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Outrage — Not Despondency — Can Save Conservatives After FBI Betrayal

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


After the FBI betrayal, the Left is counting on two things: first, the Leftist base will be energized with a sense of entitlement and revenge, and second that conservatives will as usual become despondent and resignedly throw in the towel as they have for most of the past seven decades.

Outrage, not despondency, is our best weapon at this point. If you must have an emotional response, and it is difficult not to be emotional at this time, view the situation this way: the betrayal occurred because government has been so thoroughly penetrated by Deep State manipulation that it is impossible to fix it.

This is why we need an outsider like Donald J. Trump: he needs to go in there and make government accountable to results, in the part displacing the Red Guards who currently rule by ideological purity alone. They say what makes their base happy and then ignore the mounting failures of these pleasant words when put into practice.

If we do not turn away this beast, we will see only more of the same from now until the end, which will not be far off. We will follow the path of Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union and other societies which went down the ideological rabbit hole. All of them ended up in a state of failure because ideology is inherently a denial of reality.

Let the anger flow through you. You have been lied to, betrayed, deceived and victimized by those who are raiding the public wealth for their own personal benefit. Hillary was not a wealthy woman until she began selling political favors for money, and now she is quite wealthy. This is the face of corruption.

Conservatives need to get over their tendency to write off the world as broken and hopeless because idiots are ruling it, and instead, fight back. It takes 2-5% of a society to come together on an idea to force change. We have to be that unit, and to drive these corrupt and horrible people out of our country because they will do nothing but betray us, time and time again, ever and ever after.

FBI Creates Two-Punch Boost For Clinton

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


By now most have realized that the FBI, after beginning an investigation with much fanfare, has declined to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime. The timing was suspicious and now is impeccable.

When Director James B. Comey announced that he was re-opening the investigation, outrage was unanimous on the Left — which should have clued us in. We know that the Left media conspire via backchannels and in this case, they most likely were.

Their plan was simple: bemoan the event, cry out as if injured, and goad on the Right. This caused the Right to assume that an actual injury had occurred, and therefore to praise Comey and his FBI. Now that, several days later, Comey is no longer doing what the Right wants, they cannot exactly rescind that praise can they? The source they approved of has now done the bidding of their enemies.

Even more, this event comes at the right time: 48 hours before the vote, which is enough time to embolden the Left voters and get them to the polls.

The FBI has set forth a two-punch event. The second punch is the rumor of al-Qaeda attacks on Monday, which should have clued us in since al-Qaeda has been invisible for years. If attacks occur, they would help Trump by showing that terrorism is live and active. But if nothing happens, then it makes the terror threat look like nonsense dreamed up by “bigots” to further exclude the brown.

This subterfuge can be fought. The message is this: the media is corrupt, they have corrupted the FBI, and now they want to put the Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton onto the throne to pardon them all and continue their nearly uninterrupted rule since the end of WWII. Trust no one who benefits from the current system, and get everyone you can to the polls.

As We Predicted, The FBI Has Vindicated Clinton

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


Early reports suggest that the FBI has abandoned its attempt to indict Hillary Clinton for her various security evasions and mishandling of classified information. The temptation was too great to rubber-stamp her two days before the election and lo and behold, here we are on Sunday with voting on Tuesday.

This “October Surprise” may have been a secret anti-Trump assault, or perhaps just a savvy operator playing both sides and delivering Trump a boost, which ironically came after the acceleration of the Trump candidacy after the third debate.

The counter-shock may help Clinton, but it is equally likely at this point that the die is cast: ideologues and identity voters, mostly white women, do not care about Clinton’s various crimes and everyone else sees too many different disturbing events and cover-ups for all of them to be fake, and will never have her.

Beware Of The FBI Clinton Email Miracle

Monday, October 31st, 2016


As Amerika has noted before, the miracle of the FBI re-opening an investigation into the Hillary Clinton emails may in fact be deception which will snap shut like a trap right before the election when the FBI declares her innocent:

These emails were not sent by Hillary Clinton, and the FBI has no evidence of wrongdoing by her, according to a source familiar with the investigation. The FBI is only just beginning the process of trying to look at these emails to determine whether they offer any new evidence in the Clinton matter.

