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Cuck Haunting

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Randall Lewis didn’t feel good about having to address the city council. It wasn’t his sort of venue. It involved interacting with more than 3 people on a single day. It didn’t go well with his nickname “Captain Autist.” But he’d been invited, thanks to an obnoxious, oleaginous slime who wrote for AL.Com. It’s the sort of crap he occasionally got for loyally serving a client. God knows he didn’t have many of those, so he pretty much had to serve them all loyally.

His line of work matched his personality or lack thereof. He was a real-life Ghostbuster, an investigator of paranormal phenomenon. He had an actual diploma from The Miskatonic University. Cthulhu put them on the map, but their alumni also diversified into demons and other paranormal entities as well. He was somewhat on the savage, freak edge. He specialized in Revenancy.

Revenancy caused him to go past dealing with Casper the Friendly Ghost. It also caused him to associate with people that didn’t typically show up at City Council meetings if the city was particularly safe. His co-workers, “Guns” and Hannifred, got their job-related training shooting at Robert Mugabe’s North Korean trained commandos during his consolidation of power in Zimbabwe. They were a bit long in the tooth, but they did still file their canines into nice, sharp points. He also occasionally cooperated with and worked for law enforcement. He was Alabama’s go to guy on so-called “Halloween Cases.” The $PLC wouldn’t think kindly of them referring to the paranormals as spooks.

You see Revenants are unique in the Spook Community. They don’t just stop in saying Boo. If you see one, you then see the Great Big Game Over Screen in the sky. Survivors of Revenant attacks aren’t still compos mentis. They typically have to be spoon-fed their applesauce if their faces are still attached. All ghosts are still able to manifest in the corporeal world due to regret. The Revenants are spirits of angry vengeance who regret they haven’t taken along a busload of normies for their final ride.

Investigators in Randall’s line of work have run out of shotgun shells or Uzi mags before they ran out of Corporeal Manifestation which was not a particularly nice way to wind up your business practice. The typical aftermath of a corporeal manifestation is expensive to clean up and repair and not a very pleasant crime scene for the bubbas in CSI. The only positive thing about one of these horror show undeads is that they can only manifest in a form which can kill or be killed when they are triggered. Figure out the trigger and you can either avoid, or better yet, deactivate the revenant.

The unassuming town of Frederick, AL wasn’t famous for anything. It once had quartered a traveling party of German emigrés en route to Texas. They kept a couple of restored, old buildings with “GTT” carved on the door to scam Congress out of money for historic downtown renovation. Then afterwards a plantation house ran a few acres of slave-tended cotton patch. It was the Took Plantation that was now becoming a historical problem. They were now afraid they were about to get infamous for The Ghost of Malindar Took’s Field Hand.

You see Malindar Took not only owned human beings with one hand, he also sexually abused the twelve-year-old females he owned with the other. Then, if such a thing is possible, he used the third hand to hypocritically criticize Alabama as a backwater slave pen that didn’t deserve it’s statehood until it manumitted the very young women that prevented the perverted Mr. Took from leading a lonely, unfulfilled life. And then on the fourth hand, after a couple of decades of despicable, base moral turpitude, he had a few cotton-pickers out there who didn’t quite sport the same level of umm, suntan as the others.

And Good, Old Malindar would always chide and upbraid those other, uncivilized slave holders for how they treated their chattel. He’d make a point of criticizing them for not giving them a chapel to properly worship the Lord in. They were supposed to be properly grateful to nice people like Malindar Took. He was totally different from all the other people who deliberately imported the other and then forcibly race-mixed with their cute, little daughters.

There was this one big field hand on the plantation called Jacob. Jacob was not only obviously mixed, but he favored Good, Old Dad. Except of course that by the time he was fourteen, he could kick daddy’s rear end from tree to tree. In the “rather unfortunate” AL.Com article about Jacob’s Revenant, “Guns” had made the mistake of remarking in an off-the-record interview that “if evil the son-of-a-bitch were any bigger, Nick Saban would resurrect him and admit him to college to major in Defensive Line.”

Well, once that made it into a seemingly innocuous AL.Com article on hauntings of The Old South, SJW types made it detonate on Twitter and other Left Wing social media sites. Now hordes of nipple-pieced Antifa sorts wanted to see The Ghost Who Killed Rednecks. They thought the old slave plantation was a tourist attraction. Then, some of them screwed up, made Jacob manifest like it was fourth Down and Goal from the two Yard Line, and three packages of human sushi had been bagged up and delivered to the local morgue. The technician spent 15 minutes puking up his innards in a non-descript, steel trash can purchased from Alabama Industries For The Blind. Just think of all the money they could get out Congress for The Authentic Old South House of Supernatural Slaughter.

The Town Sheriff, Buddy Bartlow, knew all the crazy stories and wanted an expert who would drive a big, official van. The expert would then offload lots of sciency-looking nerd gadgets from the big, official van. The expert then would operate the gadgets in a manner reminiscent of the opening montage of Mystery Science Theatre and declare, herewith, and with utmost gravitas; that nobody older than the age of five really believes in ghosts. That hadn’t happened. What happened instead had now created a tornado of turds.

Lewis was hired to visit the old plantation and investigate the stories about Jacob’s Ghost. He rolled up in an unmarked, very unofficial Dodge Blazer. His instruments were of the sort typically got used in commercials that bash the NRA. His sidekicks were two grizzled, old White African mercenaries that would eat a prototypical science geek for breakfast, crap him out by 3rd period, and be hungry again just in time for lunch. They not only believed in ghosts, they had expended over 100 rounds of ammunition and had started a two-alarm fire at a newly-fashionable historical landmark in an unsuccessful attempt to expel one that had manifested. Lewis was now being called upon to go before the City Council of Fredrick, AL and lie in some convincing fashion to make people think the whole thing was nothing that involved, you know, a thoroughly pissed-off revenant that reminded leering leftists of a stereotypical narrative involving the past in Alabama. Too bad this task was given to Captain Autism.

Lewis stood before the packed meeting. Flashbulbs popped and telephones and recording equipment were held in the air like cigarette lighters at an old Skynard Concert. They were recording him, not demanding that he play “Freebird.” He testified as follows:

“Myself, Shalk ‘Guns’ Golander, and Hannifred Norberger arrived at the site of the old Malinder Planatation at 1930 hours on the 12th of October. The sun had set and we were met by a woman named Ms. Norah Drake who represented the interests of our employer who has requested anonymity in the course of tonight’s testimony. We entered the house, spent 45 minutes traversing the property and detected no trace of supernatural presence. We then went to a set of structures labeled as the plantation outbuildings. These would be more accurately described as an outhouse, a food preparation and storage place, an agricultural equipment shed and approximately 12 buildings that were domiciles to the plantation slave population during the period from 1834 until 1863 when operations ceased at the site.”

