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Watching the Establishment Unite Against Us, Western People Are Turning to the Alt Right

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

The media had one gamble after Charlottseville: portray the Alt Right as horrible Nazis, drive the herd into a frenzy, and hope that this would settle the issue.

It did not.

Instead, the memory hole closed. The media wanted us to believe that a crazed Nazi had deliberately run down innocent Leftist protesters, but as it turned out, the Antifa “et al” were initiating the violence, and the car terrorist was a scared mentally unstable young man trying to escape as people beat his car with flagpoles, bricks and bottles.

And so the narrative collapsed.

Betting on this narrative, however, the Left embarked on a program of removing the Alt Right from the internet, and this backfired spectacularly as ordinary people realized that they prefer free speech to a neo-Communist dictatorship where all thought except the egalitarian Leftist ideology is excluded.

Recent polls suggest that Americans prefer free speech to “safe speech”, which shows their reaction to the crusade against the Alt Right as negative:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that an overwhelming 85% of American Adults think giving people the right to free speech is more important than making sure no one is offended by what others say.

…Seventy-three percent (73%) agree with the famous line by the 18th century French author Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Just 28% of Americans believe they have true freedom of speech today, and most think the country is too politically correct.

These numbers remain consistent with those in the past, but the bigger point is this: the biggest media blitz in recent history tried to change this perception and failed utterly in doing so. In other words, the Establishment of the media, academia, Leftists in government and the vast horde of SJWs and SWPLs out there are on the wrong side of history. People want fairness over political correctness.

This manifested in a number of ripple effects, including the fall of those who helped in the purge, showing that because the consumer base is against the Leftist pogrom, companies are following what their customers desire:

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, who reshaped the domain-name company over five years and helped it double revenue and quadrupled its market value to $9 billion, is retiring.

…“It’s been a long time — a lot of boots on the ground battling that takes its toll,” said Irving, 58, who last week dropped a neo-Nazi site, The Daily Stormer, from GoDaddy’s service.

“I had an unbalanced work life,” says Irving. “It’s time to focus on (the non-work) part of my life, which I haven’t done well.”

This sort of snapback does not occur unless the action taken by the CEO has failed, and Irving’s choice to join the group of companies like Google, Facebook, Paypal, Reddit and Twitter in using Charlottesville as a pretext for cracking down on the Alt Right has seemingly hurt him. In doing so, he joins Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who stepped down after making SJW/SWPL a cornerstone of his tenure, which came back to bite him in the plump regions after Donald Trump won the election. The shareholders and management committee knew what Schultz did not: that a seismic shift or sea change had occurred in public attitudes.

A similar shift has occurred with the Alt Right. People may not like them, but they see them as the extreme which will preserve the ability not to join the Leftist cult. The media bet on America being horrified by the display of neo-Nazi symbols and the car crash, which they referred to as “terrorism,” but not enough people outside of “the base” were convinced, and so the narrative turned back on the Establishment comprised of media, entertainment, academia and lower government (MEAL) because ordinary people want free speech and they want the right to quietly dissent from the Leftist narrative and not to be forced to participate in what they see as Soviet-style insanity.

It takes some backtracking to figure out how we got to this point. As always, the voters get played by extremes, and the media hyped up a full-on tirade against George W. Bush and, thanks to connections in entertainment, became very powerful. The voters, believing CNN as if it were law, ran to the opposite extreme and elected Barack Obama. Eight years later, they found themselves regretting it: society had become re-ordered to take from the white middle class and give it to the brown underclass, all while elevating Leftists to positions of power and summoning an army of SJWs, Antifa, SWPLs, Anarchists, BLM, etc. who waged public vandalism riots on our cities with the hope of scaring the middle class into giving over whatever the Left sought at that moment.

This approach worked with Obergfell, Ferguson and transgender bathrooms. But at this point, even the slow people were getting the point: none of these issues were about the actual issue, but instead, they were about destroying the power to avoid having Leftism invade your life. This is about total control, because the Left knows that when they get permanent power by ensuring that they will win every election, they can do as Clinton and Obama did and sell favors based on the expectation of their future power.

Voters found this fatiguing. Salaries were flat, unemployment was not terrible but no one was getting promoted and many were working jobs below their capacity, the economy was fake and flattening, and yet the media kept telling us that things were better than ever before. Then the shocks came: a debt raised by $10 trillion, falling American prestige and influence, corruption popping up at every level, and government always pushing another ideological agenda.

People elected Barack Obama for the same reason that they voted for William Jefferson Clinton: they wanted an end to the racial tension that has been a problem in America since the Civil War. They figured that by electing people who were sympathetic to blacks, they could avoid future violence. As it turned out, Obama had more race riots on his watch than Bush, because once you promise to be pro-black, any deviation is cause for alarm, while someone like Bush was seen as just acting for his constituency, no matter how many nice things he tried to do for black people. Despite more welfare, affirmative action and diversity propaganda than ever before, diversity still wasn’t working!

At the same time, people lost faith in the Establishment. When the press tells you things that you can see with your own two eyes are false, then you stop believing that the press is anything other than what it is, which is a for-profit industry which sells whatever sleaze and bad news it can, all while protecting its allies and business partners by printing bucketloads of propaganda. The press seemed to be our savior in the 1960s, but that image fell in the 2010s, and now, most people see it as a predatory business. Americans no longer trust the press, government, non-profits or academia, which leaves us few institutions to respect, indeed.

All of these institutions have failed. Academia got greedy, and used government money and easy degrees to sell college to a massive number of people who should never have been there in the first place; non-profits and the press became cheerleaders for a Leftist agenda that appeared to be shared by most people who worked for the government, and government was taken over by those who desired power for its own sake or at least to profit from it, and since Leftism justifies intrusion into every area of life to make sure that we are all “equal,” government swung Left and expanded massively both in its own size, and in the degree to which it created requirements for businesses and citizens, such that government compliance became an industry in itself.

The same thing was happening in Europe, where politicians imported third world people so that those could be worked and taxed to pay for the retirement benefits owed to the Baby Boomer generation. It seemed that our economies had become dominated by government, where it did things to force people to react to them, then taxed everyone and paid that out in benefits in order to keep the Keynesian pump primed, resulting in a tax-spend cycle which produced constant growth along with a steady lessening in actual wages and currency value. This circular Ponzi scheme originated during the JFK and Clinton years, and seemed to work until it collapsed on a ten-year cycle, leaving a Republican to inherit the mess and get blamed for it.

To those who survived the last few decades, the combination of taxing, spending, social benefits and strong ideological governments reminded us of something we do not like, which is the failed idea of Leftist Socialism, a mental cancer which takes prosperous, happy places and turns them into desolate, impoverished and architecturally bleak wastelands:

After reunification, East Germany’s GDP per capita was just one third of the West German level. The poorest West German region, Schleswig-Holstein, was still two and a half times as rich as the richest East German region, Saxony. Every other available indicator of economic performance (productivity, capital intensity…) shows a similar gap. There was a three-year gap in life expectancy as well.

