What Went Wrong In The West During WWII?

Something went wrong in the West during WWII. Perhaps it was that after fighting “the war to end all wars,” people lost faith in the system but cashed in anyway. Perhaps it was the population boom, or the sheer misery of modern society, but something caused an explosion of bad behavior:

Before the baby boomers came around, the so-called Greatest Generation came of age in a time of war and depression and learned firsthand the benefits of social solidarity and so they continued to invest in society throughout their lives, Gibney said.

…He points to a general election where both candidates were hesitant to discuss entitlement reform or tax increases as one of the reasons why climate change, high levels of student debt and a last minute, backstop approach to infrastructure may continue indefinitely.

“My assertion isn’t that all boomers are sociopaths, but that a sufficiently large percentage of them behave in ways that appear to be sociopathic and because they’re such a large generation … any personality defects could easily translate into political dysfunction. I think that is what happened.”

Sociopaths, or individualists? As one esteemed Neoreactionary is fond of saying, there are only two paths in life: the path of service to others, and service to self. When one serves the self, that comes before anything else, and other people and objects are means to that end. Humanity certainly has been behaving that way of late.

In my view, it may not be so simple, in that there is a third path, which is service to transcendentals, like principle, aesthetics and quality. But this would probably qualify under “service to others” for most people, if we include ancestors, nature, the future and optimal human existence as others.

Looking at this in a historical context, we see that the 1920s offered one of the first real “Me generation” vibes. That group became the parents of the kids who were born in the 1940s and comprised the most virulent wing of the Boomer generation. Their psychology was created in part by the utter futility of the First World War, and what most saw as clear signs of civilization decline.

Then, as if by magic, they were saved. After a horrible war, the Americans came out on top by virtue of having lost the least to bombing and invasion. This however created an epic entitlement mentality, and this showed in how the “Greatest Generation” treated their kids. This created a nasty dynamic of resentment between children and parents.

As a result, the Baby Boomers took revenge. They used the Leftist views of their parents against them, and in doing so, seized the moral high ground and took over their civilization. Unfortunately, their ideas were nonsense, and so they created disaster, to which their response was to fall back onto the ideas of their parents… entitlement.

Millennials get quite a bit of blame for being essentially The Me Generation II, but having grown up and been indoctrinated in an educational system re-designed by Boomers, it is not surprising that the clay bears the impression of the mold. Those who come after them have seen the disaster being repeated, and have less of an individualist mentality.

Was this sociopathy, or institutionalized sociopathy? The latter seems likely, since Leftism by virtue of having its roots in egalitarianism tends to individualism, as did The Enlightenment™ before it. We programmed ourselves to be selfish and as a result, produced a desperate mentality which led to this sociopathic result.

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  1. Jumbo says:

    “What went wrong during ww2?” is the wrong question to ask.

    If this were a healthy civilization, someone making their country explicitly “aryan only” would not be a cause for war, but for celebration and emulation.

    Instead of asking what went wrong during that awful war, it’s infinitely more important to ask why, by the time the Führer decided to repair and heal Germany, it was so controversial.

    Quite clearly severe rot had already gripped a generation and destroyed their souls.

    The more I learn about good Mr. Hitler, the more I realize baby boomers were probably the single worst generation of white people ever to exist.

    • Quite clearly severe rot had already gripped a generation and destroyed their souls.

      Hitler was born a century after the French Revolution and a few decades after Nietzsche died. He knew that the liberalization of the West was killing it.

  2. It seems hard to give one simple solution but Allen Bloom does seem to take your view that Leftist polices hurt the USA and by implication also Europe.

    • Anonymous White Male says:

      Why does Allen Bloom’s opinion matter?

    • He has a point. Maybe we are reliving Athens vs. Sparta.

      • But in the conflict between Athens and Sparta I think a lot could have been gained if they had joined together. –in the way the Romans did. I never learned that part of their history very well but my impression was the Patricians versus the Plebeians came to a great resolution with the Roman Constitution. The Tribune who was immune from all hurt or lawsuits and whose person and property were sacrosanct had has his job nothing more or less than the protection of the Plebeians. And if this can be transferred to the USA then there is great hope. In my mind these last 20 years of really evil people as president will be in the future just a bad dream and a temporary interruption of American Destiny.

  3. Wilson says:

    The four horsemen of the apocalypse showed up, but no return of Jesus yet?

  4. biology says:

    right on – when altruism became pathological. Ricardo Duchesne was just interviewed on Red Ice & said after WWII liberalism” mutated additions such as “the worst possible thing is to be racist” & “we’re a nation of immigrants” (forgetting that to pioneer, to settle, to clear land is different than to just show up where infrastructure & welfare are already established!) pathological altruism may look like selflessness, but is really individualism virtue signaling to the max.

    • pathological altruism may look like selflessness, but is really individualism virtue signaling to the max

      This is what most do not see: the crowd is formed of shared illusions, and those are individualistic and controlling, because they represent each individual trying to limit what the others can do to him.

