of the underlying issues. Then some disobedient individual or non-conforming group takes a new look at the problem, sees the obvious common sense reality and acts on it, and gets ahead. Then everyone else slavishly imitates that group, just as they slavishly imitated one another in avoiding the problem previously. Until we get to that state, our existence will be much like the odious Batman vs. Superman: a simplistic cartoon on the screen, and our feet stuck to the floor where an unknown sticky substance accumulates gradually, eventually pulling us all down into its decay.

A Path Through The Ruins


If this blog has a dominant theory, it is The enemy is us, in recognition of the fact that human groups tend toward entropy. Without intervention by the few among us who possess leadership ability, people follow individual paths that lead nowhere and generate social chaos.

In contrast, history teaches us a binary: true and not-true. Some methods of civilization work; others do not. Civilization is all; the individual without civilization has few options. Not surprisingly, most human fantasies involve being free of the burden of civilizational upkeep.

These fantasies started with the idea of equality, or that we do not need talented leaders, only rules on paper to make the average person into a responsible leader. This inept form of government then approved the next popular desire, which was that society should subsidize every person just for being human.

This leads us to the present. We have combined capitalism ingenuity with Socialist benefits to create the final state of liberal democracy: an egalitarian system in which all are safe, and all are miserable. Existential misery has risen to the level that few people are reproducing and most are miserable and destructive at the family level.

While this shows the function of government — squeezing the few productive ones to pay for the rest, thus keeping itself in power — it reveals a broader decline. Our civilization lost clear purpose about a thousand years ago when it started growing and as a result, tolerating people who could work as labor but had no other abilities.

This growth in robots of the biological type took its time to obliterate us, but managed to crowd out the few smart people by forcing them to manage and subsidize the masses. The masses then overthrew their leaders, established democracy, and our dysfunctional government now is merely acting out their fantasies.

Like all illusions, this one is coming to an end.

  • Life is hell: people are stupid, behavior is bad, jobs are jails, neighborhoods are alienating, products are low quality and culture is idiocy.
  • We’re dying out. Reproduction lags replacement levels.
  • Bad leadership. Our governments are in debt beyond what we could ever repay and bloated, inefficient and destructive in their policies.
  • Moron victory. Most people, industries and bureaucrats are incompetent.
  • Diversity. We are surrounded by those that diversity makes into enemies. We invited them here to pay for our subsidies with their labor, and they hate us as a result.

The situation seems hopeless. The morons have won; all is decline. As a result, most smart people aim for either self-destruction or escape. The thought of retreating somewhere away from the disaster is tempting until one considers that the decay always needs more money and enemies to keep going. Breakaway “exit” is not an option.

This means that we either gain control of the beast, or we let it destroy itself and then some of us rebuild. The problem with rebuilding is that idiots always outnumber the intelligent, and when idiots see something good next door, they will go there and ruin it too (this is the Peet Conundrum).

As with most hard problems, neither option seems particularly rewarding. Gaining control of an out-of-control democracy (but I repeat myself, as Ann Coulter says) is nearly impossible because people always vote for personal benefit at the expense of the whole. The future requires cutting benefits, and voters would rather die.

Thus I propose a hybrid plan: a society which rises up from within the ashes of the old, by destroying the old through parasitism, with a goal toward seizing the power that remains and using it to disenfranchise those who do not understand why this is necessary. In short: a replication of the liberal strategy.

Liberals conquered the West with relatively few people. They did so through a simple formula:

  1. A plausible complaint. Inequality causes internal division.
  2. A simple theory. An inverted form of pacifism: give equality in exchange for comradeship.
  3. A scapegoat. The only reason our policies fail is the more-equal thwarting us.
  4. A bribe. Fight the enemy and you can join our gang, and we’ll help you.

Comparisons to cults, street gangs and cancers are appropriate. This is the same mentality: form a dissident group and take over by working for each other, against the society at large, forcing it to accept you, at which point you can hoodwink the rest with simple promises.