The cost of cleaning up the mess left behind by socialism has been colossal. Net fiscal transfers from West to East Germany since 1990 add up to €1.9 trillion (in today’s prices), which is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Britain.

Add to that the human cost associated with over four decades of totalitarian rule – the imprisonment of dissidents, the shooting of people attempting to commit Republikflucht (=’desertion from the republic’, i.e. emigration), censorship, surveillance etc. – and you can make a fairly strong case against socialism.

Americans realized with great shock that they had fallen prey to soft totalitarianism, a newer version of what the Left imposed on people in the last generation through Communism. Now, censorship is done through angry mobs of citizens in the streets or private companies like Google, and the press is compliant because it gets leaks that way but is not strictly “government controlled,” and people are not thrown into gulags so much as they are denied opportunities which are regulated by government and popular opinion. The media became the conductor of this orchestra, and frequently destroyed lives of those who said something that was not “politically correct,” or in other words conforming to the narrative of equality, diversity, pluralism, entitlements and wealth redistribution.

Into this void came the Alt Right, who opposed both the Leftism of the post-Soviet era and the ineffectual “Right-wing” parties that had done nothing to stop it over the past six decades. By raising a principled objection and using aggressive humor to point out the utter stupidity and failure of our current way of life, not just the government but the values we have adopted, the Alt Right shot to the front of the line by addressing the actual concerns of people while government chased increasingly eclectic ideological concerns. People might not like the Alt Right, but they like how it has thwarted the path of decay that the Left under Hillary Clinton saw as a “sure bet.”

In the days after Charlottesville, the Left made a massive miscalculation, and by embarking on a regimen of censorship and oppression, made themselves look exactly like the Communists and Jacobites that the people of America and Europe feared that they were. While the Left was talking about bad optics for the Alt Right, the real bad optics were for the Left, who acted like blindly rigid and doctrinaire Leftist ideologues like we remembered from East Germany and other Socialist success stories. This just underscores our fear that our entire system is actually, contrary to what it tells us, extremely fragile and tottering over the abyss.

People now want to go back to the point before we went down this path. They are excited about the America of the 1980s and 1950s because those are the two most recent cases of respite from the steady Leftizing of everything. Even more, some are starting to realize that the assumptions upon which modern Western government are based — individualism and equality from The Renaissance™ and The Enlightenment™ — are wrong and lead to an endless cycle of shuttling between Right and Left versions of the same style of government. This means that we never get what we need, and spend all of our energy on the big football game of polarized politics.

Now that the Left is making further missteps by censoring non-Rightists for saying true things that the Right might use, resistance is growing. More than ever, people in the West realize that we are living under the nu-Soviet regime, and that our only escape is to remove the idea of equality that gives it perceived legitimacy, and seems to cordycept people and make them chase it to their doom, simply because like “world peace” it is an idea that seems to solve all problems, even when by removing conflict it creates regression toward the mean.

Another word for that regression is “randomness,” as it means when applied to groups:

But none of these had any major impact on our study’s results. Regression to the mean can be thought of as an application of a statistical concept called the Central Limit Theorem, which mathematically describes the average tendency for any measurable process controlled by random forces to orbit a central (mean) value. In other words, if one tries to measure some attribute on multiple occasions, and that attribute is governed by random forces, then the measurements will tend to hover around an average value. When one tosses a pair of dice, for example, the sum of the two dice tends to be seven. Regression to the mean simply means that a roll of two or twelve (extreme departures from the mean) will tend to be followed by a roll that falls closer to seven, or the mean value.

When governed by random forces, human results tend toward an average instead of a number above it. This means that the more random our behavior is, the more mediocre we become. It would be hard to find a better summary of America, which is being battered by forces of randomness: consumer trends, political issues of a symbolic nature, social changes based on rebellion, and other factors of entropy have worked together to make sure that the path of events in America is wholly arbitrary and without deliberate, consistent purpose.

Leftism is a force of randomness because it is based in the individual and therefore, in rejection of any order above that individual, with token exceptions made for one all-powerful General Secretary and commonsense prohibitions on murder, assault and theft of personal items. Since there is no greater order, the individual does whatever it wants, and society absorbs the consequences. This contrasts Rightism, where the there is a purpose to society and the individual maintains it as a term of their membership in that society.

The “fash wave” that is sweeping the West consists of a desire for order. We did not thrive under Leftism, but it took several centuries to break down what was left of our social order. Now we realize that we must not only defeat Leftism, but rebuild society in an entirely new direction, one based on order and the type of principles and realism that are required to desire order and maintain it. This is not something we are doing as a political choice, but a social and cultural one. We want a thriving, top-notch society again and we cannot have that while civilization is held hostage to the acts of individuals, which cause randomness and break it down.

Overreaction as seen on the Left only occurs when we have challenged an existing order deeply, and by demanding order, we have attacked the fundamental premise of the Left. This is why we do not have to dress up in Nazi uniforms or bring Confederate flags — although I have no problem with this — in order to provoke the Left. They know what we are, which is their undoing. We will always trigger them.

Because of that, power is on the side of the Alt Right now. Whenever we show up in town, Antifa and riots/vandalism will follow. Cities have the choice to either crack down on Antifa by removing masks, which seems to do the trick, or to refuse to help the Right and therefore to end with damage to their towns. Now is the time for the Alt Right to do more rallies, more public appearances, and issue more political and cultural ideas. Every thing we do will cause the Left to contort in a paroxysm of rage, and this will make life worse for ordinary Americans, but instead of this forcing people to obey the Left, it is making them hate the Left.

Neo-Nazis are reacting badly to the Alt Right because we have replaced them. There is no longer a need for swastikas and 14/88 when there is a group saying a plain-language, commonsense and un-fetishized but more mature version of what White Nationalists and neo-Nazis have desired for years. We took out all the antisocial and historical elements, and replaced them with what one might call a fearless conservatism that is not limited to, but includes, racial and ethnic awareness, as well as in defiance of the Left, caste and class awareness. This is why the neo-Nazi wing is critical of the Alt Right:

Stormfront posters complained that the ragtag collection of groups brandishing homemade shields and screaming openly about Jews gave other neo-Nazis a bad name. They viewed the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer almost exclusively as bad PR.

The rifts between Stormfront’s white supremacists and the younger, more internet-savvy generation that cut its teeth on 4chan have shown before.

…Stormfront’s present-day concerns coalesce around recruiting best-practices. The alt-right’s flamboyance, they say, could alienate potential enlistees to their movement of hate.

The point is that they missed the boat: the Alt Right has recruited people by being defiant and open, instead of cult-like and clandestine. The Alt Right shows up and speaks common sense and everyone loses their minds; the neo-Nazis show up and blart out angry hateful propaganda and no one is challenged because they have seen this behavior in movies and television, and it is what they expect. The Alt Right is the opposite of what they expect.

