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Has Covid-19 Made Us Royalty?

Writers have suggested that the fallout from the Covid-19 restrictions will overall be good for our society. No longer slaving away at make-work jobs, Americans are sitting at home or in nature with far more time on their hands than ever before. As an unavoidable consequence of this people are forced to think about how preferable this slower pace of life is.

I have another view: those people with healthy savings accounts and little or no work to do are basically experiencing a life of royalty. (Yes, I may fall into that category.)

Royalty? Really? Yes, and let me explain why. We are sitting at home doing little to no work, while our needs are still met (sometimes instantaneously). If we wish, food is brought to our doors. Our desires are satisfied with the immediate click of a button, and we have time for our interests and hobbies. Our time is our own, and we have no responsibilities to society, while “essential” society is hard at work still meeting our needs.

If the status of royalty means nothing more than living at society’s expense, then every welfare queen and section 8 housing resident would qualify. But perhaps when you couple middle-upper middle class standards of living with no work and your needs still satisfied, feeling you may have experienced a taste of “royal life” is a less absurd possibility.

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