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Transcript of Brett Stevens interview with Robert Stark

This is a transcript, preserved for posterity only, derived from the interviews Robert Stark conducted with Brett Stevens which can be found here and here. *** 1. How has the rise of liberalism made an enemy out of Nationalism and Tradition? In 1789, with the Revolution in France, the Western world split in two. There […]

From Croatia with Truth: An Interview with Tomislav Sunic (Justin Cowgill)

From Croatia with Truth: An Interview with Tomislav Sunic Justin Cowgill “In hindsight, inter-European nationalism has done irreparable harm to all peoples of European extraction, starting with civil war in America in 1861 and then during the Great Civil War, WWI and WWII. Petty provincial nationalism at the expense of next door similar looking European […]

The Deeply Green Book Guide (Sandy Irvine)

A spectre is beginning to haunt the world. It is not some phantom menace. It is the all too real possibility of irreversible ecological and therefore social collapse. Modern society faces the ruination that once brought down seemingly invincible civilisations in the past. Then, the collapse was comparatively local in scale; today it is global. […]

A plutocrat prescribes for the planet (Mark Wegierski)

A plutocrat prescribes for the planet Mark Wegierski Small is better, says Sir James Goldsmith, and Global Free Trade dangerous THE TRAP By Sir James Goldsmith Carroll & Graf, New York 207 pages; hardcover; $20 US In that extremely select group, the billionaires of this planet, Sir James (Jimmy) Goldsmith appears to be one of […]

The resurgence of the European extreme right (Paolo Morisi)

The resurgence of the European extreme right Paolo Morisi Piero Ignazi, L ‘Estrema Destra in Europa (Bologna: II Mulino, 1994), 260pp. Piero Ignazi has written numerous books and articles on the Italian extreme Right.[1] In his most recent book, however, he addresses broader European concerns. Although he acknowledges the Left-Right dichotomy no longer depicts clear-cut […]

On the Politics of Memory (Paul Gottfried)

On the Politics of Memory Paul Gottfried In his remarks on the politics of memory, Heribert Adam seeks to find means by which those groups that have been collectively hurt or grievously degraded can be “reconciled” with their erstwhile persecutors — or at least with the descendants of these wrong-doers. He tries to apply his […]

Return to the Dark Ages: Censorship is on the rise (Jared Taylor)

Return to the Dark Ages: Censorship is on the rise Is it coming to America? Jared Taylor   Americans think of Europeans as essentially like themselves. They believe European societies are like their own-rooted in the rule of law, freedom of religion, democratic government, market competition, and an unfettered press. In recent years, however, Europeans […]

The end of fascism in perspective (Elena Agarossi)

The end of fascism in perspective By Elena Agarossi Renzo De Felice, Mussolini l’Alleato, Part II, La Guerra Civile, 1943-1945 (Turin: Einaudi, 1997), 768 pp.+xii. The first volume of Renzo De Felice’s biography of Mussolini appeared in 1965. Now, after 30 years, the eighth and last volume finally appears, unfinished because of the author’s death. […]

Nietzsche and National Socialism (Alfred Baeumler)

Nietzsche and National Socialism Alfred Baeumler   Nietzsche and National Socialism stand on the other side of the traditions of the German bourgeoisie. What does that mean? The spiritual forces which have formed the German bourgeoisie in the last several centuries have been Pietism, the Enlightenment, and Romanticism. Pietism was the last truly revolutionary religious […]

What Heretics Are For (Garrett Hardin)

What Heretics Are For The Social Contract (Fall 2001) by Garrett Hardin Email this article to a friend View original format   Myths,” said Salustios, are “things that never happened but always are.” Though distinguishable from myths, the best of the fairy tales share this paradoxical relation to reality. A truth we are reluctant to […]

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