In the future, the Alt Right might consider just showing up in suits with tiki torches just to see cities burn. When our normalcy causes the Left to behave like insane criminal vandals, then people recognize the Left for what it is; when we behave like we might be unhinged, then the Left looks more moderate. Our goal is to make them look extremist and to make ourselves look like the sane, normal and wise alternative.

We want the message that we are the sensible adults here to be battered into the heads of everyone watching these conflagrations from afar, in this case voiced by miscegenating violence aficionado Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman:

Chapman then went on to blame “commies” and “international domestic terrorists” for recent violence at right-wing rallies in California and other parts of the country.

Regarding Berkeley, he said the police failed to keep right-wing and leftist protesters separated during the first two rallies and that this resulted in violent clashes. For what he called “Berkeley 3.0,” the third political rally in April, Chapman said the police “finally did their job,” and this resulted in “not one incidence of violence.”

Let the police know: if they keep us safe, and unmask Antifa, there will be no violence or vandalism. We do not initiate the violence, because our goal is not violence or power but change. We have no interest in violence until it is necessary and we hope to avoid that point from the standpoint of simple efficiency and reduced risk to all parties. But we are here to replace Antifa and the Left because they are following insane ideas that are mostly responsible for the destruction of our civilization. Cities can either accept this changing order and accommodate us, or continue supporting Antifa and suffer the concomittant violence/vandalism.

The official narrative has collapsed, and because nature abhors a vacuum, there is need for something to take its place. Instead of ideology, we offer calm and commonsense assessments of our position in history and as a civilization. The main difference is that our scope is larger than a focus on the individual alone as the Left demands, and this difference is crushing them as people realize how far America and Europe have unraveled. The Left will fail because they insist on defending the status quo while the Alt Right wants to rebuild and improve it.

Leftism Polarizes Society And Gives Rise To Inevitable Totalitarianism

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

One way you can tell that our society is doomed is that people of the upper half of socioeconomic position are not conversant with the classics, such as Plato’s Republic. It is as if history has literally been deleted because no one is familiar with it, and who has time between work, television and shopping to read some musty old books?

But if the herd had read Plato, and understood it, which most are biologically limited from doing, they would have realized that Crowdism is the father of Leftism, and Crowdism takes on many faces in its mission to wreck civilization. Leftism is just one of those masks, albeit the one closest to the actual idea of Crowdism, which is a human social impulse more than anything else.

As a result, while our current political environment rewards those who point fingers at the obscure, the real developments of our time are entirely linear results of our original decision to “go egalitarian” during The Enlightenment™ and the French Revolution. This includes the rise of the managerial state:

The thesis of this essay is that the theory of the managerial elite explains the present transatlantic social and political crisis. Following World War II, the democracies of the United States and Europe, along with Japan—determined to avoid a return to depression and committed to undercutting communist anti-capitalist propaganda—adopted variants of cross-class settlements, brokered by national governments between national managerial elites and national labor. Following the Cold War, the global business revolution shattered these social compacts. Through the empowerment of multinational corporations and the creation of transnational supply chains, managerial elites disempowered national labor and national governments and transferred political power from national legislatures to executive agencies, transnational bureaucracies, and treaty organizations. Freed from older constraints, the managerial minorities of Western nations have predictably run amok, using their near-monopoly of power and influence in all sectors—private, public, and nonprofit—to enact policies that advantage their members to the detriment of their fellow citizens.

Currently the managerial revolt is de rigueur as a talking point for people who are looking for something to blame for our civilization collapse. Like “late stage capitalism” and other tropes, this is designed to cast the blame away from the real culprit, which is egalitarianism.

Consider the egalitarian society. Every institution must be made egalitarian, but as this happens, they fail. These mini-collapses occur from the outer periphery toward the core of society, much like circulation failing in a dying patient. As the outer institutions fail, the inner institutions — government, education, lobbyists and media — must become more powerful to pick up the slack.

Before the Great Depression, we could count on our markets to be relatively stable because investment was kept within an informal WASP aristocracy who managed to avoid reckless, trend-oriented investing. After the First World War, an America flush with wealth started bumping people from lower castes to higher classes through the magic of “new money.”

At the same time, the company man was born as unions and socialist thought changed the concept of labor itself. The goal was no longer to own your own business, but to have a job that paid the right amount of benefits, and then you were living the good life. It was a prole party! And then it all came crashing down, as it turns out that the new investors were more reckless than the old.

What does egalitarianism do, admit that its grand plans are not working out so well? Not at all — it doubles down — and so instead of blaming itself, it blames capitalism and offers its solution… more Leftism! Coincidentally, this requires stronger inner institutions, and so a whole layer of charities and independent businesses die out.

Good, think those who are in control. This means people have fewer options and so they will have to do what we want them to do. This is the essence of control; it is the ego trying to master the world, and since it has no positive goal but has a negative goal, namely not wanting to feel powerless, it pursues power for its own end.

The government of the 1930s worked well-ish up through the second world war, but then it became clear that wartime mobilization would be required to fight the Cold War, so the inner institutions agreed on a hybrid of classic American individualism with socialist individualism, and from this came the Frankfurt School, Cultural Marxism and all the other Communism lite variants we know today as “normal.”

When the Soviet Union fell, the inner organizations wanted a way to achieve even more power, so they created the administrative state, a time of unelected lawmaking, and expanded internationally as a means to create a world economic which would force everyone to obey. The “managerial” side of this is that instead of working through outer institutions, governments and their allies now worked directly through stronger central institutions.

At this point, to an observer entirely free of bias, the United States and Europe resemble a hybrid of the systems of the combatants of the last World War. They retain some of their original informal order, which relied on outer institutions including many entirely free of government influence, but they have adopted socialist subsidy systems and a soft totalitarian order.

They have gone down this path because of the wrecking ball of egalitarianism. First, it waged class warfare, and destroyed social order. Then it attacked the family, and later assaulted the notion of a national identity or ethnic component. After that it assaulted heritage and values. Each of these strengthened inner institutions like government and media at the expense of outer institutions.

What this process resembles is an infection more than anything else. The mental virus of ideology began as something to be tolerated, one option for a philosophy. Then it became a trend, where all the hip kids who were united in their dislike of society believed it. As it became popular, finally it became official dogma, and now anyone who deviates will be punished.

The more popular the mental virus has become, the more it has strengthened its hold over the population, and thus we have transitioned from a semi-libertarian state to one that is wholly ideological, with globalism, diversity, feminism, civil rights and social justice as natural extensions of the egalitarian idea to other races, sexes and social classes.

Ideology is a morality. It gains its power by seeming to be “universal,” or accessible to all people. This gives it its messianic character, in that if the ideology is the moral right, it must be spread through propaganda and social pressure to others, so that everyone is doing right.

Its origin in egalitarianism requires this. The original idea of egalitarianism was a seizure of power from the natural leaders of society and transferring it to the mob, a group composed of both the very poor and the fairly well-off who wanted fewer obstacles to their businesses (obstacles that, in retrospect, were a good idea).

