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Faith Through Nihilism

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

To most people, there are only two options: inherent belief to human purpose in the universe, or an absence of anything resembling purpose or belief. The latter are commonly called nihilists.

A sensible version of nihilism cuts to its core, which is distrust of all things perceived through the human mind:

Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence.

The fundamental separation here occurs through the recognition that values, communication and truth are proxies or intermediates for reality. Our brains will recognize conclusions about the world, encode them in tokens and share them with others, but then the tokens become more important than results in reality. The same happens with money, popularity, religion and systems of control.

For this reason, nihilism is not what most people think it is, which is giving up on knowing reality at all or caring about the consequences of our actions. Instead, it is a refusal to let the human symbols for reality supersede reality itself, a condition known as solipsism which is the root of most common human errors.

Since most people are solipsistic, they want an excuse to give up on reality itself, not its proxies. They do this by strengthening the proxies instead of focusing on reality, or cause-effect results in the world outside our heads. One way to do this is a fanatical “anti-relativism” that emphasizes devotional truths, but the other is fatalism, or proclaiming that all reality is pointless except that in the human mind.

The kiddie form of nihilism arises from this, and ends up being a brew of individualism and anarchism, or essentially an individual without obligations to be correct in his or her statements. This allows the individual to justify inaction and selfishness as some form of “higher truth.”

And so, what does nihilism say about faith? First, it rejects the idea of any belief; in other words, there must be a source of spiritual understanding based on the world and its patterns, much as we know anything else. Next, this spiritual understanding cannot be communicated, only achieved by those who go along the path of cumulative learning.

Nihilism thus rejects exoteric faiths, or those based on the idea that we can communicate metaphysical or spiritual understanding through tokens, or that faith can be adopted on that basis. Religious texts can inform our understanding, but the source of the understanding comes from finding similarities between what is there and what exists in the world.

The root of metaphysics through nihilism is the same radical skepticism toward humanity that is found in most religious texts. Most humans, being monkeys plus language, have low capacity for analytical thinking or any real passion. Instead, they focus on the ego, externalizing choice to factors such as bodily impulses, socializing with others, and following what the group does.

An examination of the external world however reveals a potent clue: patterns, not physical matter, rule the day. That is: matter arranged in patterns has properties beyond its immediate physical presence, and these patterns can appear in different forms of matter and have the same effect, which means that patterns are more important than materiality.

The classic example of this is a chair. It can be made out of wood, stone, metal, plastic or even human bones, and still serves the same function. The design of the chair — four legs, a platform and a back — is where the magic lies, not in the plastic or bone. In the same way, forms of organization of groups or ideas have greater power than what they are written on or the tokens used. The idea is all.

From this realization comes the first honest spirituality. When life is seen in terms of patterns, those patterns can be compared and arranged, showing how reality is structured. This is separate from purpose, because that is a choice of the individual human, but those choices reflect the moral composition, intelligence and honesty of those individuals.

In turn, this places an emphasis on thought, or at least thought that is consistent with the world around it, making it a continuation of the world in the mind. Here a fine line arises: the world is thought, but not just any thought, since most human thought is a closed-circuit feedback loop of the impulses of the body and ego, and unrelated to the broader world.

When one sees the world as thought, something better than inherent purpose emerges: a sense that the world is calculating, or transacting change toward an ongoing end like evolution itself. Our thoughts take the same pattern, which is that many options emerge and are slowly whittled down to a final model, which is then refined qualitatively or in terms of degree of efficiency, accuracy and elegance.

At that point, the world takes on a new perspective. Instead of the world being the cause of thoughts, thoughts — or the evolution thereof — are the cause of the world, and it reveals its tendencies toward beauty and goodness through the seemingly endless creativity of nature and the many possibilities it gives us.

Through eyes that have realized this truth, a forest becomes not just an object of beauty, but a sense of beauty joined to function, revealing a pattern of thought that emphasizes something we can only call holiness. It takes us beyond the requirements of mere utilitarianism and shows us that the universe points in a different direction, toward an experience of greatness and existential pleasure.

With that, we realize that life has given us a clue: it is not random after all, nor is it ugly. Instead, it is us that are ugly. We resist a world that would push us to greater heights because we fear losing control. And yet, the world tries for beauty, which is how we know that we are immortal and that striving for excellence is worthy. Only then do we join the eternal pattern of our cosmos.

The Essence Of Supernatural Thinking

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


The question of the supernatural boils down to a simple metric: is the world organized by material, or by information?

If it is organized by material, then bits of stuff just bounce into one another and create what we know of as reality. Opponents call this nihilism because it believes in no ordering force. Intelligent Design tries to work around that by saying that a cosmic chess-player designed those material pieces to create an emergent order.

If it is organized by information, material is the canvas through which order is expressed. This suggests that what happens in reality is more of a calculation, or interaction between material parts to derive informational results, than a pre-planned order. It is both emergent and animate.

The argument for an underlying mathematical or informational order to reality is separate from the question of purpose. We are agents of choice by virtue of being alive; we make choices based on our ability to perceive and our honesty in doing so; there is no inherent right or wrong, but those who choose to pursue reality find it has much to teach.

In discovering reality, one finds oneself look at structure or patterns, and comparing what one knows of how things work to what is seen. This can lead to a perception of an underlying system of order:

A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidents and things. They don’t realize that there’s this, like, lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything. Give you an example, show you what I mean: suppose you’re thinkin’ about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly someone’ll say, like, “plate,” or “shrimp,” or “plate of shrimp” out of the blue, no explanation. No point in lookin’ for one, either. It’s all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.

The above, from the movie Repo Man, is designed to be humorous, but illustrates the basic point: either we think there is a principle of organization, or not. If there is a principle of organization, it is not material.

This presents a quandary to our highly material minds. We work from the original material, which is our bodies and their needs, and inevitably extend that into the social sphere because it is composed of other bodies like us. Bodily needs and desires are universal; contemplative analysis of the order of existence is not.

But over time, we see how patterns repeat. How those implicate other patterns. And how, at the heart of it all, the entirety of existence appears to be alive.

Bruce Charlton illustrates this with his insight into synchronicity:

But this understanding of synchronicity assumes that Life is nearly-all discrete, granular, autonomous and unconnected events: just ‘bits’ of information.

In contrast, synchronicity is ‘telling’ us the opposite about Life – that in reality our Life is a web of relationships between conscious entities – like a dream.

The point of synchronicity is really very simple, and does not need decoding – because it is not a informational message. Synchronicity is the sudden awareness that Life is a web of connected and purposive relationships; and that there are many entities around us involved in these relationships – things as well as people.

The division comes down to the alive-ness of life. If you sense that reality acts like an organism, pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. This is an esoteric understanding, however, and not accessible to most. But, as many of our smartest and best people have discovered, it is the understanding which unites all the parts of reality.

This seeming paradox exploded into public consciousness with quantum mechanics, which affirm an order which works outside linearity and likely, outside materiality:

Some claim that it shows quantum mechanics implies action-at-a-distance, period. Others maintain that we can still avoid action-at-a-distance by denying that quantum mechanics is a theory about a reality in space and time. Either way, the consensus is that Einstein can’t have what he wanted – a real world in space and time, without action-at-a-distance.

…Ordinarily, we think that the past is fixed while the future is open, or partly so. Doesn’t our freedom to affect the future depend on this openness? How could we affect what was already fixed? These are deep philosophical waters, but we don’t have to paddle out very far to see that we have some options. We can say that, according to the retrocausal proposal, quantum theory shows that the division between what is fixed and what is open doesn’t line up neatly with the distinction between past and future. Some of the past turns out to be open, too, in whatever sense the future is open.

Interestingly, the most likely solution to this problem is relativity across time as well as space:

Costa de Beauregard pointed out that Alice could affect Bob’s particle without action-at-a-distance, if the influence followed an indirect, zigzag path through space and time, via the point in the past where the two particles intersect. But there are no zigzags like that in standard quantum mechanics, so if we put them in we are actually agreeing with Einstein that the theory is incomplete.

This gives us an interesting model: two events can influence one another across space and time, with each event adjusting itself to match the other, not so much as if they were entangled but as if they were different computations whose results rely on one another. We can see the same effect in microprocessors where a thread is dependent on the outcome of another thread, and must adjust the form of that outcome, for example number of decimal places, based on what is calculated in the other thread.

In my hopefully-upcoming book Parallelism, I argue for another approach: events are not just dependent on one another across time, but can partially create one another through pattern similarity, such that things which are potentially true become true when they find structural counterparts in another event, including a person. In this view, we create supernatural reality from supernatural possibility.

At that point, we have taken the world-organized-by-information to the place where the cosmic idealists of the past visualized it: the universe as a vast informational construct, with a purpose of its own, in which we can by emulating its patterns gain greater power, if we so choose.

Very little in life is simple. This approach is not as simple, popular or gratifying as exoteric liberal Christianity or materialistic atheism, but it is more logical in a world where most is mystery, and the underlying patterns dwarf their material outcomes in importance.

The Greatest

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

My friend Russell Campbell recently approached me, telling me he was disappointed by the Freemasons. Expecting to be bestowed with Enlightened Wisdom as he heaved against the heavy oakwood doors to enter the lodge, he instead stumbled upon a society for male fellowship. Guys looking for a reason “to hang out”, meanwhile making a charade of their intentions to better the world.

Facebook is another example, full of people declaring their ideological stances. But what do they really do to make a difference? They post opinions and that’s about it. My friend informed me he grew weary of people complaining about government yet were not willing to try and change things – they would rather complain than get involved. And if they would get involved in a matter, he told me, it would only be because they directly experienced how a decision affected their immediate self-interest. At that point it is usually already too late.

I recently experienced an example of this myself. Five years ago, the aldermen declared they would crack down on dog-poop. Politicians from all walks of life had complained about the dog-poop and had noticed how very little had been done.

Five years later, only three fines for dog-poop had been dished out, and it was revealed that the official in charge for delivering the fines was paid five hours for the processing of one complaint. The politicians repeated their severe criticism, and the mayor did what he could to protect the officials that were his personnel. He promised the fight against dog-poop would really become efficient this time, because the budget had been increased.

This made me remark that a larger budget was no solution, since the existing budget had been used inefficiently. The aldermen currently in charge of the officials are politically very different from those of five years ago. The promise the mayor had made was exactly the same. Therefore I realized that the apparatus of the officials was completely autonomous and beyond control of the aldermen, regardless of their political affiliation. By admitting such, however, they, as ‘controllers’ would lose their right to exist, so all that the major could do was to offer a defence of inertia. That’s what it was: A defence of inertia.

I suppose the only solution was to throw out the branch of officials in charge of the dog-poop affair, and replace them by pay-per-fine workers. This would probably be impossible for those politicians to arrange, since the jobs of officials are very securely protected by law. The law in turn, is largely composed by ‘experts’ – officials working for aldermen and ministers. As a result, there’s little politicians can do – even those who pledged publicly to cut back on bureaucracy – other than to dance to the tune of the piper while keeping up an image of credibility towards the public eye.

