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The Ecology of Race, by Robert Martin ©


During an Executive Council meeting of the Renaissance Vanguard International last summer, in the course of conversation was floated the notion of “the ecology of race.” Intuitively all Council members knew we were onto something. Our preliminary intellectual probes were simply that.

A search on the Internet revealed a surprising dearth of material on “the ecology of race.” What small handful of papers did exist, certainly were not coming at the notion from an Ethno Nationalist nor an ecological perspective.

For several months the idea sat until it dawned on me that there was probably one English member of the Renaissance Vanguard International, based on his past work, who could kick-start this idea and make it work. Robert Martin was approached with a request to philosophically and conceptually open the door into an intellectual room of which the extent, parameters and content were unknowns.

With the essay that Robert has prepared, he has performed admirably and opened up intellectual terrain that is, for the most part, uncharted. The door is now open. The idea is as exciting as was originally anticipated last summer.

This essay further establishes the RVI’s intent to sit on the cutting edge of Ethno Nationalist and ecological politics. Where Occidental youth may be wanting on the development of a nationalist consciousness, we know for a fact that a sincere concern for the ecological health of the planet is a given. It is also a given that this concern of Occidental youth is being grossly mismanaged and misdirected politically by the now Globalist co-opted Green movement.

Our opportunity to construct a bridge beckons.

Robert’s essay, “The Ecology of Race” nudges one step further the timely legitimacy of the slogan: Green and White Unite!

Sebastian Ernst Ronin, Chairman, Renaissance Vanguard International

(This essay first appeared in Civil Liberty for a European audience.)

The Ecology of Race

The Ecology of Race is a new principle proposed by the Renaissance Vanguard International to help us understand the reality that race plays in nature, and rather than appeal to emotional justifications, we propose a reverent philosophical system of thought for the realistic benefit of all races in their respective Ethno Nationalist state. Such organisations working in parallel can act ecologically, thus enhancing our collective existence as an ecosystem of races spread across the planet.

Firstly we take a brief overview of the mechanics behind the principle “Ecology of Race”. This principle can be split into two things, the ecology and race. The ecology firstly means house or housing of biology, it is supporting biodiversity which in turn supports the ecosystem.

Now of race: we see it is part of the biodiversity of the ecosystem that is shaping it and is shaped by it.

Making things more complicated, ecology can look at two properties:

  1. The contracted dimensions of the microcosm – these can be the atoms, chemicals and proteins of biology.
  2. The expanded dimensions of the macrocosm – these for example can be the gravity, oceans, land, atmosphere of the planetary geology.

Together the planetary geology and biology create an ecology, which are co–dependent and we find that they are mutually beneficial. Between them we can study an ecosystem in depth, how it all works together and the combination of many smaller things create a pattern of large things. For instance many atoms bond to form compounds in the smaller microcosm, yet also they settle together to form the solid surface of a planet.

The microcosm is smaller and more abundant than the macrocosm. A macrocosm is necessarily expanded, engulfing and containing many alternate microcosms. So when we think “Ecology of Race” we are looking for the small things which constitute and sustain the existence and future of a race; the individuals, society, the ideas of their cultures, their genes, their dreams — these provide the undercurrent and subconscious of a collective entity known as a race, just as the undercurrent of magma beneath the Earth’s crust keeps the surface young and habitable with nutrients for life.

The stuff of life – the sub-microscopic world of DNA

The Ecologic Origins of Race

The origin of race isn’t a difficult question. The very same question is similar to that of species, except races of a species have some distant similarities but not distant enough that they cannot interbreed. Race is then an ecological fission of a larger species into smaller groups of individual organisms, bio-synchronised to their geographic territory of evolutionary origin; Europeans from Europe, Africans from Africa, Asians from Asia, etc. Race here is a pathway to becoming an independent species within a unique microcosm of the overall biosphere.

In this planetary biosphere all things influence each other in some shape or form. However, as we descend into a microcosm (a continent) of this biosphere we find variable differences that filter biology forcing them to adapt as a prerequisite for survival. At this level the influence of distant microcosms becomes more obscure, whereas the shared planet guarantees a range of light on the surface, the use of air to breathe, the use of water and other external factors. It is through these elements, that they hold similarities that conjoin all these separate ecologies to create a bigger, more complex one with a wealth of biodiversity.