If we can unite even a half-percent of the right people in our society, we can make them the force for revolutionary change. In the late 1990s, I wrote:

Among us, there are 2-5% of people in our society who are leaders in a practical sense. This means that whether they have an official title or not, they lead the community in business, spiritual, community, academic or social settings.

These are the people that your average person trusts. They trust information from these people more than from the government, their televisions, or casual friends. They respect the judgment abilities of these people.

Our goal is to inform these leaders of our values, get them to form consensus that these should be adopted, and then send them forth to implement these values in all that they do and to demand them from politicians.

This group becomes valuable when liberal democracy fails as is inevitable. Like the Soviet Union and post-Revolutionary France, Western liberal democracy is collapsing for the usual reason: it is based on rebellion, and not on having a positive and affirmative life direction.

The collapse of Western liberal democracy is a subordinate event to the collapse of the West itself. The choice of liberal democracy was a symptom of this greater collapse, and when liberal democracy goes, we will still have the broader problem of decline to deal with. But as with most human error, it is relatively easily counteracted.

At that time, a power vacuum will occur, much as happened after the fall of the USSR. Into this state normally come tyrants because strong power is the only force which can unify a distracted, narcissistic, oblivious and robotic population. But into that power vacuum a unified group can project itself and seize power.

The fall of liberal democracy in the West will occur because the government has created too many benefits it cannot sustain, and it will need to drop those to avoid both external and internal threats. Unable to do that, it has become dependent on the flow of money and thus corrupted by business and special interest groups.

As its options narrow, liberal democracy will be unable to avoid the financial collapse of its governments, internal unrest and the threats from outside forces — notably Russia, India, China and South American states — who will attempt to overthrow it. In bankruptcy, riots and war it will exit this world.

That brings a condition where power will be handed to those who are able to instill order so people can earn a living. Your average person makes poor decisions and will settle for those alone, figuring he’ll fix the rest later. Humans never change. This is how tyrants gain power.

If, on the other hand, the one group that was not agitating for some variety of liberal democracy steps up and proclaims a new plan, it can then gain enough support from the 60% of people in the West who are not totally lost and use that to seize power.

It goal must then be to learn from the past, and realize that there are many among us who do not fit. All Other must go gently back to their homelands, but so must all who do not fit the Western European model of tall, thin-faced, slender and intelligent people. We need a general purge through deportation to restore eugenic health.

Another essential task is to disenfranchise the 99 out of 100 people who have no capacity for leadership decisions. If they are allowed to continue voting, they will screw it up the exact same way as last time because their historical consciousness lasts for six months. They cannot be educated or instructed to make right choices.

At this point, the new regime can begin to focus on restoring genetic, moral and spiritual health. This cannot be done from outside, but by choosing those who exhibit more of these traits than others and advancing them. A process of many centuries leads us back to health.

Of late, I have grown more optimistic because the fall of liberal democracy is not only clear and imminent, but also looks to be extreme enough to give us momentum toward an entirely different system, which I formulate as:

  • Nationalism. Only those of the founding ethnic group constitute the nation. These must uphold the ideals of the group in appearance, ability and inclinations.
  • Capitalism. No managed economies. Allow people to buy and sell from each other, as limited by cultural values and where abusive, the strong hands of kings and lords.
  • Aristocracy. Put the best people by leadership ability into power and give them the authority to fix problems without reference to precedent.
  • Transcendentals. Instead of looking backward to threats and fears, society must set itself toward affirmative goals involving excellence.

Right now, this seems like a LARP dream list. That will change as liberal democracy crashes and its obvious fiscal irresponsibility, statecraft incompetence, and inner corruption is revealed. At that point, this entirely different system will resemble what it is, which is the true to liberal democracy’s not-true.

For now, people want a task, and this is it: help destroy the governments of your nations. Do whatever you can to make everyday life for the average person miserable and to cause government to screw up and self-destruct. Push it toward bankruptcy, warfare, and failure. Show no mercy, as it will show you none.