The point is not that the politicians have control. The point is that people believe in the illusion of control. Because this will allow them to sleep comfortably at night, resulting in stability. The aim of our political order, our Trias Politica, is not that life is arranged in accordance to the ideological principles of the representatives we as a people have chosen. No, the aim is to quench unrest. So that people can arrange their lives in accordance to any appetites that emerge, so that, however trivial or shallow these may be, people can at least pursue them without being disturbed.

Previously it was revealed that generally speaking, people will only get involved at the last moment, once their immediate interests are directly touched upon. As we shall see, this was pointed out by Von Clausewitz and Machiavelli. One would be right in saying that, by refusing to act against the government, the likes of people Russell Campbell refered to damage their direct self-interest. This is correct; it’s just that the impulses they receive from bodily pleasures dominate their brains over any longer term consideration. Therefore they’re not willing to exert effort for things of which they can’t understand how they directly connect to their lives. This observation explains how come it is often frustrating to hear someone say they do not care about politics, because they do not realize how much it affects the life they live. They cannot see beyond their own nose.

People, by nature, tend to avoid excessive exertion, because evolution has formed us to be conservative with our energies. If we would truly look ahead at the eventual results of our decisions, we would realize that it is in our long-term interest to throw our full weight behind our efforts in the present. If we gain an advantage now, we can use this advantage to more easily acquire new advantages in the future, making it more likely that we will attain our final goals. We must understand this, and apply it as a guiding principle to anything we do in life. We must not allow inertia to overcome us. Alternatively, if we do not refute a political decision of the government right now, it will be harder to put a stop to new measures proposed by them in the future, since they will already be prepared for the procedure while we still have to rally a majority against them.

Lastly, even the final decision of a whole War is not always to be regarded as absolute. The conquered State often sees in it only a passing evil, which may be repaired in after times by means of political combinations. How much this must modify the degree of tension, and the vigour of the efforts made, is evident in itself.” – Carl von Clausewitz, On War

With this, Von Clausewitz tried to make clear that a full mobilization of the force one can potentially exert, has the highest chance of gaining success. Yet this not what usually happens; “Well, we don’t need to have every piece of artillery up in the mountains by noon. If a few arrive late on schedule, it’ll have to do, because afterwards we can still fall back to the forests.” In politics, this translates to: “Well, if today we don’t cleanse the cities of the dog-poop, people will be pissed. But they have a rather short memory – even if today we rid the city of dog-poop, they will have forgotten by next year. So the situation will have to do for now. There will be plenty of opportunity to dish out more dog-poop fines next year, when the budget will be higher.” “Oh, Obama’s going to do more government spending. This is bad for the financial future of my country. But hey, this year I can still go on holiday to Spain, so I don’t have to complain just yet. Right now, I can’t really foresee the consequences of a drastic cut in spending. There will still be plenty of opportunities to cut spending next year.”

Machiavelli, too, emphasized how inertia is a political force of its own;

Nelematus, not being able to endure the tyranny of Aristotimus, Tyrant of Epirus, assembled in his house many relatives and friends, and exhorted them to liberate their country; several of them requested time to discuss and arrange it, whereupon Nelematus made his slaves lock the house, and to those whom he had called he said, either you swear to go now and carry out the execution of this (plot), or I will give you all as prisoners to Aristotimus: moved by these words they swore, and going out without any (further) intermission of time, successfully carried out the plot of Nelematus

It is seen how much men are dilatory in things when they believe they have time, and how ready they are when necessity drives them. Nor can a Prince or a Republic who want, for their own advantage, to defer the discovery (of a conspiracy) use better means than to hold out another opportunity to the conspirators through slyness, so that they expecting it, or it appearing to them to have time, the (Prince) or (Republic) will have time to castigate them. Whoever has done otherwise has accelerated his ruin, as did the Duke of Athens and Guglieimo De Pazzi. The Duke, having become Tyrant of Florence, and learning that he was being conspired against, caused ((without otherwise examining the matter)) one of the conspirators to be taken, which quickly made the others take up arms, and take the State away from him.” – Niccolò Machiavelli, Discorsi

Great results are usually only booked under extreme pressure – not under extreme Freedom, like Ayn Rand supposes. As evidence I could point at the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The Protestant tradesmen were only prepared to pay for a large-scale contribution because they had the breath of Louis XIV panting down their necks. Same thing could be said for the splicing of the atom, the radar, jet planes, and computer code, developments which were all accelerated by World War II. Or space travel, by the Cold War. It’s do or die that produces the edifices of human Greatness that last to face the dusk of time, not do as you wish.

“People generally rather complain than get involved. And if they would get involved with something, it is only once they directly experience that this thing affects their immediate self-interest.”

Like “I think, therefore I am” was the primal principle, the founding stone, of Descartes’ thought, the above statement can be said to be Machiavelli’s. It is True, and once acknowledged as such, it shows how Kant’s categorical imperative is useless. After all we already admitted people can’t see past their own nose, so how could they ever oversee whether some action they are about to perform could be acceptable in a kingdom of infinitely entangled ends?

Kant may have said: “Always treat others as goals in themselves, and when you act, do it according to a principle of conduct that you would agree with if it were made into an eternal law,” which is the categorical imperative. And against that I quote The Prince: “Because there is such a vast difference between how people live, and how they ought to live, that someone who neglects what one does for something one should do, faces his demise rather than his success. Because a man who always and at any cost proves himself good, will inevitably perish at the hands of so many who are not good.” Clearly the golden rule of Kant is not proof to masochism and sadomasochists; such individuals appreciate doing and receiving pain. Therefore they would find it agreeable that doing and receiving pain would be made into a general and eternal law.

If I would live in consistent accordance with Kant’s principle, then someone would start mustering my services for his own cause while pretending to see me as a goal in myself, but discard me the moment I would no longer be necessary to that person. That way such persons would work their way up in society, expanding their influence by surrounding themselves with wealth and prestige, using the naive followers of Kant as steps. And eventually we find such persons introducing policies that alter the public spirit.

“People generally rather complain than get involved. And if they would get involved with something, it is only once they directly experience that this thing affects their immediate self-interest,” explains why the philosophy of Communism must inevitably deteriorate into severe despotism, where no action is performed unless directly governed by the lash. After all, these enthusiasts start out from the ideal of an autonomous community where everyone voluntarily supplies labour to supply for the needs of others. Yet people’s natural inertia is only overcome once self-interest is directly in peril. Which means they will be inclined to let others work harder than themselves. Until of course all the reservoirs have been depleted, when base poverty will be the bottom line. They will work, but they will not put as much effort behind their work as they expect from their comrades. From that it follows that the only way to avoid sheer poverty is to constantly remind the workers that not working will result in immediate pain.

(On a side note, Marx argued that the modes of production were the base of the economy, and thus of the whole society, and that Idealism really played no role of importance. He held it to be just a secondary consequence of Hegel’s bourgeois philosophy. Against this, it can be said that productive work can be ensured by the crack of the whip, but True innovation springs form Inspired Idealism and genuine motivation, such as Einstein’s drive to understand the workings of the universe. Idealism, culture and attitude are therefore not the superstructure of World Civilizations, but form their base.)

Marx’ aim was to entrust the means of production to the workers, so that they would create a self-supplying community in which they’d have plenty of time left to devote to self-elevating activities. Like the Marxists, Ayn Rand was foolish in this aspect too. She thought that by freeing people from non-voluntary control, they would use their time to advance knowledge and deepen their cultural awareness. This is nonsense. Instead they will generally use their time to watch garbage on television. The masses appreciate Ayn Rand’s ‘hero’, the industrial-scientist-entrepreneur who single-handedly worked himself up to power and fame without government interference, for the wealth they produce. After all without them, they wouldn’t have ghettoblasters and sportcars, but they are alien to their stance in life, like they are opposed to that of Einstein. “Someone who neglects what one does for something one should do, faces his demise rather than his success.” They take advantage of the ‘heroes’ by enjoying the goods their research provides, but secretly they envy and mock their studious commitment. If you obtain a perfect score in some test, the cute girl you helped with her test-preparation might say “well done”, but she won’t date you, because she will consider you a serious guy she could never have a laugh with.

Einstein wore socks of two different colours because the revelations emanating from his mind unveiled themselves on a higher plane, too enthralling to even notice the socks. If he had not risen in status because he was recruited by some government struggling with the threat of conquest from outside, people would have laughed at his confused ramblings. If he had entered a bar and had tried to converse about the subject, people would have thrown beer into his face since the quest for True understanding of the universe is for them unpopular theoretical garbage.

Quite simply, if you were like the heroes Ayn Rand describes in her novels, you couldn’t even pick up a girl at a bar. Okay, granted – by hiding the intimidating Greatness of your thoughts behind a mask of empty charm, sure, you could. But she would be a “gold digger” and you would soon grow bored of her shallowness. With Hobbes, Rand shared the idea that absence of strain was the highest end attainable to man. But where Hobbes was moved by the idea that the nature of things is war and that man was a wolf, Rand thought that (absolute) Freedom would drive all things to the best of their ability. This stance betrays her assumption that the nature of the universe is fundamentally good, so that by taking away compulsion and strain all things automatically drift towards where they must be, and find their proper place within this cosmic order.

This vision, however, leaves no room for the tragic or the unfitting – the misplaced. It denies the essence of the misplaced as such. The inability for a man of Great vision to connect with contemporary women on a genuine level, due to the encroachment of shallowness and social atomism upon society. Now that is tragedy. It’s a part of life that can’t be mended, or wished away, or remade. No amount of Freedom can correct this, since a daily life lead in absence of strain, yet without a genuine intimate mutual human connection, can’t be classified as True Liberty. This is a part of life that’s fundamentally broken, misplaced, and it demands recognition as such. Best thing a contemporary hero-genius can do today is to visit a bar and try to hit on a girl, while keeping his ambitious idealism unbeknownst to her. He might be lucky and have sex, but he will never have intimacy. And he will have to watch out for beer being thrown in his face.

Green libertarian nationalists

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Some little known nationalist discussion group gets its act together.

On the Ground Zero mosque:

This is an older dispute than the WTC tower event. The dispute is this: is America defined by its ideas or by its founding people. The left side says ideas, modern lefty ones, essentially make people. The right side says people are a natural biological and cultural continuum.

Left side America says anyone can come because all they have to do is make the pledge, sign on the dotted line, and voila, instant American. In other words, American as such is nothing more than trivial formalities in series that even one of the great apes or perhaps with assistance for the mobility challenged, a stray dog can perform.

Right side America says we have an America as such because of people much like themselves and if the people change, then at some point the America that people worldwide have loved in the past may not be such a loved place in the future.

Can we swamp Japan in Scandinavians and still have those things we respect about Japan continue into the future? Can we overwhelm Tanzania with Chinese immigrants and still have an authentic African tribal aesthetic and an exotic Dark Continent vibe therein?