“Our initial indication that things would turn unpleasant came when we reached the smokehouse room of the food preparation and storage outbuilding. Here the door stood wide open; unlike every other door we had come to which had been closed and secured by two locks each. As we came closer, we noticed the door had forcibly opened in a manner that had deformed the doorknob as if it had been twisted in a crushing manner. The bolts of each lock on the door had remained shot and had been physically ripped out of their boltholes leaving parallel holes in the door frame, slightly larger than the width of each bolt.

“We should call someone.” Ms. Drake informed us. “This isn’t right.”

“Is that so?” asked Guns.

“Someone sure decided it was snack time.” Hannifred said under his breath.

“I’m outta here.” Ms. Drake announced and attempted to back away.

“If I’m paid to go in there, so are you.” Replied Guns. He assisted her into the room in less-than-gentlemanly fashion.

“Trigger. 12 O’Clock. 50 Meters!” Yelled Hannifred and all three of us were putting weapons to the ready.

“Read any passage of the Bible in which you see an angel, and the people getting the visitation initially react in mortal terror. Multiply that by about six and you get how Ms. Drake reacted when she got site of what had manifested in the form of Jacob. She emitted some sort of a whimpering sound indicating her fear of the corporeal manifestation of the spirit that was once Jacob.”

Guns put her down on the floor and stood over her to protect as he leveled his firearm and attempted to aim. I was firing as rapidly as I could replicate the trigger pull on my weapon. Hannifred was in simulated full-auto thanks to his bump stock and spent casings flew around like popping kernels at the State Fair Concession Stand. The creature didn’t yell. It only said. “She lies. I will have her.”

“Not tonight you Scumbag!” yelled Guns. He opened up a prodigious rate of fire worthy of his moniker.

Jacob was losing small, ochrish pieces as the rounds tore into him and through him. He didn’t lose any motivation. This was evidenced as he ripped an old wood stove out of its fixture and chucked it over towards Guns. Over towards Guns was close enough to scatter Hannifred and myself. I didn’t see what Guns managed to do, but he had somehow grabbed Ms. Drake and moved her and himself just in time to avoid wearing that old wood stove as a chest ornament. Jacob then stated. “She hates me. The liar.”

Hannifred remarked. “Nothing personal, but I’d rather not go on a road trip with you either.” He also slammed in the next clip and used the rounds to hose Jacob as the manifested revenant moved towards Guns and the fair maiden he was protecting. Jacob’s corporeal manifestation had also grabbed a piece of stove pipe and seemed like a kid about to play tee-ball with Guns and Ms. Drake. I pulled an old trick out of the unofficial manual of dealing with malignant corporeal manifestations.

The “Skunk-Can” was a standard aerosol can of stinging and burning liquid that also exploded when exposed to open flame. The trick involved taking the can in one hand, and ignitor in the other and spraying the cone of nasty towards the face of the corporeal manifestation so that you could temporarily back it down. I was in the process of running this game on Jacob when he caught me unaware and swung the pipe at me back-handed. It got my wrist just as I had begun spraying liquid towards the Bic-Lighter and then his hideous face. The combusting droplets flew at random, alighting on various flammable flotsam.

This, in turn triggered an explosion right next to Jacob. His entire manifestation became a mobile tiki-torch of unrequitable hatred. The flames stunk of corporeal manifestation composed of GodKnowsWhatium. The manifestation again came forward. Hannifred lost his professional cool and probably about five pounds of excrement. He was first to break contact in a random direction of rapid retreat. Guns was next, but he maintained enough professional demeanor to throw Ms. Drake over his shoulder and fireman’s carry her straight out of hell at a gallop.

I laid down a whole clip to distract and cover. Jacob was blubbering about “they don’t really want me to exist. They lie when they say they are different from my father.” I would have been more fascinated as he said. “They are evil like my father. I curse them for making me exist.” But I was too busy being scared out of my wits. I had no argument and not just because I was blocked now from the door and desperately looking for a good window to throw myself through like a projectile.

“You people pretend you don’t hate my kind. You do it to feel better than others of your kind. You are all secretly convinced I never should have existed. My own mother believed I was a demon from hell and was too scared to give me her breast. My father beat me and that woman you brought in only pretended to sympathize. She hated me just as much as the rest.” He continued his soliloquy of self-damnation as he advanced upon me for the kill. Then he stopped and turned his head to the side. It was just the margin I needed.

It was then that I heard the sirens as I picked my way through the minefield of burning matter on the floor in preparation for rapid egress through an old glass window pane. I shot myself through with inches to spare and little to protect myself from glass shear. I could swear I heard the stove-pipe fungo bat whoosh through the hot, smokey air inches above my posterior and legs. My dive would be scored poorly by the Russian Judge at The Olympics. It did, however, get me out of that building alive. The fire Department arrived soon after. Maybe their incident report, which has been delayed for some unforeseen reason; would tell you more.

Francis Is The Anti-Pope

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

You cannot uphold traditional morality while serving in the role as an SJW. Pope Francis wants to modernize the Catholic Church. He wants them to be more concurrent with the society around it. He wants them to do what the cool kids do. As Christ once sardonically remarked. “They have their reward.” So show him what he wins, Dom Pardo.

Vatican police raided a drug-fueled gay sex party at a top priest’s apartment near the city, according to an Italian newspaper report. The apartment’s occupant, who was not named by police, serves as a secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a personal adviser to Pope Francis. The apartment belongs to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith — the branch that reviews appeals from clergy found guilty of sexual abuse of minors, according to Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano, which first published the explosive report.

It gets better, even more vibrant, diverse and tolerant. Anti-Pope Francis himself acknowledges that homosexuals within the church are attempting to rewrite the church doctrine.

Not long after his election, Pope Francis acknowledged the existence of a gay lobby, suggesting he would try to root it out. “In the Curia there are holy people, it’s true, there are holy people,” Francis said in June, 2013. “But there is also a current of corruption, this as well, it’s true. People talk about a ‘gay lobby’ and it is true. It exists and we will have to see what we can do about it.” For his part, Pope Benedict XVI revealed in his 2016 memoirs titled Last Testament that a “gay lobby” within the Vatican had tried to influence his decisions, but that he thought he had managed to “break up this power group.” According to Reuters, the idea of a gay lobby in Vatican would allegedly refer to a group of homosexuals who have “banded together to support each other’s careers and influence decisions in the bureaucracy.”