By nature, we are conservatives who wish to destroy nothing. But when the disease has taken over most of the tree, or at least blocked the roots from the leaves, it is time to savagely hack until it falls, and then set it ablaze so its infection does not spread. Thus shall be the end of liberal democracy and the rebirth of humanity.

Trump 2016: Make America Go Away


When the patient has no hope, we enter palliative care. Sedatives and painkillers abound. Food and water are withdrawn, to allow the body to exit with grace. When that moves too slowly, ever-increasing doses of morphine are administered. At some point, the soul flies away and the gasping corpse returns to the earth.

We are at that point with America (and come to think of it, Europe, too).

These were groups of people, but they were replaced by governments — by their own hands, I might add. The politicians offered benefits like merchants offer discounts, and We The People leapt for the freebie. Then they found out that the cost was the creation of a USSR-style permanent bureaucracy that determined who would succeed and who would fail on the basis of ideology.

America was designed around the idea that democracy could be constrained by rules on paper. If we cannot have the best leading us, we can plan for an average equal robot-citizen to take the role, and put enough rules in there to keep him from doing damage. Or could we? The history of America shows that this approach has failed.

It is time to put the dying beast out of its misery. Its purpose long ago destroyed, it survives from lack of anything else to do. But having no direction, it merely lingers in boredom and complaint to the point that it does not even fear death. This is not life; it is living death. Release it!

Government is not the nation. The nation is the nation: the people, their genetics, their culture and values. In saner times, we avoided government and had kings instead, people drawn from the nation who showed the best of its traits, and could lead it to excellence. But that hurt snowflake feelings: not everyone can be excellent.

It took them almost two centuries, but in 1968 the destroyers won. They did not want a nation. They wanted a jobs program with some kind of talking competition in which unexceptional people could become important just for destroying things and justifying it in creative ways.

At that point, America the organism died, and was replaced by Amerika the zombie-robot-ideology. Ever since that time, it has been miserable to live here. Jobs have replaced purpose, politics has replaced thinking, and a string of foreigners have replaced the people.

Mr. Trump, please do the right thing. Put this terminal patient to rest. Shoot it in the head. Declare a world war for transgender rights and ensure that the governments of USA and the EU perish in flames so that we do not have to watch the long slow decay to Brazil 2.0. Ruin government, so we can rebuild.

The remnant is out here. But they are paralyzed until the power falls. Burn it down, tear it down. Make America Go Away (MAGA). Send the EU to the fires of Hades. Smash all that is rotten and dead, and cover the earth in ash so something new can grow.

Anything is better than this.

Jody And The Carpetbaggers


How can truth be invisible?

Answer: time. Nothing that is, is what is. What will be is what is. Cause leads to effect over the bridge of time. Very few can handle this, and prefer to treat what they see right now as if it were immutable.

This is projection of the Ego, of course. It must be in control at all times. If it is not in control, it rationalizes itself as being so. For its purposes, feeling in control is the same as being in control. The Ego is binary: it either feels totally powerful, or totally submissive, but either way it is in control of that choice.

One does not feel in control by admitting that for any attribute of life we see manifested in the world around us, its cause may be far away in space, time and appearance. Finding the cause of that effect is a research project that involves a great amount of risk of guessing wrongly, like trying to discover the culprit in an English locked-room mystery novel. Most of us will simply fail at it.

For this reason, the truth remains invisible. We look at effects as if they were their own causes, and assume that nothing that we see will ever change. And yet the one constant to life is that it will change, and it will do so through these invisible truths.

The tendency to rationalize explains how human societies die. Things start going badly, and people adjust their expectations to fit what is, instead of what was and in anticipation of what will be, because every action is just one point on a curve. This creates a static image that clashes with the shifting foundation around it, by parallax motion placed in momentum against reality, and increases entropy by its insistence on repetition of these bad approximations.

