We refuse to you anything that you can use to defend yourself against us

For all the talk in the media this last week of sexual assault, the ironic thought arises that the basis of the left is they want to deprive you of the ability to say “no.” That is, when they want something and you have it, your job is to hand it over stat. Whether it...Read more

Why the “Jewish Question” is the wrong question

Neoreaction suffers the early stages of a schism dividing it into a philosemitic arm and a second group made up of those who wonder about the so-called “Jewish Question.” Many of the latter display outright Jew-hatred and can be considered antisemites. There is also a third camp comprised of those who profess a contrived disinterest...Read more

Walk a mile in Mike Brown’s shoes

At the risk of alluding to a book selected by Baby Boomers as the perfect indoctrination in race guilt for their offspring, let me suggest that those of us pondering the situation in Ferguson, MO take a walk in the shoes of the man who lay dead on the street. We were raised by those...Read more

The West is not your salvation

Dear third world, It’s time for us to revise our relationship. Much as we treat our own poor like perpetual gelded children, we have been treating you as the same. That not only keeps us both in a bad relationship from which we do not progress, but also holds you up by keeping you dependent...Read more

Nationalism defends the rare against the average

The Left accuses the rest of us of not sharing. We always have too much of some kind of privilege of benefit: money, position, comfort or even sanity. In their view, we are perpetually excluding them for unfair reasons or no reason at all. As a result they, the enlightened Left, must teach us to...Read more

GamerGate reveals leftist MO of passive aggression

Officially, GamerGate is over. The debate about it has only begun, mostly because it was never understood. GamerGate combines several hot-button issues. The first is the corruption of our media, which is why they are eager to declare it over and dead. The second is the intrusion of “social justice warrior” (SJW) politics into the...Read more

The headlines change, but the pattern is the same

This week our media industry generated many interesting media products for us but the basic outlook did not change: like a song in the key of “D,” we may throw in some riffs and licks, but we’re still in the key of civilization collapse inexorably grinding forward because no one has woken from their solipsistic...Read more

Dealing with children

Of all the tasks facing a government, an occupation is the most difficult. As we found out in Iraq, Gaza, Viet Nam and Afghanistan, it means that the military must serve two roles: as a fighting force, and as a police force. The locals always get clever and disguise themselves as civilians, then passive-aggressively attack...Read more

Knowing when to fish or cut bait

After 150 years and countless billions spent, diversity has failed. It has failed blacks, whites and every other race involved. If we continue this policy, we will end up as Brazil II: a multiracial nation fractured by racial discontent where most people live in favelas and social order is barely extant. Throughout history, the nations...Read more

Interview with Brett Stevens on Fanghorn Forest

Neoreactionary blog Fanghorn Forest published an interview with Brett Stevens today on the topics of conservatism, global collapse of civilization, and the necessity for clarity in philosophy as a pre-requisite to political thought. An Interview with Brett Stevens of AmerikaRead more

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