Different ecologies receive variable abundances of energy (see the contrast between deserts and the polar ice caps, between the tropical rain forests and temperate forests — how the wildlife and people have adapted). In these environments, life undergoes a specialization, they are isolated environments to all but the migrational animals. The life that remains in isolation undergoes a strict natural selection and the variables are very specific to that ecology. What affect this has on life that exists in these parts is that they gradually become geographically and biologically synchronised, they are one with their environment and have roots.

All unique ecosystems have specialized life forms

It is when we introduce civilisation, an evolutionary trip wire, that many new threats arise along with the benefit of technology for spreading life further beyond the limitations of standard Darwinism. It is here in the artificial structures that races may evolve and create themselves physically and mentally how they wish with even greater precision — If a race wishes for technology, it will reward those who are competent with technology with land, money and social value as if to lead by example. It is inegalitarian for it selects a desired value in an individual that the race would like the harness for their collective benefit. The resources allow them to sustain more offspring and from this the gene that generates technology becomes common over a steady period of time, making it an racial asset, if that is desired.

The Death of Race

In contrast to the origin, we can achieve the demise of our race (and consequently our civilisation) by being placid and ignorant, refusing out of fear to create ourselves a destiny. Instead allowing another infamous “Glorious Proletariat Revolution” to promise unnatural levels of disorganisation and levels of consumption. Another lie to further burn out the soul, the order and health of a race and the planet’s finite resources. If we want to kill our race and every other species with it, we can use these advancements made by our forefathers as highly precise evolutionary tools to merit the stupid, dysfunctional and most irresponsible individuals to poison the notion of quality and turn everthing into blight, creating poverty, famine and mob rule who demand flashy trinkets and endless entertainments.

A major fault in our civilisation is the immoral value of humanism. Many like to insist the equality of all people as ‘the human race’ because it’s cool and nobody gets offended. This humanism enshrined in the West, is beyond a doubt, superior to all other living organisms; to all animals, the birds, the fish, the forests and insects that exist together in the ecosystem.

Humanism is an unscientific grouping where we find that, what it means to be human, is simply that animals can speak some symbolic language, look like something that can function brainlessly at a job and can lie compulsively about reality. We find that these members of the human race on the majority are not effective in sustaining the standards of traditional living in a European civilisation, in fact if you are part of the human race you are between every race and lack any identity or loyalty to your kin. These humanists, ‘the citizens of the world’ are a band of incompetent traitors living in the corpse of a rotten society, like spineless maggots whose destiny is to fly around and buzz about unnatural entitlements. The human race then, is for those who are spineless enough to destroy their European blood, or their African blood, or their Asian blood, attempting to mix insolubles that only ever seperate through time.

There are some traits that are inherent in A race and not in ALL races. Those compulsive liars who oppose ’discrimination’ are cowardly attacking first-world levels of organisation which they attempt to worm their way into like insects. Those who deny or simply are too stupid to understand the need for organisation – for selfish survival, giving into social pressure, whatever — they are irrelevant because they hate nature and any understanding of the biosphere.

We shall now use an analogy of tame species, this shows that when people venture into uninhabited lands, the species there appear tame and show their curiosity unafraid to these strangers. When people venture into lands near settlements we find the species there are naturally terrified and either courageously attack the (known) strangers or flee as if from mortal danger. The reason being because there is only a limited supply of resources and the species (or race) that occupies the territory must necessarily begin competing with them if resources are thin. Now as the unknown strangers begin taking what was theirs, they will begin to conflict — the life that is affected then begins to learn the danger of this new group, the predated group will lose territory and individuals to the invasive species who get themselves too close. Most are naturally unable to defend themselves to this unknown threat. As the population of the preyed begins to decline, the survivors are selected by their ability to recognise and avoid/ challenge the rivalry — this is evolution and the end of tame species.