Our society is dying. It is a slow death: one starts as the ruler of the world, then becomes slowly more degenerate, and finally ends up being just like every other third world level society on earth. The people are chaotic and illogical in their actions, driven by emotional impulses and bodily desires. Government is kleptocracy. Everyone is an idiot, like a tin-pot dictator with his custom suit and rows of imaginary medals. Nothing works right and everything must be fudged into place, usually with bribes and gratuities.

Our people sleepwalk toward disaster. They are their own worst enemy: they rationalize instead of acting, and spend most of their energy finding new distractions to pursue in lieu of fixing the real problem. These distractions require us to struggle against them, along with the occasional real problem, and allow those who will carry out the final execution to move in amongst us.

American military men have a saying about “Jody.” Jody, or “Joe D. Guy” (“Joe the Guy”) is the man who stays back when other men go to war, and instead sneaks in the back door and steals their wives and girlfriends. Loving a man at war is hard; having a fling with Jody is the easiest thing on earth, and so when self-pity strikes, the WAGs go hog wild for the Jodies of the world. Jody is the collapse of civilization in a microcosm: avoiding the real task for the pleasurable distraction.

Jody lines up with another American icon, the carpetbagger. After the Civil War, the defeated South was subject to many regulations by victorious Union forces. These benefited anyone willing to sign the right papers, put down a little money, and begin working for the new regulatory regime. The people who showed up were swarthy people — not Western European — from the cities who haphazardly filled out the forms and began their role in the theft of the wealth of the South, and its women. They were called carpetbaggers because of their tendency to show up with a cheap suitcase and nothing else, but to leave in entirely more opulent style.

The problem of good people is that they are always subverted by Jody and the carpetbaggers. When Ronald Reagan went to (cold) war against the Soviet Union, perhaps the most vile and demeaning empire on earth, he had to put all his resources into that fight, and he compromised on everything else. This let Jody and the carpetbaggers in through the back door. Affirmative action, immigration amnesty, political correctness… the seeds of America’s most recent plateau collapse were sewn during the first heroic time she had experienced since the Leftist disaster of 1968.

It is the same way always. Busy fighting Mongols, our aristocrats were subverted from within by merchants. Busy fighting Nazis, the British became compromised by Communists at their universities. While fighting a civil war, the Americans let in the devil of the strong state and its neo-Communist ideology. Always, whenever the good are fighting far away, Jody and his carpetbaggers appear, and they always bring the same promise: easy pleasure now, if you just go to sleep and forget the long-term consequences… no more tears. It will soon be over.

Human civilization is like a man who draws his sidearm to defend himself, then finds that his hand has raised it to his head and is preparing to pull the trigger. He cannot stop himself, because he cannot control his limbs, and while one arm was fighting off the enemy, the other was readying itself for suicide. Bang! Splat!

Now we fight phantoms instead of Soviets. The great war for political correctness is a smoke screen. While it advances the Leftist narrative, what it really does is distract from the center falling out of the world we have come to know. Generation X saw this happen: they started growing up in the post-1970s restoration of American sanity, a Western European society, and ended their maturation in the diverse, corrupt and Leftist 1990s. It happens that quickly. A society looks one way, and when it looks back, Jody and the carpetbaggers have stolen the show.

Our conservatives are perhaps the worst because they base their philosophy in the idea of the rugged individual. “Just do what is right, and work hard, and you will come out on top,” they advise, sagely aware that they will be four-up and buried by the time cause becomes effect and the disaster is visible. Their idea is that while the enemy — Jody, carpetbaggers, thieves, liars, creeps — walks among us, we can “succeed” individually and everything will be fine. But when your society is hijacked and falls apart, nothing is fine. You just marginalize yourself through rationalization, which is what conservatives do every time, which is why they have done nothing to arrest the decay for the past three centuries.

The goal of the carpetbagger is simple: he comes to take money and power through the mystical hand of Government. He will leave with papers that say you owe him your time, and he will take your wives and daughters too when they see this exotic, prosperous powerful man compared to how weak you have become. It would not be hard to beat back the carpetbagger, although it would not be easy either, but when he has the flaming sword of Government and Law — and good, moral and upstanding conservatives take those seriously — he is unbeatable. And so it goes: society vanishes, and so do its people.