On the PRC occupation of Tibet:

There is room enough for cultures that have developed further in some direction and for cultures that have yet to strive as far in their own direction. What’s the hurry to ‘develop’ or ‘progress’ anyway?

There is no need at all for one culture to overlap with another and create the social sickness called multiculturalism. It is multiculturalism, not Mongol people, not the Han, that is the one and only problem in this case.

On the Holy Land of more than one group:

Nationalist can work but not if two nations inhabit the same land. That is multiculturalism. When multiculturalism happens and internal conflict sets in, the leftist academics, media and politicians will point an accusing finger at one group and insist their nationalism is wrong. The truth is that multiculturalism is the problem and that any group will by definition have nationalist cohesion to some degree.

On the modern way of life:

For the past century rampant consumerism has

  • replaced all our once cherished ancient cultures with phony ethnic themed products
  • introduced waves of mass immigrant cheap labor of such scale that it is an ethnic cleansing of us
  • set us on a path of endless international wars for access to more and more raw materials creating a bankrupt empire
  • clear cut our forests for now boarded up malls with lifeless parking lots and low rent housing packed with minority welfare colonies
  • used our only sources of fresh water for toxic waste dumping to the extent that 19 out of 20 sources are hazardous
  • created festering hills and mountains of ever expanding landfill
  • put us in a dependency cycle with global corporations who put profit and popularity for the short term before compassion and sanity for the long term
  • given us disposable conveniences which puts us in debt for life and has a dysgenic effect on us by enabling our bypassing of natural selection

It will be interesting to watch the evolution of ideas from simpler right wing reactionary thinking to a more progressive mode that remains true to New Right goals. As a natural selection process, the evolution of ideas is bound to leave behind the less fit, mired in the blunt bigotry of yesterday, while the rest move ahead.

Sensibility and Intelligence

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

When we talk about intelligence, it is primarily the ability and inheritance of the individual, race, species that is able to deny short term sensuality and aim toward achieving a goal, to sacrifice pleasure in the present to achieve a greater reward in the future.

The way nature configures this is through the promise of a reward, either from a thought of food that urges the hunter to go and hunt, who then kills his prey, gaining the hunter who sacrificed his time a greater abundance energy – a reward for controlling the responses toward the senses for a greater lavishing of taste in the future, tasty food.

The evolution of our species has given the inhabitants of Earth genetic traits specific to different parts of its ecosystem, from one great ecosystem toward semi-isolated continents, many isolated tribes diverted their evolution into specially adapted races – and along through civilization, we overcome direct limits and impose indirect ones (social and civil boundaries, morals, which in turn preserve genetic isolation where our geologic boundaries do not). 

Our world around us, our civilization that we have created is a young experiment and our biological evolution is currently juxtaposed against the rate at which cultural and social information can evolve and that it cannot, we as defiant little monkeys then force these ideals onto our biology, and many that do not healthily reflect our current position or a greater future goes to prove that it has alienated our senses.

With dysgenic inherited diseases and corrupted genes disabling once useful genetic traits, many are unable to re-tune with natural, healthy environments full of sense and sanity, and are doomed to sink down with their ‘memetic warship’ defiantly denying direct natural selection in favour of peace, justice and equality.

Where once our sensibility gave us a tribal sense and common sense collectively through the group, we had a survival mechanism to preserve the races independantly and conservingly of the wilderness around them. Oppositely, where we exist today, our senses are partially in an enclosed environment and it is very different to that in which we had evolved, which many of us still bear the genetic adaptations for and others have evolved traits which would hinder our existence outside of the cultivated environment.

Maddened morals has lead individuals to evolve counter-productively, crushing and denying our primitive senses, sawing off the limbs of what evolution has bestowed us, leaves us without our animal senses, our tribal spirit and biological intuition.

We are still very dependent on an external environment to determine our evolution – transnaturalism was that fish out of water, the heat of a glaring sun corrupting and decaying the flesh, deceasing and rotting the system of society that has attempted to breathe the air of solitary evolution, yet too, far too primitive to do so, and suffocates.

Our evolution still has aquatic gills, we still thrive best in the ocean of life, when a film of liquid acts as a evolutionary umbilical cord. That liquid film that we bring with us, to help us breathe in such a hostile, trans-natural terrain is our ecosystem, our wilderness. Tradition, religion & the sciences are the young air breathing lungs, tiny strips of metaphysical flesh in the naive humans, breathing through their minds the air of nothingness, the land of death that we creatively crawl towards, only temporarily covered by our wilderness into the dry, scorched, deserted lowlands of civilization.

All ideas are converted from designs in the external reality, cause and effect, we cannot envision ideas out of a total vacuum, only nothing can do that. We fill the young mind with information through the senses, sight, smell, sound, touch, taste and even secondary senses within the brain that combine these major feeds of information with sublime, perhaps subtle senses we are unaware of, antennas of collective evolution, social receptors; all by-products through the combinations of the foundation senses, not in spite of them.

The body is very sensitive to the environment of an ecosystem, in an enclosed ecosystem first rate senses are desensitized, deprived from the external wilderness and those that are best able to disable these and reproduce the quickest inside the enclosed ecosystem will do so.

Twice as many paths for the intelligent

To split intelligence into two factions, on one side I keep biological intelligence and on the other the symbolic intelligence; intuition and IQ respectively. The intuition takes its information through the first rate senses (touch, taste etc) and represents these toward the brain, from which second rate senses interpret these through combinations (social, ecological and group reflection, albeit collective symmetry and adherence toward other biology to enhance survival).

The intuition is everything that we would need to survive the wilderness, it’s impulsive and instinctive, hard wired into each of us – yet with IQ we hack that intuition and corrode it, in what seems a good idea at first – our sawing off our limbs that keep us sensible whilst in the biosphere, the higher our symbolic IQ, the greater the strength of our denying the wilderness through peak intervals, we invent technology with our IQ, after which we regress in evolution having sawed off our first rate sensuality, leaving a void that makes for desperate, sensationalist seeking individuals, out of control and criminally insane.

The intuition takes its information through the first rate senses and represents this into the brain, it is sensible, the IQ is the ability to prospect intuition at a distance and can be expressed as a scope into reality beyond the direct sense feed, it is indirect and therefore by-passes the individuals physical sensual reception.

As mentioned before, the film of liquid is the information with a direct biological wilderness of senses, we evolved from this and it gives us our strength – further trans-natural evolution will frustrate the senses of those unable to disable them and kill those that are unable to re-enable them after the short term.

That means that although reliant on second rate (indirect) sensual information through symbolism, many that have never directly experienced that sensual information are going to interpret them inaccurately, primitive cognitive abilities.

The symbol is a vesicle of sense information through a transportation medium beyond the standard biological transfusion. It is inorganic information, inorganic sense, inorganic memes and is created through inorganic surrogation, which is to use energy into creating something which does not directly benefit biological survival.

That prospect of intuition is symbolism.

Symbolism has given humanity the observational powers that allow us to perceive senses indirectly but not to feel them directly. It is a form of scaffolding and support around the real objective reality that allows us to perceive senses that we cannot at this point in evolution, feel directly.

Science is this, we can perceive what the moon’s surface is made of and the temperature of its day or night but we as human beings, we can never get to its surface and scoop up the lunar sand and feel it through our fingers and walk through the lunar sand bare foot as if we were on the earthly beaches.

We cannot feel the solar energy on the moon as if through the atmosphere here on Earth. The moon has no significant atmosphere, the solar energy is too intense and energetic for us to feel on our skins for it would surely be death to us.

We can only perceive what these sensations must feel like, therefore we must interpret these feelings through symbols, the symbols that two hundred degrees Celsius would be too great for us to feel directly, thus we are disconnected from reality and we observe a second rate reality through our interpretations of the first rate reality through our symbols, and through symbols we can create ideas and from ideology we create civilizations, the scaffolding around the real object, us as human beings – is our civilization.

IQ is therefore, sense at a distance, in a detachment from the biosphere it created the warship of God, a battle against our senses, against our gills – trying to recapture the breathe taking moments in life and sanctify them, like a dead corpse preserved in the desert’s salty sands. When we learn to create our religions actually in this reality, we will learn to not only sense at a distance, but also to sense through time, spirit.

Time being a non existent thing in itself, it is the measurement between two phases, like the surface of a liquid flowing, sensing through time allows us to dive and leap out of the present, under and over the surface of our direct sensuality, it is spirituality and is a product of our imaginations, it is a mental intuition, a sense that we are still evolving – and when you’re travelling 200 light years in a warship across the bleak void of space, you’ll appreciate it, it will keep you alive and breathing not fatalistic and depressed.

Intelligence and the desert voyage

The symbol has a low information quality – the amount of sense that was received by an individual before they type and distort it into symbolic characters on a page is enormous compared to the reinterpretation of this information, at a distance.

Compared to intuition, our symbols are pathetic, but they are all we have for collectively transmitting information halfway across the planet toward other life forms in our partially enclosed ecosystem of civilization, those who are mentally able to digest this low information quality whilst simultaneously frustrating/disabling short term biological sensual information feeds, whilst also not being oblivious toward them – will be able to survive ‘the desert of the land’ and because they did not saw off their senses also, they will be able to re-engage with reality after they have finished interpreting symbolic information and be able to refresh and flourish in an oasis of liquid information from their natural environment around them, reverence.

If only high in IQ, these creatures wander into the open air of the desert without precaution, perhaps without having evolved spiritual lungs to breathe the air that is toxic to the short term sensationalists, and suffocate, asphyxiate, or perhaps they are evolved without the ability to re-engage their biological senses; perhaps having been burnt in the open air of the void for too long – desperately unable to rehydrate, roasted in the heat from the glare of the void, the questioning of meaninglessness without a cold, refreshing wilderness to drink.

Mental illness and insanity, senseless within the space voyage. The voyage over the void with no prospect but a horrible death beneath it – the exhausting weight of mankind as he walks across the rope toward the cosmic wilderness, toward his next oasis in the desert of land – the depression of nonexistence gnawing at the consciousness like the beating of radiation from the sun, unpleasant for the weary traveller of solitary evolution, sucking the liquid of life out of him.

All things biological need their water, both physically and metaphysically, both substantial and insubstantial, the solvent of life, the faith in God – the God that is trans-natural life over and below that surface of waves, which we sense – throughout and in the river of time, keeping the fight for survival for the weakened, thirsty traveller until man reaches his new wilderness of senses, the ‘Overman’.

The symbol is the word and everything we do that is intelligent is to preserve our senses in a form that sustains us in the ‘lands of the dead’, the lands where we can only indirectly sense, the times where we have to suppress our short term desires because of the radiation around us, where we are to be deprived of our wilderness in search of a greater wilderness, seperated by that gnawing void – IQ is the sense of emptiness and our preparations for the wilderness of the cosmos – to travel the stellar seas in search of new worlds with nothing left to directly sense except our spirit, our faith as a reservoir of intuition that we conserve from nature to where we are able to reach pure intuition, the sense of fullness, indirect sense and direct sense.