The mental virus demands that everyone be brainwashed and mentally controlled by the ideology so that no competing ideals can exist. To those infected with ideology, it is the one right way, and anything but it is therefore evil and must be smashed so that the good ideology can persist. This leads to a raging mob drugged on moral superiority:

With the aid of the media and the Democratic Party, the institutions of the republic are crippled, the levers of power having been seized not by the elected but by the unelected bureaucratic state — from ideologues at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the partisans and paranoid who inhabit our intelligence community.

…This is not the words of a dutiful civil servant but of a partisan tyrant who would see his own view, his own agenda, and his own lens of politics dominate over that of the elected government of the United States. In their minds they are but a guardian of the people, albeit one that must stand up to and ultimately negate the will of that very same people.

…In all of this, the media has abandoned their role as watchdogs with a healthy dose of skepticism and become the propaganda arm of the unelected administrative state, complicit in and even cheering on the actions that have superseded the will of the people.

This is what ideological takeover looks like. We are dealing with a mental virus, not an “it” as a single actor. Government becomes the method of the mental virus just like peaceful protest was fifty years ago. For this virus, everything is a means to the end of the advancement of the virus and no logical consistency is needed.

Now we have a decentralized ideological state. Why have one Party in Moscow when you can have millions of unofficial KGB officers working at every level of society? They receive their orders from the media, then implement the fad or trend of the week, and they inform on those who do not go along.

This is the essence of Crowdism: whatever pleases the herd to believe must be enforced on everyone else, or it might seem weak. This creates a fanatical audience of zealots who derive meaning in life from advancing the justification for their failures in life. This means they must crush all dissent in order to feel good about themselves.

At the end point of such a virus, and we are at peak egalitarianism now, life in society becomes binary. You either go along with the herd and accept the mental virus, or you resist and become an outsider. People think that there are three options — mental virus, opposition to mental virus, and agnostic tolerance of both of those — but really, there is only compliance or apostasy:

Tron Guy took his concerns to the board of Penguicon and suggested adding conservative panels to balance out the left-wing ones. The board told him they did not want to add any panels that would draw controversy.

…When asked over the phone if he is alt right, Tron Guy laughed, describing his political views as “movement conservative with a hint of libertarianism.”

“I am specifically not alt right,” he said. “I don’t believe in white supremacy or the patriarchy. I have no problems with true equality of opportunity, but social justice is a code word for equality of outcome.”

Tron Guy takes a classic tolerance approach. He thinks that by endorsing acceptance of all views, he can avoid joining the mental virus and simultaneously not be its enemy. But that is not how a mental virus works. You are either in the gang, or you are its enemy. You either join the cult, or you are a heretic. You either pay union dues or you are a scab.

There is no way out of this death spiral. It is clear that in 1968 the mental virus took over, and in the 1990s it gained full power, and we are now seeing the results of that with the election of Barack Obama and the consequent emboldening of a new generation of zealots. We either reject the mental virus by rejecting the idea of equality, or it consumes us.

Establishment Faux Elites Attempt To Bully Trump Into Resigning

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

We all remember bullies from our time in school. These were people, canny more than intelligent, who enjoyed dominating others for reasons other than being right. They are based in tactics alone.

Their favorite tactic is to mob you, which is why they always move in groups. The bully says something mean, and then his cohorts laugh at it. Or they “gaslight” you, with all of them repeating that something as if it were true. Or each one comes up with a new reason why you are bad and no good and they take turns mocking you.

The human monkey never changes. There is only one way to feel good about oneself, and that is to be good. That means to demonstrate through acts that one understands the difference between what is convenient and what improves each situation to be the best it can be. Bullies are underconfident about their ability to be good, so they act powerful and try to cow you into acting as if they are powerful.

Right now, the Establishment (entrenched government employees, media attention whores, industry lobbyists, ideological shills) are gunning for Donald J. Trump, who has found that he must work from the bottom up to “drain the swamp,” because the rot was pervasive even before Obama implanted ideological true believers at every level of the system, and then they did the same, hiring only lackeys straight down to the floor level. Even the janitors in Washington are socialists now.

They have a number of balls in the air. First, they continue trying to find mysterious links between Trump and the Russian government. On top of that, they are trying to cast doubt about his competence. Finally, they found what they think is a smoking gun: Trump’s statements to James Comey about Michael Flynn:

The conversation between Trump and Comey in the Oval Office in February—whose details the F.B.I. director circulated in a memo at the time, and which became public this week after a source close to Comey read it to Michael S. Schmidt, of the Times—was an extraordinary one. The two men were discussing Michael Flynn, who had briefly been Trump’s national-security adviser before being forced to resign over his failure to disclose pre-Inauguration contact with the Russian government, and was now a focus of F.B.I. investigators. “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump told Comey. This declaration, in which the President seemed to lean on the F.B.I. director to cut short an investigation into an associate, was the part that, by Tuesday night, had Senator John McCain comparing the current situation to Watergate “in size and scale.” But the rest of the exchange was interesting, too, in the clues it offered about how the President saw his own relationship to Comey. Trump said of Flynn, “He’s a good guy.”

Naturally this is a non-story. Trump did not give an order, and he has no hesitation in doing that. He did not threaten consequences. He offered up a hope and nothing more.

The Russia story is also a non-starter. Maybe Flynn did have contacts in Russia; but, were they with its government? This becomes difficult because business in Russia is heavily entrenched with government to the point that it is hard not to find a government connection, and the media will be in full conspiracy thinking mode, with Leftist politicians echoing that as fact.

For those who have doubts about Trump, the fact is that behind the scenes, he is quietly dismantling the ground-level functionaries and rules that allow the Leftist empire to continue importing enough third world people to ensure a permanent Leftist majority. This allows their ideology to rule at the minor cost of the replacement of the American people and the nation becoming Brazil II.

In the meantime, the press and its Establishment have given a pass to the many crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Left works together because for them, there is no truth or reality, only the need to be in power through advancing the magic idea of equality. A good salesman knows a trick that will never quit.

As usual in a dying civilization, the situation has been inverted in its telling. In reality, the conspiracy is a tacit one among ideological fanatics who use the popularity of that ideology to steal wealth and power; in the media, minor Trump events become a conspiracy that threatens all of us.

For those of us out here who have watched American government slide downward and Leftward over the decades, Trump is a breath of fresh air. He knows crusty old rules and pointless nepotistic hierarchies when he sees them, and he is clearing them out. As always, the less government we have, the better off we are.

As he does that, the cultural wave known as the Alt Right is spreading the idea that equality is a myth and we need a traditional society, including strong nationalism, in order to both survive and restore the West. The actions of the Establishment and media merely strengthen that belief as we see how deceptive, manipulative and soulless our opposition really are.

Comey Beheaded

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

All corrupt parties have a vested interest in chaos, uncertainty and misdirection. They specialize in generating reams of published material about any event. This then joins with those who write to be popular, which means they invent a way to translate popular opinion into a semi-topical screed about recent events, in spreading nonsense and foolishness.

Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey. Apparently this was a shock, and Comey found out about it secondhand; it also seemed like odd timing because Barack Obama has just brought himself and his new multi-million dollar war chest back to Washington, D.C., in an echo of the Clinton Foundation: a front man for receiving funds to distribute to agitators, as Leftists usually do.

A sensible supposition is that Trump has just sent a message to all employees of the US government:

If you have been working with the Establishment/Deep State, you can be fired at any time, even if there is no replacement handy.

We might call this the Trump Personnel Doctrine, or, throw the bad apples to the pigs. During the last eight years, only those who played nice with the Obama regime were promoted, and this took the form usually of sins of omission, or ignoring obvious lawbreaking, than affirmative acts. In particular, they ignored problems that contradicted the Obama doctrine of white replacement and Leftist rule.

Comey presided over the Fort Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and several other events where the FBI stood down instead of investigating obvious threats who were not of a politically correct category. Investigate whites, ¡Sí!; investigate non-whites, ¡No!. And so Muslim terror was allowed to continue, making the white population cower in terror and emboldening angry minority groups.

Trump probably waited until he had both a clear picture of what Comey had done or failed to do, and a politically opportune time. Barack Obama has just had his hand spanked, much like Vladimir Putin got his hand spanked in Syria. While the pundits bloviate and talking heads chatter, behind the scenes, interesting things are happening.

Marine Le Pen Aftermath

Monday, May 8th, 2017

It was a bit much to hope for, that idea that Marine Le Pen would win the French presidency. It appealed because many of us want the populist (anti-System) wave that is sweeping the world to chalk up more victories.

The concept also appalled in that, if the populist wave is captured by any elected official or movement, it will quickly be corrupted, as many allege has happened to Donald J. Trump, and seems to be happening at least partially to Brexit in the hands of the professionals.

The professionals learn how to survive. If not before election, after election. To survive, one must keep all the special interest groups in balance, or at least off-guard. The result is that policy does not occur directly, but through many tiny maneuvers.

With 34% of the vote going to an inexperienced politician, Le Pen demonstrates that many of the French people are willing to roll the dice on anything but the continuity of the status quo. However, these tend to be those who have personally experienced the disaster:

Ms. Le Pen was strongest in areas with high unemployment and low wages, where she campaigned on pledges to stop immigration and renegotiate France’s relationship with the European Union.

But Mr. Macron, a political newcomer who campaigned on a centrist, pro-Europe platform, gained widespread support from voters who rejected him in the first round. The vote preserved a French political tradition of mainstream parties working together to bar candidates from the far right, known as the Republican Front. Many voters said they saw him as the lesser of two evils.

The problem with dying systems is that their strength remains, which makes it easy to just adapt instead of risking change, which especially as people get older and look forward to their pensions, becomes a huge problem. The European welfare state took money from people and gave it to the state, and now they are dependent on the state for their later years survival.

In addition, for most people, the problems of the modern state are not yet visible. Sure, some hicks somewhere are starving because the industrial jobs went away. So what? In the cities, one can still stagger through education and slump into a job, and make enough money for a decent way of life, especially since they can rely on social benefits to lower costs during their early years.

The Leftist strategy of robbing tomorrow to pay for today works out as long as there is a tomorrow, which has been defined in solely economic terms because people rely on those pensions and benefits. This is why most of Europe still approves of immigration: they are hoping to bring these people in, brainwash them into working for a living, and then retire on their taxes.

Le Pen tapped into those who realized that at some point in the future this system will fail. This however is a small group, sort of like those who buy classical music or can run a top-notch small business. Democracy weights the bottom and opposes the top.

She might have broadened her appeal if, like Trump, she had run on a broader plan of cutting taxes and revitalizing the economy. Everyone shares in that. But only some are victims of terror or unemployment, and that alone was not enough of an audience.

It will probably take time for Central Europe to accept the new Right-wing shift, even if it was born in part of New Right thinkers in France. Europe is addicted to its social welfare and terrified of change, mainly because people are living in terror because of the instability of society as it is, and they will vote for whoever will continue the status quo plus donate new benefits.

Her loss is fortunate for the underground Right because it must stay underground. Right now, its candidates are too easily co-opted by the System. In the future, a cultural wave will start in localities and begin the rebellion against the center, and not through political means only.

Boycotts in America have shown to be effective when practiced even by one in twenty customers of a business. If the French start turning off their sports televisions, buying less from big companies, and focusing on local living, those nice easy city jobs that Macron voters have will start going away.

At that point, they can bring the pain home to the enemy.

The Alt Right faces a choice between being a political wave or a cultural wave, and smart money favors the cultural wave. Attitudes need to change at a lower level or those energized by resentment will elect a dissident candidate only to insist that this candidate do what every other candidate has done, except this time favoring their special interest group. That happens simultaneously with the attack by the System itself, and guarantees the candidate will see his or her support demanding unrealistic things at the same time colleagues demand compromise with “the way things are always done around here.”

In the United States, it has become clear that a president cannot do much with a Congress that opposes him, even if his intent is good. The result is a death of a thousand cuts for any bill, slowly adjusting it from what it once was into a version of what is normally done, through a process called “inversion.”

Inversion happens any time an idea is handed to the herd. You may have experienced this with The Secret Game as a child: at one end of the room, a child whispers a phrase to another, and this is then passed person-to-person to the other end. It always arrives in mangled form, in part because people forget bits of the phrase, and in part because they project into it what they want to hear.

It is the same way in the System. Any idea must go through room after room full of people who represent special interests. Each one represents his own special interest group, and takes a bit off here and there. When it reaches the other side, it tends to mean the exact opposite of what it originally did.

Voters amplify this process by “demanding” results on very specific topics, not realizing that policy must be general and not act directly in most cases, but let a generally sane rule (or absence thereof) result in specific implementations that work out the details later. The more clear the voters are about what they want, the more they distort any possibilities for getting it.

We might say that this is because voters see the surface, or effects of, hidden causes. For example, cutting taxes ends up in economic success, or lowered regulation makes housing cheaper. Directly demanding cheaper housing causes politicians to run off and write rules enabling subsidies, knowing that more money will be taken in than paid out, so the politicians win.

For some time in the West, our best people have been in hiding. They take simple jobs out of the way and try to go unnoticed. They do this because they know that the System will destroy them, and in addition, they will not be able to make positive changes. It will turn them into monsters.

We need a cultural revolution because we need to start rewarding our best people again instead of our worst. This can only come through policy change at the highest levels, including dismantling of the System. The same institutions that once saved us are now working against us, sort of like government intervention at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Our problem stands revealed as not the elites themselves, but those who are the cause of these elites. The group to blame are the voters. They want more benefits, make-work jobs and legal protections for their own dubious practices. Like the Baby Boomers, their goal is to take as much from the system, retire and die without witnessing the downfall they have created.