What was it the church recently told people about cracking down on pedophiles?

However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation. Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

But hey, nobody corners the market on being Pro-Life quite like The Catholic Church. Oh, wait. And they are stolidly trustworthy. in their stewardship of the dollars parishoners put in the collection plate.

Italian police arrested the Rev. Nunzio Scarano, a senior prelate working in the Vatican treasury, officially known as the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. Scarano stands accused of trying to smuggle some 20 million euros from Switzerland to Italy on behalf of a financier. According to prosecutors, Scarano and his associates concocted a plan that seems to come straight out of a spy movie, involving a rented plane and help from contacts within the Italian secret service.

So now Pope Francis is outraged. He’s like the character in Casablanca who was shocked to find gambling in his establishment. The man tolerates everything, so therefore, that is exactly what he gets under his roof. He has to tolerate everything. He is a worshipping #SJW. He can certainly punish actual transgressions. To his minimal credit, he has fired some of the worst and most indefensible characters currently infesting The Vatican. But he leaves the conditions for that sort of thing in place because it is against his fundamental ideology to judge and then exclude the sort of person that will behave like a criminal or a pervert.

This weakness makes Francis an Anti-Pope. The title “Pope” is linguistically equivalent to father. The Pope is supposed to be a father to his flock. As Jesus told St. Peter. “If you love me, then feed my sheep.” A father demonstrates love through action. Action frequently involves discipline (or “fascism” as the kids call it now). Give your kid a choice every night between ice cream and brocoli, and it’s hello childhood obesity. Give them a choice between Pre-Algebra or Grand Theft Auto and you’d better hope there is a widely available career path that greatly values video gaming over analytical thinking.

So if Francis allows for a large faction within his personal staff that follows an openly gay lifestyle, he shouldn’t count on them being nice about his image and going for a 500 mile plane trip before the next drug-fueled gang-bang. If he knows a seminary produces short-eye padres, then he needs to close it down. Otherwise, the church will remain a threatening steward of young children. If the Pope can’t trust his own cardinals with the image of The Holy See, or the children of the men and women he’s telling to practice marital fidelity; then Francis shouldn’t get his jimmies too badly rustled when the help runs off with The Vatican Treasury either. All of this is part and parcel to the suicidal tolerance of dispicable behavior that underlies the ideological constitution of the SJW.

In conclusion, Pope Francis is too fatally flawed to lead a major Christian Church anywhere other than to cucked ruination. WHile he remains Pontifex Maximus, ignores his requests that you give his church money. Any resource that goes into his hands may well end up funding any sort of behavior he is willing to tolerate from his organization. This example from Catholicism is why more and more people are letting the Gramscied Mainline Denominations dry up and blow away. Perhaps this continued degradation of these ancient church organizations requires a rise of an Alt-Christianity or a CGTOW (Christians Going Their Own Way) Movement. Because while Francis tolerates the perverts in his midst, he will only tell the dutiful faithful to give ’til it hurts.

What Antifa Have To Look Forward To In Prison

Friday, May 26th, 2017

by Cullen Toner

An extremely important message to violent male Antifa protesters: you will not have friends in prison.  This is the horrific reality now confronting communist Antifa militant Eric Clanton (known to the internet as “bike-lock guy”) who was arrested on Wednesday for his cowardly acts of violence during Antifa protests.

Clanton was doxxed by a network of anonymous Alt-Right vigilantes who used the message boards of to coordinate shared public photos and data to unmask his identity as a bay area college professor.  Now after violently attacking Republicans that he falsely believed to be Nazis and racists, Eric will have the chance to fight real-life white supremacists when he is sent to a prison populated by the brutal Aryan Brotherhood gang.  

Antifa face a rough life in prison.  You’re likely to be a the system that turns out to be also funding your marches, you are physically outmatched in a fair fight, you’ll have to watch girls you like get beaten up, you’re ideology you’ve publicly sworn to fight against.  

It will not go well for Clanton, whose “punch -> run and hide” fighting style is not ideal for the prison courtyard.  He will be a marked man by the white power guys and will learn the hard way that the minorities he thought he was fighting for don’t appreciate being overprotected by the skinny white privileged boys gentrifying/ruining their communities.  The idea of Eric Clanton being grossly sexually defiled is a softcore fantasy compared to the hell that awaits him in the embrace of one of the most dangers prison gangs to ever exist.

To those thinking of joining Antifa or supporting its agenda of “no platforming” conservatives: heed my warning.  As someone who’s had IP addresses banned from /pol for doxxing, I can promise you that we will find you. You cannot win a war against an invisible army, and you’re clearly not on the winning team here.  You will lose, you will suffer, and you will end up like the brother above whose mask failed to protect him.

The “Stupid Party” Continues Its Rampage As Sen. Ralph Shortey Arrested For Underage Sodomy

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Being a conservative is difficult because the party that in theory represents you is usually doing something stupid and will inevitably let you down. This is why most conservative-leaning voters switched off long ago, realizing that democracy would never work for them and they would do better to focus on local things, in effect handing their votes to the Left.

Today’s “stupid party” hilarity is the bust of an Oklahoma Senator for alleged marijuana and sex for pay with a young boy, which seems to be a typical event for the GOP:

When police went to check on a juvenile at the Super 8 in Moore last Thursday, officers said they smelled a “strong odor of raw marijuana” coming from Room 120.

…The 35-year-old republican is involved with teens on a regular basis through the YMCA Youth in government program and as a senior staffer at Boys State.

When asked why he was in that motel room, he said “he was just there to hang out with his friend.”

The worst aspect of this case is that it looks like a classic setup: the teen’s girlfriend was watching the two enter the hotel, and at about that moment, a phone call was made to police, who showed up a half-hour later. The teen expressed that he expected to receive some kind of payment, and chat logs were leaked either before or shortly after the arrest.

Immoral behavior is one thing, and most conservatives would find it appalling that one of their own was found in a motel room with a teenager. Even worse is incompetence, and leaving oneself open to such blatant extortion attempts suggests incompetence of a vast scale. This leaves conservatives shaking their heads, wondering why we get the stupid party and such idiots in it.

Any answer to this question must be, by nature, multifaceted. The most obvious is that conservatives are by nature more inept at breaking the law. Another is that conservatism attracts people who need order because they feel they are prone to be out of control. And yet another is that the Left, who intend to break the law, make hiding their bad deeds a primary priority.