The subversives always target the people first, and then hide behind a camouflage net of intermediate targets. Yes, they want to control institutions and dominate business, but only as a means to an end. That end is destroying you, the genetic and cultural — the two are linked — group that rules the nation. In the mindset of the parasite, there is no tomorrow. He wages perpetual war against those more successful than himself, and has no thought in his head about what to do when he wins. This is why parasites tend to exterminate themselves after destroying the host, as happens in plagues and diseases.

While this will seem shocking to most people, there is no real distinction between immigration, takeover, carpet-bagging and genocide. They are different steps in the same process, and different degrees of the same intent. In nature, as in human life, any prosperous thing becomes a target. It will not be conquered outright, but seduced: by the easy words of salesmen, by the comforting tones of political speeches, and finally by the promise of “a better way” (hope! change!) from charlatan-clowns like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.

Another big secret is that it is easier to fight this than take any other approach. Dropping out, retreating to the countryside, “exit,” in situ secession and working hard/getting ahead are all variations of the same idea: maybe I can do what I want to, and the rest will leave me alone. But it will not. If you prosper, you are a target. If you are different, you are a target. What you think of as your life is not a cause, but an effect, the result of your civilization, the learning that came before, and the ability to be a sovereign nation with people like you.

All of that has been dispossessed from Western Europeans now. We no longer rule our own nations. Even if we did, most of our people are delusional and could never have figured this out in the first place, which was always the point behind democracy (the “palliative anaesthesia of nations”). The Other walks among us, and is the case when two populations co-exist, wants to take over and genocide us. The carpetbaggers rule industry and Jody has taken over the family.

In the face of this disaster, the most popular response will be denial and an attempt to find an easy solution that does not involve tackling the problem. We can always retreat into our minds, feelings and rationalizations. But the easiest method is the one that avoids suicide: depose the system that makes carpetbaggers powerful (democracy). Deport the Other and all of our homegrown parasites, preferably to different places. Restore our society by putting the best people, not the most cynical manipulators, in charge.

It is not as complex as 99.99% of your species want you to believe it is. Jody and the carpetbaggers will tell you it is impossible because they want you to lie down, go back to sleep, and wake up never again. The average white person just wants to get his retirement fund and a boat to go fishing on, something nice for himself for a change since he works just too hard. Women, college students and Bernie want to chase New Age hopes and hope for a painless death.

It’s up to the few of us who are not delusional, who see the end rushing toward us, and can understand cause-effect reasoning to come together, and not compromise or forgive our differences, but to beat them down. We need to be unified. We need to know what we want, and demand it in simplified form. Until then, Jody and his creepy friends will rule us, take over women, and continue erasing us from the map of history.

The Dot-Com Boom Is Really Over Now

A dot-com entrepreneur admits the grim truth about the nu-internet age:

But the bigger challenge for those who love writing and reading is that advertising in the digital space is slowing—and the problem gets much worse once most reading is done on phones. It’s simply easier and more efficient to run ads on Facebook or Snapchat, which have bigger audiences and better technology to match readers with things they want to buy or do.

In his argument, we are shifting to a model where people pay for content much as they once bought newspapers and magazines.

But advertising is slowing for another reason. It is that we have created a mass of proles who buy only certain things that are trendy, and so advertising is dead to them. They are on the internet to pass the time at their unnecessary jobs, most of which are creations of Government regulations and legal incentives.

The nu-internet empire was based on the idea that we could take every warm body, hook them up to a simplified internet like social media, show them ads and have a profitable new industry. But that is no longer happening. Why? Most of these people are do-nothings, and the ads do not affect them.

His wishful thinking is merely the latest admission by this industry that it is dying. With it collapses the Clinton miracle and the Obama “recovery,” as well as the myth of STEM narcissists in California saving us from our imminent collapse.