Intelligence is to creativity and the symbolic esoteric – intuition toward social and the biological exoteric. High IQ’s give the individual a survival trait for extreme malnourishment of sensual information, low IQs oppositely – but all things must eventually drink the water of life and breathe the air of a void, or remain forever attached to a biosphere outside of civilization.  Asphyxiate and dehydrate, or allow yourself to breathe and to sense nature around you.

Potential traits to be evolved

High IQ individuals will need to strengthen senses, indirect senses do not allow you to adapt from a direct threat, direct senses do not allow you to adapt to an indirect threat.

An indirect threat, the collapse of civilization, direct senses cannot see this, it is through time, in the future. Direct senses have to capitalise on the strength traits that allow you to prepare for the future before it happens – the more direct senses active, the greater the cross reference of intuition, it can sense a wave coming.

IQ is a fourth dimensional sense, that being a trait above the ordinary abilities of animals, it allows scaffolding around the lesser dimensional senses, to build onto them new limbs and sense receptors instead of sawing them off. To then be able to sense intuitively every particle in space, to see the whole spectrum of photon waves, to listen to the light like the Voyager space craft, to hear the gravity and magnetic fields and see them at the same time, to even taste them as they pass through the skin – to feed the senses with information in the cosmic wilderness.

Transforming our indirect, symbolic ideas of indirect senses, into new organs for direct sensual feeds in the hostilities of space – that is, to ‘breathe the air’ and take a leap in evolution beyond and out of the short term present and create ourselves the sense to rebuild civilizations and immunize them from known decay, keep it hydrated to prevent it from dying.

In veneration of the artisans

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Artisans are the creators of civilization, they are the driving force for the sustaining of culture and shaping the civil environment and community from a reflective expression of artistry.

Artisans are not elites in whole but are elites in particular specializations. If there is any job you need, the artisans are those who know what they’re doing – they can build, craft, create and destroy with precision and accuracy. In trying to rework some aspects of caste systems and how we can build the next era of civilizations we must call upon those who have the natural ability required to do so.

The artisan individuals represent a selfless individual soul, they tend not to mob and wave pieces of card for ‘freedom’ like many of the proles fearing their own incompetence, but will create it and elevate themselves through that achievement.

If there is something that they themselves do not understand, they will not take this as a threat to their ego, like the proles do – that then attempt to fix something and completely fuck it up – instead, artisans have a respectable intelligence and prefer not to make a mess out of the situation, they are sensible and sociable enough to call on those who know how to help on those specifics, meaning other artisans and elites.

This inflow/ outflow of craft serves as a civil socialization, by the work of artisans, the very essence of civilization is maintained – for without them, any and every idea is quickly lost and forgotten. Civilization is destined for overcoming, a beyond going of natural, environmentally restricted evolution, into the unknown, the great and mysterious appearances of nature and for this the artisan’s craftwork is the very meaning of creation.

It takes the artisan with the mind to focus and get the details in both respect to the community and themselves morally, traditionally and beautifully complete, to create the island of civilization from which the consciousness dreams the future. From purpose to form, the dreams are laid down, desires are to be heard and the unknowing future becomes known in the present, we taste the timestone and sense it in a way beyond the social animals.

By forging soulful work into the desolate rock, crafting the temple with decoration and externalization, increasing the mysteriousness, the deceptive confusion and obfuscation of what our species faces through our daily lives, through our lives.

The art is not so much for creating trends, nor popular ‘culture’ – for these things orientate toward proles and mindless, senseless lifestyles with a poorly selfish motive, pretentious and cheap, the darker side of creation – that steals the soul of those subject to them as opposed to elevating them, the devolved pop-artisans against the strength of true artisans.

True artisans are those who create masterpieces, they create themselves beyond the individual, into the daily lives of fellow citizens – not by consumer produce, but by creating the gifts that help us maintain organization, maintain good life and keep everything perfected as is idealized. They share the art, they share their emotions and their truths that then form the strength of the community to fulfill themselves individually.

The work of an artisan is not from a mass producive machine. The artisan has to center themselves into the craft, they create more from less, they evolve the inanimate facelessness of emotionless rock, making the local environment sacred and divine, to become one with their creations and through this – immortality is granted them. What is left of ‘dead’ civilizations? The earth, the soil and stone, nothing but ruins – and nothing is more picturesque of a ruinous ancient civilization then their architecture and their artifacts – the past is alive through art.

Life in Imitation

Meister Eckhart taught us that art is life in imitation “Be you Creative as God is Creative”. In his understanding, the Father generates the Son, this means that God creates from himself a progeny. Like all things in life there is a cycle from birth to death followed by a History of generations. When the Father is not there, when His time has come, when rest has its need, the Son will carry on in His name. This is a cosmic traditionalism beyond all others, emphasizing supersocialization (a post-mechanosphere socialization).

The supersocialization exists after artificial (Created) biological intelligence has originated. The Son is what is created from the unity that is God, through unity we may create from our universe a localized unity, self evolutionary and independent from the Creator. From the cosmos of origin, into a young cosmos; either heretical and espousing an extradimensional chaos or a reverent secession of life, like Father like Son, all created through our own perspectives. Thus we create Art as God creates the Son.

Art explains to us what may appear soon, it is God and life in imitation, and it too will create from itself as through the artisans, God is created, is manifested – nature creates more from less – through civilization, it is the collectivity through the individuality of an exceptional race of creatures.

“he does nothing other than generate his Son, and both of them flourished in the Holy Spirit.” It is the subjectification, the internalization that the evolutionary cycle operates under, the evolution of a subjective lens over external reality that creates an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tool, for a skilled eye to create an eye into the skies, into the future, a stairway into the heavenly cosmos, through the veneration of idealism into matter. From an ideal, to a revolutionary reality.

The subjective individuality is the very gem and wealth of the biosphere, and God has this in store for those who wish to evolve beyond themselves, to transcend beyond the id species and create gold, to alchemise the future from the ruins of the past – thus life everlasting.

The subjectivity of creation is introspective and searches within, it is only when the tree ‘considers’ itself does it take its fill of air, just taking as much as it can without hesitation, through this a near infinite variety of trees all contribute beyond themselves individually into the collective that they sustain the oxygenated atmosphere capable of supporting fauna world wide.

In parallel it is only through individual perception that we have artisans who all do their piece without hesitation, they enjoy life more than those who do not appreciate life’s wonders. Through this personalised view, whether sensual or factual, dionysian or epicurean; it contributes to the furtherance of evolution beyond itself genetically, it creates a further dimension to manifest Creation.

The richness of life is that it creates personalized views and differing planes of observation, multiply entwined double vined, it takes the same environment and represents it an infinite times over, through us the universe takes pride in its magnificence.

In the Son we mean, manifest creation, artificial life, we mean all that is created through the masculine overcoming of natural limitations. The name Father is that of a creator, through art life is created, without art, life is only evolved and is subsequently, less internalized and soulless in how it senses the universe. For a soul is rewarded to the artisans and beyond, for they are the ones who create beyond themselves – through themselves.

“When the Father generates his Son in me, I am that very same Son and no one else.”

Caste systems and biodiversity

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

In leading the collective evolution of our species we will need caste systems to prioritise those individuals who go further, those individuals who, in looking after themselves well, are able to emit the excess contribution toward our biosphere.

That is opposed to eating it, becoming fat, insolent, insects that attack details because the complexity of a social superorganism’s function is beyond their analogue on/off definitions to comprehend.

Having received a few criticisms about the previous posts, some individuals have found it impossible to dissociate class systems with caste systems. In the definitions of class we play social appearance, in caste we play biological ability – nothing else is concerned here, it doesn’t matter how many memes you let rape your mind, it doesn’t matter about their position in today’s hierarchy, because modern day class systems are corrupt.

The caste gives to each what their skill is required to benefit firstly themselves, and overabundantly, like the fruits of a tree, the fruits of our culture; allow the outflow of their energy to benefit those around them – aiding our collective evolution together. 

Many people are lost on definitions such as selfish/ selfless. Some people will say that ‘we’re all selfish’, and to a certain, lowly altitude in evolution it is correct. But think, evolution gives animals an Id that then evolves beyond into the Ego and Super Ego.

The Id is the foundationary trait and that’s for feeding, fucking, fighting and fleeing – secondly came the ego, and sure, we had alot of mediocre fun playing with lowly traits, but we evolved from these with the introduction of a social ego. There from the foundation, the secondary traits began to emerge in reflection toward our nurture. The social animals began to look after their offspring well rather than sodomizing them like paedophile chimps – the latter would be a symptom of ghoulish devolution, it takes evolutionary energy from a collective rather than reinforcing it.

Let’s bring in psychology, let’s analyse the psychology of our ‘four levels of humans’, or more in general, four levels of life.

The terms “id,” “ego,” and “super-ego” are not Freud’s own. They are latinisations by his translator James Strachey. Freud himself wrote of “das Es,” “das Ich,” and “das Über-Ich“—respectively, “the It,” “the I,” and the “Over-I” (or “Upper-I”) – Source

Further to the elitification of our species, we need to add the term das Über-Es, the Over-It, for which very organised and sufficient species begin to increase the evolution of all those in their presence through killing, nihilistic Über-moralism, evolutionary creationism, organic mechanization and other ‘cross-pollinating’ ingredients which increase the biodiversity and hierarchy of nature beyond its limitations. They are those that have gotten Over-It, over the boundary of our biological evolutionary inertia. Through which life can pre-adapt to extreme environments such as the Moon, and Mars – ultimately to increase the fruits of the planets via getting Over-It, because on their own, nothing will significantly evolve onto those dead worlds.

Here are the four levels of life explained that little bit further:

  • Id – Selfish individuality – necessary prerequisites for organism survival – will fuck fight feed and flee, will not nurture over 25% productivity in our caste system. Over this 25% threshold and it will evolve into the natural ego whereby the excess energy through nurture acts as a higher selection process based on appearances and desired social traits guided by organic surrogation.

Insects like the stag beetle are a good example of an ‘Id species’ – they just fuck, fight, feed, and flee – they do not nurture their offspring, they just climb up a tree, kill other beetles in their way, have a 3 second fuck and then after the brief courting, will throw their mating partner off the tree. After falling down from the height of a very tall tree, they will go and dump their eggs in a hole or a dead log and then.. die.

Sigmund Freud spoke of the Id: 

It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality, what little we know of it we have learnt from our study of the dream-work and of the construction of neurotic symptoms, and most of this is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We all approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organisation, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.

The Id contains everything that is inherited, that is present at birth, is laid down in the constitution — above all, therefore, the instincts, which originate from the somatic organisation, and which find a first psychical expression here (in the id) in forms unknown to us.

This, in terms of space faring organisms would be viewed as a healthy 0-25% productivity, it is selfish but contributes toward the biosphere, it is not controlling our civilization therefore is not going to drag it down to the level of an insect, it’s a food source for higher things – these would not be in our caste system, any human that wishes to imitate them would be achieving what is called devolution – I called them a ‘ghoul’ for living below the levels of social organisms, for living as an insect should.