The latter — that conservatives are accidental lawbreakers, rather than people who structure their lives around lawbreaking — plus the general middle class cluelessness of conservatives in general, might explain why so many of these embarrassing incidents come to light. It also demonstrates why conservatism lives through its best thinkers, and not the rank-and-file politicians.

In any case, the time is now for a discussion and action on the future of conservatism. As a political theory, it is always captured by seemingly the least competent people possible, implying that the thoughtful conservatives stay out of politics for the most part. This tells us that we will always be at a disadvantage in a political system, and why we should thus always act to dismantle such systems.

Further, this incident pushes us to examine what it is to be a conservative. Do we want people who can play the political game, or who are oriented toward conservatism as a “folkway” or outlook and way of life instead of as dogma or ideology? Should we ask whether or not Sen. Shortey has an Amerind in his heritage, as he appears to, and whether that represents us?

Conservatives are the target of the rest of the political system because we are the party of NO. Unlike the Left, we set standards and require purpose and thus direction and hierarchy, and that viewpoint will always be less popular than “anarchy with grocery stores” as the Left promises. This means we have to clean up our act by focusing our action, because we were always the underdog.

Nationalism Rises As The “Proposition Nation” Fades Away

Monday, January 30th, 2017

A recent article notes that we are in the midst of a sea change not between types of politics, but between politics and realism:

It’s time we recognize that the party of Reagan was already dead — and that it died along with the threat of Soviet communism.

Reaganism was…a worldview, in the truest sense of the word. Its broadest ideals were also shared by anti-communist Democrats like historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson. Universal human rights, limited government, open trade, free elections, multiparty democracy — it was considered in our national interest to defend these values as strongly (and prudently) as possible.

…In his 1998 book The Great Betrayal, Buchanan wrote (foreshadowing Trump) that “while the Soviet Union had paid the ultimate price of imperial overstretch, America had also paid an immense price. We had sacrificed our national interests in the cause of allied solidarity, while Western [Europe] and Japan had made no comparable contributions and had prospered mightily at our expense.”

In other words, ideology has taken a back-seat to tribal self-interest.

This is not entirely surprising, since for 98% (or so) of its history, humanity has relied on tribalism. It rarely fails: group identity excludes outsiders and deviants, and allows for an efficient method of getting people to collaborate without having to be forced to do so.

In contrast, for the last two-and-a-half centuries, we have relied on the idea of the proposition nation, which is a nation formed of political/economic boundaries instead of a single founding ethnic group:

The February 10 issue of the New York Review of Books contains what I think may be the earliest sighting of the “Proposition Nation” chimera now in captivity.

It’s a reprint of the November 22, 1999 address given in Munich by Peter Gay, the historian, on accepting the Geschwister-Scholl Prize for the German translation of his book My German Question, about his childhood in Nazi Germany. Gay says:

In this view, a Bavarian peasant who could look back on generations of settled forebears was no more German than a Jew who did not know in which country his grandparents had lived.

The fascinating thing about this “ideal” is its utter lack of factual justification. The English, the French, the Italians—all have been formed by waves of migration, often Germanic, within recorded history. But the Germans have been stolidly on the Rhine since the time of Christ.

Yet the “Proposition Nation” myth took root and was apparently seriously entertained.

The “proposition nation” is the ultimate extension of the singular and fundamental idea of the Left, individualism, which holds that the individual is the largest unit in a society. Society exists to facilitate the individual in that view, and cannot exclude anyone from participation, which enables individuals to enjoy the benefits of society with assuming its burdens being an optional choice.

In the reasoning of individualists, society must accept the individual even if that person commits a “tragedy of the commons” style exploitation of collective resources or imposes externalized damage. From this comes the moral relativism of the Left, which is a tendency to adjust standards to fit what individuals are doing, instead of observing which standards produce the best results and then demanding that the little egotists conform to those for the betterment of all.

All of the rhetoric of the Left — liberty, equality and fraternity — comes from this simple idea, which is that society cannot exclude individuals merely because they violate its standards unless those violations are against other individuals (murder, rape, theft). Civilization does not have a voice, nor does the future or the past, because all that matters is the individual.

Naturally this makes it wholly accurate to refer to individualism as the philosophy of parasitism, and to recognize that it is illogical and suicidal. The happiness and health of people is mostly contingent upon having a functional civilization, and benefits cascade downward toward the individual by what this stability and facility enables them to do. Individualism sabotages that function in order to focus on the individual, and as a result leaves behind ruined societies where everyone is miserable or oblivious, because they must either notice the dysfunction and downward trend and thus be depressed, or go into denial and rationalize the decline as “progress.”

What this means is that to become Leftist is to enter a spiral: the individual is given power, the tragedy of the common happens, every public figure rationalizes this and those who do not fail to become public figures, which means that society enters a stage where all of its solutions are wrong because anything other than “more Leftism” was filtered out as an answer before the question even came up. The self-referential society confirms its own biases, validates untruth as truth through moral relativism, and makes its assumptions and precepts into its conclusion through this filtering process.

However, people still need to distinguish themselves socially, and so while the disaster spirals down, individuals are busy becoming socially popular and thus powerful — in an individualistic society — by further advancing this ideology. This means that over time they expand the franchise by seeking ways to abolish differences in status and wealth between individuals. This starts with class warfare, expands to sexual liberation and gender equality, and then embarks on the “internationalist” (now: “globalist”) project of abolishing borders, starting with tribes similar to the founding tribe of the society and then accelerating until it demands multiculturalism, or the presence of members of every ethnic group in the world within the society.

Individualism is thus a franchise that it ultimately extends even beyond the borders of the state. We call that the “proposition nation” because it is defined by law, rooted in the Leftist concept of individualism, and economics, which is based on the individual as a self-interested actor in response to existing economic conditions, in turn creating a need for constant growth to continue keeping individuals motivated. This contrasts conservative economics which aim for low-growth and therefore more stable conditions with less internal social conflict caused by social mobility.

At first, the proposition nation seems like a good idea to most citizens. It reduces the demands placed on them by culture, morality and society. It increases their personal chances of social mobility while allowing them to externalize more of their costs to the collective. Finally, it lessens the stress of competition for mates and friends by allowing the inclusion of people from less-developed societies, which makes having a friend or mate from the founding group more desirable. But it also causes brutal problems, namely the loss of culture and standards because these must now be adjusted — moral relativism again — to fit the newcomers. It also savages social trust and creates alienated, rootless people made miserable by the ugly, anti-heroic and valueless utilitarian boot camp in which they live.

