Posts from ‘January, 1970’

“Give My Taxes Back,” by Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (Dealing With It)

They block out the landscape with giant signs Covered with pretty girls and catchy lines Put up fences and cement the ground To dull my senses, keep the flowers down I want ‘em back Spend my money on a race to space Wasting my money, slapping my face They’ve taken a peek over future’s fence…

“Counterparts,” by James Joyce (Dubliners)

THE bell rang furiously and, when Miss Parker went to the tube, a furious voice called out in a piercing North of Ireland accent: “Send Farrington here!” Miss Parker returned to her machine, saying to a man who was writing at a desk: “Mr. Alleyne wants you upstairs.” The man muttered “Blast him!” under his…

The Essence of Archaism (Guillaume Faye)

Excerpted from L’Archéofuturisme (Paris: L’Aencre, 1998). by Guillaume Faye Guillaume Faye, born in 1949, was, along with Alain de Benoist, one of principal organizers of GRECE (Groupement de Recherche et d’Etude sur la Civilisation Européenne) and of the New Right, which he left 1986, reproaching his former colleagues for their increasing timidity and sterile intellectualism….

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