The separation of Conservatives from Christianity

This quotation from Christian popular music artist Rich Mullins put a finger on what some of us have noticed recently: a quiet exodus of conservatives from involving religion with politics, and a retreat by many from Christianity altogether. Christianity is not about building an absolutely secure little niche in the world where you can live...Read more

Democracy reveals its end result: a weepy mob looting in anger

Like many major events, the riots in Ferguson MO have roots in a thoroughly messy human situation. Drunk on victimhood, weeping with self-pity, and yet willing to blame others and so lash out in rage, the protestors first complained and then accelerated to full retribution. Steal – ruin – destroy. 99% of media and commentators...Read more

The end result of democracy

In the modern United States, we see the end result of democracy: a society based on desire voting itself pleasures while ignoring the accumulation of debt and decay. Democracy distinguishes itself from other forms of government by being based on human preference alone. When the group decides it wants something, it votes for it, aided...Read more

Ferguson burns for our pretense

Something burned in Ferguson. It was bigger than the riots, the arson and the violence. It was an American myth that we can keep brushing the chronic problems of diversity under the rug and bribe rioters to go home by being nice to them. It was the myth that diversity works at all. The Ferguson...Read more

Guilt transfers from Crowd to individual

“There’s strength in numbers.” Among humans, the belief that membership in a group conveys lesser culpability finds great popularity from age to age. People like to believe that when the teacher leaves the room, and children revert to the ways of their simian ancestors, guilt attaches to no one. Similarly when adults bind together into...Read more

The currency of our time

We are our minds. Or rather, we perceive ourselves and our world through our minds, so what we see of reality is composed of thought-objects. The sensible among us try to get as close to approximating reality with those as possible. In our minds, a force greater than gravity exists and holds sway. That force...Read more

Why the left is obsessed with race

For years they kept it under wraps by accusing anyone who mentioned the topic of being a “racist.” Simultaneously they concealed their own intent toward topics regarding race by giving them pleasant names. But now the leftist agenda stands revealed as it becomes clear that their policy is exclusively racial, and aims to replace the...Read more

Awash in hatred

The left becomes unnerving as time goes on not only because all of their plans have failed, but because the mask comes off and we see what is beneath the victimhood and passive aggression: raw hatred. For people to advocate policies that they know will fail, and will in turn destroy society, requires an egoism...Read more

A 12-step plan to save humanity

Some say that the decay has not reached critical levels, so we should do nothing. Others say it hovers at the brink of disaster and we must do anything that might have a chance of working now. Some want cadres; others want newspapers; others want to drop out and run away to some obscure place...Read more


History tells us that usury — the act of lending money for interest — was considered a sin in the ancient ages. Usually our modern commentary on this focuses on how the interest payments might be exorbitant, reflecting our own modern fears. But a darker vision lies beneath. Usury allows those who have little to...Read more

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