  5. Ivar says:

    I note that all of the core pieces of legislation, which underpin the socialist hell which is the modern United States, were passed in the 1960s and 1970s before any Boomer was old enough to serve in Congress, or have much impact on Congressional elections.

    The Supreme Court under Earl Warren was composed of men of the 1930s and earlier. Many have observed that the ”Greatest Generation” was the group which learned to follow orders and worship authority. Any new generation is the product of the one which came before it, because kids don’t know anything and they have no base lines against which to evaluate new experiences.

    Unlike WW I, WW II mobilized the country and interrupted the natural progression and teaching of the generations. The state, because of the massive war effort, intervened directly in the development of both men and women (Rosie the Riveter). WW II also channeled the generation and put everyone on the same life path at roughly the same time. That, as much as anything, is what created the ”Baby Boom.”

    • I blame integration of the New Americans (at that time, non-Western Europeans) and the general tendency toward Lefthink after WWI and the Great Depression, both of which were catastrophic.

      • Ivar says:

        Good points. World War II was really just the second half of World War I, and it was World War I which drove a stake through the heart of the West.

        • Very true. And now for the real secret… WWI was an extension of the Napoleonic Wars. Same conflicts, primed by revolutions across Europe and the contorting of its political topography to try to survive that.

  6. JPW says:

    Pat Buchanan would suggest it is because we got involved at all…

    • I tend to agree with him. No more fratricidal wars. It would also have been relatively easy to negotiate a peace. But no, we brave democratic countries were anti-nationalist.

  7. Alex says:

    Look at those so-called boomers who were taking revenge, as you say. Why were so many of them Jews? Same with feminism. Look up a list of “Jewish feminist leaders” and you will see it is nearly all of them. If you aren’t tuned in to the JQ you will never understand what is going on.

  8. AntiDem says:

    Every so often, we seem to get a new iteration of our Unifying National Mythos. For the first 90 years or so of the republic’s existence, our UNM was the American Revolution. Much effort was put in by the usual suspects during the next 90 years or so to make the Civil War and the liberation of the slaves into UNM 2.0, but it never quite took the way they wanted it to, and for most normies during the late 19th to mid 20th century, UNM 2.0 was the Old West. After WWII, the usual suspects made sure that UNM 3.0 became WWII and the liberation of the Jews. The transition from UNM 2.0 to 3.0 was critical to the late 20th/early 21st century triumph of globalist leftism. UNM 2.0 was nationalist and libertarian – UNM 3.0 was internationalist and liberal.

    (Do you think it a coincidence that starting in the 1960s, as liberal Jews – who benefit greatly from the perpetuation of UNM 3.0 – consolidated their hold over Hollywood, that the Western genre began to disappear from popular culture? When’s the last Western movie you can remember getting a wide release? 25 years ago? More? How long did Firefly manage to stay on the air?)

    As WWII has begun to fade out of memory, the hold that it has on our collective imagination has begun to fade as well. “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes” doesn’t have the same impact that it used to. There’s no readily available mythos ready to become UNM 4.0 (9/11 and the War on Terror turned out to be a flash in the pan), and the usual suspects know it – maybe that’s what the push for war with Russia over gay rights is really all about.

    Frankly, I think UNM 2.0 was good for us and we should, a twist or turn aside, go back to it. It was about us, fighting for our land – not about us fighting in a distant land for the interests of people who at best care nothing for us and at worst will reward us for helping them by doing whatever they can to undermine and destroy us.

  9. Trystan says:

    Why not just go back to seasonal warfare at this point? Plant in spring, and war in the Summer, and survivors harvest, and then celebrate survival in the Fall.

    Sounds better than continual warfare since my 10th grade call center training center start,

  10. Missy says:

    The big event was the Naturalization Act of 1965. My parents were in their early 20’s and back then you had to get politics from reading the newspaper. Who has time to do that when raising a family with BOTH parents working? They were struggling to get a foothold and with five kids. I can’t say I can blame people who let this act get passed who were struggling and didn’t know about it or even if they did would not have understood it’s implications. But this Act was the fatal shot for the USA.

  11. Professor Eric Kaufmann wrote a book called The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America which attempted to trace the chronology of what happened. As I recall, the gist of it was that the Anglo-American elite, in the 1800s, had a contradictory outlook. On the one hand, they had a very positive view of their own ethnic tradition. On the other hand, under the influence of classical liberalism, they were committed to open borders. This led in the later 1800s to a shift from assimilation to pluralism amongst some Anglo groups (including the churches). Then in 1916 the modern type of intellectual mindset appears, with an essay by an Anglo intellectual called Randolph Bourne. After this, the New York and Chicago intellectuals (a combination of Anglo and Jewish) began increasingly to view the Anglo tradition with hostility and to favour cosmopolitanism in its place. There was some resistance during the interwar period, but the cosmopolitans increasingly found favour with the state after WWII and their attitudes became institutionalised.

  12. I thought WASP society was pretty nice and as I saw it deteriorate I was not very happy. I was not terribly convinced about Liberalism. The type of Liberalism that seemed to be preached was not the kind that the USA was founded on or practiced.

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