The best anti-Macintosh rant ever

1984 – The Mac is friendly, it’s the future, lalalala. Reality: 128k machine with 4 pieces of known software.

1987 – The Mac is more efficient than IBM PCs, it’s the future. Reality: It’s four times as expensive and people quickly learn Windows.

1995 – The Mac is a better operating system than Windows, it’s the future. Reality: holding down the mouse button suspends the entire operating system.

2000 – The Mac is superior, it uses PowerPC chips and custom hardware. Reality: it’s slower and Apple starts making Intel boxes.

2008 – The Mac is superior, it’s “green.” Reality: it’s still a hunk of plastic you chuck in the landfill, and being made by the world’s most neurotic computer company, it’s more likely to break.

I used to believe in Apple; eventually I saw that, like most things hyping “hope” and “change,” they were marketers and not revolutionaries. They sold a lie.


People who buy Macs are like people who bought Chryslers because Mercedes briefly owned the company. They need a cause. We should just set them up with gloves and trash bags and have them scour North America for litter.


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