The System rewards itself and gives us no choice not because it deliberately does so, but because it can do no differently. Our cultural revolt is against the System itself, but that tells only part of the story. The System, like in the Soviet Union, is the result of Leftist policies which because they favor the individual, divide societies against themselves.

Alexander Dugin writes of the nature of this struggle as global insurgency against globalist supremacy:

Life – including political life, and political life in the first place – is a war. The battle is lost, but the war is not. Everything is ahead. The world’s scum will not give up and try to drag the whole of humanity into the abyss. But we do not lose our hands. Now it is clear that Resistance with necessity must be global. After all, the enemy is global.

The old parties are virtually destroyed. There are neither right nor left. There are the People and Elites, Europeans and the global financial oligarchy.

The only modifier that must be inserted here is that the parties are not “neither right nor left,” but Leftist to the core, because our society has shifted in a Leftist direction. Very few know this, but historically and philosophically, the Left consists of one idea, egalitarianism, which has one commandment: equality.

Everything the Left does is designed to break down social order — heritage, caste, religion, customs — and replace it with a strong central government which takes much of the money in exchange for administering Leftism. It does this through wealth transfer programs like welfare and social benefits, as well as through immigration, which helps break down each nation for digestion by government.

We have been fighting this Establishment for years. It seemed conservative in the 1950s because it used an early form of neoconservatism as its guide, arguing for economic equality of opportunity — classical liberalism — instead of outright Leftism. But it was merely biding its time. It knew that if it reduced humanity to a selfish herd, the bickering would start and culture would die.

Cultural revolution addresses this by mocking not just the visible Left, but the invisible Left in the form of the assumptions of the System. Every time people speak up against equality and social welfare, the way things are done changes, just a little bit. While candidates are important, the real war is won in the hearts and minds of our people, and it carries on.

You Will Not Get What You Want With Democracy

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

The Washington Post opines on the reason for Donald Trump’s victory:

The poll found that Obama-Trump voters, many of whom are working class whites and were pivotal to Trump’s victory, are economically losing ground and are skeptical of Democratic solutions to their problems. Among the findings:

  • 50 percent of Obama-Trump voters say their incomes are falling behind the cost of living, and another 31 percent say their incomes are merely keeping pace with the cost of living.
  • A sizable chunk of Obama-Trump voters — 30 percent — said their vote for Trump was more a vote against Clinton than a vote for Trump. Remember, these voters backed Obama four years earlier.
  • 42 percent of Obama-Trump voters said Congressional Democrats’ economic policies will favor the wealthy, versus only 21 percent of them who said the same about Trump. (40 percent say that about Congressional Republicans.) A total of 77 percent of Obama-Trump voters said Trump’s policies will favor some mix of all other classes (middle class, poor, all equally), while a total of 58 percent said that about Congressional Democrats.

Taking this with a grain of salt, since it comes from the mouth of the enemy, we can see a pattern here: voters were dismayed by the direction the country was taking under George W. Bush, so they ran to Barack Obama; when the health of the country became even worse, they then ran to Donald J. Trump.

This is expressed in economic terms because these are the only questions that Leftist academics tend to ask. They are afraid to ask about anything else, as they will encounter a mire of discontent about social issues, racial issues, corruption and other things that will reflect badly on Leftist policy.

Voters are facing the grim fact that Amerika is buried under so many flawed assumptions, bad laws, Leftist ideals and corrupt practices that now it will take three decades of strong Right-wing leaders to remove the damage. This is typical Leftist strategy: poison the well by damaging government so much it is crippled, then call for its replacement with an even more Leftist model.

Even worse, voters are prone to act illogically. They vote with their emotions, as individuals, and in groups fall prey to “the committee mentality” and vote for what they think is the least worst option because in their view, others will support it. Voting becomes a game like pro sports where everyone wants to bet on the winning team.

This produces the mass conformist behavior that has voters putting people like Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande into office. They are ruled by fear, and compromise in order to not lose what they have, forgetting that slow death is still death. This creates an intractable Establishment which colludes with voters to pick consistently bad candidates instead of taking a risk:

Across the board, politicians and other former candidates have urgently counseled their supporters to vote for Mr. Macron to block Ms. Le Pen’s path to the Élysée Palace.

The French call this the “Republican Front,” and it has proved effective at preventing the National Front — perceived by many in France as a threat to democracy — from taking power before.

Those who get into office do so by making voters have happy feelings. They do this with words by putting ideas in the heads of voters that salve their greatest fears. Voters fear first for the economy, next for stability, and finally really enjoy demonstrations of strength including, oddly, those where a politician asserts pacifism as a higher value. All of these make them feel like their lives are succeeding with this person, and six months later when the results do not materialize, they will have forgotten.

People who are specialists at making voters have happy feelings form a professional Establishment that zeroes in on working with each other. They quickly stop caring about whatever the voters wanted, and deliver instead what the system wants, or in other words what is convenient to do within it, has minimal risk (read: minimal deviation from the norm), and creates positive feelings.

When someone comes in who wants to do something differently, all of the people in the Establishment unite against this new person because changing the order of business threatens the stability of all of the people who have been elected before. Thus things never change, even when a Trump or Farage comes along. The Establishment just trots out a Paul Ryan or Theresa May.

The process of asserting business-as-usual eventually creates a runaway virtue spiral where politicians, seeking the reward of public approval, take ideas well beyond their logical point of application:

Alexander Van der Bellen, the left-wing former Green Party leader who narrowly beat a far-right candidate to take office in January, said freedom of expression was a fundamental right.

“It is every woman’s right to always dress how she wants, that is my opinion on the matter,” he told an audience of school pupils.

“And it is not only Muslim women, all women can wear a headscarf, and if this real and rampant Islamaphobia continues, there will come a day where we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – out of solidarity to those who do it for religious reasons.”

Under the rules of the Establishment, voters need to have happy feelings, and they always get these from defense of the perceived underdog. For this reason, those who want to stay in the Establishment always double down on these insane policies, which project the kind of perverted strength mentioned above. Pacifism and tolerance make people feel that their society is strong enough to do the paradoxical, and therefore that their pensions, jobs and money market funds are safe. Most people have short-range goals exclusively.

You will not get what you want with democracy. You will get what is convenient for democracy. Like all things, it serves only itself. Governments are no different than corporations cutting corners in order to deliver a greater bottom line to the shareholders. Nothing will ever change until democracy is removed and logical, forward-thinking action can take its place.

Populism Needs To Find A Platform

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The National Review has disgraced itself over the past decade, most notably by firing John Derbyshire and recently by endorsing Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen, but sometimes it touches on interesting issues.

Peter Spiliakos explores the lack of an identifiable platform for populism and how this makes the Right weak and disunified:

It is a little different on the right. One economics, you have what might be called “degenerate Kempism.” It is a combination of tax cuts for high-earners, cuts to entitlements spending, and increased low-skill immigration. On the other side, you have people who think of themselves as being on the right but who reject some or all of that.