  • Ego – Selfish collective – necessary prerequisites for social organism survival – will kill it’s offspring that it determines unfit, such as many bird species will kill off their weak offspring as it is not socially desired, (this is the healthy ego as opposed to our humanist definition, the ‘evil ego’ that cannot satiate itself naturally so decides to become desperate, alienated and attention seeking). Organic surrogation is initiated through the ego at between 26-50% productivity in our caste system

So Freud, What is the Ego?

…The ego is that part of the id which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world … The ego represents what may be called reason and common sense, in contrast to the id, which contains the passions … in its relation to the id it is like a man on horseback, who has to hold in check the superior strength of the horse; with this difference, that the rider tries to do so with his own strength, while the ego uses borrowed forces [Freud, The Ego and the Id (1923)]

An ‘Ego species’ of animal would be similar to a bird species, they build a nest to nurture their offspring, to nurture the natures in respect to organic memes, therefore eliminating those genotypes which are undesirable, unpopular toward the social hierarchy. Therefore any obsolete offspring that are not desired by the social collective are then terminated by the big overbearing parent.

With the Ego comes the birth of significant memes, these organic memes thrive within the 26-50% productivity and acts as primitive idealism toward nature, shaping the species as the species shapes the meme. Birds of paradise are a great example, non-human primates are also.

  • Super Ego – Selfless through individual selfishness – with this the ego is well satiated with organic memes and energy from food. It has achieved the first of many singularities between gene and meme. Like the ego, the super ego will kill off undesired offspring, yet in its decayed phase uses moralism which is inorganic surrogatism, to prevent these dysfunctional offspring from facing nature (equality).

The super ego operates through the 51%-75% productivity range and allows the meme to evolve upon itself through the externalization of inorganic surrogation, a meme that nurtured a nature can then be inscribed onto rock, stone, paper and therefore achieve relative immortality toward the gene that created it and also contributing collectively to nurture others through those memetics that are then beyond themselves individually. This is the individual selflessness, it is selfishness of the higher type, it isn’t fucking, fighting, feeding and fleeing, but is evolved from them to create tools that go beyond those desires – an extension of them into the immaterial, the ideal – into culture.

So let’s ask Freud again, what is the super ego?

The Super-ego can be thought of as a type of conscience that punishes misbehavior with feelings of guilt. For example: having extra-marital affairs.

The super-ego retains the character of the father, while the more powerful the Oedipus complex was and the more rapidly it succumbed to repression (under the influence of authority, religious teaching, schooling and reading), the stricter will be the domination of the super-ego over the ego later on — in the form of conscience or perhaps of an unconscious sense of guilt (The Ego and the Id, 1923).

Ants, termites and bees are the primitive examples of a civilization, a social superorganism/ inorganic organism. But the best example of this is humanity and other cultured species.

The dangerous part of this is that those who ignore memes rather than overcome them will be controlled by them – those below 50% productivity, or more appropriately, evolutionary velocity – they are too slow and cannot outpace the memes created through civilization and therefore become domesticated, and we then have them caught in our meme trap, our culture, from there they can be either excelled or slowed down to the point of devolution – proles and then ghouls begin to emerge as a by product of domestication when it is unattached from a societal goal.

Artisans are those who are the creators of civilization, they are the warriors, artists, crafters, and anything which requires an actual ability. They give life to the memes, they give ideas their own individuality as material possessions so that they can spread over the world and tame all that is too slow to over come it, they generate wealth from this tapping of evolutionary energy, by cultivating the world according to their needs. Yielding more fruits then nature would on her own, at least, it has the potential.

Through that yielding of nature beyond nature, we can terraform other dead planets and increase the total expanse of the earth derived biosphere into interplanetary space, domesticating dusty rocky worlds and exceeding their evolutionary velocity so that the environment can sustain complex life, so that the universe can become further more conscious of itself.

  • Super Id – Selfless through collective selfishness – this is what occurs when a meme becomes self sustainble and then self evolutionary, the meme escapes from human hands through the help of technology. The evolutionary speed at which observing, overcoming this is beyond 76% of productivity toward 100% and beyond. Like the id, the super id will put instincts before all else, yet the super id has superior instincts and therefore allows a biosphere to govern itself. Collective survival is put before everything else, as if everything was it – it is concerned for the health of everything, it is the materialization of the social superorganism.

An example of this is a collective conscience, something which puts collective evolution before everything else. It doesn’t care whether it expels itself individually, it serves a goal and is fixated on that goal and destroys everything in its way.

A great example of this ‘collective conscience’ would be what is coming to life through all the wires, cables and information that we pour into the void called the internet. The internet internalizes nearly everything we do regarding technology, every time we search on google, every time we go onto facebook, more and more information is being centralized within the cloud of information within the internalized web-like structure between each machine, ultimately a foundation for it, a gravity.

97% of our population could not understand this, and that’s why they are obsolete, most of them cannot survive without technology, they arn’t above the 76-100% evolutionary velocity/ productivity to be able to tame this kind of memetics, and therefore will become domesticated by it losing their individuality to the hive-mind.

Carrying onwards from the four types of psychology regarding the four types of caste, we return to the cycle of evolution from A Guide to Cosmic Evolution

Along the bottom is the evolution of the ‘deity eye’, this all seeing eye of the biosphere, and the four castes are represented by the four steps, the four algorithms up toward the unification of idealism and realism. Let’s re-examine this, there are four types of caste:

  • Those who are 0-25% productive are controlled by the external environment. (natural hierarchy, meaning who can reproduce the most survives)
  • Those who are 26-50% productive are still controlled by the external environment yet are able to take advantage of their internalization, their socialization to give them that edge over the lesser beings. (natural>social hierarchy, meaning who is the most valued in appearance and socialized control skills reproduces the most)
  • Those who are 51-75% are able to create memetics, create tools which they can use to control the lesser in relation to the social superorganism, they reinforce the social collective. (natural>social>civil hierarchy, a combination of the previous two but with added skills toward memetic creation and cultivation)
  • Those who are 76-100% productive, those who have such a great intellectual speed and ability to join distinct ideas together, they are the ones who gear memetics to achieve a goal – i.e. create a religion, create ideologies, create discipline to prevent an entire population of parasitic proles from commiting ecocide and killing everything in the process all because they’re too stupid to take responsibility for their own actions. (natural>social>civil>mech hierarchy, combination of all the others, the singularity occurs and the biosphere reaches a saturation point from which it can evolve deities from its derivatives)

Regarding the loud mouth socializers, their incessant cries of contradiction will always moan about ideologies that draw too different ingredients gathered from distinct realities, from different dimensions of our whole existence – and it is because they are flatlanders living on a two dimensional strip of paper, crying when a three dimensional object passes through their flat conception of reality – they’re morons and become outsmarted and overrun by higher dimensional problems which require multiple ideologies in order to angulate collective goals for society.

They are part of the group that is beneath the evolutionary velocity required to maintain a civilization from consuming itself with ecocide – civilized creatures need to over-come themselves to prevent intraversion, otherwise they lack the honour of civilization and become what is known as a prole, and at worst, a ghoul. The ghoul is a creature which hides beneath the necessary bar of civilization, they won’t put themselves up to the challenge and will slow everything down by evolving into the counter-productive direction. 

With the inversion of our goals, the lesser beings, majorly proles with a poisonous undercaste of ghouls, caused by the down-breeding stupidity without concern for collective health, will evolve themselves into little insects monkeys that roll around in their faeces of a culture.

They ghoul around like Id species, placing their primary biological desires before everything else, rather than what is good for the Earth. They become all defensive when you try to point out to them that their values came out of the backside of some alpha-meme that is just out to control them – such as equality and liberalism, nature isn’t concerned with you individually, only that genetics are transmitted and re-emitted into memetics.

But, I give these meme’s a tip, these memetic creations of liberalism and equality help to disperse the technological, mechanized grid required for the internet to reach critical mass, all countries are ‘developed’, dispersed equally, globally – from where, the inorganic memes implode the core of civilization like the iron core in a death star, and a supernova will tear the world in a rapture – a memetic chest burster. 

The fate of humanity rests on those who are beyond the crowd

Humanity shall become like the mammals in the era of the dinosaurs in our continued, polluted, animated corpse of a planet – little creatures hiding beneath the rubble, keeping out of the way – nature will have her revenge. The variety of deaths toward our common humanity are endless!

Choose your favourite extinction event! It can be anything from external threats like asteroids, coronal mass ejections from our sun, gamma ray bursts, gravity tsunamis through gravitational lensing toward extrasolar bodies. Or best of all, which is way more likely, best of all has got to be our own stupidity with ecocide and nuclear fallout, and then even memetic singularity and nuclear fallout. If we don’t adapt to nature the environment will out haste us in its evolution.

Regardless, the best of humanity needs to over-come itself using all the tools it can (caste systems, religions, ideologies etc) before nature finds an alternate route – and it will.

The Adversary

Friday, May 21st, 2010

With the latest Westboro Baptist protest and the existence of an antipodal Landover Baptist (i.e. “Christians in mass graves”) troll group, another level of detail draws into focus.

While each are about as socially offensive as the other, they are both only adversarial insider, not paradigm shifting elements within a discordant equality composite system:

This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny”—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

A system of structured hierarchy and meritocracy finds itself in opposition to these two adversaries; the former as two-dimensional conservatives espousing largely secular values but with a God and Bible label, and the latter a synthesized self-parody of radical secular humanism simultaneously applying an extant parody of Christian conservatism.

Metal music itself is more extreme, offensive and committed than either, but the first two aren’t even metal’s goals. They’re side effects of being antihumanist and contra-modernist oppositional outsiders, those unafraid to lambast defect and mediocrity while pushing the standards bar higher, the only genuine adversarial extremism within our liberal modern age.


The Health of Cultures

Friday, May 14th, 2010

To determine the health of cultures we must know the quality of their relationship toward their environments, and most intrinsically, the relation toward memes that are used to unite individuals with their ecosystems.

Before this however, we must undertake a strong criticism of everything cultural around us by understanding primitivism. For us to ever evolve healthier cultures, first we must understand what it is that we have lost since civilization and then understand what we have gained from it. Only then can we find an alternative organisation that champions the riches of our past with the riches of our futures to attain true advancement, and to bring with us every experience we can – for when our species leaves the cradle of the earth for the cosmos, we will find ourselves even more alienated, as being totally removed from an ecosystem.

John Zerzan, speaking on culture in his ‘Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought’:

We seem to have experienced a fall into representation, whose depths and consequences are only now being fully plumbed. In a fundamental sort of falsification, symbols at first mediated reality and then replaced it. At present we live within symbols to a greater degree than we do within our bodily selves or directly with each other. 

The more involved this internal representational system is, the more distanced we are from the reality around us. Other connections, other cognitive perspectives are inhibited, to say the least, as symbolic communication and its myriad representational devices have accomplished an alienation from and betrayal of reality. 