In times of increased abundance, the instinctive rivalry begins to fade as the those with the least recognition of self-preservation take bold and naive steps into the open ecology. They survive and they reproduce more often, they evolve to become tame toward outsiders as the selective pressures vary. Eventually the abundances dry up, the resources spread thin, those with the boldest and most naive view of survival find themselves quickly in the ‘no-mans-land’ of ecology and consequently die for having no distinct loyalty to one group or the other. The shrinking resources force compromise and consensus — with abundant resources each individual is their own destiny, their ‘freedom’. When resources are thin, each individual must sacrifice their ‘freedom’ for survival, quit moaning about ‘discrimination’ and find similarities in common and form a group organisation, the race is the logical outcome for they share heritage, ecology, culture and spirit.

Europeans are being tamed into weak domestic animals that have little self conscience, little ability to drive themselves toward a destiny, little independence subservient toward the tools that once made us strong. Once our technology, that mostly Europeans invented, had initiated colonization of more extreme environments in Antarctica, within the Ocean, in the atmosphere around the Earth and even let us set foot on the Moon — with our tools the right way around, we can venture into ecological dimensions never directly adapted to, but intuited, pre-empted, pre-conditioning our evolution for these environments.

Europeans being tamed through unhealthy lifestyles and media propaganda

The West has also allowed the colonisation of our environment by populations that have not been able to achieve the above, yet we now insist that they are supposedly, ‘equal’ and just as capable of pre-empting and pre-conditioning their own evolution — all common sense indicates that dysfunctional individuals or many of the immigrants now taking advantage of our territory are unable to preserve the quality of standards and the independence of the European race.


Conservation is the most important for preserving biodiversity in an ecology. Race is just as vital for conservation as any other indigenous fauna or flora that is put at risk of extinction by invasive species. Indigenous fauna, flora and races are put at risk thanks largely in part to our dependence on mass transport through, it is the modern religion of symbolic growth. Were we to keep native species and races where they should be geographically, there would be a huge benefit for they have the adaptations, a heritage, a past and a future there.

In keeping balance between our people (of similar ecological, racial and cultural heritage) and the ecosphere we see that Ethno-Nationalism is the sensible political asset to carry both the realisation that biodiversity can only be conserved globally with the secession and localisation of populations from the long-term damaging effects of globalisation.

It is in this light that each locale possesses the autonomy to live as they prefer and in such autonomy that there is little to no risk of offending non-indigenous peoples whilst simultaneously providing the platform necessary to allow our civilisation independence from oil/ coal/ gas dependency.

We are not afraid to realise that this is exactly analogous to wildlife and how the introduction of invasive species can threaten and undermine the ecologies of native species. Assimilated populations face certain extinction (deliberate or otherwise) being unable to compete due to there being multiple, separate methods of survival and that pretending there is equality of all people is both an insult to the unique characteristics and abilities of every race and also an indirect form of servitude to petrochemical based globalisation regime. Ethno-Nationalism is therefore a naturalist and reverent appreciation of the innate biological and cultural diversity that forms the many hues on the spectrum of the various races.

In keeping balance between the many races native to this world we recognise that racial conflict is unavoidable when overpopulation of certain groups forces them to compete in foreign territories that they are able to root into and conquest — it is further that we the West as a collective, on average, have a death wish by actively encouraging them and repression any kind of suspicion or common sense to what (in the times of collapse) is inevitable group warfare.

By recognising this universal nature that is not unique to human races but also to all wildlife on this Earth, we seek to keep Western nations for those of Western (White European) descent primarily and with this our own preference with the possibility of reforming our cultural and political consensus As Post-Peak Oil becomes more omnipresent in modern society, resources like food, water, metals, materials become far more scarce.

It is also worth noting that ‘growth’ as used by many fickle headed economists is both unnatural and half the reason behind the mass immigration epidemic that is currently facing Western nations to this day. The use of growth shows both a lack of concern for long-term wealth and stability and a stupid, childish short-term demand for more wealth than is realistically possible – hence why the ‘global economy’ is a fiat currency worth nothing more than a social valuation and the paper (or virtual digits) it is symbolised on.

Growth in an ecology is however a steady and stable process. The insistence on exponential growth seen in ‘development’ both increases the human population and destroys the biosphere, the perpetrators envision an endless supply of oil/ coal/ gas and are by all means criminally stupid. This growth in population leads to limited resources being spread more thinly and a bulk of the population that, unable to attain necessary resources for survival, immigrates to foreign nations in an instinctive method of annexation.

It is time to move towards a New Ecology for all!

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