The great advantage of degenerate Kempism is that most of the political talent, social capital, and money is on the side of this agenda – the money being the least important of the three factors. It is the default of the GOP lobbyists, donors, and most of the center-right politicians who came up through business or the professions.

It is difficult to see the common ground between the more elite degenerate Kempists (and I’m not helping with the labeling) and the populists. The degenerate Kempists want what they want. They are willing to make temporary retreats but will push on any door to cut any tax on the job creators, to cut domestic spending, and to answer the call of the affluent for cheaper low-skill labor. The populists have only the vaguest idea of what they want, and some of that is contradictory.

The Right has always been a “big tent” that includes all of those who resist the creeping infiltration of Leftism into every area of our society. The most honest Right are the monarchists, who think equality is insane and modernity is a horror. But now the big tent is working against the Right.

Populism is best defined as defense of the organic nation — the people, the culture, the ideas, the religion — against the formalized structures of egalitarian, bureaucratic government and its collusion with industry.

This idea overlaps somewhat with the notion of ending entitlement spending and cutting taxes to shrink government, but is incompatible with one issue that the Kempists endorse: immigration. Populists realize that immigration is ethnic replacement of the founding population, a form of soft totalitarian genocide.

If the Right has a future, it is in giving the “fiscal conservatives” some of what they want through sabotaging the tax base and entitlement programs, but also recognizing that diversity has failed because diversity can never work. Paradoxical policies always collapse.

Even more, the Right has a new lease on life through its anti-Establishment position. People dislike incompetent and manipulative authority, and they are seeing that the Left prefers strong authority in order to gain complete control so that it can advance its ideology as the One Way for our future. The Old Establishment tried to resist that and was destroyed, and the New Establishment is far worse than they were.

We do not have to live as slaves to a runaway ideological death spiral. Instead, we can simply speak up and oppose it: Leftism does not work, and government inevitably drifts Leftward, so it is time to physically remove government as much as possible, and replace it with culture, charity, private industry and the good people among us who have always done the best thing without needing ideology to instruct them.


Friday, November 4th, 2016


The UK has decided, through internal political machinations, to go against the vote of its people and thwart the move to exit the EU, hoping to throw a wrench in the works by referring the question back to the enemies of Brexit:

“The issue in front of the High Court was whether you could undo statute law by a proclamation, by the use of the royal prerogative saying ‘we are leaving the EU’, thereby depriving large numbers of people in this country of statutory rights enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom which they currently enjoy,” the Conservative MP told Sky.

“And what the judges said is ‘you can’t do that’. So what’s needed is for the Government, I think, to introduce a piece of primary legislation.”

This represents a betrayal of what the vote decided, cloaked as procedure, as is common in law, where people argue from the words on the page instead of the spirit of the law, and therefore frequently make laws turn against their original purpose.

As stated in the past, democracy is failing in the UK because liberal democracy is failing everywhere. As the debate over the US Constitution shows, one cannot write words on a page and have them interpreted consistently and according to their original meaning over time.

The fiction is that people read a law to figure out its purpose and then apply it. The reality is that people are forced to have biases because of the tempest of complexity and irrelevance flung at them by reams of paper, and so they read the law for what they want it to say.

Their interpretations rely on altering the meanings of the terms upon which the main point relies, and in doing so, they are able to invert the law and make it mean the opposite of what it originally did. In America, for example, “equality” meant that no person was required to support any other. That has not been true in American law for centuries.

Democracy has failed everywhere because it is based on the notion of equality, which holds that we can write down laws or ideas and have people in the future interpret them correctly because they are “equal” to those who wrote them. In reality, people do what they are wired to do, and are fundamentally dishonest about it.

At its core, Brexit was a vote against having powerful government that manages all of life. Modern life will kill us all because it is miserable, generally owing to its bureaucratic nature with endless red tape to make daily existence frustrating, boring and ugly.

That occurs deliberately. Those who have less to offer, intellectually and morally, do not mind tedium. They use it like a fever to burn out the infection of intelligent people, not realizing in their own arrogance that these intelligent people are the source of the wealth and power of that society.

In other words, stupid people do stupid things, because that is all their minds can handle. With equality, they are given license to destroy, and this is what they intend, because the ideology that defends them requires they remove all competing forces like morality, culture, heritage, caste, family, religion and values.

This translates the population into people who are essentially ostriches. Whatever happens, they rationalize as good, and then take advantage of the new flexibility they are given. Removing those competing forces gives the individual the ability to engage in selfish, degenerate, perverse, illogical and insane behaviors, which is what the herd of stupid — knowing their intentions are stupid, and therefore falling into these categories — desire.

The West is not reproducing because it has made life existentially miserable for people. They get up, and must fight their way through idiots in order to do tedium driven by the stupid decisions of others for the purpose of getting enough money to momentarily buy the ability to slam their door on the world. We hate our society because it is hateful and it wastes our time on the irrelevant in order to flatter fools that they are important.

Our “intelligentsia” like to congratulate themselves for being smarter than ancient cultures. And yet those cultures had the wisdom not to write down their ideals in words, but to keep them alive through the natural intuition of intelligent people.

As said before, you either have the best oppress the rest… or the rest oppress the best, and your society fails, just as ours has. Right now we are merely carving up what is left to see who will have enough money to escape — “exit” — and who will be left behind to be absorbed by the third-world grey race left in the ruins.

In the meantime, the will toward Brexit remains strong. Despite the dubious polls, the media blitz and the Cathedralist political elites claiming it could not be done, most voters wanted it. They want to get off the train to globalism, Leftism and civilization breakdown.

This means that the battle lines are drawn. The Establishment/Cathedral has essentially told us that in order for sanity to return, government as it is must be replaced. Those who get wealth and power from following the ideology of government must also be replaced. In short, the power structure needs displacement.

It is unfortunate for them that they have chosen this path. By obstructing, they have made themselves the enemy, and justified their destruction. Not surprisingly, they are doing the same in America and the EU. The parasites like the easy living too much to give it up, and so it is time to de-worm the West so we can begin rebuilding it.

Hillary Clinton Gets It Wrong And The Establishment Blinks

Monday, October 17th, 2016


Follow if you will this entertaining modern tale: a politician is accused of doing wrong things, and she denies it, and then a trove of emails stolen in a hack come out saying that she did indeed do those things. She does what she has done her whole career and casts doubt on the legitimacy of the evidence.

Then, in a stunning turnaround that reveals what we can only call flamboyant incompetence, she or someone from her group at the Establishment Cathedral attack the man who is leaking the emails. His internet is cut off, and he possibly faces political pressure which will force his extradition to the United States.

Julian Assange is the man, as you surely guessed, and Hillary Clinton is the woman. The two have become actors in the final drama of this season before the election itself, which is the question of whether Clinton is as guilty as these emails make her seem.

She had a good chance of ducking those until yesterday. Before yesterday, she was casting doubt on their legitimacy. Today she has confirmed their legitimacy by attacking the Assange through her friends at the State Department. If the emails were as fake as she had implied they were, none of this would have been necessary.