The challenge for the Left is to get its base energized to get to the polls, which true to the nature of Crowds, requires some great drama. The possibility of the first black President really woke them up, and fear of G.W. Bush did also. But in this election, Hillary consistently strikes voters as boring and untrustworthy, and most of them wanted self-identified socialism in the persona of wizened neurotic Bernie Sanders instead.

Imagine the trap slamming shut this way: two days before the election, FBI Director Comey gives a press conference. In it, he says nothing of great substance, only that the investigation produced nothing solid enough to justify its continued existence. Or, he says that the FBI is backing down because it was denied a court order to use the emails found in a child-porn investigation to pursue a national security one.

Either way, the message is clear to the Democrat base. The evil has attempted to destroy us with underhanded tactics, so it is time to take our revenge, and Leftists love nothing more than a revenge fantasy. They surge into the polls along with their compatriots from beyond the grave, and usher Hillary into office.

The Right, having though itself ahead, becomes dispirited. It takes people about 48 hours to recover from a shock of that nature, so the counter-reaction will be warming up just as the polls close. In the meantime, many who had hope will have given up that hope, and stayed home. Consider this.

Beware Treachery With This October Surprise

Saturday, October 29th, 2016


Republicans everywhere are rejoicing that the FBI re-opened its investigation into the Clinton emails. This is a natural and healthy response, but emotions carry us away, and we forget that risks exist and may have intensified.

The American government is obviously not trustworthy, having been run by the Clinton-Obama gang for most of the past twenty-five years. The FBI, to which Clinton donations flowed, is suspected of being compromised.

This leads us to ask: why would it re-open an investigation that could hurt its candidate?

The risk here is that this investigation is a sham. The FBI opens an inquiry, and then two days before the election slams it shut by concluding that there is nothing to investigate.

Result: rally at the polls in the last 48 hours, which is essential for the democrats because their high time preference audience only act when spurred to action by some great fear or chance of upsetting the existing order.

It may be that Director Comey simply played this one coy in order to avoid putting his own head on the chopping block. He followed the Washington order, and then allowed pressure against him to build before discovering “new” information that enabled him to act on that rising public interest.

More likely, however, the FBI is going to do again what it did the first time: bury the story by using the assumption of its integrity as a shield, exonerating Clinton and thus reviving her campaign. The FBI may be compromised by Clinton political “favors.”

We also know that the press cannot be trusted, and when all of them at once react to something the same way, it is most likely a plot. As we saw with the JournoList scandal, Leftist journalists — which is all but a few of them — conspire behind the scenes through social events.

Beware of treachery. The Leftist is an opium addict, seeing the world through clouds of smoke in which his Utopian dream plays like bad 80s movie flashback. If some of that smoke is from the destruction of others, it just adds richness to the picture.

As a result, Leftists are monomaniacal where Conservatives are heterodox. The Leftist pushes onward toward the ideological goal at all times and does not care about the honesty or consequences of its actions. To them, deception in the service of that goal is noble, not destructive.

Conservatives are on vacation right now. Hurrah, hurray! The great October surprise has arrived that vindicates us, and now we can all go back to sleep, which is the conservative tendency. We get so wrapped up in personal life that we forget the need to curate civilization, culture and morality — to our shame.

But put this on for style: FBI investigates Clinton, then declares a non-issue. Then they investigate again, and two days before the election, do the same exact thing. Then the media, which was play-acting at being in “panic mode,” turns around and blasts out powerful propaganda to wake up the Leftist base and get them to the polls.

More transparent tactics have worked in the past, and this would work brilliantly. The Right will not have time to counter it. Director Comey will go home with his personal career intact, and Hillary will no longer face the threat of criminal charges, paving the way for the Establishment candidate in the White House.

If there is any significant influence by the Left at the FBI, this new investigation will be used to vindicate Hillary Clinton and hurt Donald J. Trump. In turn, that will save the FBI from any future scrutiny. Under that guise, everyone “wins” in the way their personal fortunes increase at the expense of our shared future.

It’s something to think about.

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