The Left has only one gambit for protecting the proposition nation, and that is to equate enemies of Leftism with enemies of the nation, thus appealing to the labrador retriever level patriotism that most people have as a result of wanting to belong firmly to their social group. We never ask whether Hitler was making war on America, or fighting Leftism and therefore had to also fight America because America was a Leftist state at the time. But the Left assembles its enemies for their choice of pre-individualism philosophies that endorse a social unit bigger than the individual — including race, family, nation, ethne, culture, religion — and chooses to paint them all as Hitler, the KKK, King George III and the Confederacy all rolled up into one single hateful scapegoat.

For example, witness this attack on the ability to think anything remotely partial to nationalism:

“Things are getting significantly worse,” Potok says. “We are seeing a very serious rise in right-wing populism.”

The strong upward trend began with President Barack Obama’s election in 2008, Potok says, and it has worsened because of ongoing angst among members of the white middle class, who feel alienated by a society different from the one in which they grew up.

“It’s not simply that there’s a black man in the White House,” Potok says. “It’s what he represents,” which is the fact that whites are losing the demographic majority. “When Obama was elected, most of the country was celebratory … but the next day, the servers of two very major white supremacist organizations” — Stormfront and the Council of Conservative Citizens, which inspired the Charleston church killer Dylann Roof — “crashed because they were getting so much traffic.”

This article is interesting, unique and funny because it extends enemy status to those fighting for a variety of larger-than-individual causes:

The list is a virtual rainbow of hate, showcasing ideologies denouncing blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims, and the LGBT community. The seven Bay Area groups include: the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Christian Guardians, both of San Francisco; the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Nation of Islam, As-Sabiqun, and Masjid al-Islam, all of Oakland; and, based in Pleasant Hill.

Truly the ways of Kek and Gnon are wondrous to have gifted us with the supreme comedy of the phrase “a virtual rainbow of hate.” The rich irony of this time, when a rainbow nation can project itself onto an animus composed of multicolored hatred dripping with glitter, delivers the confirmation of a death spiral: this society is so drenched in Leftism that it cannot imagine that someone else would choose another path.

That inflexibility and totalitarian aspect of our contemporary Leftist society shows us the problem with ideology. Like a mental virus, ideology takes over brains, and then weaponizes the crowd as a form of permanent agitation for ever-increasing doses of Leftism, mainly because it never makes people feel contentment, only a momentary sense of superiority.

George Orwell expresses this in his 1940 review of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler:

But Hitler could not have succeeded against his many rivals if it had not been for the attraction of his own personality, which one can feel even in the clumsy writing of Mein Kampf, and which is no doubt overwhelming when one hears his speeches …. The fact is that there is something deeply appealing about him. One feels it again when one sees his photographs-and I recommend especially the photograph at the beginning of Hurst and Blackett’s edition, which shows Hitler in his early Brownshirt days. It is a pathetic, dog-like face, the face of a man suffering under intolerable wrongs. In a rather more manly way it reproduces the expression of innumerable pictures of Christ crucified, and there is little doubt that that is how Hitler sees himself. The initial, personal cause of his grievance against the universe can only be guessed at; but at any rate the grievance is here. He is the martyr, the victim, Prometheus chained to the rock, the self-sacrificing hero who fights single-handed against impossible odds. If he were killing a mouse he would know how to make it seem like a dragon. One feels, as with Napoleon, that he is fighting against destiny, that he can’t win, and yet that he somehow deserves to. The attraction of such a pose is of course enormous; half the films that one sees turn upon some such theme.

Also he has grasped the falsity of the hedonistic attitude to life. Nearly all western thought since the last war, certainly all “progressive” thought, has assumed tacitly that human beings desire nothing beyond ease, security and avoidance of pain. In such a view of life there is no room, for instance, for patriotism and the military virtues. The Socialist who finds his children playing with soldiers is usually upset, but he is never able to think of a substitute for the tin soldiers; tin pacifists somehow won’t do. Hitler, because in his own joyless mind he feels it with exceptional strength, knows that human beings don’t only want comfort, safety, short working-hours, hygiene, birth-control and, in general, common sense; they also, at least intermittently, want struggle and self-sacrifice, not to mention drums, flags and loyalty-parades. However they may be as economic theories, Fascism and Nazism are psychologically far sounder than any hedonistic conception of life. The same is probably true of Stalin’s militarised version of Socialism. All three of the great dictators have enhanced their power by imposing intolerable burdens on their peoples. Whereas Socialism, and even capitalism in a more grudging way, have said to people “I offer you a good time,” Hitler has said to them “I offer you struggle, danger and death,” and as a result a whole nation flings itself at his feet.

A society designed purely around material comfort makes people miserable. They long for quests, duties, aspirations and cooperative goals. This is why Hitler always appeals to us: he is the refutation of individualism, and says instead that meaning comes from the union — or intersection — between nature, civilization, race, God and self.

This is the shadow reason for the backlash which hides behind the obvious reason, which is that Leftism has failed. Not only has it failed, but it has failed to inspire. No one wants to live for the Utilitarian, yet egalitarianism/individualism — and they are the same — is the most Utilitarian mode of thought possible. Our souls are stolen by the “pragmatism” of systems dedicated to nonsense.

Worse than that, in this soul-stealing system, we are essentially subjugated by bullies who force us to believe obvious lies in order to affirm their domination over us. Witness this finely-honed lie that was until recently the official state religion, with all who deviated being ostracized and dying impoverished alone:

Alan R. Templeton, Ph.D., professor of biology in Arts and Sciences at Washington University, has analyzed DNA from global human populations that reveal the patterns of human evolution over the past one million years. He shows that while there is plenty of genetic variation in humans, most of the variation is individual variation. While between-population variation exists, it is either too small, which is a quantitative variation, or it is not the right qualitative type of variation — it does not mark historical sublineages of humanity.

Using the latest molecular biology techniques, Templeton has analyzed millions of genetic sequences found in three distinct types of human DNA and concludes that, in the scientific sense, the world is colorblind. That is, it should be.

“Race is a real cultural, political and economic concept in society, but it is not a biological concept, and that unfortunately is what many people wrongfully consider to be the essence of race in humans — genetic differences,” says Templeton. “Evolutionary history is the key to understanding race, and new molecular biology techniques offer so much on recent evolutionary history. I wanted to bring some objectivity to the topic. This very objective analysis shows the outcome is not even a close call: There’s nothing even like a really distinct subdivision of humanity.”

“The world is colorblind,” repeats the State propaganda on the radio. In this case, it took nearly a decade to undo these lies. We found out that Templeton used too small of a threshold in understanding similarities, and too big of a target in establishing differences. In fact, all of his research is a fraud and a political statement with nothing to do with science, engineered to be propaganda not learning.