This coming between and concomitant distortion and distancing is ideological in a primary and original sense; every subsequent ideology is an echo of this one. Debord depicted contemporary society as exerting a ban on living in favor of its representation: images now in the saddle, riding life. But this is anything but a new problem. There is an imperialism or expansionism of culture from the beginning. And how much does it conquer? Philosophy today says that it is language that thinks and talks. But how much has this always been the case? Symbolizing is linear, successive, substitutive; it cannot be open to its whole object simultaneously. Its instrumental reason is just that: manipulative and seeking dominance. Its approach is “let a stand for b” instead of “let a be b.” Language has its basis in the effort to conceptualize and equalize the unequal, thus bypassing the essence and diversity of a varied, variable richness. 


Culture and technology exist because of language. Many have seen speech, in turn. as a means of coordinating labor, that is, as an essential part of the technique of production. Language is critical for the formation of the rules of work and exchange accompanying division of labor, with the specializations and standardizations of nascent economy paralleling those of language. Now guided by symbolization, a new kind of thinking takes over, which realizes itself in culture and technology. The interdependence of language and technology is at least as obvious as that of language and culture, and results in an accelerating mastery over the natural world intrinsically similar to the control introduced over the once autonomous and sensuous individual. 


Culture triumphed at last with domestication. The scope of life became narrower, more specialized, forcibly divorced from its previous grace and spontaneous liberty. The assault of a symbolic orientation upon the natural also had immediate outward results. Early rock drawings, found 125 miles from the nearest recorded trickle of water in the Sahara, show people swimming. Elephants were still somewhat common in some coastal Mediterranean zones in 500 B.C., wrote Herodotus. Historian Clive Ponting (1992) has shown that every civilization has diminished the health of its environment. 


We are caught in the cultural logic of objectification and the objectifying logic of culture, such that those who counsel new ritual and other representational forms as the route to a re-enchanted existence miss the point completely. More of what has failed for so long can hardly be the answer. Levi-Strauss (1978) referred to “a kind of wisdom [that primitive peoples] practiced spontaneously and the rejection of which, by the modern world, is the real madness.” 

Either the non-symbolizing health that once obtained, in all its dimensions, or, madness and death. Culture has led us to betray our own aboriginal spirit and wholeness, into an everworsening realm of synthetic, isolating, impoverished estrangement. Which is not to say that there are no more everyday pleasures, without which we would lose our humanness. But as our plight deepens, we glimpse how much must be erased for our redemption.
 Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought

Although Zerzan mentions that mass violence, cannibalism and every other un-anarchist thing began with culture, I don’t believe this as such, it began with concentrated memes. Mass violence is natural selection of social groups acting as a single unit; chimps in forests have a socialization that allows them to organise militias to go and beat the crap out of other chimps to steal their tree and their females, even cannibalising – and these arn’t even hunter gatherers, yet. 

The only violence that did begin with culture was that of domestic violence, the violence of holding an inanimate object and using that to increase strength over other animals – thereby possessing that object and other organisms through ‘domestic’ violence. A trans-natural sort of meme built upon itself to create weapons and with this the ‘mass warfare’ through alienation that he is thinking of. Apart from that, primitivism is a great critique of culture and is highly recommended as food for thought.

What is culture really?

Culture is the bridge for civilization between idealism and reality. Between a socialized meme and a natural biosphere surrounding us, feeding us. Whenever we have a healthy culture – we are realistic and create ideals that reflect the earth and cosmos around us. Likewise, healthy ideals reflect that reality and increase its beauty rather than stealing and not contributing to the overall quality of the biosphere.

Modern civilization, is very unreflective – it has taken the bad apples of previous civilizations and multiplied them by a thousand. In such an impoverished environment, there is nothing great to reflect and every reflection is a distortion. Therefore lesser beings, like the prole, cannot reflect because they have lost all sensuality with the ‘here and now’ environment, despite their frustration with it. They will instead reflect the shit that pours into their heads through their televisions. Only those who can reflect the future or the past, those above the haze of noise can satiate their minds and fulfill themselves.

When we destroy our environment and leave nothing but the same, boring, grey after grey after grey – then, as being reflective animals ourselves, we will reflect this inside and become empty. If however, we take a walk through a forest, a wood – away from this saturated meme filth, then we can really internalize healthy ideas that are unsaturated memes and therefore these are much more reactive with our conscience.

Similar to fats, there are the saturated fats in industrial foods which take more energy than they give toward our bodies, and then there are the healthy, organic, unsaturated fats from natural sources that give us the reactive proteins that enable our bodily chemistry to have something to generate energy and nutrition from.

Memes are no different, we ALL need food for thought, and we do not get that by digesting fatty opinions off our TV’s and liberal idols. The greatest minds in civilization did not get them from civilization, but from walking through natural environments. All the greatest minds did not create their ideas out of a vacuum, but from a mental digestion of organic memes from nature, creating more from less in a different sense.

But also we can take the view that since ideas are necessarily digested from nature and abstracted toward us as symbols, the stuff which comes out the other side is generally faeces, that then enters a civilization eco-system of ideals which is called culture. Therefore our cultures are crap when we get them from other people, but when we get them from ourselves, from ourselves actually mentally digesting nature around us – we actually gain them from nature and really taste them, as opposed to nutrient poor crap.

There are two main groups of memes

From the above description of where ideals come from, we can split culture into two obvious groups. The first choice culture, organic, unsaturated memes that saturate our minds and keep us happy healthy humans, and secondly the impoverished faeces of inorganic, saturated memes that takes more energy from us, therefore making desperate, depressed, miserable, unhealthy humans.

These two then, are like matter and anti-matter, a ‘organic’ meme and an ‘anti-organic’ meme. There is a organic meme (nutritious toward the ecosystem) and the inorganic meme. Inorganic memes are vital to the ecosystem in tiny doses, cosmic evolution, perhaps as little as 0.01%, such like the dose of iron that humans need to ingest for healthy blood cells – if we decide to eat an iron bar made of more than 50% Iron atoms, we poison ourselves and die, likewise for our cultures, if we overwhelm ourselves with metallic, ill-nutritious memes, we poison our minds and die of ecocide.

Organic memes reflect everywhere in nature, this is idealism in nature. For example, the birds of paradise drive their evolution into many vibrant species through what we know as memes, it allows a social selection process to occur through an organic surrogation. Organic surrogation is not saturated memes and drives the evolution of animals where there is plenty of energy for vibrant colours and variation.

The birds of paradise are organically surrogating, they don’t need to show off to reproduce, but because there is no barbaric environment forcing them to fight or die, they will use their excess energy socially that then allows them to drive evolution beautifully.

In our civilization we are juxtaposed against that spiral of evolution with an anti-spiral, an inorganic surrogation is saturated memes, which is a poisonous by-product of decaying cultures – and as an opposite with organic memes, the two will always annihilate each other. In an environment predominating with organic memes, we will have happy minds. In an environment predominating with inorganic memes, we will become depressed – and as a side note, it will probably be surrounded by symbols and machinery.

The inorganic memes we create through civilization are above a certain evolutionary altitude that the totallity of organic life surrounding us cannot sink that information back into the ecosystem as to refresh and recycle as it should. Civilization is like the volcanoe in the ocean that chugs up magma through explosions, creating islands of life with it, islands of life that cannot exist underneath that sea.

And that does not mean we do not need the sea, of course we do, that sea of life will give the water that the land animals need to drink, they are evolving onto a higher niche – and as we see adaptive generalist species of mammals that grow out of the wilderness onto these civilization islands with us, you see rats, pigeons and other ‘domestic’ animals that evolve like animals in our civilization tree.

When we reside in a civilization, internalization occurs at a rate above the speed at which the environment can re-externalize that, the sea cannot erode the island of civilization faster than it is being created by the volcanoe. It cannot re-emit that memetic information back into the oceans. Like toward the river of life, A-dam builds up, preventing the water from flowing as it cis-naturally did. Much information cannot pour out into the ocean around it, and is socially forced up within this internalization, and this generates saturated memes that do not give ‘nutrition’ toward organic intelligence, such as humans, leaving them inert, but is instead a food for artificial life to be created (technology) in these lakes and rivers that are away from the sea of organic life, all in all, creating a new species of life, divergent evolution.

Culture is therefore, below our technology and beyond our natures, it is our pleasant path back into nature from the icy mountain top of our island. It is toward the sea of nature from our high altitude in evolution, it is our beach, and from there we can enjoy the sun of reality.

Creating the Civilization of Paradise

If we observe the bird of paradise, and the information above, combining them both we can firstly increase the nutritiousness of our cultures so minds are filled with enormous amounts of energy, secondly, we must make them beautiful in their re-emition of memetic energy.

How we go about the first hurdle is simply centralizing every city and town and destroying small little villages, holiday homes, industrial farms, roads, fences, and gypsies that we don’t really need and between those cities and towns crush every symbolic and manmade artifact and object into dust, destroy it, it is poisonous to our minds and to our earth. Remove everything that is ugly, this is civil natural selection and if we ever want a beautiful civilization we must destroy the ugly, useless, satiated filth, give more energy to the growth of a new wilderness between every city and town.

Now after that, we would have isolated social groups diverging from one predominant national ethnicity, their towns and cities would be shrunk and concentrated into the centres and evolved upwards to create high tech aristocratic arcologies, the surrounding unused expanse of the urban filfth is crushed into dust and weeded out of any plastics and manmade junk also.

That unused expanse is then free for humans to play, they can do whatever they want as long as it is organic – the domestic animals mentioned earlier would then come in the fill this ecological niche also. This is where the fun begins.

Agrology is a new idea, it is the combination of the wilderness and agri-culture. Given that our culture would be restructured on unsaturated memes, we would have great mental health. Everything we then cultured would be given more for less, they would have a meritocratic incentive to come toward our ‘civilization of paradise’, thus we would use our primitive agriculture to feed rats, pigeons, crows and other intelligent adaptive animals to both our advantage. They would weed out our weakest crops, giving food in return for us to predate them, and eugenically hunt them to create super-species able to threaten, challenge, dominate certain societies evolving therefrom.

Then no moron or prole, fat ugly beast of a human would ever be evolved, it would be sacrificed to the wilderness before it could ever devolve into mediocrity, and likewise other mammals, our pets and other roaming pests in the surrounding civil-wilderness would be hunted at a certain threshold, allowing them plenty of energy from supercrops for organic surrogation, and plenty of organic food for them to devour – humanity would have food on the menu which exceeds even our greatest cuisines today.

Neitzsche talked about creating super wildlife for the superman to hunt, because the superman in his eyes would require lots of energy to ultimately function, therefore by pumping up the flimsy pests of modern society and evolve, ascend them into beautiful creatures with tremendous intelligence and strength, turning rats, pigeons and crows into exotic super species, divergently speciated toward each individual city. Then we would not only serve our agricultural needs to grow our own food, but we would also function as a deity like evolutionary force for the local ecosystems. It would function as a wilderness and a civilization combined.

