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Why Christianity Is Dying

When Christians wonder why the pews are less full, the answer is simple: Christianity has, like Leftism, followed an individualistic path that glories the self and denies reality, including its metaphysical aspects.

For the most recent guffaw on this topic, witness the suicidal Christian desire to use invaders as pew-fillers:

Some say it is an act of demographic conquest. Others argue it is a product of a failed American foreign policy. But one of America’s best known apologists says the crisis for the Christian West could be a new opportunity to win converts to the faith.

Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new book “Mystery Babylon,” says missionaries should not overlook the unique opportunity they’ve been given with the current wave of Muslim immigrants.

“Throughout history, the Lord has always used catastrophes for His own redemptive purposes,” he told WND. “This is exactly what He is doing now with the current Syrian war and the global Muslim refugee crisis. Obviously mass Muslim immigration to the West has innumerable long-term problems. Any casual glimpse at Western Europe reveals this. European secularism, socialism and multiculturalism have failed to incorporate the Muslim immigrants.”

The above treats Christianity as an ideology, which is what all individualists tend to do. Their beliefs are designed for their protection as individuals, and they need a herd to enforce those beliefs, so they create a network of rules designed to force others to not do anything that interferes with the ability of the individual to be individualistic, a condition in which they externalize the cost of their own behavior to society at large and profit from the exchange.

Christians of this nature want to build an army of true believers and they do not particularly care who those people are so long as there are many of them. Quantity, not quality, as usual. The downside of this is that the newcomers always adapt Christianity to their own needs, as any culture does, and soon we are back at square one.

But in the meantime, this author will get his headlines. His books will sell because his congregation is desperate for anything which makes a threat seem like a non-threat, and therefore, justifies the standard conservative behavior of doing nothing and paying taxes to fund the large government they hate.

And through his success, that of Christianity and society at large will be diminished.

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