The fraud that was perpetrated upon us was designed to manipulate and control us so that the State — an entity disconnected from the organic and amorphous entity that is “a people” — could pacify differences between groups and (hopefully) increase its own wealth. That fraud, like the fraud of globalism, eventually failed. And so now people seek new things.

We also recognize that we were misdirected on race. The question is not whether science officially recognizes race, but that we recognize race: we can discern members of different groups, and we prefer our own group. No measurement can compete with that reality, especially when corrupt scientists like Alan R. Templeton are juggling the figures to portray reality as something other than what it is.

Ideology forced the illusion upon us. Ideology dictates what is correct, socially and politically, and this is by its very nature at odds with what is, namely the underlying mathematics of nature. As a result, ideology is forced to “correct” the error of nature by imposing human intent as reality, and in doing so, displacing actual reality and replacing it with a world of symbols, emotions and political judgments.

This sets up a struggle between realism and ideology, with realism winning because ideology has not only failed, but made us miserable, as one neoconservative writes about his self-engineered fall from grace and consequent rejection of the neoliberal/neoconservative “bipartisan” ideological ideal:

As my doubts grew about neoconservatism, I gave realism another chance. I had generally sympathized with values-based critiques of realism, assuming that balance-of-power diplomacy would inform “a policy of promoting ‘stability’ based on extended authoritarian decay.” I realized, however, that realism is not simply a concession to the world as it is, where religious and ethnic identities retain their stubborn holds, and where human nature resents even the most benevolent efforts to impose societal transformation.

Ideology has run us into bankruptcy. It has shattered our faith in ourselves and in our future. It has made us doubt obvious truths, and filled our heads with lies. The backlash against it is virulent because ideology misled us and destroyed so much in the name of justice, leaving behind a new world order of tedious regularity, fear and neurosis.

How vicious has it been?

Looking at the high consequential cost of ideology, we see that our governments both local and federal have gone broke pursuing the ideological quest of equality, diversity and

All of the programs and incentives put in place by the federal and state governments to induce higher levels of growth by building more infrastructure has made the city of Lafayette functionally insolvent. Lafayette has collectively made more promises than it can keep and it’s not even close. If they operated on accrual accounting — where you account for your long term liabilities — instead of a cash basis — where you don’t — they would have been bankrupt decades ago. This is a pattern we see in every city we’ve examined. It is a byproduct of the American pattern of development we adopted everywhere after World War II.

There are two questions I’m commonly asked when I tell this story. The first is: how did this happen? The second: what do we do now?

The way this happened is pretty simple. At Strong Towns, we call it the Growth Ponzi Scheme. Through a combination of federal incentives, state programs and private capital, cities were able to rapidly grow by expanding horizontally. This provided the local government with the immediate revenues that come from new growth — permit fees, utility fees, property tax increases, sales tax — and, in exchange, the city takes on the long term responsibility of servicing and maintaining all the new infrastructure. The money comes in handy in the present while the future obligation is, well…a long time in the future.

Our society has bankrupted itself in caring for the diverse populations it has adopted. If you look at the map above, you see a functional downtown and some suburbs, and then a vast area of diverse living that essentially absorbs resources. It does so because it cannot compete with the functional parts of society, being geared toward an entirely different way of life.

The entire West will collapse because of this bankruptcy; no nations can stand that owe tons of money for social programs, which generate zero productivity, while sacrificing productivity for that ideological end.

This is the end result of ideology. A few enlightened ones™ rule over a vast mass of proletariat, aided by the sleepwalking bourgeoisie, without ever having formulated a goal of civilization in itself. Instead, the goal is to capitalize on what already is, and to divide it up without producing more. It is a religion of death translated into secular form.

As the West confronts this reality, it must decide its fate: does it continue to pursue the path of the “proposition nation” and ideology, or does it embrace realism — and real biology/genetics — and accept that people are different, and we can still work together, but without the heavy Leftist overtones that require us to be equal? Only time will tell.


Sunday, October 9th, 2016


This is a typical event for the modern consumer:

He needs a service — given that there is great confusion between “want” and “need” — so he signs up for it. He then finds out that it does not work with his existing technology, a common type. There is a work-around: he can use another gadget, but it will be so cumbersome as to render the whole process inefficient.

He goes to the website of the service provider. There are separate websites for sales and service. He logs into sales, then goes to service, where they ask him for a customer number. He has not been given one. For this reason, he cannot login to the service he needs to explore other options, although by looking at what others have written, he can see those do not really exist anyway.

This leaves him scratching his head in wonder. Why is it that the service is so bad, and yet still popular and profitable? Does the company know its website does not work? Why do they not provide the service on the type of gadget he has, just as many hundreds of millions of others do?

Our society retires people because after forty years of observation, they know the workplace jive too well. The people who are advanced to the top are the Hillary Clintons of the world: good at the type of questions they ask in school, smugly self-serving and ready to justify their actions in terms of good intentions.

Let us look at the company that our hypothetical consumer has encountered.

At the top is a businessman. He knows he has a product that people will buy, and they buy enough of it that he can afford to hire a bunch of idiots. He hires idiots because they will not threaten him and take his company from him. He does not care about the quality of the product.

Below him are chattering women and flabby men. These are the middle management layer. Their job is to neurose. For example, when they considered expanding their service to another type of gadget, the people here Did The Right Thing, which was to send off for an exploratory study, a consultant, a feasibility study and a prototype. They hired many people out of the office and generated eighteen metric tons of memos, reports, studies and white papers.

They will not make the service for a new gadget because their experts tell them that it is a bad idea. The experts make money by being contrarian, or telling people that what is true is what is contrary to obvious common sense. The people in the business want to avoid taking risks, but since any action is a risk, this means they want to avoid action. Instead they want to spend their time on the process of being at a job, instead of trying to achieve anything.

To keep the process of the job alive, they will insist on the most mind-numbing tedium possible. They will call many meetings. They will have paperwork requirements for every activity. Every task will become formalized, awash in process and procedure, and will reference at a least a dozen books stating the obvious. To do even a simple task will take months.

For example, they will eventually roll the service out for the other type of gadget. After the exploratory and feasibility studies, the planning and budget meetings, the buy-in by all of the divisions, the marketing and legal sniffover, and then soliciting for bids and choosing vendors, it will take them a year to get the process started. Then, because no one will have thought about the practical dimensions, half of the necessary decisions will be unmade. It will take another five years of back-and-forth between the company, its vendors, and its internal meetings to even get a prototype ready, and at that point, the market (and our hypothetical consumer) will have all but moved on.