The resultant exotic species evolved through the interaction with superhuman colonies would steadily increase their complexity, until they would be fighting ‘hand’ to human hand combat, and the benefits toward them both would be enormous. Humans would crush the weaker, uglier, and give rewards to those which are more fascist and aesthetic. This is art in action. 

Ultimately, they are evolved to be our guardians, and we theirs, so that we never fall into such a pathetic phase as is today, never. Astroprimitivism emerges, it is everything and more. AI thrives within a centralized CPU within the arcology, and it has a labyrinth like catacomb beneath the crust of the earth where the mechanization will reside, where the superhumans will live by night, and by day they are hunting the super wildlife.

Toward any crappy civilization, say if a modern day civilization existed on a continent next to it, they would (due to being bred into superhumans) be of superior physical and cognitive abilities, also having superwildlife strangely compassionate toward them, act as a single unit, the AI mechanization would eat the enemies electronics leaving them without any trigger happy proles to operate drones and such, and the superhumans would raid the continent by hand and sword, stealing everything of worth and crushing the fools, collecting skull trophies; the superwildlife would follow, the ecosystem would raid also to scavenge anything left behind.

Welcome the new era of evolution.

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 1

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Modern civilization and socialization, despite their glamour, are mortal; their death is assured in that they deny everything ‘absolutely’. People who are infected with social diseases refuse to internalize the natural world around them, and at that price, nature has a special place for them – Death by technology! 

If our democratic elections are anything to go by, the majority of slaves these days are pathetic in that they want ‘progress’ without any progress in their own evolution. The little liberals and mindless labourers use symbolic words that poison the minds of our people – overloading their brains with junk information whilst dominion sneaks in through the subconscious.

Modern people will say (and subconsciously think) “That’s offensive (to my global CPU of cobwebbed, grey-race proles under the divine necrotic dictatorship by the LORDS of consumerism. Step away! noble pariah, or else I, evil sorcerer, shall summon a demon spirit to collectively destroy you, by simply calling) you RACITS!1!!” 

They have no mind because they are generating a mechanically-socialized hive-mind deity (believe it or not) and are memetically programmed to attack anything that tries to stop them being ‘equally’ annexed. Here is something to terrify the slaves of the hive-mind, should they realise, and a great hope to all who are strong enough to retain their own individuality in these bleak times.

This is a very interesting topic that I am going to mention; this is really important – the consequences of this material is unbelievable, but bear with me, this puny human brain of mine has checked every detail and here is the ideology of life – to ultimately put shame on unidealists and other boring ‘humanists’ who only consider the here and now – and not thousands, millions or billions of years through space and time – something is going to happen.

I’ve always accepted impossibilities as possibilities, reality right now is really dull – but looking at the dreams of our minds, and trying to correlate idealistic dreams, of destiny with reality – prepare for startling revelations on the operations of nature.

To begin with, we have to have our minds firmly anchored in reality in all its ugliness – let’s talk about what nature really is, and how nature has the upper hand at every opportunity, and from there where it shall take us.

‘Natural’ when we think of it, is the process where we achieve more from less and is a eternal rhythm, a dance, in which things play out their existence toward greatness. Contrarily whenever we say something is unnatural, anti-natural; what we are really talking about is a devaluation of life as a whole – which is achieving less from more , it is making a retarded unrhythm, a weird disorientated rot of an existence. That is inherently destructive and chaotic, totally against any order or variety and diversity of the species under its guidance.

Technology, speaking from an earlier post, is a really uncertain area toward nature – it appears as a total stranger; where did this horrible thing come from, this horrible thing that is loaning its strength to parasites who are genetically programmed to destroy our biosphere and cultures?

Technology came from an extension of civil evolution beyond itself, and that civil evolution was culture, which itself is the next dimension from Darwinian, natural-social evolution – it shapes its environment forcing the species to shape to that altered, alien environment – and this is a vital process if we are ever to adapt to extraterrestrial worlds – for alien-nations. Let me summarize that:

  • Natural selection – is a one dimensional selection, it is horizontal and is a process whereby the strongest in ability survive and those that do not have the genetic makeup to stand up to an environmental challenge die. Viruses, simplistic bacteria, undersocialized insects and other minutely multicellular organisms (those that do not form overbearing collectives) are those living entities that are under pure natural selection.
  • Social selection – is built upon the natural selection plus a social collective, which is vertical and adds up to two dimensions of selection. A species is born when the natural selection overcomes a threshold where an organism begins to nurture its offspring, which is a deepening of the understanding of reality – it allows the species to pass information in the vector of a meme throughout their species to enhance their survival collectively. Therefore social selection, is natural-social selection and this is the darwinian natural selection.
  • Civil selection – occurs when any species in our universe overcomes themselves so much in fact, that they have excess energy because they are great hunter gatherers. And obviously, all this reserve energy, nature doesn’t let it go to waste.. never! Surrogation. Nature channels this through the social meme and this meme undergoes a metamorphosis whereby culture is born! Now, like previously, this adds yet another dimension where evolution may evolve throughout – and this time it is construed between the extremes of our spatial dimensions – it goes between the ancient past and the far future, and things which evolve out of culture are here to last throughout this dimension, with culture came the concept of time, the here and now was secondary to the balance of time in our civilization. It is not horizontal, nor vertical, but goes through these both in three dimensions and by balancing these all determines who survives and who does not.
  • Mech selection – is something only few of you will have any idea of, we are only seeing the shoots of this now – much as an ape in the jungle can see the shoots of civilization as the chimp picks up stones and wonders if he can open a shell by crushing it with the stone. Mech selection will inevitably occur as a result of technological growth, like before, nature does not waste energy, it is channeled into a path – and when excess energy is channeled into mechanistic growth, this is where the meme has another dimension to evolve, whereby it has an artificial social selection (mirrored darwinian selection). It will evolve artificial intelligence and it will not be human but will have the potential to evolve symmetrically toward us, they will be memetical fauna and flora made from metal. The dimension of time is now overcome through this, there is rarely anything that can destroy this artificial species, combined with our species as a bio-mechanic biosphere – the memetical metamorphosis is near completion. Mech selection has four dimensions to which evolution may occur, natural, social (biological) civil and mech (memetical).
  • Supernatural selection – What? supernatural? selection? Yep, anything which is within the universe can be killed regardless of how divine it may appear to us, regardless of the magic of sophisticated technology – all things must pass. However, there is a twist, all things must pass, but thinking beyond the death of all things, they consistently shed their skin like snakes, even caterpillars that use metamorphosis to attain wings.

Deistic machine organisms?

Whenever I talk about these things, these are possibilities – they can follow on from the symmetries in nature, even advancing them. Because our biology only focuses toward the rather limited organics that we have right now, I am in no way digracing them, only showing that more is always possible from whatever we have. Evolution from here toward the death of this universe has near infinant paths to specify and diversify toward every niche in reality and it can only do so through naturalized creation and selection.

Civilized life transcends its fear of death through memes, life fears the dissimilation of its structure into lesser elements – and because of this, selfishness will drive life to steal divinity from the future – using the strongest thing it can, culture and technology. Those who only do this, die, turned into a vegetable infront of a TV, they are impatient and in their brainless march toward ‘utopia’ they build themselves a self made prison. Although worshipping the sinity of hedonism and materialism – these moderns and pop atheists, they don’t believe in driving forces in the cosmos by any ‘intelligence’ other than their own limited reasoning and so are willing slaves toward them – they stop trying to achieve greatness in their emptiness and are consumed internally, they do not produce any great memetics from their genes and cannot transcend their deaths, they die mortal, and not even healthy mortals like other animals – they just float around until they pop out of existence..

Without reverence nor concern for the wildlife, the naturalizations and the true socializations – instead of keeping the whole of civilization healthy by ensuring its foundations are firm and real. Moderns just don’t care, many are delusional in that they expect some ‘machine’ to go out of its way to ensure that 9 billion humans all survive forever – which is pointless. If any machine could do that, then they could certainly achieve more from less and evolve, resulting in undermen genocides and robots rampaging, raping and pillaging. I’ll take about this later.

The levels of advanced technology follow something like this; an electronic machine is primitive, a photonic machine is more advanced, but chemical and gravitonic machines are the greatest, they have the least mass-energy to attain a functional conscience able to carry geneseeds for life across space toward other planets. Anything that has an -ic on the end of it is a processing of ‘things’ and therefore can be organised and evolved in such a way to retain memetic information beyond a genes death.

These machines are a brain information carrier consisting of small particles and can centralise itself into either self made organisms, or co-operation as multicellular machines – and these are a combination of genetic and memetic in a hyperspace helix, like the dna but between two extremities of life, internal and external.

Through this, when deistic life dies – it passes through its shell and drops like a seed into the dirt, preserving memory in a collective conscience (the hive-mind), through an internalized-net (evolved through thousands of years of naturalized wireless mechanization, gifting every natural-social organism with genetic divine intervention which enhances the haste of adaptation enhancing life through every niche).

After the meme-soul falls into the surrounding lifeless environment, it then restarts a life cycle as to attain more experience, more internalization, more realization. And most of all, the fearlessness of death. Life can then find itself colonizing not only planets, but gas giants, brown, red, yellow dwarf stars, supermassive stars, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and supermassive black holes – toward the core of the hyperspace universe, and colonizing nothingness toward the exosphere of the hyperspace universe (more about this later).

Everything dreamt, ideal, fiction, fantasy has potential to root itself in physicality when reality ascends into ideality, that combined with a hundred thousand generations of eugenics so that the greatest creators predominate – to then descend back into reality and naturalize. These creator and creations combined, these meme aeons fight, and achieve a natural selection on a higher niche. Humanity is one of many species of animal from earth, both present, the future and parallel eras – that will become divine creators.

After those last paragraphs, you may have thought that was batshit crazy, but that is only the beginning – take a look at this:

  The best thing about this is that the symbol represents primarily the Earth, and the Occident. The four elements of the ancients; our history lessons teach us that the ancient west believed in four elements – “look how we proved them wrong!” said the modern scientists, although great discoveries about atoms have been made, certain processes of nature have their own elements, they are not atomised.

Above there are a few words that have no place in our dictionaries; these are transnaturalism, ciscendence, cisnaturalism, inorganism, mechanosphere, mech’iety, civ’iety, nat’iety and the Super Id.

Trans- and Cis- are two prefixes that are used. From the online dictionary: “Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side” whereas “Cis may have the following meanings: “Cis-” as a prefix of Latin origin, meaning “on the same side [as]” or “on this side [of]”. Combine these with ‘natural’ and the description given at the beginning of the article and we can create some new dimensions for our minds to explore.

Every ‘thing’ in reality must have something ‘natural’ within it else it would not exist as a ‘thing’ in reality at all.

On that basis we need two new definitions. Cisnaturalism is toward naturalization and socialization, primarily genetic evolution – It created the biosphere, primitivism aims for cisnaturalism, and how it gets there from an advanced society is that it regresses through a ciscendence, and is similar, in fact it may well be, virility in that it champions nature through civilization which is ciscendence; in that technology and morals are sacrificed so that transcendence can occur in the intellectual and spiritual realm.