What this shows us is not only that one of our presidential candidates belongs in jail, but also that the people in the Establishment Cathedral are not wizards; rather, they are students who studied hard instead of having actual ability. Peasants pretending to be kings. Vaisya play-acting as Brahmins. Children dressing up in adult clothes.

As the insanity has ramped up in the West, driven by the egalitarian politics of a bottom-heavy society, the intelligent people have been dropping out. They are in basements and small towns, exurbs and trailer parks, dodging the disaster and trying to starve it by not paying taxes or participating in the consumer economy.

They know that any person of sanity who steps into this mess will be beheaded politically as surely as if by a guillotine, and then have his name shamed and future destroyed. There is no point doing that because the audience of voters are seemingly oblivious to quality, and will not awake, but shrug and move on to the next cheeseburger.

But like a midget flung from a trebuchet, the arc of liberal democracy has reached terminal velocity. Everything is failing all at once. Everyone is incompetent. No one is paying attention. The idiots and neurotics have won, but it is a pyrrhic victory, because the real treasure — the people of the West — have defected.

Whatever happens in this American election, a Brexit of the heart has taken place. The people who belong to the West genetically have seceded from it politically and philosophically. That is a fracture which cannot be fixed. And as our insane leaders thrash out trying to perpetuate the deception, it looks more Potemkin every day.

The Trump “Meltdown” Is A Media-Manufactured Event

Friday, August 5th, 2016


You may remember the ugly days of elementary school, or even high school, when children played little social politics games to make themselves appear to be king of the dung-heap, because that is all social power in school ever was.

Some person would become your antagonist. That is, he or she would decide that political power could be gained by pushing you down. And off that person would go, when you were busy doing something else, to whisper to all the people that can be lured into an orbit.

The next day, someone would saunter up to you and say, “I hear you wet the bed last night.” Since this is a totally random and useless thing to say, you would wave them aside with some comeback, and then start wondering… what is really going on? Then another person would call out on the playground, “bed-wetter!”

If it was not your lucky day, the meme would spread, because groups of monkeyshumans love nothing more than an excuse to engage in cruelty, because crucifying another (burn that witch) always makes us feel better about ourselves. It lets us off the hook to improve ourselves through self-discipline.

Crushing others is, for those who do not discipline themselves, a pleasant mental sensation. It makes us feel powerful, to stand over the body of a conquered enemy, so much that we forget all else going wrong in our lives. It is like a drug and is every bit as addictive.

A meme that has spread looks like this: a whole auditorium full of kids listening to an awards ceremony. You get an award, and walk slowly up to the podium. At that moment, the entire troupe bursts out into a chant: “Bed-wetter! Bed-wetter!” while teachers frantically try to shush them, but not too much, or it seems like denial.

The media picked this week to call Donald Trump a bed-wetter.

Most likely this was planned through whatever current version of JournoList floats around out there. Conspirators always use unofficial channels, like whispering or un-archived mailing lists, so they have plausible deniability. Who, me?

But they decide to hold back on everyday harassment for a while, to make their target relax. Then, they move the wolf-pack into position to encircle the victim. Finally, at a moment agreed upon in advance, they begin the attack with the goal not to be effective, militarily, but to be relentless, so they can get that crowd chanting at whatever hapless person they have chosen to destroy.

This is, by the way, the psychology of Leftism itself, a pathologically tendency to act as crowds in the destruction of those we fear. This is why in human societies, the weak eat the strong and the best are sacrificed for the mental comfort of the rest. But now it is being pointed at Donald Trump with the intent of destroying the movement behind him:

David Plouffe, President Obama’s former campaign manager, proposed the idea in June. “It is not enough to simply beat Trump,” he wrote on Twitter. “He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.”

…“But the larger stakes of the election are putting the country on a path where Trump’s views of the world are far in our rearview mirror.”

Senator Barbara Boxer of California said that a Democratic win in November was far from guaranteed, but that she hoped for “a complete revulsion of the Trump wing” that would lead to a “realignment” of the Republican Party.

The point it this: Trump represents the cash cow of a dying society, its Western European original population, rising up against those who want to parasitize and subjugate that group. Trump represents a re-assertion of reality against ideology, a resistance to the Left-drift of media and a post-1965 mixed-race population. Trump represents what made America a thriving country from its founding through the 1980s, not Venezuela Lite as the Left intends it to be.

Democrats have a good fix on power right now. They will use it to destroy themselves and us alike, but that is their incompetence at work, not deliberate. Most people tend toward easy solutions, and the Left is always the easier solution than the Right. There are now millions of non-white voters in America, and they always vote liberal. And the media is if not completely Leftist, at least mostly there, as far as the average person will see.

The rise of Donald Trump damaged this whole convenient nepotistic power cycle. He threw back the assumptions that we have been told we must make in order to be “mature” and “practical,” and showed that a spirit still exists in this country which does not want to go down the dark path to a Leftist state that other civilizations have chased to their peril.

He also brought up many unresolved questions which liberals have insisted were long-ago resolved, such as what constitutes a nation, and whether pluralism — “we agree to disagree” — is the basis of a civilization at all. This shakes the alliance between corporations, media and government that has cozily run America for the past few decades, appointing its members to lucrative public positions whenever they need money.

Of course they have to shut him down. Like the kids on the schoolyard, the Establishment resents Donald Trump because he is not chained to the same path to doom that they are. He has shown another way other than their way, and they are trying to destroy him for it.

But ask yourself: is this real? There was a book once about how stupid George W. Bush was, which took quotations from his speeches that were awkward or foolish. It seemed like the solid truth. But then, over time, you see that there are blooper reels from every administration — you just do not hear about the Leftist ones from the Leftist press.

They figure that this week, they can create a fake battleground over Khazir Khan, who is part of the nepotistic Establishment, and use it to beat Trump down. Then they pull out a few of those blooper reels and run them, but most importantly, the whole tribe of Leftist journalists chant together that Donald Trump is a bed-wetter. If they say it enough, the herd will believe them.

This, by the way, is the famous “Big Lie” technique:

The Big Lie is a propaganda technique whose invention is often falsely credited to Adolf Hitler (Hitler was not advocating the use of this technique…).

The basic idea is that the bigger a lie you tell, the more likely people will be to believe it, since it’s difficult for them to accept that someone could tell a lie that huge with a straight face.

The Big Lie is that Trump is crazy, or that he has “crossed a line” with Khan. The Big Lie is that he is not presidential, and you need someone who just barely avoided felony charges because of her political connections instead. The Big Lie is that you are safe with the homogenized, processed, plastic-encased DNC instead of out there in the Wild West of common sense which might make someone dislike you.

What we are seeing this week is merely the Big Lie in another form. Nothing has changed except how they are reporting it, and as usual, by their choice of what to report on, the media lies. Lying is their job: they sell a product, and people buy what agrees with them. With that in mind, do not take it — or this week’s Big Lie — as anything but advertising, hype, hysteria and monkeyshines.

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