The point of jobs is that one must rationalize. The worker must be at a job, so that is good. Then they must succeed at the job. Herein is the problem of equality that guarantees that all jobs will be make-work: when all people are equal, no one is considered for his unique abilities, and so any failure is considered “equally” independent of what he was trying to achieve. This is why the do-nothing working who never does more than just act out the process of the job will always be promoted, but someone who takes a risk by attempting something more than just acting out the process of the job may get fired.

After a few years, the only people left at jobs like these are those who are fascinated — downright excited! — by tedious and inconsequential make-work, or work activity designed to show conformity to the process of the job and therefore, “good work” according to other minds hampered by egalitarianism observing them. They drive away the competent and select for the useless.

This is why the website is broken. The people involved at the time knew it would not work, but knew that they were taking a career-ending risk by mentioning it, so they said nothing. The email address for complaints goes to someone who left the company three years ago, and piles up in her inbox.

The IT guy knows that if he says something, he can make enemies in the company of those who will now have to sort through the email. So he says nothing and simply increases the allotment of space for the account when it fills up. Customers write complaints, those go nowhere, and no one “notices” the broken web site because to do so is to take on risk.

At a job, taking any risk is bad because under egalitarianism, any failure is presumed to be a fatal failure. We cannot look at someone and say, “Sure, Charles hosed that website launch, but he is smarter than the rest of that group and he usually gets good results.” No, in order to placate the herd, who might rebel at any time, we must crucify him.

We destroy people in this society. It is our pastime, since we no longer have a goal and have not for many centuries. We all demand attention, which is why if someone steps out of line, we smash him down. He has threatened the stability by which we all receive attention and/or paychecks. The expectation has become reality because at this point only the very brave or very crazy take risks, knowing the intolerance that failure receives.

The Soviet Union also had this problem. Those who failed to deliver were shot. Since they were often given impossible tasks, they were frequently shot. The end result was that anyone sane refrained from taking any risk possible. That means that if you have a fire risk in your factory, you ignore it, because it is greater personal risk to try fixing it and fail than it is to have a fire. That can always be blamed on the capitalists, anyway.

Jobs are jails. Most of what makes them jail-like is that they are not oriented toward goals, but conformity to the process of work and avoidance of risk-taking; in other words, appearance matters more than reality. Obedience matters more than achievements. And so, people check out. Blatant errors are not noticed. Incompetence and ineptitude rule the day.

As we gather to write an epitaph for post-democracy Western Civilization, itself an epitaph of Western Civilization after it went individualistic after giving up on the ability to get consensus for another Golden Age, we should not forget to note the many ways that this time has failed us. Jobs and incompetent services seem small until you consider that these take up most of most days for the average person.

When it is said that our society died of a spiritual disease, this is true. People have no hope of anything except going along with the conformity and hoping for a regular paycheck. The thought of ambition has died, except in the narrowest sense of piling up money, as has the ability to be noticed for competence, intelligence or other inner traits. In the name of including everyone, we have created a hell on earth.

Thank God For The Collapse

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


The fear and trembling in the West has reached a fever pitch. The Party favorite candidate for sportsball election, Hillary Clinton, has been revealed to be a fungal colony from outer space that reproduces by vomiting mucus into water and collapses at the sight of cooking mushrooms.

In the meantime, the danger signals are too strong to ignore. The economy is doomed because as is typical of Leftist administrations, it is based on demand-side monetary policy, which rewards the trivial and therefore runs itself into collapse. Society is experiencing its 151st straight year of racial antagonism, race riots, rape, murder, police shootings and probably forced sodomy.

We wish we could handle this the usual way, which is to point to Europe and say, “See! Socialism is working there!” and then resurrect our spirits and the economy with more government jobs and benefits, prompting the ghetto-dwellers to buy more iPhones and “prime the pump” for more Potemkin Capitalism action, but the EU is ablaze with its own failures.

Notably, only a handful of people have blamed the real culprits: democracy, which encourages throwaway voting, and the rampant defensive egotism and myopic individualism of the West. To blame those is to indict ourselves, and even worse, to demand that we change. It is much more effective to demand that others change.

So. It looks like the Titanic hit an iceberg of itself, and now is sinking. How shall we mourn?

I suggest mourning not at all. The “old” West — its 1980s-2010s incarnation — was a horrible place. On the surface, it was all wealth and opportunity. Underneath, it was fake. The work was fake and usually unnecessary. The politics were fake. The strip malls lining our nation with another dozen miles of McDonald’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Darque Tan, Applebee’s and other urban blight were poison.

But most of all, it was existential death. There was no purpose to anything except money and “freedom,” except the latter was a lie because the fearful herd banned everything except the crassest pleasures, and you still had to go back to work the next day so you could not do anything too ambitious. And the money, while good, could not buy you more time with your family, or peace in your soul, or wisdom, or even something meaningful enough to spend your life in pursuit of…

Instead, we got a robotic, brain-dead order. The machine stamps pieces of metal with shapes; we stamp children into robots in schools. The right way to make the machine work is to run it for eight hours a day, even if the line is empty; and so, we attend jobs and invent work to fill the time. If something breaks, fix it by dumping money on the problem; we use welfare, benefits and social programs to try to bribe the insane and sociopathic into conformity.

The West was great centuries ago. The modern implementation of it has only been great insofar as it contains seeds of the past, but that greatness is now expired, leaving us with a parasitic, neurotic and masturbatory republic in which no one is really happy. Even the minorities, lavished with trillions of dollars of welfare and benefits, find themselves hating life here because for all that it tries to materially reward them, it is not of them, by them and for them, and thus will always feel alien.

How could we end up making such wrong and worse, idiotic, decisions time after time? Let us deconstruct “we”: people in groups act like morons, even if they are intelligent, and giving them the vote just removes accountability and responsibility. Democracy grinds itself down every time, but for us to get this far, we must have suffered a mental lapse first.

We did. Back before The Enlightenment™ we have The Renaissance™ and before that, Peasant Revolts and Mongol Invasions. The answer is that when a civilization rises, it attracts parasites both within and without. Unless it summons up a Nietzschean level of heroic desire to implement Darwinism and exile the stupid, venal and licentious, it self-destructs. That self-destruction takes millennia, so your Mom and Dad can get away with telling you to forget about it and focus on your career.

And yet: death comes ripping; the collapse is still waiting in the wings, relentless and unthinking, an insect doom which will consume all in its path. Now that it has like a locust eaten the best part of the crop, it is nibbling at what is left, which is very low-nutrition.