Transnaturalism is the trans-port, tran-scendence, of everything that is ‘natural’ – therefore the forms and orders are mutated, and successful mutations aid a survival advantage throughout extra evolutionary dimensions, and thus they evolve through alienation. It is domestication and turns singular celled  ‘darwinian’ organisms into multicellular organisms consisting of hundreds of cells of memetics and genetics across a god like deity.

I’ve added a few other words as well, Nat’iety is short hand for natural piety, likewise, soc’iety is short for social piety. And mechanosphere is the term used to describe, what would occur, say, on the Moon – when machine derivatives evolve into it as to mimic a biosphere without the needs of biological water – so a ‘mechan’osphere yet on a desolate world, even interseeding with Earth.

The Super Id is the Id for civilization – which gives civilization the will to live on regardless – and would evolve totally alien toward modern civilization in that it acts as any other species would – by selection, wars and conquests throughout space.

Idealism and Reality, Internal and External

Below the symbol is five pictures, these describe the Earth as a whole entity. When Earth first came into existence, the life was not sophisticated, it was pure naturalization and through the centuries it evolved higher forms of organising from singular cell toward multicellular evolution. It followed this process until it reached a point in which socialization began to take a hold. Naturalization has little to no internalization (conscience) therefore 0 – and resides majorly within the external, physical realm therefore 1. 01

Toward the end of socialization, internal idealism occurs so much, that it goes beyond a threshold in that life then has the ability to deny reality, but at a cost. Star childs can’t drive, they cannot deny reality like a supercivilization which would be actual real denial of reality as to create an entirely new cosmos – they prefer the easiest denial, and that is to recede into the television screen. Denial of reality is parasitic, 99% of it is useless surrogation, 1% is idealistic surrogation and that 1% believes in a firm reality beneath it, in a hierarchy because it does not want to collapse.

Through mechanization, machines have the possibility of a localised collectivity through the descendents of what is now known as the internet – the internalised-network between each machine. The amount of data internalised between them far exceeds anything we have achieved and has the potential to primitive reality simulations (meaning not actually creating new realities, only enclosing conscience within).

Supernaturalization creates deities from biospheres in that they posses both the totality of internalisation and externalisation, of idealism and realism hence 11. With the lines on the circle above, they repeat the pattern in evolution that creates an eye. This diagram below is a description of how our eyes had evolved throughout the generations. Our civilizations are generating an eye for the world. The curvature inwards allows proles to reside within the curvature of little subjective worlds, and this is the source of their denial. Because there is no lense yet, no clear image will present itself to the civilized minds. When such a thing does evolve, it will prevent the devolution of civilization through competition and an overbearing deity-thing that has a collective mind in the interests of the biosphere as a whole.

The Hyper Helix

Here is another explanation of the process, and the two lines represent alternating paths to which life is evolving and their position between each other gives rise to different species of civilization that have evolved through the ages.

Above: Socialization through Civilization and approaching Mechanization.

Above: Civilization through Mechanization and achieving fusion to create Supernaturalization. When the subjectivity and objectivity of both the memetics and genetics reach both whole numbers, 11:11. The resultant structure is a hyper helix, two strands of viruses – organic and inorganic to achieve life on a higher niche, the bonds between them are created with superhuman culture, that is maximised in naturalization and socialization as to achieve near perfect civilizations flourishing throughout the local stellar neighbourhood, with unimaginable conflicts between the worlds.

The Destiny of Life

When a liquid becomes too hot, it will necessarily evaporate at the right temperature and pressure. ‘Liquid’ life, terrestrial inorganic life (technology), and even the biomemetical organisms at a certain threshold, after having its own conscience and will, will ‘evaporate’ or ‘condense’ toward other regions in reality whereby it may evolve within a world of its own.

Earth is a tiny insignificant rock

Why would an elephant put itself in a tiny cage of a room? Answer: It wouldn’t – it has no choice for now, it’s being crammed into a world that wasn’t nescessarily adapted to have a ‘mechanosphere’, because there is a biosphere here and these biospheres exist toward the outskirts of all galaxies. Toward the more hostile territories toward the centre of the galaxies, around superstars and into the dark matter worlds, the supermassive black holes at the centre of all galaxies. Life will create ‘bio’spheres everywhere, beginning first with our entire solar system.

Every organism on this Earth has a will to survive, and what better way to survive then to colonise every single planet, moon, asteroid, dust and dirt in our solar system, even in the Sun itself. And not only this, but we need to protect ourselves from unknown threats that are actually in space:

THE aliens are out there and Earth had better watch out, at least according to Stephen Hawking. He has suggested that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist — but that instead of seeking them out, humanity should be doing all it that can to avoid any contact.

The suggestions come in a new documentary series in which Hawking, one of the world’s leading scientists, will set out his latest thinking on some of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Alien life, he will suggest, is almost certain to exist in many other parts of the universe: not just in planets, but perhaps in the centre of stars or even floating in interplanetary space.

Hawking’s logic on aliens is, for him, unusually simple. The universe, he points out, has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a big place, Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved.


Such scenes are speculative, but Hawking uses them to lead on to a serious point: that a few life forms could be intelligent and pose a threat. Hawking believes that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.

He suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”

He concludes that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky”. He said: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” – Timesonline

It’s pretty obvious that ‘modern’ civilizations and their golden type I, II and III kerdashev civilizations are complete bullocks – the future of a modern advancement would have us turn into potatoe men revolving around the sun plugged into a super TV just eating electromagnetic radiation until the end of time. If that isn’t the definition of a complete f**king cabbage I don’t know what is, such things are food for predators.

This modern attitude toward extraterrestrials, Gods and machines, like the SETI institute – “Oh they will solve all our problems, won’t they?” No, they will not.

They will be, like all natural things, completely fascist toward us, it’s natural selection and therefore, unless they are trying to enslave us or domesticate us with alien cultural memes, they will be serving their own interests predominantly only aiding us when we benefit them aswell – they are not our pets and will always try to get the upper hand even if that means extinction of our species.

If we are to remain as the predominant species, firstly we must not kill ourselves with liberalism and ecocide. Secondly humanity must adapt with the future, to overcome both machines and extraterrestrials, even deities themselves, they will over the next million years come into very close proximity with any survivors and this will result in conflict if we go out of our way to prove how pathetic we are (SETI broadcasting mediocre TV across the cosmos – how embarassing).

Many of our closet elites who hide behind their corporations and draw pentagrams busy feeling special about themselves are being used by a process of nature that produces mechanization – when control slips out of their hands they are going to have a runaway collapse, literally. Fate could go either way, either machines manage to take control of themselves through a supervirus, or machines do not and mechanization is not born and collapses with a huge chunk of dead modern monkeys all around it.

Given that robotics and other advances are so far ahead already, I would rather the first one than an ecological collapse with complete desecration of any advanced life. The outcome would be very interesting, it would not operate as biology, but would act from a central CPU core and have individual bots running around it, with the individuals having little individuality or internalization of their own. Humanity, can screw up this process but introducing more AI, creating a mechanistic exoskeleton combined with strategic points on every planet in our solar system. 

With the remaining denizens of modern humanity hiding in little vaults and throwing atomic poppers at AI; the next species from humanity will bud off – Nietszchean superhumans would stand their ground expanding the biosphere with it and predate the superwildlife on Earth, cleaning it up of poisonous radiation and modern ruins for recolonization of terran life, all whilst The AI ‘evaporates’ toward the centre of the galaxy where it can create millions of metallic biospheres beyond its wildest dreams – in hot jupiters where it rains iron, toward neutron stars that have near infinant mass stringing out collosal space architects. They would aim for life in the black holes, which is a singularity of all the forces. They would also operate outposts on deserted rocks orbiting the galaxies stars.

In nature, if something can run away from noise and into quiet, perfect paradise, away from anything irritating – it will, like when humans ran away from the other moronic monkeys in the trees to reach the plains away from the noisy, parasite filled jungle. It is the easiest path to which life may evolve. Either it runs away, achieves a goal of cleanup and runs away, or stays and overcomes, or just stays and remains thin and relatively undetected, those four scenarios may mix over, but if we want our world, we will take it back forcing them to adapt.

Conflict occurs when resources are thin – Given this, the majority of the descendents of AI will just take what they need and evaporate, and condense toward the more hostile, more resourceful, superheavy regions of the galaxy.

As for the Earth, it is ours, the meek will inherit the Earth, and then they will be eaten by superhumans, a familiar reoccurence. From there on we can grow out the mechanization, organically, through a near perfect civilization. And the remaining AI will slowly adapt to the biological life and become organic, it will then sink beneath the rock and toward the core of the Earth and every other planet whereby it can remain safely and observe as a higher intelligence. After many more generations into the future, it will eventually seep out as many deities that act as driving forces in our local cosmos, creating chaos through multiple evolutionary competitions, warping the life into opposing groups to ultimately evolve the biosphere into a superbiosphere.

‘Evaporation’ or ‘condensation’ of structures that I mentioned, seems a bit of an odd suggestion. Basically evolution creates more from less, and those ‘things’ which consist of more from less attempt to create singularities that unify all the forces. These singularities are therefore the most dense. In a timeless megaverse, all times co-exist with past and present, and therefore the densest things sink to the core and and lightest beyond – all space-time is connected in hyperspace, therefore the densest regions are ‘next to each other’ and connected through wormholes. Life can skim across the altitudes through this ‘warp’ to get to other planets similar to ours, or diving toward denser regions, which ultimately goes through time as well as space;

Stephen Hawking has claimed that humans might one day be able to use time travel to skip generations into the future.

The famous astrophysicist, speaking in a new documentary, said spaceships could one day be capable of such high speeds that time slowed down for those on board.

He admitted he had avoided talking about time travel previously ‘ for fear of being labelled a crank’, saying the subject had once been ‘scientific heresy’. ‘These days I’m not so cautious,’ he said.

Theoretically, such a space ship would allow the crew to repopulate the earth if they found our species had become extinct during their flight. – Daily mail 

Survival is one of the only things that matters, if we can overcome this hurdle – then the stars are ours, we will have so much to achieve, why the majority is wasting this opportunity is beyond all reasoning. They clearly do not want to live, therefore they will not have what it takes to overstep their own short termism and thrive within the future. Their technology is the only thing which is keeping them going right now, but in the future, it will not be ‘what can technology do for me’ it will become ‘what can you do for technology!’ and only the strongest will be able to control it and overcome it.

In part 2 I will suggest more idealism toward structures of civilizations that are built to last thousands of years with the help of primitivism and future tech. It will be built to stand and survive these, so called ‘non-existent threats’ such as extraterrestrials, machine apocalypses and deities entombing the world with animated corpses – given that civilization created time, and with that we have the potential to prepare for things which have not sprung up to attack us yet, there are no ‘laws’ only symmetries, and if we wish to survive, we will not only survive, but thrive.