“But, how do we stop this?” scream the population in panic — just kidding: they are on Facebook, or watching television, or shopping, doing anything really as long as it is obsessive enough to cram in the maw of The Void…. but it is not working. The doubt creeps in, the cold sweats and nocturnal fears. And so they bravely slam down the iPad and start Googling something, anything… anything to fill the void.

Is this the kind of life you envision for your great-grandchildren? What about yourself? These questions are toxic poison in any conversation, and that is why the West A.D. 2016 (aka $current_year) must die: it is a denial of all that is good, and then, a refusal to acknowledge that the bad is not good, all for the pretense of the voters, a.k.a. ourselves.

It is time for us to grow up. We have spent centuries wallowing in stupidity and that has meant that only idiots succeed, only fools rule, only morons win. This has sapped us of any heart or energy, and now we are just struggling to make it through each day without seeing the blackness rushing at us. Let that way of life die. Even if all goes down in flames, it is better to try to rise above this and perish, than to continue living a lie.

A Film About Otherness: Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992)

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Gay Niggers From Outer Space from Njurmännen on Vimeo.

Like many good things, this film is an enigma wrapped in an illusion hidden in an ambiguity. Gayniggers From Outer Space is in theory about black people from space; it comes to us from Denmark, where as in most of Europe, the term Americans refer to “the n-word” is not as demonized, since there is no history of black slavery.

However, this film is not about black people. It uses black people as a symbol for the Other, but what is most outsider about these space Africans is that they are flagrantly, flamingly and obsessively homosexual. Their mission is to cure planet Earth of the plague of women that restrains men from their true homosexual selves.

Indeed, that is very outside of our modern comfrot zone. And yet, it makes sense: only those who are total outsiders can see what we struggle with. And what that is, is conflicting self-interest.

You are what you are. That simple phrase reveals so much, yet remains inscrutable. If you are a gay African spaceman, you will want to eliminate women and set men free… to be gay spacemen. If you are a woman, you may have a different perspective.

That is the paradox this movie presents us with. It is not about Africans, or gays, but about Otherness, and how in modern society, we are surrounded by Otherness, and what we secretly desire is to exterminate the Otherness and exist with our own. This movie unveils our psychology, to our great discomfort. A+

The Temptation of False Targets

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Greg Johnson writes an interesting point here:

White Nationalism has only one message for homosexuals: white homosexuals have more important interests in common with other whites than they do with non-white homosexuals.

I agree with him, both for the reasons he asserts, and for another.

It is a human tendency to find scapegoats instead of tackling difficult problems, especially those within us which require self-discipline, which is the basis of all human success.

Our problem is that our civilization is declining. If you see a gay pride parade and find it repellent, ask yourself which of these elements is most important:

  • That people are homosexual.
  • That they like to demonstrate this.
  • That they demonstrate in groups.
  • That government supports them.
  • That voters support government.

At the base of our problem tree is the honest glitch: voters support insane ideas which cause society to drift ever Leftward, which is a necessary consequence of the egalitarian ideology.

People are gay. People have always been gay. A sane approach is to let them be gay in a way that does not harm others, which is quietly in their own districts where they are safe from pogroms (backward baseball cap frat boys on a testosterone rampage) and the rest of society is left alone from their influence. This is neither tolerance nor intolerance, but coexistence: we recognize them as a different tribe which nonetheless is related to their own, and give them a place to be what they are in safety, so that they are not forced into marriage and breeding to cover up the obvious.

In this view, if someone is gay in the Alternative Right, we kind of shrug and say, “Well, as long as it is kept quiet, we’re okay with it.” This is the same attitude we adopt toward heterosexuals, by the way. We do not want to see your public displays of affection, and loathe promiscuity, so we encourage social institutions that separate the normal, chaste, conservative and naturalistic from the ragingly promiscuous. By the same token, we do not wish to see heterosexual behavior in public beyond the very innocent, which teaches our children that family, faith and love are the only questions in the sphere of sex, relationships and gender.

That is our need. It is our bottom line. Homosexuals can be a “co-tribe” where they support this goal also, but that requires some quid pro quo. To that end, we protect them from scapegoating, and give them spaces where they can do what they need to and the rest of us do not have to see it.

On the Right, there are often attempts to “scene police” by beating up on deviants. This misses the point. The real threat of entryism comes from people who are Right-wing in appearance, but Leftist in underlying ideas. You can scene police only on this basis, and finding scapegoats reduces the likelihood of doing so.

Counterpoint: Keep Social Media Open To Win The War On Terror

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

In response to my esteemed colleague, I argue against any censorship of social media.

Our biggest problem in any age is ignorance of what other people are thinking. People are deceptive enough without the confusions of politics, but we also have a media that hides any anti-majority viewpoint behind a smoke screen of victimhood, poverty and banal cultural Marxist theory.

Let us get the viewpoints out in the open. We suffer nothing for hearing exactly why they hate us, which has to do with two crucial factors:

  • They hate our degeneracy. Girls in bikinis and casual sex equal no healthy families. Leftist politics and consumerism equal neurotic people. No sane person wants this in their countries, and unlike us who have accepted this condition as normal since birth, they can see it coming and want it to stay far away.

  • Clash of civilizations. Diversity does not work; civilizations differ in value and cannot occupy the same space, which is why racial/ethnic, religious and cultural diversity always fail. Our governments and media are beating the tin drum of pluralism and its subset, diversity. We need to see clearly how these do not work.

The last thing we want to do is to deny people a voice. When they get a chance to have their say, they can appreciate that we will disagree, but at least we did not tell them, “Your viewpoint threatens us or is insignificant to us, so we will ignore your concerns and keep doing what we were doing before.”

Constant attempts to censor people not just for “racist” content but even other political speech, such as raging against cops or demanding an end to mixed-race America from a minority perspective, do nothing but inflame those viewpoints with legitimacy derived from the fact that we feared them enough to stop them from being spoken.

Terrorism succeeds by generating media attention, but trying to censor terrorism only makes terrorists seem like mystical, intriguing figures who bring us a suppressed truth. Let it out in the open, and let us read their speeches, writings and comments. Let us see where we all stand.

Democracy gives us no hope because most people are inert, but the way to combat that is to allow all voices a platform and to see who clusters to that platform. Then we can see how we actually feel, instead of how we speak around others in order to flatter them so that they will hire us, date us, befriend us, rent to us and sell to us.

We can properly understand terrorism as another form of warfare, and warfare from arising through the breakdown of politics. That situation can be ameliorated by bringing politics back into the equation, but that requires that we actually listen to each other. Censorship is the exact opposite, and will turn us ignorant and jingoistic.

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